Chauvin-Floyd Case and the centaur Nessus

Tuesday, April 20th, a jury found a white cop “guilty of murder” for killing George Floyd, an African-American citizen, after a 17-year-old recorded a live video of the murder that occurred on May 25, 2020. Watching the video is a painful experience that fills us with rage, impotence and sadness. Among all the injustices that occur in the world every second, it seemed to confront us with an uncomfortable and very concrete reality: the abuse of some people representing the institutions that supposedly are there to protect us, and of course, the humanity of it all. The verdict affects many people around the world as it provokes a feeling of “at last.” When the Sun entered the sign of Taurus to join Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in the sign of the Bull, something provokes the feeling that perhaps this brings the possibility of a change (Uranus), a small step toward the obtaining justice for minorities (Eris). When we continue to live the effects of the square between Pluto on Capricorn (which has made clear to us the failures of the Institutions and what must be “amputated” and “transformed” in our society) and the Goddess of Discord (Eris Black Lives Matter, me-too). The Taurus side of our nature( our ability to enjoy pleasure and our finances) that has been frustrated due to the pandemic, seems to be exploding in the streets of many countries.

The murder on the streets of Minneapolis, US, was seen all over the world, thanks to the young woman’s video, so we can assume that this has a collective message, to awaken consciousness on some level, for all. These kinds of injustices happen every day in the world, but this time, someone recorded it as it happened and showed it to the world. Something in the cries of George Floyd, a very tall and physically powerful African-American, of “I can’t breathe” and “mom,” send a chill down our spine. We all think the police officer would escape justice, as it always happens. When we had information about Derek Chauvin, who shares a surname with a French character who gave his name to “chauvinism” :(adaptation of the surname of the French patriot Nicolas Chauvin, a historical character decorated in the Napoleonic wars), also colloquially known as “exaggerated patriotism”, is the belief that the very thing of the country or region to which one belongs is the best, the absolute truth, or superior in any aspect , reminds us in some way of the “resonance of the name”, as it seems to describe the idiosyncrasies of the police officer.

When I looked at Derek Chauvin’s birth chart, what immediately caught my attention was the Mars-Nessus conjunction on the cusp of Cancer, with Nessus in Gemini’s Grade 29, exactly at a 90o angle to the natal sun (a square) for those unfamiliar with this centaur asteroid, which is the one who “indirectly” kills the great hero Hercules o Heracles , with his own weapon, I tell you the myth briefly:

” After Hercules’ war with the Centaurs, which culminated with one of his poisoned arrows causing Chiron’s wound and Pholus’ death, Nessus, the wildest of the three, escaped. A few years later when Hercules strolled through the countryside with his wife Deianeira, they reached a river where there was a centaur crossing people. Hercules asks him to cross his wife as he led the way. The centaur was Nessus, but Hercules did not recognize him and marched to the other side of the river, as he turned to make sure his wife was ok, he able to see how the centaur proceeded to rape his wife. Heracles seeing his wife’s situation fired a Hydra-poisoned arrow into Nessus’ chest. As he lay dying, as a final act of malice, Nessus told Deianeira that his blood would ensure that Heracles was faithful to her forever, knowing that the blood was infected with the hydra venom.

Deianeira naively believed him. Later, when her confidence in the hero’s fidelity began to diminish, she spread the blood of the centaur in a robe and gave it to her husband before going to a meeting of heroes. Meanwhile, Deianeira accidentally spilled a portion of the centaur’s blood on the ground. To his horror, he began to emanate a powerful stench and instantly recognized him as poison and sent his messenger to warn Heracles, but it was too late. Heracles lay dying slowly and painfully as the robe burned its skin, by the heat of the poison.”

It is easy to deduce in this story that the hero dies from his own weapon (the poison), which he used to implant justice on the most animalistic side of our nature, since in all his labours, 12 of them, he always kills an animal. We all find it difficult to recognize the archetype of Nessus within ourselves. It is an invitation to address aspects of our nature that none of us are willing to accept, it is much easier to project it and see it in others; the most animalistic aspect of our nature, which only wants to survive, above all, that impels us to dominate others, that awakens hatred and desire for revenge, emanating from our own feelings of shame and powerlessness. In order to integrate this archetype into our consciousness, it takes a lot of humility, honesty and courage. The obvious symbolism that the animal part is from the waist down, while from the waist up, the centaur is man, speaks volumes of the eternal struggle of us humans with our sexuality and our inner Beast, as I like to call it.

Nessus, which is an asteroid-comet that revolves around the Sun between Saturn’s orbits and Pluto, is a controlling force that only drives us to survive no matter what. It embodies the dynamics of the stalker. The part of our psyche you want to dominate, for the terror of being dominated and therefore exterminated. It is an effort to disguise our own helplessness to another, and in doing so creates the illusion of power. Faced with the terror of being turned victims by other predators, we become the aggressor. Our inability to accept our vulnerability and helplessness results in seeing it in others. Every human being is a drop in the ocean of humanity and it is that apparent insignificance that leads us to want to be superhuman. I say Apparent, because if we become individuals and offer the world that individuality full of special talents and unique views, then we cease to be insignificant to become an integral part of Humanity.

In these moments of wild technology and Aquarian airs that propel us into the next two decades and also two centuries of extraordinary technological advances, integrating our whole being will be more indispensable than ever, or we will be dominated by algorithms and the accumulation of our data in the hands of large corporations than Yuval Harari says:” algorithms will know us more than we know ourselves.” A chilling perspective.

In Chauvin’s birth chart, the Mars conjunction (the inner hero)-Nessus, forms a square to his Sun in the last degrees of Pisces, speaks powerfully of an inner dilemma where the archetype of Nessus is a very powerful voice. With Venus-Mercury-Pholus also in this sign of fish, which describes a genuine quality of its nature, of wanting to help others, with a Moon in Scorpio (possibly) which also describes its contact with the Underworld, which all policemen travel daily. About Saturn’s square in Cancer to his Jupiter in Aries Liz Greene writes: “Jupiter’s contact with Saturn seems to suggest the psychological need to transform Jupiter’s faith into practical life so that the individual can live what he intuitively feels is the purpose of his life…. However, the demands of practical life are often considered contradictory, rather than the logical fulfillment of the intuitive vision and the needs of defense and self-interest often lead the individual to abandon his faith. An expression of Jupiter-Saturn is the individual who has sold everything to Saturn (or the devil) and who abandons his quest because the realities of food, refuge, position in society, and the protection of his most vulnerable feelings seem greater, or at least more imminently important to him”

On the day of the assassination, the Moon by transit aligned with the Nodal angle exactly over its Nessus-Mars conjunction on the 3rd house, which seems to describe the fact that “a girl” would record it and send it to the world, and the nodes formed squares to his natal Sun, exactly. The perfect symbol of being at the crossroads of this dilemma explained by Liz Greene, so eloquently. Saturn in transit through the first degrees of Aquarius, came from forming the conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, which in turn activated Chauvin’s Jupiter-Saturn quadrature. This is when astrology becomes an indispensable and unparalleled tool to understand what was going on inside the policeman’s psyche. Astrological poetry based on exact cosmic geometry. Yesterday, when Saturn now 11th from Aquarius, forming the exact square to his Natal Pluto, he is sent to prison, he is now crossing the river Styx on his way to the Underworld.

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