THE FIRST JUPITER-PLUTO SQUARE!!!!! (of 3 from now till August 2017)

We are already in the first of 3 squares (90º) between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, the second will be March 30, 2017 and the third August 4, 2017, period which coincides with the 8 months that Neptune is in direct motion, from now until June 2017.

This aspect between Jupiter and Pluto in these signs does not occur since 1934, it coincides historically with the rise of Nazism in Europe, with Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain. Just like after the Great Depression in 1929 y la crisis del 2008, we area under similar astrological aspects such as the waning Uranus-Pluto square, at 5º orb at the moment, but also, a similar political situation. In 1929, Uranus in Aries (like now) Pluto in Cancer (now in its opposite sign of Capricorn) were forming the same square, with Saturn, now in Sagittarius like then,  moving into Capricorn, opposing Pluto in Cancer. These two will form a conjunction in the last degrees of Cap as from 2020. At that point we saw the rise of the right, all over Europe, almost with the same nationalistic loud voice as those of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage (who defended and promoted Brexit).

Now, after the economic crisis that began in 2008, we are experiencing similar situation, except that we are not at the same evolutionary or social stages, as then.

Today we have a much more informed youth, who handle the media as we didn’t do before, we all understand we have a voice over public matters and we can use it, as it has happened in the Arab spring, or as is happening now in the streets of South Korea, with young people demanding that Par Gun-hye, their president, resigns. Something unseen or unheard of in that country in early 20th Century.

Donald Trump, the president elect of the USA, has most of the media against him, yet, i wonder for how long. Pluto in Capricorn has been responsible for bringing down and out into the light the corruption of governments and the big fortunes. The more money you have, the less you pay taxes, it seems. Power and money give you that privilege.

Therefore, the working class and not only whites, miners and builders, but all the working class that is most of us, get a clear picture of what has been going on in the upper spheres.

Governments and big institutions and companies, like Movistar or Endesa in Spain, have our bank accounts and they charge us what they want. Everyone suffers this, not just those who voted for Trump, Brexit, Macri or Rajoy, etc.

Jupiter in Libra will make sure that we sit and speak cordially, as we saw Trump and Obama do, to try and solve our present predicaments, but the reality boiling underneath (Pluto) is something completely different.

This tension we are all under, politically, is also happening at an individual level. The Pluto influence is psychological, it turns us inside and makes us uncomfortable. It pushes buttons in our psyche that we would much rather left untouched. It present us with what needs to be changed and how we resist the imminent change. If confronts us with the least desirable aspects of our nature and we must find a way to admit to it and work on it.

Jupiter, on the contrary is something much more social, he suggests we have to accept the facts or the rules of the game, because we do not live alone on this planet and there is something called “compromise”, which includes, listening to each other.

This square is also affected by the fact that Jupiter will oppose Uranus on the 26th of December, so the need for “freedom” seems to be eloquent.

On November 23-24 when the Jupiter-Pluto square was exact for the first time, Venus, still in Capricorn, aligned with Pluto, and we take conscience of the fact that we must let go of certain things and/or people, that make us unhappy, to rescue our emotional independence. Consider these small everyday power struggles that corrode our relationships with partners, children, co-workers. The feeling, the temptation of growing towards separation can be powerful, perhaps in assumption that when a relationship fulfils its function, tends to come to an end. If what we really wanted were children, after we have them, then there is danger of looking at the partner and feel: “so, now, what?, if what we really want is a partner for life, then we must work on it and stop dreaming of a better posible option sometime in the future, and get real and deal with our humanity and that of our partner. Therefore, on a personal level, many relationships especially those of the cardinal signs are being subjected to scrutiny, which forces us to look at our partner in a more honest way and from a less neurotic point, typically full of unrealistic expectations and negative criticism. From December 7, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius, what will offer us the opportunity to rescue the friendship, not only with our friends but with our partner too. Cross-cultural relationships could be difficult to handle. The greatest danger lies in our cultural and family conditioning that makes us forget we are the only human race on this planet and that we must learn to get on, honouring our differences which only enrich us all.

Finding solutions to our problems taking into consideration other people’s point of view, our obligation with Jupiter in Libra, the positive aspect as always is the awareness of the circumstances from a more detached perspective and the acceptance of change.

If you feel like sharing how this square is affecting your life, you can do that here.

Thank you

URANUS RETROGRADE, July 30 til December 29, 2016

URANUS has started its motion RETROGRADE yesterday which will be until it stations direct again on 29 December 2016 – half year of retrograde for this extraordinary planet, whose energies describe our need for freedom and independence, our fight against what is established, our need to be part of herd but at the same time feel out of it. Uranus is what gives us the “Aha”! moments as well as the ideas that  will help us change our life or when suddenly, for example in therapy, in a moment we see with clarity the knot of our dilemma and we actually go: “Ohh”. That kind of intermittent energy which drives us to bring about change or get rid of self-imposed habits created by our family or our culture, as well as the self-secured chains for security, that is URANUS. In transit, Uranus moves about 5 ° per year and half year pulls back in retrograde. This awakens the need for freedom in our lives, and helps us see where we feel bound or paralyzed. It energizes the need to move towards a less regulated future with more freedom of action. If you have planets between 20 degrees and 24 degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) they will be described what it is, you must work on and release. If for example you have Venus in any of these signs and degrees, then something in your relationship will need to be revised in order to find more space and let some fresh air in. It is possible that the habits are withering the relationship and a new approach is needed. If we insist on keeping things as they are, then the power of Uranus is felt, and unexpected events that stagger all the psychic structure may occur. We can do what we want but we cannot ignore a God. The power of this God was felt when he entered Aries, for the first time in 84 years, (therefore most of us have’t lived its last transit for this sign), March 12, 2011 and we had the explosion of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan. Uranus in Aries! This was followed by the Arab spring and the beginning of the war in Syria. Of course that Uranus was already forming square to Pluto in Capricorn, which I’ve written extensively about on this same blog, and which remains in orb of 8 °, therefore still alive.

If your planets between the 20th and the 25th are Leo or Sagittarius, the release can take place in a more natural way, like for example it could be your retirement, or reaching an agreement with your boss or partner that the two need more freedom. It may be that you finish your studies, or take a conscious decision to have fewer responsibilities in your work. But above all, the retrograde  of Uranus, will toe areas of our lives that need to get rid of external impositions and is an inspiration for all  research work, scientific projects, group work, etc.

Search inside yourself and recognize what part of you, is in “Stand-by”, that part of your psyche that is crying out to be heard and expressed. The nest of emotional security is very nice, until it  Uranus comes and it shows us all what we’re sacrificing for it. So is Uranus the enemy of personal relationships?. Not so, if we keep our individuality and our interior space and time for ourselves. Uranus reminds us that as much as being in a relationship is essential, for many things, developing  and living our own destiny is more. It is possible to do both but much consciousness is necessary to achieve it.

For when Uranus stationslive the last week of this year, it will in opposition to Jupiter in Libra, when everything i have said with regard to relations will be even more relevant and with a Saturn trine, which can bring wishes to find how to solve things in a more diplomatic manner and where scientific advances will be made known, for example: the solution to the Zika virus that was just found in Florida and it has prevented the Olympics in Brazil, from being as fantastic as they could have been.

The last time these two planets were opposed was a brief  encounter in August 2003, in the signs of Virgo and Pisces and we saw as Latvia and Estonia joined the UE, and the civil war in Liberia came to an end. Could the same thing happen in Siria?

Saturn in Sagittarius – 2015-2017

titanomachyThree days ago, on 23 December, Saturn has left the sign of Scorpio, which has been going since 6 October 2012. Saturn, the Great Malefic, as  traditional astrologer used to call him, Chronos, the God of Time in Roman mythology, resonates with the Archetypes of  structure,  matter, restriction, limitations, the time limit of the human experience in every incarnation,  discipline, the reality of time and space, institutions, obligations. Transiting the eighth sign of the Zodiac that leads us to the experience of the power that lies in the depths of our psyche, our most secret desires, sexuality, our  most forgotten and ignored themes, our unconscious pattern and pathologies arising from them, other people’s money and possessions. During these past three years, we have discovered even more scams from our leaders, the sexual attitudes of many who, from their position of power, imposed in many children and women, some 30 and 40 years ago. Many ended up in prison and even those who are already dead as Jimmy Savile, English TV presenter, saw his reputation shattered before the evidence of his actions of the past. Even the beloved Bill Cosby who delighted us with his humor and  a comedy of a middle-class African-American family now is under prosecution for repeated violations, with many women who finally had the courage to put him and  themselves in evidence in order to find justice and perhaps some compensation. This process, however uncomfortable, leads us to revise those corners of our psyche where we keep feelings that we find difficult to deal with, but where the source of our power and creativity lie.

 Now, since 5 days ago and until June 17, 2015Saturn has entered Sagittarius, something that hasn’t done since nearly 30 years ago, in 1985-87If you were alive in those years, what was going on in your life then? On 17 JuneSaturn will dep back into the last degrees of Scorpio, as if to complete this stage of affairs we have experiencing for the past 3 years, until 17 September 2015, when it returns to Sagittarius, this time to stay until December 19, 2017. It will station retrograde on March 14, the same day  the Urano-Pluto square finally make their last exact contact at about 15 ° of Aries-Capricornio respectively. Thus begins a period that in some way we are already experiencing in a way, as we are seeing in what happens in Argentina, with the judges ( Saturn in Sagittarius), who are investigating the President and his children, for illegal enrichment, and in the United States, with what happened in Ferguson and New York, where judges have acquitted  white police officers of  murder for abuse of power or fear, when they killed unarmed African American youth, something  it has happened many times in the past, but that now inspire a popular reaction, as if something inside thecollective says: “ok enough is enough!”.

 Sagittarius introduces us to philosophy, higher education, young people, the judicial system, long distance trips, distant cultures, the search for the truth above all, Nature, our ideals, the pursuit of what we call God, not to join it or be part of, as it happens in PISCES, through Neptune, but to know it and understand it and expand our minds to something bigger than our everyday experience. Ruled by Jupiter, as well as PISCES, the largest planet in our solar system, is the experience of everything mentioned above and with the subsequent discovery of Saturn who comes to put some limits to that expansionJupiter takes us out of the neighborhood, to look in other realms, in other cultures, a different human  experience, to enrich us with its diversity.

 Saturn entering this sign, will confront us with all the irregularities in these fieldsand we will be encouraged to deal with situations that aren’t working propperly within the sectors mentioned. Aviation will be affected, and investigations intothe recent air disasters, will  produce some kind of results, at least,with the airlines having to takeresponsibility for their mistakes and wrong decisions, as is the case with theMA17 flight, that was shot down across Ukraine from the Malaysia Airlines and theprevious disappearance of another flight of the same company, the now famous MA370. As i am translating this piece, an Airasia jet has gone missing in Indonesia, yet again.  Saturn brings results so it is possible that the mystery of these disappearances will bring some kind of results.

During this journey through the sign of the Centaur, Saturn, as it nears a May-June  will be approaching the square to Neptune. These two great Gods  of Greek Mythology who look like enemies in many respects, since Neptune reign in the realm of the ineffable and no form contrasts with the Saturnian world of  matter and form, and Saturn is not comfortable in the realm of Neptune, and  insists on putting order and give shape to something that must remain Ethereal and formless. Liz Greene says of this pair: “in the meeting betweenSaturn and Neptune lies one of the most fundamental conflicts of life, form and formlessness collide to create the magnificent gift of the vision of incarnation or the rejection of being psychologically born.”

But we also confronted with the reality that despite the fact that Neptune tells us that all we are ONE, is also true we all have different path and truths  to find and live, indispensable to complete the human experience and we must respect the fact that others have different philosophies of life and values to develop.  ISIS and our fight against Muslim fundamentalism is another theme that Saturn in Sagittarius is putting on our plate. Both Isis and the rest of us,  must learn to accept and respect  other people’s ideals. Fundamentalists cannot continue thinking that Western ideals are malignant, or Westerners must do  the same about Muslims. We will have to find a middle pointwhere we can learn to live with true commitment and respect for the other.

Finding your inner truth and the respect of others is one of the lessons of this passage of Saturn in the sign Sagittarius.

For those born with the conjunction of these two planets in Libra in the years1951-53they will have a great opportunity to understand the dilemma Neptuno-Saturno and the tension caused by this square in their lives, perhaps find a way as individual or give birth to a creative project, or a part of their being, dwelling  in the waters of the unconscious, without the possibility of emerging to consciousness until Now.

On the subject of relationships, the ability to differentiate between the “falling in love” and the true relationship, between the illusion of  the union with the goddess or God through another human being and the daily, patient work with each other, to build an authentic relationships based on the acceptance of each other in all their human dimensions.

In the second part of this article, I will expand more on the different aspects that Saturn will make in its journey through Sagittarius and how it will affect the different signs. For now, the fire signs, Leo and Aries, begin an extraordinary period of construction of a new way of organizing their lives, their finances and their profession, and for the mutable signs on the other hand: Gemminis, Virgo and Pisces, and of course, Sagittarius, will begin a period of 3 years  of much personal growth, with opportunities to correct  past decisions that were probably taking without thinking of the full consequence of it and also restructure an aspect of their lives that will take them to grow both personally and professionally. Time to build, restructure and perhaps take care of others, sometimes against our own willEven so, the learning will be deep and enriching for everyone.