Pluto in Capricorn at 19º and its effect on the generation born in 1993-94

The cycle Uranus-Neptune has a duration of 171 years, that is to say, that they form a conjunction, they align themselves in the sky, every 171 years. In the years of this millennium, we have experienced these conjunctions, in1136 in the sign of Libra,  in 1307 and 1478 in Scorpio, 1649 in Sagittarius and the last two, 1821 and 1993 in Capricorn. Therefore all those born between 1993 and 1994, have in their birth chart this conjunction of Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn, which describes not only that generation but of course the moment in which they were born. It describes perfectly this division that we see all over the world where it seems that we have positioned ourselves politically on one side or the other, opposite the previous.

In the United States, Democrats and Republicans are more divided than ever, in Latin America, you also see this phenomenon. In Argentina it has occurred with the “Kirshnerismo” or those who are against it; In Venezuela, those who support Maduro and those who do not. In Europe in general, the division has emerged between those who defend their nationalism and those who believe in the EU, like in England with Brexit. In Spain, the division is more powerful between Catalonia and the rest of the country, but within Catalonia is between independentists and those who are not. This seems to speak of Uranus in Capricorn that seeks to break free of large institutions and reveal itself against those same  institutions that seem to oppress a sector of the population. Uranus cries out for “revolution”, breaking chains, separating, individuating. On the contrary Neptune, and especially since he has entered Pisces, his own sign, calls for a union, asks to blur the borders, “we are all one,” says Neptune. In Capricorn, is asking to a dissolution of many  institutions. It was the beginning of the awareness of mass globalization, the opening of trade between countries with much less regulation, was an imminent fact. This made big companies grow like Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.

As in the conjunction of 1821, we can say that it was the beginning of the Industralización, with the advent of inventions and technical innovations that really gave birth to the Industrial Revolution from where today’s society was actually born, as André Barbault explains in his book Planetary Cycles. For the conjunction of 1993 was the emergence of mobile phones, personal computers, etc, etc, which forever changed the way we live, learn and communicate. Society has been transformed thereafter. The aristocracy was replaced by the large companies and masses of people began to look for ways to move even more to the big cities in search of being part of these great elites.

Those born in 1993-94 have this conjunction in their natal birth charts and it really represents the generation that transformed the educational system, or at least gave us the clear vision that something had to change, so computers entered the schools and the homework stopped being done with paper and pencil.

Power passed from governments to large corporations with the potential to employ many people throughout the world. They started the “Masters”, a form of fast and expensive education, which produces even more elitism because only the higher classes can pay those courses, which do not offer the content equivalent to its price. Being this conjunction in Capricorn, all the young people without an apparent vocation sought courses (Marketing, ADE, Engineering, among others) with the dream of entering a multinational, as “goal” supreme. Those more connected to Uranus than with Neptune resisted to be part of that fashion and sought to invent something and the “start-ups” were born, many of them with great success. But these young people who today are 24-25 years old, with the passage of Pluto by that birth conjunction at 19º of Capricorn, are now in need of transforming that energy and truly wonder if the decisions they took, either pushed by their parents or by their own will, was really what they wanted. The world continues to change at an extraordinary speed and what they thought would be their “golden goose” has not worked for everyone and are faced with the dilemma of re-directing their profession but confronted with the fact that many should leave their country of origin to be able to find work and live in dignity. The university titles are not enough if they are not enhanced with “masters”.

Disillusioned with the current political moment added to the fact that no one really knows what will be the best-paid jobs in the next 10 years, they are encouraged to live in a more authentic and real way, fighting against consumerism and institutions that are collapsing by their own weight and in search of something more authentic and in contact with nature, feeling the social commitment to provoke some positive change in their respective communities. Many youngsters have taken off to fight with ISIS, others have joined political movements that do not understand in depth and a minority have decided to provoke change from the Arts. In the United States they are clamoring for the gun’s laws reform which allow young people to buy war like weapons, without background control. The “#metoo” movement continues to expose many “big, powerful men” like we could have never imagined before. Even the corruption within FIFA was exposed and his boss had to quit.

The future of all of us is in the hands of these young people who were born with the social commitment to change things and who still feel too young to take that responsibility completely.

Pluto is asking the institutions (the church included) to clean up their act, to denounce the corrupt, the perpetrators of sins such as the rape of children, the use of young people for war, the theft of taxpayers ‘ money, etc etc. The responsibility on the shoulders of these young people is tremendous and they need our (the Elder ones) help, in order to carry out the task that is demanded of them, for having been born at the moment they were born, whether they wanted it or not.

Saturn also is on its way to pass, by transit, by that 19º of Capricorn, before meeting with Pluto with 25 º of CAP, in January 2020. It is as if the Cosmos is also prepared for these changes with many of us wondering if  we can survive these crises. Let us help these young people and ourselves and let’s get involved in the “cleansings” not only of our institutions but of our seas, our streets, our planet. That is what concerns us all who are alive today,  since we all live on this magnificent planet, we call Earth. Home.

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