NEW MOON in VIRGO – September 9 –


After two months of eclipses and of Mars in retrograde which was quite intense for many people, not only for its natural impulse of forcing to look in, but for the fact that it was in square to Uranus, just entered Taurus, (therefore in fixed signs), which has brought us many unexpected situations, some positive and  some negative, showing us the need to change, even when we are not prepared for it. Some of us have survived it, others didn’t.


Leaving the summer ( in the North) and winter (in the South), behind, we begin the month of September with its Virgo new moon. The sign of the Maiden, of the young woman, the unmarried, the Virgin, the innocent. The image of the constellation of Virgo, many say that it is Persephone, the daughter of Ceres/Demetra, the one who was kidnapped by his uncle Hades and seduced in the depths of the underworld. She carries a spike in her hand, hence she is related to these two deities, as her mother is the Goddess of Agriculture. Mother Earth. The Pachamama. However, the story of Persephone, resonates much more with Scorpio, than with Virgo and Ceres much more with Cancer, than with Virgo.


Others say that the maiden of the constellation is Astrea or Dike, daughter of Zeus and Themis (the righteous), sister of Pudor and who infused among men, justice and virtue all over the world. Doesn’t this sound much more Virgo? This occurred in the Golden Age when the gods, mortals and animals lived in harmony on the Earth. But when the humans began to seize the evil of the world and did not stop committing atrocities, Astrea was disgusted by all this and withdrew to the Skies, from where he informed Zeus of the atrocities committed by humans thus becoming the constellation of Virgo. The spica in her hand, apparently it was the gift of some farmers she visited before her ascension. Ascension also tells us of Virgo’s struggle to escape to the mind, when the struggle with the body seems lost and when the imperfections of it seem a mountain too high to climb.


Now, this famous critique of Virgo, which seems to be looking for the shortcomings of others to correct them, to force us to be better, to do things as best we can, resonates much more with the story of Astrea than Persephone. In her tireless search for order, Astrea teaches us to respect the natural cycles, the vulnerability of our body, the importance of maintaining our innocence, and, above all, the importance of celibacy from time to time.


Many dancers have Virgo in their natal charts, which describes that constant search for perfection of form, which of course we will never obtain. But it is in the search of it, that we improve, that we polish our inner diamond, until getting its maximum brightness. I always imagine the ballet teachers, with a lot of Virgo in their chart, constantly correcting the way their students produce movement and form.


Two other images that also relate to Virgo are the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene at the foot of that cross, with that 1Pisceansymbol par excellence, Jesus. The one who sacrificed himself for the world. Virgo can be extremely puritanical, but also live his most feminine part, enjoying the pleasures and promise of sacred encounter with the other. This duality also sees her in her dedication to her work and marriage. Between his spiritual quest and his materialism, and his extremely practical mindset. Virgo, as Pisces, also sacrifices a lot in otrder to serve. It is perfected to serve better. The most visible star of the Virgo constellation is Spica, the others are almost unnoticeable, but Spica can be seen and that star is actually two stars, is a binary system like Pluto, which reminds us the rulership of Mercury of this sign, from which possibly emanates that duality that marks the life of Virgoes. As for Mary Magdalene, the virgins of yesteryear were not virgins in the sense that we give today of not having experienced  sex, because the virgins often presided in great rituals where they rejoiced in the pleasure of the sexuality, especially in rituals that today we will call a Hen Party”, when the bride was incited to lose her virginity before entering the marriage. The word “virgin” meant “unmarried”.

This lunation is formed in opposition to Neptune, which means that the Sun and the Moon are exact at 17º of  Virgo, together they oppose Neptune at 15 Pisces as if this reiterated the importance of this angularity Virgo-Pisces. The need to integrate the spirit into the body and vice versa,  expressing the spirit with our body. It is impossible to become aware of the spirit if we are not incarnated. It is when entering the body that we become aware of it. The constant duality of giving concrete expression to what emanates from our interior, from our mind, in the endless dance of the creative process.  Since giving shape to something, means it ceases to belong to the perfection of the spirit and of God. The Sun and Neptune are enemies, because when we express our Ego, we move away from Neptune, from Eden. But Neptune always looks for the Sun to be able to express itself. Another endless dance that is overwhelming and sometimes depressing, but we can not stop trying, because if we do withdraw from life. We often try using alcohol or drugs, but we must always return to the reality of the body.


At the body level, this moon can bring digestive problems, because Virgo rules the intestines and digestion if we give in to the invitation of Neptune to get drunk and escape reality. Fortunately, this moon is formed when a Grand Trine between Saturn, Uranus and PALLAS-Mercury is formed in the sky. Something from the Cosmos seeks harmony and can give us the wisdom to manage our earthly stories in a calmer and wiser way.


Look for activities that resonate with your soul. Surrender to the music if it helps you to transport or elevate you to be able to listen more attentively to the demands of your spirit and mind. Artistic activities will be favoured, especially those that allow us to digest reality with more poetry and humour. Cinema, photography, music, are all activities favoured by Neptune, but first of all, pay attention to what you are trying to escape from.


Jupiter from Scorpio forms a sextile to the Moon and Pluto a trine. These are energies of an important optimism and positivism, and that is when we realize what needs to change in our lives to be more content and more in harmony with the demands of the soul. Sun and Moon in Virgo will help us to shape, the project we have in mind, providing patience and strategies (Pallas), as well as understanding the qualities we need to make it happen. But of course, being Pluto who he is, the gaze must be directed inward and lower, ie looking in the darkness of our psyche, unable to escape the mandates of the God of the Underworld, believing that the bad and evil are always in the outside.


If you are blaming someone else for what happening to you, you must sit down to meditate in order to understand that the whole world and the Cosmos, like all the Gods and Goddesses, live within each one of us.


Virgo teaches us that not being perfect doesn’t mean that we can’t express greatness. The greatness of the spirit goes far beyond the imperfections of the body.


Let Virgo show you the way to integration and wisdom and that being happy also goes far beyond revelry and drunkenness. Virgo has fun working and improving. The real fun, says Virgo: is to find a way to express the wishes of the soul, as exactly as possible. True happiness is: being able to serve others.


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