2020, The Cancer Full Mooon and Eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction! of January.

We begin an extraordinarily important year in our history, with a month full of astrological events that haven’t happened to those of us who are alive today, ever. This is not your regular full moon, nor just an eclipse, this is a turning point for most of us and our lives will change without the possibility of turning back.


This year many cycles are completed and as the word “cycle” expresses, at the end of one, another begins. At this time the cycle between Saturn and Pluto that began on November 8, 1982, in the sign of Libra, is now ending. That year we had the Falkland’s War war for the British, la Guerra de las Malvinas for Argentinians. It was also the year when we began becoming aware that a virus we called HIV had appeared, and a disease that we named AIDS; as well as the first computer virus, called Elk Cloner. There was the war in Lebanon and Michael Jackson was releasing his album Thriller. For all those born in that year, 2019 and 2020 are being particularly relevant. The cycles of Jupiter and Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn are also concluding. Something new begins.


Two days after the January 10 lunar eclipse, Saturn and Pluto line up exactly at  22º Capricorn 46. This conjunction in Capricorn, hasn’t occurred since 1517 (500 years ago) and ir forms exact only on the 12th of January, beginning a new cycle between these two planets that affect the whole world but particularly those born in the last decanate of the signs of Aries , Cancer,Libra and Capricorn, also Taurus and Virgo. Of course the other signs too, but maybe they won’t feel it as dramatically important as those mentioned. However, the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn does not take place since 1284. Imagine. While not aligning exact, they will walk together most of the year, until December 21when Jupiter and Saturn will line up exactly to 0º Aquarius, something that hasn’t happened since 1405 (600 years ago). Thus we begin 200 years of conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn in signs of Air, which predicts an evolutionary change from matter, body, money, the need for political structuring, to a more mental adventure, where technology will govern accelerating changes, when we will become more interested in encounters with like-minded people, ideologies, concepts that unite us rather than divide us. Originality, innovation, intellectuality, communication with equal and diverse minds in a less emotionally oriented way, from a profound need for mental and creative stimulation. Equality, the defence of democracy as a common ideal, are the proposals of the Air element, which personally fills me with hope.

The effects around the world have been seeing for a few months now, as the people and particularly young people have finally taken to the streets in many countries, demanding more transparency and less corruption from their rulers. Climate change is an evident fact that some still deny. Saturn being the dispositor of this conjunction since it is in its own sign of Capricorn, what puts him in a position of power, reminds us that the structures of our society and our institutions are the subject of this conjunction and together with Pluto, who is responsible for bringing out the dirty rags to light so that we can see, the darker side of our rulers and governments, and of ourselves,  it is clear that we are faced with a historical period, which has made us aware of the abuse of power,  the secrets of the powerful,  as never before, and we seem to begin another, where politicians and other people in power can’t avoid being confronted with their actions, as everything gets leaked to the press and social media. Today, we see more assiduously how their behaviour and their shady deals are discovered and find themselves in a position of having to respond, as it just happened to Trump with his call to the president of Ukraine. Argentina begins the year with a new government, which in some respects, is like a “deja vu”, but hopefully this time is different and the evidence of the government’s actions will be more easily available to the people. Spain and Israel go for the third elections and still cannot form a government.


This January 10 eclipse is opposite to the one in July 2019 when the Sun in Cancer opposed the Moon in Capricorn, this time it is the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Capricron. It is possible that the issues that we confronted then, are now made more evident, for the total closure. It could also mean the culmination of what began then. Both the sign of Capricorn and Saturn in particular , remind us of what we commonly call “karma”. The moment when we finally see the result of our decisions and actions of the past. Suddenly we become aware of the mistakes or blessings of our past decisions and must collect the reward or pay the debts. Sometimes literally. This is what we are seeing globally with climate warming that is the result of great industrialization and population growth, as well as abuse and greed for the use of Earth’ s resources. On a personal level, we can see it more clearly depending on where this Cancer-Capricorn angularity falls on our birth chart. Of course, this constellation of planets in Capricorn: Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Ceres-Saturn-Pluto+ the South Node of the Moon and Pluto tell us about collective themes that occur in our society and environment in which we live. It will affect us on a personal level if we have planets around 20º-25ºof Aries-Cancer-Libra or Capricorn. But always as a consequence of the society and /or country in which we find ourselves. Example: the British will all be affected by Brexit, which literally means the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Bolivians underwent a change of government, just like Argentina, both countries begin 2020 with a new government. Thousands of Australians are affected by fires, etc. If you were born in 1980-82 you are going through important situations that come with what we call the midlife crises.

On a personal level, as we approach the eclipse the10th this month, we become aware of how many habits are changing, consciously or unconsciously. Suddenly the need for these changes becomes more apparent to us. We understand that we must transform the way we eat, dress, act, relate, behave and take care of everything that affects us, no longer blaming others, parents, government, bosses, couples, what happens to us. Those born in 1989-1990, are experiencing Saturn’s first return to its own sign and at a time when it is aligned with Jupiter and Pluto. The “leap” of consciousness is being extraordinary for this generation and with it, the clarity that the time has come to take the reins of their lives and build some structures that allow them to feel safer and on the path that will take them to where they want to go. Those born in 1960-61, are living their second return of Saturn, and are also faced with the disjunctive of retiring or continue working and above all in the face of the imminent transformation and re-structuring of working life which is no longer not so much about finding a”job”, which are scarce but increasingly, to find ways to generate money by doing something in which one can express one’s talents and work fewer hours. New companies and businesses are generated daily with the help of technology. Something remind us we must climb to the 21st century if we are to prosper and provide for a dignified and safe life. Start-ups have arrived and are generating a lot of money around the world.


In addition to the cardinal signs: Aries-Cancer-Libra and Capricorn that are particularly affected by this constellation of planets in Capricorn, who are being called to restructure their lives in a big way. Fixed Signs: Taurus-Leo-Scorpio and Aquarius are also driven to change by the passage of Uranus through Taurus that will be triggered and increased in power with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius at the end of the year, although I’m sure they already feel the need to free themselves from self-imposed chains by their own behaviour and need for security in the past. This is more a cry for freedom which, depending on the age and circumstances in which we find ourselves can be more or less difficult to carry out. The reward will come if we obey the command of the Cosmos. Finally, the mutable signs: Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius and Pisces are being affected by the passage of Neptune in Pisces which leads them to the recognition that there is an urgency of collective action, freed from nationalisms and ideological and political divisions, to to be able to save the Earth from our past abuse. Neptune whispers to us: “We are all ONE.” The recognition that our greed and irresponsibility has led us to the point where we are and with the help of the constellation of planets in Capricorn and of the North Node (of the Moon and Saturn and Pluto) also in Capricorn we can listen to what the Moon in Cancer suggests, which has to do with “correcting” and “taking care” of ourselves and this magnificent “home”, this beautiful blue planet on which we live. Time for “Tikkun”, the Hebrew word describing the esoteric active spiritual work of “rectification”


If you have been feeling what can sometimes be described as “terror” or “anxiety” of this historical moment, and wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night, remember that this is a call to Humanity and not to a single individual. Therefore no one will be alone in this struggle towards consciousness and liberation. The changes are happening around us, all over the world, so our job is to adapt to it and learn to live with new paradigms and ideologies and as Saturn and Capricorn demands it, taking responsibility for our situation and our life.


Happy beginnigs and Happy New Moon!!!!


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