2020 and the triple Saturn-Pluto conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn

2020 and the triple Saturn-Pluto conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn

All those interested or slightly interested in Astrology, listen or read very often about the great conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that will be formed on January 12, 2020.

Because this event occurs every 32-35 years, although not in the same signs, or at a continuous rate, we can consider it something very special. To get an idea of ​​how special it is, the last time it happened on the sign of Capricorn (as now) was in 1518-1519. The triple conjunction in Capricorn that will occur in 2020 between Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto, was last formed in 1284. 736 years ago. Coincidentally in 1517-19, Uranus was also in Taurus, (as now) and Eris in Aries, (as now). That is, the only time (before now) that the same planetary position of these 5 planets was like today, was 500 years ago. In the last 2000 years only 4 times this conjunction occurred in Capricorn, however in the sign of Pisces, in this same period of time there were 7 Saturn-Pluto conjunctions and in Taurus, 8.

Already in the 20th century, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred in 1914 at the sign of Cancer, which marked the beginning of the First World War. In 1947, at the end of World War II, it was re-formed in the sign of Leo, coinciding with the formation of Israel and the beginning of the Cold War that would end in 1991. In Argentina, women acquired the right to vote. In 1965 there was a Saturn-Pluto opposition that coincided with the fact that Uranus was next to Pluto in Virgo. These were the years of the Vietnam War, as well as a time of great rebellions typical of transitions between two very different times. In 1963 they killed Kennedy. 1968 was one of the years that changed history, with demonstrations in France, in Chekoslovakia, USA (against the Vietnam War and against racism), Martin Luther King was killed, a year later the man went to the Moon for the first time. In 1981-1982 the conjunction Saturn Pluto coincided with the Falklands War, and the advent of AIDS that killed more people than many wars. In 2001 for the opposition of these two planets, two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of New York starting the war against Muslim fundamentalism, which led us to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The current conjunction in Capricorn is the first of this century and we can all feel or intuit the changes that are brought, not only in our institutions (Capricorn) with the evidence of corruption in governments, the resurgence of politicians who support supremacy of the white race, the evidence of the warming of the Earth, the changes in the way we see education, Nature, the monetary system, etc.

We are at a very interesting moment in our history, when we really have to become aware of the depletion of our natural resources, such as water, for example, as the need to stop using fossil fuels and to avoid getting flooded in plastic.

Jupiter will join the Saturn-Pluto conjunction from March 2020, until almost the end of the year, so we can expect even more changes and revelations. At the end of the year, Jupiter and Saturn will gather in the sign of Aquarius, initiating a new cycle of conjunctions in Air signs, for the first time in 200 years. Although Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction every 20 years, for two centuries or so these conjunctions form in the same element, that is, with the exception of 1981, when there was a conjunction of these two powerful planets in Libra,  but since 1842, all encounters have been in Earth signs. Now, from 2020 to 2199, this will happen in Air signs. The last time this happened was between 1186 and 1405, with the exception of a conjunction in 1206 in the Earth element. We must prepare for the new beginnings. A new adventure of Being is revealed to us, as the winds of change can transport us to unexpected places, which will bring us closer to ourselves and realisation of the responsibility we have in this whole process. If you are holding on to something or someone, you will suffer more, because these are times to “let go” and by this I mean “let go” of the old and open to the unimaginable. Life will show us once again that it is more interesting than we think it is. Faith is indispensable at this time to not be discouraged or become paranoid about it. This is the true path of the Hero and Heroine that lives within each one of us and we must learn to travel this path with resolution and Faith, trusting in the Gods or if you prefer, in God.


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2020 is one of the most important years in a long time and we must be able to understand what the Cosmos asks us in these very relevant times.

The solar revolution of 2020 for everyone is equally relevant and inspiring, you can also find a face-to-face reading on my page or via Skype or WhatsApp on my website .

One thought on “2020 and the triple Saturn-Pluto conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn

  1. Reblogged this on L'actualité de Lunesoleil and commented:
    Extrait traduction en Francais :
    La conjonction actuelle du Capricorne est la première de ce siècle et nous pouvons tous ressentir ou comprendre les changements qui sont apportés, non seulement dans nos institutions (Capricorne) avec les preuves de corruption dans les gouvernements, la résurgence de politiciens qui soutiennent la suprématie du blanc race, les preuves du réchauffement de la Terre, les changements dans la façon dont nous voyons l’éducation, la nature, le système monétaire, etc.

    Nous sommes à un moment très intéressant de notre histoire, où nous devons vraiment prendre conscience de l’épuisement de nos ressources naturelles, comme l’eau, par exemple, comme la nécessité d’arrêter d’utiliser des combustibles fossiles et d’éviter d’être inondé de plastique.


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