FULL MOON in Libra, with Nessus in Pisces

We are transiting through a Full Moon in Libra which tells us about the need to find, or rather, put the emphasis on finding: Balance in our relationships, a compromise between two apparent opposites, so that we can position ourselves at the center of this apparent duality and find a more complete and honest sense of being within ourselves.

If we start from the basis of this great active opposition right now, between this Moon positioned in the sign of the Balance, an inanimate object, meaning, without involving the emotions, which asks us to create bonds and seek a compromise, opposing the Sun in Aries, which tells us about being ME, at all costs, which in turn is accompanied by the centaur Kiron and Venus, (dispositor or ruler of this Full Moon), in an exact triple conjunction, we see that this astrological duality between ME and YOU is considerably emphasized this weekend. This triple conjunction between the Sun-Venus-Kiron offers us a magnificent opportunity to heal the wounds of our EGO, helping us understand that Aries’ impulse to manifest ourselves strongly, to express our inner hero, without qualms, has other possibilities and above all, that if we place ourselves at the center, rather than each side of this inner duality, we will find more integrity and peace in our soul. Eris, Goddess of Strife and Discord, also in Aries, seems to be teaching us the lesson that “dissent” does not necessarily mean enmity. There hasn’t have to be a single opinion, because otherwise we wouldn’t grow or evolve. He/She, that which causes us conflict, confronts us with a different vision, provokes us to re-think, re-evaluate, our own ideas and values, answer our inner questions. Without it, we wouldn’t grow psychologically. Eris is about creating dissonances in belief systems that shake the foundations of them and awaken us to the full extent of our being and our connection to the whole of existence. She embodies cognitive dissonance by inviting us to go beyond superficial understanding to a deeper, more fundamental level. Both Venus and Eris archetypes, although opposite in appearances, are not really, as Eris is Ares’ sister, and Venus is his eternal lover, both walk hand in hand with Ares/Mars, regent of Aries, our inner Soldier, within our psyche.

This FULL MOON, leads us to question the reason for our impatience in the face of the different, reminding us that the coin always has two sides. Kiron’s wisdom and patience is extremely important at this time, since he speaks through his momentary union with Venus, telling us very gently that what confronts me is absolutely necessary for the evolution of Consciousness. I grow up, when something confronts me. This is also an ideal time to collect our projections and realize that what seems so different to me is just the other side of my internal coin. If he/she’s in front of me, it’s about me.

The technological advancement that we have been living through, for a few years, with the advent of mobiles and social media, which allow us to communicate with many people quickly, does not assure us a real connection. Especially the emotional bond we all desire. This reminds me of a phrase by Anne Bronte, who says, “He who does not want to prick himself with the thorns should not desire the Rose.” The Sun with Kiron and Venus reminds us that there is no deep bond without thorns. Pain is part of what we call Love. More than anything, because we can’t cease for ever that moment when we’re feeling Love. Feelings are in continuous motion as the adventures of our inner hero are. We are continually reminded of the absolute need to live every moment entirely, as that same emotion may not return and even when it does it will not be identical, and it doesn’t have to be. Love, like the Self, is constantly evolving, renewing, growing, continuously transforming.

Saturn, the LORD of Karma, forms a great grand trine(120º) to this Moon in Libra and to Mars in Gemini, which gives us a more down to earth vision, so that we can see ourselves, in a more rational and less emotional way. Neptune forms a square (90º) to Juno (The Wife), therefore, the idea of what the couple “should” be, looks much less clear these days, so that we can analyse more rationally (Neptune and Mercury are also together), new ways of relating, new paradigms as far as our concept of the “couple” is concerned. Something is inviting us to take off, to depart from the traditional and from all those learned ideas instilled in us by a society that is undergoing an extraordinary transformation, to open ourselves to this Aquarius world that we begin to transit. The traditional precepts of what marriage and the personal relationship should or should not be, seem to be dissolving and we entering a new world of emotions, where we can’t separate them from technology. Seems scary?. It doesn’t have to be.

On the other hand we have Nessus, the other centaur, the one (who kills) the Hero, since he caused the death of Hercules/Heracles with his own weapon, meaning, the same weapon that Heracles used to kill the centaur. For those who do not know the story, here it goes: “After the war with the Centaurs, in which Hercules was involved and who caused the knee wound of Kiron involuntarily and the also involuntary the death of Pholus, (another centaur), Nessus manages to escape. Many years later, Hercules was walking through the countryside with his wife Deianeira, when they reached a river, where there was a centaur crossing people. Hercules asked to carry his wife as he led the way. But the centaur (Nessus) without being able to control himself or in revenge for Hercules who had not recognized him, proceeded to rape his wife. Hercules turns around and when he sees him threw one of his poisoned arrows with the blood of the Hydra, right on his chest and killed him. As Nessus lay dying, as a final act of malice, Nessus told Deianeira that his blood would make sure Heracles was faithful to her forever, knowing that blood was infected with the Hydra poison. Deianeira foolishly believed him. Later, when her confidence began to diminish regarding the Hero’s fidelity, she spread the blood of the centaur that she had kept in a little glass jar, in a robe and gave it to her husband. When he left, she inadvertently spilled the contents of the bottle and the aroma invaded her and she recognized it as poison and sent her messenger to warn Heracles, but it was too late. Heracles lay dying slowly and painfully as the robe burned his skin, either in real flames or by the heat of the poison. He died in a burial pyre of oak branches. Heracles was taken to Mount Olympus by Zeus and received among the gods for his heroic exploits.”

These last 8 days we have seen a violent week in various parts of the world as Mars approached the aligning with the lunar nodes. At the same time Nessus, was in an exact square at the nodal angle, activated by Mars. In the United States, there have been several shootings, as in Burma and Mozambique. The symbol of Nessus who kills the Hero using the same weapon the latter uses to kill the monsters, it evokes these instances where in case of Burma, it is the army itself, supposedly formed to defend its people who are killing civilians and in the United States,the freedom to possess weapons that has been part of the growth of that great country, has now become the reason behind all of these shootings as many people with serious mental health problems, are armed so indiscriminately and the incidents keep uncomfortably repeating in this country that trumpets freedom. The confinement and confrontation with death in the wake of the Pandemic only aggravates this situation.

The energies emanating from this magnificent and evocative Full Moon in Libra, when the Sun walks hand in hand with the Goddess of Beauty and the centaur Kiron, offers us the possibility to look at ourselves with Love and think about our bonds and our ability to love. Kiron lives his whole life with a knee wound but this does not prevent him from caring for and healing others. Let us awaken those Venusian and Kironian energies in our lives and enjoy the Rose, despite the thorns. Let’s rescue Beauty, let’s rescue Aphrodite in our lives.

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