Venus will align itself exactly with Eris, in a few days, in Aries, and what a fitting time to remind us that it is Eris who throws the Golden Apple at that wedding which marked the prelude to the Troyan War: “Eris is the Goddess of Discord, the female demon, she is the symbol of the “Uninvited”. In Greek mythology, she was the only goddess not invited to the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, she was the uninvited fairy at the baptism of “Aurora”, in the Sleeping Beauty tale. It represents the anger emanating from that part of our psyche when we feel that we are “left out,” without being included, or being “ignored”, or simply not being appreciated, or when our talents and/or our relevance are not being valued.  Eris has been in the sign of Aries since 1925. She is the daughter of Hera and Zeus in some stories, sister of Ares or Mars, God of War, but the most eloquent story is that she is Nyx’s daughter, (the Night).

Eris was discovered in 2005, in the realm of the Kuiper Belt, further away from the Earth than Pluto. The political events of recent months, with Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Hungarians watching in horror, the possibility of Muslims entering their country, the situation in Catalonia, in Burma, in Argentina, the wall with Mejico, etc., are expressions of the conjunction, with Uranus which has been active in 2016, as Donald Trump became the President of the USA, and with all the saga of the interference of Russia in it. The situation with refugees (the uninvited ones) all over the world seems to be an echo of the interaction of these two planets.

Since last year there has been a square of Eris to Pluto, which will be exact 3 times this year, and at the Oscars we have seen 2 of the most relevant films: JOKER and PARASITE,  that somehow evoke this topic, showing us what happens when someone is ignored or rejected by society. But I would like to dwell on the symbolism of the Paris’ trial when Zeus gives him the golden apple that Eris has so cunningly thrown with the inscription: “For the fairest.” and asked him to give the apple to one goddess. The three goddesses among which the apple is disputed are: Hera, the wife of Zeus who represents POWER, Pallas Athena, the goddess of WISDOM and the SHE-WARRIOR, and Aphrodite or Venus the goddess of BEAUTY. Paris chooses the latter. He chooses BEAUTY, over POWER and WISDOM. This choice at first glance seems superficial, “the young boy who chooses Venus’ proposal to give him the most beautiful woman in the world.” But that’s the most superficial interpretation of this Myth. Life with Power and Wisdom, but without Beauty would be unbearable. Perhaps this aspect of Venus, aligning or joining Eris on the 29th of February,  is reminding us of the possibility of RE-encountering Beauty, so that we can re-enchant our lives. The encounter with Beauty can be a sunset, a rose, a glance, a poem, a smile, the sea, the mountain, the forest, everything emanating from Nature, as a reminder, that we already live surrounded by BEAUTY, if we only knew how to look in stillness and purity of spirit.

2 thoughts on “VENUS AND ERIS- 2020

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    Extrait et traduction en Francais :

    Vénus s’alignera exactement avec Éris, dans quelques jours, en Bélier, et quel moment propice pour nous rappeler que c’est Éris qui lance la Pomme d’or à ce mariage qui a marqué le prélude à la guerre de Troyan: «Éris est la Déesse de Discord, le démon féminin, elle est le symbole des «Uninvited». Dans la mythologie grecque, elle était la seule déesse non invitée au mariage de Thétis et Pélée, elle était la fée non invitée au baptême d ‘«Aurora», dans le conte de la Belle au bois dormant. Il représente la colère émanant de cette partie de notre psychisme lorsque nous sentons que nous sommes «laissés pour compte», sans être inclus, ou «ignorés», ou tout simplement pas appréciés, ou lorsque nos talents et / ou notre pertinence ne sont pas estimé. Eris est sous le signe du Bélier depuis 1925. Elle est la fille d’Héra et de Zeus dans certaines histoires, soeur d’Arès ou de Mars, Dieu de la guerre, mais l’histoire la plus éloquente est qu’elle est la fille de Nyx (la Nuit).


  2. Currently Eris in retro phase between 23 ° and 24 ° Aries since July and until September, Eris will take her first steps in 0 ° Taurus of this sign between June and August 2044. The entry of Eris into Aries, these first steps in summer 1922, a transition that will last 5 years between Pisces and Aries definitive in 1927. What makes more than a human life of Eris in Aries, for a cycle of more than 555 years, would make an average of 46 years in each sign and in Aries Eris has beaten his record …


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