Pluto in Capricorn at 19º and its effect on the generation born in 1993-94

The cycle Uranus-Neptune has a duration of 171 years, that is to say, that they form a conjunction, they align themselves in the sky, every 171 years. In the years of this millennium, we have experienced these conjunctions, in1136 in the sign of Libra,  in 1307 and 1478 in Scorpio, 1649 in Sagittarius and the last two, 1821 and 1993 in Capricorn. Therefore all those born between 1993 and 1994, have in their birth chart this conjunction of Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn, which describes not only that generation but of course the moment in which they were born. It describes perfectly this division that we see all over the world where it seems that we have positioned ourselves politically on one side or the other, opposite the previous.

In the United States, Democrats and Republicans are more divided than ever, in Latin America, you also see this phenomenon. In Argentina it has occurred with the “Kirshnerismo” or those who are against it; In Venezuela, those who support Maduro and those who do not. In Europe in general, the division has emerged between those who defend their nationalism and those who believe in the EU, like in England with Brexit. In Spain, the division is more powerful between Catalonia and the rest of the country, but within Catalonia is between independentists and those who are not. This seems to speak of Uranus in Capricorn that seeks to break free of large institutions and reveal itself against those same  institutions that seem to oppress a sector of the population. Uranus cries out for “revolution”, breaking chains, separating, individuating. On the contrary Neptune, and especially since he has entered Pisces, his own sign, calls for a union, asks to blur the borders, “we are all one,” says Neptune. In Capricorn, is asking to a dissolution of many  institutions. It was the beginning of the awareness of mass globalization, the opening of trade between countries with much less regulation, was an imminent fact. This made big companies grow like Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.

As in the conjunction of 1821, we can say that it was the beginning of the Industralización, with the advent of inventions and technical innovations that really gave birth to the Industrial Revolution from where today’s society was actually born, as André Barbault explains in his book Planetary Cycles. For the conjunction of 1993 was the emergence of mobile phones, personal computers, etc, etc, which forever changed the way we live, learn and communicate. Society has been transformed thereafter. The aristocracy was replaced by the large companies and masses of people began to look for ways to move even more to the big cities in search of being part of these great elites.

Those born in 1993-94 have this conjunction in their natal birth charts and it really represents the generation that transformed the educational system, or at least gave us the clear vision that something had to change, so computers entered the schools and the homework stopped being done with paper and pencil.

Power passed from governments to large corporations with the potential to employ many people throughout the world. They started the “Masters”, a form of fast and expensive education, which produces even more elitism because only the higher classes can pay those courses, which do not offer the content equivalent to its price. Being this conjunction in Capricorn, all the young people without an apparent vocation sought courses (Marketing, ADE, Engineering, among others) with the dream of entering a multinational, as “goal” supreme. Those more connected to Uranus than with Neptune resisted to be part of that fashion and sought to invent something and the “start-ups” were born, many of them with great success. But these young people who today are 24-25 years old, with the passage of Pluto by that birth conjunction at 19º of Capricorn, are now in need of transforming that energy and truly wonder if the decisions they took, either pushed by their parents or by their own will, was really what they wanted. The world continues to change at an extraordinary speed and what they thought would be their “golden goose” has not worked for everyone and are faced with the dilemma of re-directing their profession but confronted with the fact that many should leave their country of origin to be able to find work and live in dignity. The university titles are not enough if they are not enhanced with “masters”.

Disillusioned with the current political moment added to the fact that no one really knows what will be the best-paid jobs in the next 10 years, they are encouraged to live in a more authentic and real way, fighting against consumerism and institutions that are collapsing by their own weight and in search of something more authentic and in contact with nature, feeling the social commitment to provoke some positive change in their respective communities. Many youngsters have taken off to fight with ISIS, others have joined political movements that do not understand in depth and a minority have decided to provoke change from the Arts. In the United States they are clamoring for the gun’s laws reform which allow young people to buy war like weapons, without background control. The “#metoo” movement continues to expose many “big, powerful men” like we could have never imagined before. Even the corruption within FIFA was exposed and his boss had to quit.

The future of all of us is in the hands of these young people who were born with the social commitment to change things and who still feel too young to take that responsibility completely.

Pluto is asking the institutions (the church included) to clean up their act, to denounce the corrupt, the perpetrators of sins such as the rape of children, the use of young people for war, the theft of taxpayers ‘ money, etc etc. The responsibility on the shoulders of these young people is tremendous and they need our (the Elder ones) help, in order to carry out the task that is demanded of them, for having been born at the moment they were born, whether they wanted it or not.

Saturn also is on its way to pass, by transit, by that 19º of Capricorn, before meeting with Pluto with 25 º of CAP, in January 2020. It is as if the Cosmos is also prepared for these changes with many of us wondering if  we can survive these crises. Let us help these young people and ourselves and let’s get involved in the “cleansings” not only of our institutions but of our seas, our streets, our planet. That is what concerns us all who are alive today,  since we all live on this magnificent planet, we call Earth. Home.

NEW MOON in VIRGO – September 9 –


After two months of eclipses and of Mars in retrograde which was quite intense for many people, not only for its natural impulse of forcing to look in, but for the fact that it was in square to Uranus, just entered Taurus, (therefore in fixed signs), which has brought us many unexpected situations, some positive and  some negative, showing us the need to change, even when we are not prepared for it. Some of us have survived it, others didn’t.


Leaving the summer ( in the North) and winter (in the South), behind, we begin the month of September with its Virgo new moon. The sign of the Maiden, of the young woman, the unmarried, the Virgin, the innocent. The image of the constellation of Virgo, many say that it is Persephone, the daughter of Ceres/Demetra, the one who was kidnapped by his uncle Hades and seduced in the depths of the underworld. She carries a spike in her hand, hence she is related to these two deities, as her mother is the Goddess of Agriculture. Mother Earth. The Pachamama. However, the story of Persephone, resonates much more with Scorpio, than with Virgo and Ceres much more with Cancer, than with Virgo.


Others say that the maiden of the constellation is Astrea or Dike, daughter of Zeus and Themis (the righteous), sister of Pudor and who infused among men, justice and virtue all over the world. Doesn’t this sound much more Virgo? This occurred in the Golden Age when the gods, mortals and animals lived in harmony on the Earth. But when the humans began to seize the evil of the world and did not stop committing atrocities, Astrea was disgusted by all this and withdrew to the Skies, from where he informed Zeus of the atrocities committed by humans thus becoming the constellation of Virgo. The spica in her hand, apparently it was the gift of some farmers she visited before her ascension. Ascension also tells us of Virgo’s struggle to escape to the mind, when the struggle with the body seems lost and when the imperfections of it seem a mountain too high to climb.


Now, this famous critique of Virgo, which seems to be looking for the shortcomings of others to correct them, to force us to be better, to do things as best we can, resonates much more with the story of Astrea than Persephone. In her tireless search for order, Astrea teaches us to respect the natural cycles, the vulnerability of our body, the importance of maintaining our innocence, and, above all, the importance of celibacy from time to time.


Many dancers have Virgo in their natal charts, which describes that constant search for perfection of form, which of course we will never obtain. But it is in the search of it, that we improve, that we polish our inner diamond, until getting its maximum brightness. I always imagine the ballet teachers, with a lot of Virgo in their chart, constantly correcting the way their students produce movement and form.


Two other images that also relate to Virgo are the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene at the foot of that cross, with that 1Pisceansymbol par excellence, Jesus. The one who sacrificed himself for the world. Virgo can be extremely puritanical, but also live his most feminine part, enjoying the pleasures and promise of sacred encounter with the other. This duality also sees her in her dedication to her work and marriage. Between his spiritual quest and his materialism, and his extremely practical mindset. Virgo, as Pisces, also sacrifices a lot in otrder to serve. It is perfected to serve better. The most visible star of the Virgo constellation is Spica, the others are almost unnoticeable, but Spica can be seen and that star is actually two stars, is a binary system like Pluto, which reminds us the rulership of Mercury of this sign, from which possibly emanates that duality that marks the life of Virgoes. As for Mary Magdalene, the virgins of yesteryear were not virgins in the sense that we give today of not having experienced  sex, because the virgins often presided in great rituals where they rejoiced in the pleasure of the sexuality, especially in rituals that today we will call a Hen Party”, when the bride was incited to lose her virginity before entering the marriage. The word “virgin” meant “unmarried”.

This lunation is formed in opposition to Neptune, which means that the Sun and the Moon are exact at 17º of  Virgo, together they oppose Neptune at 15 Pisces as if this reiterated the importance of this angularity Virgo-Pisces. The need to integrate the spirit into the body and vice versa,  expressing the spirit with our body. It is impossible to become aware of the spirit if we are not incarnated. It is when entering the body that we become aware of it. The constant duality of giving concrete expression to what emanates from our interior, from our mind, in the endless dance of the creative process.  Since giving shape to something, means it ceases to belong to the perfection of the spirit and of God. The Sun and Neptune are enemies, because when we express our Ego, we move away from Neptune, from Eden. But Neptune always looks for the Sun to be able to express itself. Another endless dance that is overwhelming and sometimes depressing, but we can not stop trying, because if we do withdraw from life. We often try using alcohol or drugs, but we must always return to the reality of the body.


At the body level, this moon can bring digestive problems, because Virgo rules the intestines and digestion if we give in to the invitation of Neptune to get drunk and escape reality. Fortunately, this moon is formed when a Grand Trine between Saturn, Uranus and PALLAS-Mercury is formed in the sky. Something from the Cosmos seeks harmony and can give us the wisdom to manage our earthly stories in a calmer and wiser way.


Look for activities that resonate with your soul. Surrender to the music if it helps you to transport or elevate you to be able to listen more attentively to the demands of your spirit and mind. Artistic activities will be favoured, especially those that allow us to digest reality with more poetry and humour. Cinema, photography, music, are all activities favoured by Neptune, but first of all, pay attention to what you are trying to escape from.


Jupiter from Scorpio forms a sextile to the Moon and Pluto a trine. These are energies of an important optimism and positivism, and that is when we realize what needs to change in our lives to be more content and more in harmony with the demands of the soul. Sun and Moon in Virgo will help us to shape, the project we have in mind, providing patience and strategies (Pallas), as well as understanding the qualities we need to make it happen. But of course, being Pluto who he is, the gaze must be directed inward and lower, ie looking in the darkness of our psyche, unable to escape the mandates of the God of the Underworld, believing that the bad and evil are always in the outside.


If you are blaming someone else for what happening to you, you must sit down to meditate in order to understand that the whole world and the Cosmos, like all the Gods and Goddesses, live within each one of us.


Virgo teaches us that not being perfect doesn’t mean that we can’t express greatness. The greatness of the spirit goes far beyond the imperfections of the body.


Let Virgo show you the way to integration and wisdom and that being happy also goes far beyond revelry and drunkenness. Virgo has fun working and improving. The real fun, says Virgo: is to find a way to express the wishes of the soul, as exactly as possible. True happiness is: being able to serve others.


PISCES planets in 2018


As I am sitting down to write these lines the Sun is entering the last sign of the zodiac: Pisces. Mercury has done it a few hours ago and Venus has been traveling through it since February 10th. So now we have: Sun-Mercury-Nessus-Venus-Neptune-Chiron all in the sign of the two fish that swim in the opposite direction. The Sun visits this sign every year as Venus does. Mercury does it 1 or 2 times a year because it has 3 retrograde periods per year and Neptune once every 165 years. Chiron every about 50 years and Nessus ends an orbit around the sun in 122.4 years. In its perihelion (closest point to the Sun), it is closer to the Sun than Uranus, while in Aphelion (furthest point to the sun) goes even further from Neptune. We can assume that a lot of energy from this sign is flowing right now. This sign, the last sign of water of the zodiac, is like most signs a complex archetype, but also very difficult to define.

Pisces connects us with the suffering of the world like no other sign. It reminds us that we are all victims of something or someone, and this begins only at birth. The circumstances of our birth and the fact that the human needs of his parents to grow and develop, already confront us with the fact of our inability to survive by ourselves, which puts us from the beginning in a powerless position. Situation we struggle to depart from in the early years of our lives, I would almost say to the second squaring of Saturn to its native position, which occurs at age 21. Saturn’s first opposition to himself at 13-14 years is one of the hardest times on our way to self-independence. When we still need our parents but we can’t wait to get out of that position.

In this 2018 with Chiron and Nessus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, the movement #metoo and #timesup is empowering women to emerge from their status as victims of the patriarchy and sexual predators (Nessus), as it had not happened before in our history. This is the time to start to recover our power, even if this happens simply by the awareness of where or how we feel victimised , whether it be our family, our culture, our husband, our employers or bosses at work, our partners, our teachers, etc. to this day, women have had to shut up and now for the first time, we are offered the opportunity to speak, to denounce, but above all to bring to our consciousness, the abuse we have received in our lives and that We were forced to shut up, indoctrinated by our family, our mothers and/or culture, so we could forgive and free ourselves from the guilt that caused us. Connecting with this female pain and the anger that it generates is a Pisces action, where we all become aware that there are certain situations in life, which are not a personal matter, but are much larger than us and are female collective sufferings , such as the death of a child, or abandonment. These are issues that have no nationality or flags. That is the suffering of being alive and especially of being born a female human.

Nessus, the Centaur who was responsible for the death of Hercules, who killed him with one of his poisonous arrows, for having raped his wife, is also traveling Pisces and gives us the opportunity to reconsider those situations in our life where we have been abused or raped in one way or another, because often, the mere awareness and acceptance of the fact that because we were born a woman were vulnerable to these situations, causes the wound to begin to heal. With Chiron and Nessus in Pisces the issue of victimization of sexual abuse is what we must bring to consciousness and empower ourselves to denounce, talk about it, forgive us for having kept quiet, especially not to pass on that burden to the next generations, to our daughters and sons. This is a moment when you have to talk about it, and above all make peace with that fact, because, again, the awareness begins the healing process.

The house where Nessus falls in our chart is where we feel that we are raped, either physically or mentally. Where we feel vulnerable and powerless about it. It is where the female beast becomes aware of its vulnerability with respecto to the male beast. The latter may be the patriarchal system in which we were born, the status quo, the culture, etc. Nessus has been coming in and out of the first few degrees of Pisces since the end of 2004, and will be in this sign about 30 + years. At this time is about 6th of this sign and Venus has aligned with him these days, facing us with the fear of giving ourselves to an in-depth relationship for fear of deception, and betrayal. The fear of being betrayed or experiencing deception in a relationship is a very Nessus, which leads us to the acceptance of the fact that in love, especially in “being in love”, there are no guarantees, we can be exposed to betrayal, is a risk we all take or we have no relationships.

Pisces is also about feeling ONE with the other Sapiens, and with the understanding that true human pain is universal and unites us all in the experience of being Human.

Pisces speaks to us of our creativity and our ability to connect with something greater than ourselves to be able to inspire our lives towards beauty, poetry, unity, compassion, to become real human beings.

2018!!! and SATURN IN CAPRICORN for every sign.

Here we go, on the road to a new year, with its promises and its challenges. We begun the journey with a very powerful SuperFull Moon in Cancer, which has invited us to process our roots and question where we are going to. It has confronted us with family dilemmas, as well as the need to love our family and reclaim lost ties. This happens in all the extraordinary variety of human affections and their wealth of unrepeatable stories. Before starting with the sign-by-sign scenario, I would like to reflect on what this year may brings to all of us, taking into account the main aspects that are being formed in the Heaven this 2018. Using the magnificent astrological symbolism through its archetypes, to elucidate what we will create this year at a personal and collective levels. This symbolism, still alive,  despite the voices of the scientific community that discards Astrology, with arrogance, completely ignoring the fact that seeing us through the astrological chart, will never die, because it explains our feelings, in a clear yet magical way, like no other science. The archetypes connect us with certain aspects of human nature, which despite the scientific discoveries of the last centuries, does not change. Venus, was Venus and is Venus forever and ever. Mars angers us now and a thousand years ago. We express it differently, but that archetype describes a part of our nature, like nothing else. The invitation to expand of Jupiter and Saturn putting limits to that expansion, have been and will be  relevant in many different aspects of our lives. Jupiter took us to discover the world and now it will take us to Mars. The impulse is the same. To discover.

We started with Saturn having entered its own sign, Capricorn, for the first time since the end of the 80s, when the Berlin Wall fell, so we should reflect on what happened in our lives then, if we were alive. We can also see what happened with our parents, in those years, if we had not been born yet. The feeling that a complete cycle of our lives ends to give rise to a new chapter in our existence, will be evident. Saturn begins its journey on the road traveled by Pluto since 2008, when it entered Capricorn, coinciding with the fall of Lehman Brothers, the financial crisis, and everything that unfolded from then on,  and these two will conclude their passage through the sign of the Sea Goat, coming together in the last degrees of this sign, at the beginning of 2020, although the effect of such a conjunction will be felt from the second part of 2019, when many big changes will continue to take place.

Uranus also changes sign in May after 7 years in the sign of Aries; who can forget the day that Uranus entered this sign in March 2011, and the explosion of the Fukushima nuclear plant. In its passage through the first sign of the zodiac, the sign of the warrior, Uranus, this great revolutionary, who urges us to fight against the Institutions and those who oppress us (Saturn), leaves us with the consequences of the Arab Spring, the resurgence and fall of ISIS, the resignation of Mugabe after almost 40 years in power, the situation in Catalonia, and large demonstrations around the world against outmoded systems that are crying out for renewal, as it is happening in Iran at this time. It also leaves us with a strong stink of populism, all over the world, as a response to globalization. All in the framework of that Pluto in Capricorn, which has brought to light and continues to do so, the corruption of governments, and of large corporations, and powerful families, such as the Pujol, the Lehman Brothers, who caused the The largest global financial crisis, since the Great Depression at the end of the 20s. The Madoff case and many others reminded us that those who are above, in power,  also fall, also pay for their mistakes. Uranus in Taurus will renew the way we earn and spend our money. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was in 1942, this time he will visit this sign from May 15, until April 2026.

This 2018 finds Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, in a 120º aspect, considered positive. Two large planets of our solar system in  Earth signs and well aspected, augur renewal of the financial system. The “bitcoin” and all the other virtual coins, will be the stars of this year, with ups and downs that will bring many gains and losses to those who dare to speculate with them. Electronic money will have to be regulated so that we can use it more safely, since it will be inevitable that we do. Robotics or Artificial Intelligence is coming by leaps and bounds, which will bring challenges that we will also have to confront, mainly the replacement of humans in jobs. Companies like Amazon, Pay Pal, Facebook and Google, will be more regulated, and forced to take responsibility for what is published in them. The urgency of global warming, believe it or not, will be the order of the day, as we started the year with Ceres, still in its retrograde face in the sign of Leo, soon to move to Virgo, in June, which in some way forces us to reflect on it.

Chiron, the great healer, the one who gives us tools to heal our deepest wound, also changes his sign in May, after walking around Pisces from 2010-11, where he will return in the last months of the year, to re-enter  Aries in March 2019. During this year, it will continue to square Saturn in the first months, but with Saturn already in Capricorn, we will have to analyze our relationship with money and the attitude that we carry from our ancestors and our culture about it . Our relationship with success and with what prevents us from achieving our goals, especially at a professional level. Pholus also enters Capricorn, this month, but will dive back into Sagittarius in June, until December when he will re-enter Capricorn. Therefore the magnifying glass is still on our institutions and those in power. It will be very difficult to escape with secrets and corruption.

January then brings us very Capricorn times, which means, taking responsibility for our actions and decisions, not only on a personal level, but also politically. We will have to take care of what we do and say, but do not worry, because if you have acted with integrity, then the rewards are great. Saturn rewards us for our sincere effort and for our perseverance like no one else. From November with Jupiter finally returning to the sign that rules, Sagittarius, we will see three planets in their own sign: Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Something tells us that things begin to take their rightful place. The #metoo movement, in spite, of Catherine Deneuve’s  letter (I wonder what she’s on about?) will grow and help women be less afraid to denounce.

Great success in life, often come from the hand of Saturn in good aspect, so Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, will receive their reward or at least the possibility of starting to build something solid and durable.

For those born between November 1988 and February 1991, you are living the FIRST SATURN RETURN, one of the most important moments of our existence. For many, especially those who have something of Capricorn in their birth chart, this is when life really begins. Important decisions are made, a stage of adulthood begins, taking responsibility for our actions and often, when one wishes to form a family. We can decide on our real profession, which may not coincide with what we study at the University, or at least, is when we open paths of expansion of the original project. You are the generation that was born with Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn, when we fought with that virus called AIDS, of which we knew very little. Neptune in Capricorn, which continued in the 90s, began to make us see that many of our institutions, until then admired and respected, were staying behind in the progress, and began to make our dreams and desires something much more attainable. It  put our feet on the ground. So this generation grew up with a black cloud over their lives, with the awareness that sex can cause death. It made us confront our freedoms and our lack of control. This group of people has that idea printed in their DNA, that something dark can emerge from irresponsible, unconscious sex, which led us to become aware of these issues. They were years of much social revolution, as now, with great changes and renewal. The Soviet Union collapsed, and the Berlin wall too. It is this generation that now understands that for the new to flow, the old must succumb to progress and transformation. Just make the decision and be willing to work for it. Personal relationships also took a different direction, and became more open and less drowned by tradition.

If you were born in the years 1959 and 1961 then you are living the SECOND SATURN RETURN, at the doorsteps of the beginning of the Third Age. This is also a very important moment in life, when we begin to leave behind situations, people and affections that no longer serve us. It can be hard for many, especially if it coincides with the fact that our professional enthusiasm is diminishing and we want to do other things. And precisely this is the ideal time to start an educational journey on many levels. If you want to study something, this is the time, if you want to change places too. This is a time when we should have a serious conversation with our soul and RE-structure our life. We must be prepared for the beginning of the Third and Last Act that begins at 60, when we possibly have our most important work to do. Full of experience and knowledge we can launch ourselves to teach others or simply to enjoy it. It is when we pass to what is commonly called “the third age” that in contrast to what our ancestors experienced, today, should be the busiest period of our existence. This Return of Saturn coincides with the Return of the Progressed Moon and with the Return of Jupiter at 60, all indicating that cycles are fulfilled at various levels in our psyche and we begin a new stage of our life, full of possibilities. For most people, the children have grown and gone. Many couples have divorced and new relationships can emerge during these periods when we already have a lot of experience and wisdom.


You start the year with the teacher Saturn in the first degrees of Capricorn. For those born in the first 10 days of the sign, this is a year of important professional readjustment. If you have been working towards a goal with integrity, great rewards  will come your way, it is possible that it is a very important moment of professional triumph. On the contrary, if you are working on issues that no longer interest you, then changes and frustrations will come to rectify, and align the daily reality with the requests of the soul. Saturn is like the policeman of the Cosmos, the Lord of Karma, so he brings the rewards to the work done with integrity and dedication but also the “fine”, or even prison to those who have not done so. Pholus ( Chiron’s friend) will also help you understand the ancestral charge that from the depths of the psyche handles your attitude towards professional success. The17 and 18 of April will be when something forces you to look at your daily reality and review what should change to be able to progress faster. Chiron who has been traveling through Pisces enters Aries in those days, which will bring attention to where that scar is that resists healing within the soul. It is possible that those who work self-employed benefit more from this year, but if you work for others, the relationship with the authority will suffer more than usual. With Jupiter transiting through Scorpio, almost all year round, it is possible to find investors for your projects or perhaps receive an inheritance, which can start a new working chapter. Between May and August, your ruler planet, Mars, will become retrograde and this can help you pause your activities, to re-evaluate if you are on the desired path. The entry of Chiron to Aries is very important since it has not happened for 90 years. A gift from the gods!


This is a year of great surprises for Tauro, and at the same time of great stability. Relationships will be the focus for you, as the lessons learned in recent years will help you reconsider and pay attention to who you give your heart to. Jupiter through the house that talks about our personal relationships, a more complete vision of the other will allow you to avoid entanglements with people who do not enrich your soul. With Uranus entering your sign for the first time in 80 years, new ideas and projects will be presented on your desk and in May when this happens, Mars from Aquarius will shake you in new directions, possibly outside your country, where you can take out these ideas with the help of other compatible minds. Starting in November with Jupiter entering Sagittarius, it would be possible to find financial help from others. Saturn from Capricorn, like Pluto, will protect you and will walk by your side making sure that you do not leave your right path and maintaining order around you. Chiron enters Aries for most of the year, opening a door that will help you understand, the ancestral demands to which you respond. Before we can free ourselves from it, we must see it clearly. At the end of June, Mars will make its retrograde motion from Aquarius to Capricorn for a couple of months and this can shake the ship in which you travel a little, reminding you that when the internal certainty is powerful, there is no unforeseen event that could harm you. This is a good year for those Taurus who are willing to create their own way to earn money. With powerful eclipses in February and August the unforeseen will tend you a bridge to the new.


The good news is that after almost 3 years of Saturn in Sagittarius that has marked your personal relationships with ups and downs and doubts and has led a few to the altar, finally the Lord of the Rings has gone to Capricorn and therefore to your 8th house, where you will find a wave of wisdom that will help you organize your finances and economic dependencies. The other good news is that Jupiter, the great benefactor and the one who brings the opportunities for expansion will be traveling through your 6th house of health and daily work. This brings you the opportunity to take care of your health and help you eat healthier, (although you will have to take care of the excesses, since gluttony is characteristic of this planet), the practice of yoga, long walks through nature, everything will help to strengthen the body. It will also bring possibilities for work abroad or in other words, travel for work rather than pleasure. Contact with other cultures that will enrich your work and your mind. The decision to take a “bridge” job while you find a better one, to be able to live the moment and pay your bills, is not a bad idea. With Chiron entering Aries and therefore in the area of ​​friends, groups and / or the community, it is possible that group work at all levels, help you heal old wounds in these aspects of your lives and present you with the idea of collaboration with the community where you live. Mars will make its retrograde motion this year in the area of ​​studies and long distance travel, between June and August, so plan your vacation and your studies well to minimize the negative effects of it. If you still feel insecure in your profession, continue with your work and remember that dedication, perseverance and patience bring us what we desire most and not just good luck.


This is a year you will not easily forget. A great trine between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio is formed once again, the first time was in December 2017, and this time it is May 25 and August 19, this is the material of dreams. Many of them will come true. Romance is in the air, and above all with yourselves. This is an aspect that is not formed every day, much less every year. Therefore it is really a very special moment of your life. With Jupiter traveling the house of romance and creativity all year round, and Uranus in the house of friends and the community this is a year to add many new experiences in these fields, which can result in the beginning of important relationships that will bring Cancer out from its shell to where it retreats, when it feels insecure and lonely. At the same time Saturn, already in Capricorn, can culminate or strengthen existing relationships, putting the emphasis on restoring old affections. The eclipse in July Cancer, can trigger a series of events that will help you find balance between enjoying life and simple fun and the seriousness that you put into everything you do with your heart. It will not be an easy year for certain relationships, but there always comes a time when we must let go of things and people who do not bring us anything positive or simply let go of children who have already grown up and need to find their way, far from the care of their parents. With Quirón recently entered in the area of ​​the profession this is a brilliant opportunity to repair and rediscover with his own personal work and value himself. Cancer creates constantly but rarely appreciates what it does and this is the ideal time to let go of those doubts and reaffirm yourselves in whatever it is you have to say or give to others. Jupiter in house 5, will bring to light your most precious inner diamond. You will surprise yourselves more than anyone else.


This is a year when everything you have been working on sees its fruit. Actually the work will be there in abundance but you will have to put limits and decide what is worth doing and what is not. With Uranus entering Tauro in May, and therefore in the area of ​​your life that speaks of your profession, great surprises will come in that sector. With two series of eclipses in your sign in February and August, this is a hectic year, where you will have to learn to set limits on how much work you can manage without making your health suffer. It is possible to move your home to other lands for work, or at least move around much more often. Your daily work is what will suffer the most transformations and you will have to adapt to a new routine. The passage of Uranus through your house 10 has not happened for 80 years, 77 to be exact, so as you will understand this type of energy, you have not lived it before or will live it again, it is an unknown dimension and therefore very challenging and refreshing. New people and proposals will come your way and you will have to use your experience and intuition to choose what is best for you. Problems with employees or co-workers are possible, if you have them and if the employee is you, then it will be necessary to manage your attitude towards authority well. The pressure and limitations you will find in the area of ​​your routine work may be challenging. There is much to learn in these situations when we must use all our humility to accept your current situation and needs. But remember, the work you do does not define you as a person.  But how do you do it, yes? The wisdom and self-confidence gained in recent years, will serve as a tool for each step you take.


if you were waiting for the right moment to let you know and take your professional image seriously, this is the year! with Jupiter in your social and communication house, you can launch yourself to do the course that you want or that you feel you need to be able to express your creativity and take advantage of your projects. Saturn traveling through the 5th house of creativity, romance, children, fun, does become a bit serious and brings to consciousness the need for restructuring in these issues. If you have children, it is possible that you have to heal a relationship with them or with one of them; If you do not have them, it’s time to take your artistic expression seriously and define who you are creatively. When I speak of creativity, I do not mean only the plastic arts, but that which only emanates from you, and which differentiates you from others. This is a good time to understand that we are all unique and we bring within ourselves a diamond that we must polish little by little, until it shines in all its splendor. Love will also be coulored by that seriousness that overwhelms you and many relationships will consider having children or walking the aisle to the altar. You can choose to concentrate on your work and put aside love and fun for another time. Nothing wrong with that. Use the influence of Jupiter in your house 3 to let you know, start a blog, learn other languages, etc. Participating in a project to improve the neighborhood would not be out of context either. Commitment, responsibility, and above all, develop confidence in what you have been working on, because the reward could be around the corner.


Your sign has been forced to change, to evolve, since 2008, with intense years like 2011-12. This year with Jupiter walking around your house 2, this may be the time that your efforts are finally paid off. A promotion at work, an offer to work abroad, a simple salary increase, all this is possible at the hands of the Great Benefactor. It is also possible to spend more if we begin to feel more confident about ourselves and our possibilities. In any case, the benefit, well deserved, will become evident. So much so that maybe you go to buy a home or finally stop living with mom. With Saturn starting its trajectory of almost 2 years or more, in your house 4, the zone of readjusting and taking responsibility is undoubtedly the home. Caring for a father or mother, a grandmother or grandfather, may fall into your lap and you may find yourself with more responsibilities than you think you can handle. Even so, great lessons and rewards can follow as a result. Building a home is also possible. With Uranus entering your house 8, after 7 years in the house of relationships that has caused you so much ups and downs, something changes the tone of your relationships suddenly you are more open to different ways of forming “liaisons” and the unforeseen manifest in the house of sexuality, and the money of others. Freeing yourself from financial dependencies will be a must. The eclipses of February and July can bring unexpected opportunities to make money, but also bring to your path, relationships with characters quite different from what you were used to.


Every time Jupiter arrives at your sign, it is undoubtedly a moment of advance. A giant opportunity to expand your horizons and launch into adventure and the unknown with much more optimism and sanity. If you feel that your life has lost brightness, this is the year when you recover it. Jupiter has not visited your sign since 2006, so think what happened then. All that you have put dedication and time will be rewarded. Saturn finally leaves your house 2 after 3 years and goes to house 3 of the brothers and sisters, of the neighbors, the way you communicate with your surroundings. The creation of a Blog where you can say what you want with a hidden identity, is a possibility, but of coursetaking responsibility in the relationship with your siblings is also the theme of this Saturn passage. Sign up for a course of something that you have always wanted to do and did not dare to. Two eclipses in February and July in the area of ​​the profession, can bring unforeseen opportunities in your career, that allow you to solidify your professional project. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected begins a trajectory of almost 7 years in your house of relationships, therefore, your choice of partner or perhaps couples, may seem more unusual than ever. People that will teach you to exist within a way of relating that did not seem possible before. If you are in a relationship, something is asking for space, or at least a little salt and pepper for a renewal. If you are alone, this is not the time to think about marriage, but yes, the possibility of finding eccentric and exciting people will be there. May, with the retrograde of Mars, can be a little tense, get ready for it and leave more free time to run or have  long walks in Nature. Chiron can offer many healing alternatives to your life, other than the doctor and medicines. Give yourself to more alternative ways to help your body find the most natural way to recover. Massages, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, are all techniques that Chiron facilitates for us to get in touch with our health from a more holistic perspective.


Being a Fire sign as you are, you are accustomed to finding solutions and challenges for yourself. But with Jupiter your ruler, in the 12th house, a cycle of your life ends, whether you want it or not. This is not the time to direct your destiny, but to surrender to it. Suddenly, life goes more slowly and something asks us for another type of action. The voices of the ancestors become more strident and we have no choice but to listen. Family patterns become evident and we must observe ourselves with stillness and time. The practice of meditation, yoga, possibly swimming and prayer is advisable. Saturn starting a period of 3 years in your house 2, asks you to revise your relationship with money and material things. Do you earn enough? Do you want more? What does it require or what is necessary for it to happen? Would it compensate your efforts? All  of these are the questions that come from Saturn’s hand. The situation in the home seems more confusing than ever and you must make decisions that you are still not very confident about. After 3 years of Saturn in your sign, which left you with much wisdom, patience and a dose of reality without equal, you must now recover the emphasis on finances and stability but in a more concentrated and efficient way. Always with the optimism and humor, that is characteristic of you and that faith in the whispers of your intuition, which you already know leads you to places of greatness. From November,  when Jupiter finally enters your sign, nothing can stop you. Your ruler in your own sign is material of success and advance, but this time particularly special, for having passed these 3 years of Saturn in your sign, something that did not happen in 2007, when Jupiter visited Sagittarius for the last time. This has given you a connection to reality and to what is important in life, like nothing else. Chiron entering Aries will bring many healing opportunities in romantic relationships and also with children. Uranus that has brought so much creativity and instability to your life in the last 7 years, finally moves to the area of daily work and health. Technology must be included in your daily routine and those who already use it will have the opportunity to get even more out of it.


The arrival of Saturn to any other sign, could mean years of great deprivation and great responsibilities, but when returns to its own sign, the message is curiously different. Something returns home, something goes back to where it should be, after having been on a trip, a journey of almost 30 years around the world. Capricorn is used to fighting for what he wants, to progress slowly and wait his turn. The last time Saturn visited his own sign was in 1988-1991. At that time the Berlin Wall fell, with the birth of a new Russia and a new Europe. We will see what is brought this time, which is sure to be something equally important. This period of 3 years of Saturn in Capricorn, can bring a new proposal of life. It will force you to connect with your truth and your own values ​​so that you can make an account adjustment in your life. If you have been away from reality, what it would be in you, this can be a period of true confrontation with your limitations and the consequence of your past actions. If you have been well on your way this is the moment when you will become that for which you have fought to be. Some power struggles with the system still await you, but this is something you are used to since Pluto has been traveling your sign since 2008, and has brought enough of it. The communications become less clear and defined, therefore you must work on it. The situation at home will be benefited by the entry of Chiron into the 4th house, home, country, mother or father. Something  brings to light the emotional wounds and asks you to take responsibility for them. The resources to start the healing will be there. Jupiter walks through your house 11, of your relationship with  the community,  with groups and it is possible to find yourself surrounded by new people, possibly from other cultures that force you to change habits and ideas. The support of the community will be there so that you can share your dreams and ideals.


With Jupiter traveling through your house of profession until November, this may be the year where your effort is finally rewarded and opportunities that you had not dreamed of can knock at your door. One of them will be professional success. You must be attentive to the calls of  madame Luck, for it will be on your side. With it can come great responsibilities or obligations that you must carry out yourselves. Saturn traveling through your house 12, can mean long hours in retirement, by yourself to perform the task, or also the awareness that our limitations come from our ancestral connection. The voices of our ancestors mark our path and these are the moments when it becomes more apparent. With two eclipses in your sign, great movements force you to begin a cycle that will change your lives. The instability comes home from the hand of Uranus, you can expect the unexpected, not only with the house, but on the flat, but also in the relationship with Mother. Time to leave the family home. The eclipse of July in your home of health can give you the message you need to recover healthier lifestyle habits that allow you to stay healthy. The finances seem to work by themselves, but you must incorporate some system that allows you to have control over them. With Chiron entering for a few years in your house 3, relationships with brothers and sisters have a wonderful opportunity to heal and if you work as therapists or in healing arts, you can benefit from an increase in clientele from your closest environment. The month of May, will bring tensions and encounters that you must handle with much wisdom and adulthood. Mars will enter your sign forming a square to your ruler Uranus, and will also make your retrograde in your sign. These are challenging aspects that will test your ability to control your emotional nature.


With Jupiter and Uranus in the houses of knowledge, the need to continue learning and incorporating new ideas will be powerful. With Uranus starting a cycle of 7 years in your home 3 of communication, technology is still powerful in your life, but above all, it can mean the ideal time to create a blog or new ways to communicate that will surprise not only yourselves but also tthose closest to you. Jupiter tells you about another kind of wisdom that does not necessarily have academic connotations. The intuition will be stronger than ever and suddenly you will realize tha intuition is ahead of the academic, if perhaps the latter is there to reinforce the natural creative intelligence of Pisces. After 3 years of great responsibilities, it is time to free yourself and finally open the doors to new ideas and ways of functioning that will enrich your lives in unexpected ways. This is a year of harvest for the efforts and work done in the last 3 years. If you play your cards intelligently, when Jupiter, who is one of your fulers, finally enters Sagittarius in November, and therefore in the sector of your profession, great advances and promotions may manifest themselves and perhaps the idea of ​​professional recognition, is not so far. Saturn in your house 11 for the next 3 years, will bring you the need to set limits, what is not easy for you, in friendships and with the community. If you work in a group, this can be a year full of challenges until you understand that being a friend or colleague does not mean sacrificing your freedoms. The possibility of finding your own tribe is also part of that transit of Saturn. Group work will be the process where you will gain more wisdom and meaning in your life. Many friends will leave and another new will come. Renewal. Neptune continues in your sign, aligning all Piscean with your own connection to the Universe, something you do naturally.


We’ve begun this month, with the certainty that Jupiter is already well established in Scorpio, with the amount of sexual predators exposed by the media: Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, etc. The last time Jupiter visited this sign, was from the last days of October 2005, for a whole year. Do you remember what was going on in your life at that time?

Water signs will feel the benefit of this  transit more than anyone else, although the other fixed signs will also feel that the optimism and the amount of opportunities that are there for the one who sees them, recognises them and grab them. Jupiter whispers in our ears: “Now you can!” “This is the moment you were waiting for” and many times it is. Think about what happened 11-12 years ago in your life, if you’re old enough to remember it. It usually means a major move to other lands, or sometimes a simple neighbourhood change. If your career or profession is already defined, you can add other dimensions to it, expand, progress, enrich, whatever you do. Voyages are in the equation of the Jupiter’s transits, because it is the energy of this planet and this archetype that impels us to leave the district, the town and go to the adventure of seeing what is beyond the confines of the known. The area of your life where this will manifest will be marked by where you find Scorpio in your chart, according to what house is transiting and what contacts makes to the rest of the planets. If Jupiter marks his own return in your chart, ie: if you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72 years old, etc, then this is even more remarkable.

Jupiter is closely connected with death and in Scorpio even more so. Death, as freedom from form, from incarnation. It governs those deaths where the individual seems to leave this world in peace and with consciousness, for example, after a long illness, or after much suffering. The great transformation.

Venus also enters Scorpio on the 7th, and will form a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter, the 12-13 and 14, meaning a great moment for the water signs, with emotions flying high and opportunities too. If you perform a creative activity this can be a period of great inspiration, especially because both planets will link in a few days,  a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Take advantage of these creative airs since they don’t happen every day.

If you were waiting for the right time to clarify misunderstandings and work on your relationship with others this is also the right time. With everything that happens in the world right now, the ideological divisions between compatriots and family members, this is an opportunity to look inward and reconsider whether the differences are really so great. I’m sure you’ll find that this is not the case, even if the external circumstances seem so.

Mars travels by Libra all this month, so the cardinal signs will be affected by this injection of energy, emanating from this red planet. The ranting and added stress are almost inevitable, unless you meditate a lot and know yourself deeply. Still, Mars in Libra does its best to find the peaceful commitment and under the circumstances in Catalonia, lets hope, that the two parties find a way to compromise and hopefully, to solutions, to the stressful situation.

The Eris-Uranus conjunction which I have written about in other articles in this blog, is also very relevant this month and connects us directly with that part of us that feels alienated, that aspect of our life that makes us feel that we do not belong to what surrounds us. This connection between these two planets is vital in what we are all experiencing this year personally and socially, with the ideological divisions that have led us to want to separate from something or someone. It is necessary to realise that what disturbs us in others has a lot to do with how I see it the situation, and with our personal inner struggles of duality.

A lot of self-awareness is needed to handle these energies. The square Chiron-Saturn, is exact this month, so its potency reminds us that it is possible to do something about our sense of imperfection and that it is possible to live in peace with that part of us that we will never love completely. The House in the birthchart where Chiron is located tells us what it is that we have problems in recognising and accepting of ourselves, to be able to enter into a dialogue with it, to begin the process of acceptance. This square that we have been living under, all this year, with the added influence of Pholus, that travels hand in hand with Saturn in Sagittarius, also reminds us that in order to free ourselves from what that we are ashamed of, we need to accept it first. Another aspect of this planetary combination is the realisation that our ideals are connected with the family and ancestral wound. We must also bring it to consciousness in order to liberate ourselves from it and its negative effect on our lives. The square of Chiron and Saturn was formed exactly on December 28, 2016, on April 30, 2017 and now on November 2, 2017 for the last time. In Greek mythology, Chiron is a centaur, son of Saturn, who had become a horse to seduce Phylira, and as a result, she gave birth to a creature, half man, half horse.

Saturn and Pholus in Sagittarius, also form the exact trine to Uranus on the 11th, and surely this will also help us to liberate ourselves from those inherited feelings that we have not asked to have in our lives and yet we must endure. The process is arduous and long but necessary. If you’re afraid it’s OK. Whenever we throw ourselves into the new and the unknown to let go of the past, we feel fear. It’s a natural human feeling. As Pema Chödrön said: “Fear is a natural reaction, when we are approaching the truth”


We begin this month, with the opposition Jupiter-Uranus in all its splendor, with Mercury just entered in Libra, and with Venus and Mars about to join the 18 degrees of Virgo, which will form a trine to Pluto. These are aspects that help us to re-connect with our need to participate and collaborate with the social order, to find in ourselves, that desire for power, that all humans have. Power in the animal world means having more food and protection, it means survival. The more power, the easier it is to find food and the less chance of being attacked by others, the more likely it is to survive. They are not necessarily negative feelings, and they are much more normal than we realise. The problem begins when we do not recognize the rights of others and see ourselves as kings of the jungle without being it, with the Truth in the pocket, without the elements to prove it. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition arrived at its last contact. The first was the 26th of December 20 2016, the second on March 2 of this year and the last time, on the 28 of September, so we are in the tail of this aspect that has been accompanying us since late last year. The houses activated by this opposition in our birthchart, will be where we live this unexpected cry of freedom and restructuring, based on new ideas and desire for renewal. If this affects, the natural houses of the signs in which it falls, which are Aries-lLibra, therefore, the 1st and the 7th houses, a new dimension will have entered into the personal, or social relations, a desire to affirm our individuality, leaving behind the identification with the other, as a form of emotional survival. It means leaving behind the sense of security provided by being in association with another.

At the global political level, this opposition has left us with Brexit, Trump, the exodus of the Rohinshas in Burma,  the Kurds and the Catalans Referendums, the crisis in Yemen, the rise of the ultra right in the German elections. As all oppositions, these movements are loaded with opposing ideas, and like all the opposite things, the two extremes are more linked together, than what is comfortable. These are not wars between countries but among the people of the same country. Movements that seem to be from the left, smell more like ultra right and vice versa. A deep self-analysis is necessary so that we can realize what we are supporting politically and especially understand how much we know about the subject and how much they have to do with old hatreds and resentments, lived by our ancestors which resist closure. This feeling of division and opposition in which we found ourselves, began with the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto  back in the 2011 and Jupiter from Aries which also squared Pluto in Capricorn. Really the beginning of the fall of the institutions that we had wrought after the two world wars. At the beginning of the thirties, when Uranus and Pluto also formed a square, with Uranus in Aries as it is now, but Pluto in Cancer, the ultra right also rose across Europe, with the results we all know. Back to the same thing? Are these movements of today are hangover of what happened in the 1930s? My question is: why do we continue to impregnate our young people with grudges for issues that happened to their grandparents? what is that incredibly powerful force of dealing with what we call Karma, that we don’t seem to be able to stop, even with all our rationalising and technology?

The opposition Jupiter-Uranus, is shaking the existing relations and has brought NEW people to our lives, from other mentalities, other cultures, other idiosyncrasies, which produces an opening of mind, if we allow it, necessary for whoever has been limited by too strict and conservative precepts that only prevent us from looking into the future. It has brought the immigrant crisis and instead of organizing ourselves to accept the fact that we are already more mixed than ever and that we can no longer return to Germany only from the Germans, nor France only of the French, nor an England only of Englishmen , to seek new ways of living with one another, in an open and orderly way, being aware of the benefit that this brings, instead of concentrating only on the fact that alters our daily life and our customs. Aries-Libra, that’s what it’s all about. Me and you. How do we live in this beautiful little planet in order and peace, benefitting from our differences and diversity?

This aspect cries out: “Renovation”, wherever it is, and that is what is happening in the world and in our private lives. Something old is collapsing and we must open our minds to the new, looking for ways to operate within this new Order. Jupiter finally enters Scorpio on the 11th, Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th, Venus and Mars in Libra on 14 and 23, respectively. We will continue with the intention of solving our problems diplomatically, but it won’t be easy.

The first two weeks of this month, will be very active in internal questioning, since Lilith, the Black Moon aligns with Pholus that is marching in line with the Galactic Center, this can be quite a bombastic combination, since the two archetypes connect us with old grudges, seeking expression, and will be exacerbated by the opposition Jupiter-Uranus seeking the freeing  of values imposed by  the status quo. Fortunately, every once in a while the planets form angles, “aspects” as we astrologers call them, that direct us towards Renovation, towards Evolution. Being the command of the Gods, we, mere mortals can only create the action plans to function under those mandates in the best possible way and that requires true creativity, but what we can never do, is to stop Evolution.

JUPITER IN SCORPIO for all of us. Oct 10, 2017 till November 9th, 2018

In the last month of Jupiter in Libra, we prepare for the entry of the giant of our solar system, to the sign of Scorpio, which has not visited for the past 12 years; Scorpio is the second Water sign of our zodiac and considered Realm of the Great Below, as it is ruled by Pluto-Hades, the absolute God of the Underworld. It corresponds to the House 8 of the Astral chart, land of the occult, of the  dark lands of sexuality, of the shared possessions or better said, other people’s money, of death. This is where we confront our most hidden desires and fears, especially those emotions inherited through the familiar and ancestral secrets. Both financial and emotional inheritances are part of this terrain of experience. Extreme emotions, overflowing, not easy to handle. The underground land where our inner power is hidden , that we seldom know in the first half of life-

This will be, not only an extreme, but difficult to handle combination, as powerful emotions will be awaken, with ideals that may get out of control in power struggles that want to win, over those who think differently. The inner search for truth, that which elevates us (Jupiter) moving through the Underworld, with its darkness and secrets, with its surprises and power. Jupiter is not particularly comfortable in the sign of Scorpio, but it impels us to dig deeply into hidden truths, intrigued by the mystery of life and of that, we call God. The adventurer delves  into the darkness of the sea, to search into unknown terrain, in his obsessive need to find the Truth. This is a journey to the depths of the soul, to meet our inner Gods and Demons, to understand where our faith lies.

No doubt Jupiter will cast light on secret issues, considering that Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is in Capricorn, so more government secrets are going to be leaked to the news, and we will continue on the path to discovering the corruption of politicians and government agencies worldwide. More cases of sexual abuse and sexual slavery will fill the courts and we’ll have more religious figures and other people in power brought to trial. Somehow, everything institutional, seems to be falling apart with the passage of Pluto through Capricorn, but as if that wasn’t enough, from December 20th, Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, Lord of Boundaries, the archetype of order, form, in our lives, will enter its own sign, for the first time in 29 years, and it will join Pluto by conjunction in Capricorn in 2020. I’ll write about this later. Only anticipate that our institutions continue to suffer and something in the collective demands a change of Order, to be able to enter a new evolutionary stage, more in contact with the the original laws of Nature, with the feminine, with the Natural Order.

The last time Jupiter visited Scorpio was: October 2005 to November 2006. Do you remember what was going on in your life at that time? In that year, Nasa sent the spacecraft New Horizon (Jupiter) to Pluto, which arrived 9 years later, in 2015, sending pictures of the binary system never seen before; another Nasa spacecraft, entered the orbit on Mars (the other Scorpio ruler) sending photos of the planet; A stampede in Mecca, where millions of pilgrims (Jupiter) gather each year, caused 362 deaths (Scorpio); A ferry in Egypt sank and more than 1000 people died. Israel attacked Gaza. An earthquake of more than 6. 5 in Java, left more than 5600 dead. The fury of Nature that we often associate with Jupiter is unleashed on us and within a few weeks of this entry, just after the total eclipse of the sun, we have seen three giant hurricanes in the Caribbean and the worst monsoons in India in a long time, as well as the earthquakes in Mexico. Without the intention of being fatalistic, Jupiter, the mighty giant, Zeus in Greek mythology, God of Gods, with his thunder in hand, in the sign of Scorpio brings us transformation, but also death. We must not forget that in other cycles of Jupiter in this sign we had the First Balkan War (1912-13) and the Rwandan Genocide (1994).

For those born in those years, who are now about 11-12 years old, they are living their first Jupiter return, beginning secondary education, a major change at the hormonal and social level. For those who were born between Nov 1994 to OCT 1995, this is their second return from Jupiter, which coincides with the first steps to leave home or their dependency on parental support. For many it means to go to distant lands, to different cultures. For this group of people, like those born in 1982, the return of Jupiter, means the need to let go of patterns stipulated by others, in search of their own truths, in many cases there will be a compulsive need to join some heroic cause, like standing for the rights of Immigrants, or the sexually abused, for example. Expeditions to save extinct species are also a possibility as are trips to the bottom of the sea.

The warlike rhetoric we have had between North Korea and the Us as well as in several other countries can become more intense and violent, since in the transit of Jupiter through Libra which concludes now, diplomatic intentions did not achieve the desired effects of peace.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10, at 13.30 GMT, practically hand in hand with Mercury, forming an exact conjunction between these two, on the 17-18. What will surely mark the introducing in the market of more electronic devices, that improve our communication, like for example the new IPhone. There will be an alignment with Venus on November 12 and 13 which should inspire us to express love in a more generous and expansive way, but it can also drives us to  excessive extravagance with money. So be careful.  It will form its first trine with Neptune, on December 2, the most important aspect that will make in its journey through Scorpio through out 2018. It will do it again on May 25-26 and August 19, 2018. This is a contact that brings us all the possibility to look at what is possible in our lives and give us a little momentum to make our dreams come true. It will make us understand that the force is in the Union and not in the division. But above all, it will give us the possibility to understand that our divine nature is what separates us from evil and destruction, and that we must nourish and care for it by listening to it and acting in accordance with the messages we receive from it. God lives in us and not outside and often walks next to Lucifer, to make sure that he is not running wild, to be able to control him better. That is the message of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Of course Scorpio will be the favorite sign of the next 12 months, because you’ll have the opportunity to expand your horizons in an extraordinary way. New projects have the possibility to take you to unexpected places, with doors opening everywhere. Be encouraged to dream and although you must fight to keep your feet on the ground, now is the time to fly and trust your destiny and in what life brings you at this time.

For the other two Water signs: Cancer and Pisces, this is also the time to harvest all that you have been sowing in the last 12 years. You may improve your finances, with great personal achievements and recognition of the efforts made. Do not let negativity blind you to opportunities. Virgo and Capricorn also have the possibility to expand their horizons, initiating new projects that can lead you to progress and learning a lot.

Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, the other fixed signs of the zodiac,  will have to be careful with the exorbitant optimism and the cravings of power and keep your eyes fixed in reality, although the benefits of Jupiter will also be felt, although the slightly more obsessive part of Scorpio can express itself here. Time to remember that we cannot force others to think like us or make them do what we want, against their will. Not for long anyway.  Nor can we make anyone fall in love with us if it doesn’t happen naturally. Time to recognize your darkest emotions, accept them, honor them, and although you may not like that side of you, they are also part of who you are.


For Aries The emphasis will be on finances and especially in financial dependencies. Time to get rid of debts and especially be very careful not to make plans with money that you do not have. Inheritance and profiting through relationships with partners are possible, and with that the painful lesson of what it means to depend financially of others. Time to search the depths of your psyche for ancestral residues of emotional and financial dependency.

Taurus with Jupiter going through your house of relationships, this is a moment, to free yourself from oppressive relations but at the same time it is also a great opportunity to repair old resentments, letting go of tensions and looking at affections from a much more philosophical and true standpoint. New relationships with foreigners are possible or the need to connect with other cultures.

Gemini, this is the time to launch yourself to the search for work that allows you to travel, to know other territories, other mentalities and philosophies, different from yours. Expand your horizons. Go in search for what you’ve always wanted to do and did not find the time to do. Your health becomes more of an issue now, and you will feel the need to look after yourself more than ever, possibly with a new more natural and ecological diet that will change your life.

Cancer This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for,  to unleash your creativity. Time to let go of situations and people, that impede your actions. This is a very creative influence, do not miss it. Jupiter will form a trine (120º) to Neptune in Pisces through out this next 12 months, which could be a unique moment of creativity and self-expression. Say goodbye to what prevents you from freely being you and throw yourself to the adventure of Being.

Leo This is time to expand your horizons and change places if that’s what you want. Jupiter gives you a chance to make things better at home. There may suddenly be more space in your home and you need to redecorate or modify it so you can feel better in it. But it is also possible that fate will take you to other places where you can express yourself better. Are you where you want to be? you’ll find out.

Virgo something drives you to move more this year, and look for other mental horizons, perhaps studying what you always wanted to do and had not had time or money to do. The possibility of finding a way to express yourself in ways unimaginable till now. Search within your mind, you’ll find it. The relationship with brothers and sisters get a chance to improve and it is even possible to carry out projects together.

Libra now is the time to benefit financially from all those projects that started this year, when Jupiter crossed your sign, where it will stay, until next month. Now comes the chance to win a little more even if it means moving around more than normal. It will bring new offers to propel you into new territories, which will help you value yourself like never before.

Scorpio has finally arrived your year and all those efforts of the previous years will receive their reward. If you haven’t been working towards a goal, this is the time to do it and start a new phase of your life, with your dreams as a goal. This year you will understand that everything is possible, if we put love and real effort into it. Take to the adventure and have faith. The Muses benefit you in the next 13 months.

Sagittarius your natural ruler, Jupiter, enters the sign of the darkness of the psyche. Time to delve into the depths of your being and find out what really prevent you from doing what you want or disturb you from within, what keeps you from being everything you can be and accomplishing everything you can achieve. Time to let go of conditioning and ancestral voices that stop you. Spend time alone to find yourself and remember to listen to your own voice.

Capricorn Although you continue with the changes and transformations, this entry of Jupiter in Scorpio, brings the opportunity to work with others towards a social and communitarian commitment. Group work is where the most important lessons of this coming year will be. Search among your friends who want to share with you an adventure that will enrich everyone.

Aquarius this coming year professional opportunities will be on the agenda. Let yourself be carried away by new proposals. If you have been working on  a project you will see the reward, but this is the time to open up to new adventures that allow you to dream and reach goals that you only secretly posed. Work commitments in other countries are also possible. Take off and fly, but always with your feet firm on the ground.

Pisces has finally come your time to be rewarded for your efforts of the past. The opportunities will be around you, don’t let them escape. The world is your stage and you can visit it if you let your most adventurous side guide you. At the end of the day this is the only life you have and you have to make it, the best adventure ever lived. If you can not or do not want to do it physically, you can do it mentally, studying a topic that has always interested you and you did not find time to do. Open your mind to new possibilities.