We’ve begun this month, with the certainty that Jupiter is already well established in Scorpio, with the amount of sexual predators exposed by the media: Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, etc. The last time Jupiter visited this sign, was from the last days of October 2005, for a whole year. Do you remember what was going on in your life at that time?

Water signs will feel the benefit of this  transit more than anyone else, although the other fixed signs will also feel that the optimism and the amount of opportunities that are there for the one who sees them, recognises them and grab them. Jupiter whispers in our ears: “Now you can!” “This is the moment you were waiting for” and many times it is. Think about what happened 11-12 years ago in your life, if you’re old enough to remember it. It usually means a major move to other lands, or sometimes a simple neighbourhood change. If your career or profession is already defined, you can add other dimensions to it, expand, progress, enrich, whatever you do. Voyages are in the equation of the Jupiter’s transits, because it is the energy of this planet and this archetype that impels us to leave the district, the town and go to the adventure of seeing what is beyond the confines of the known. The area of your life where this will manifest will be marked by where you find Scorpio in your chart, according to what house is transiting and what contacts makes to the rest of the planets. If Jupiter marks his own return in your chart, ie: if you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72 years old, etc, then this is even more remarkable.

Jupiter is closely connected with death and in Scorpio even more so. Death, as freedom from form, from incarnation. It governs those deaths where the individual seems to leave this world in peace and with consciousness, for example, after a long illness, or after much suffering. The great transformation.

Venus also enters Scorpio on the 7th, and will form a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter, the 12-13 and 14, meaning a great moment for the water signs, with emotions flying high and opportunities too. If you perform a creative activity this can be a period of great inspiration, especially because both planets will link in a few days,  a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Take advantage of these creative airs since they don’t happen every day.

If you were waiting for the right time to clarify misunderstandings and work on your relationship with others this is also the right time. With everything that happens in the world right now, the ideological divisions between compatriots and family members, this is an opportunity to look inward and reconsider whether the differences are really so great. I’m sure you’ll find that this is not the case, even if the external circumstances seem so.

Mars travels by Libra all this month, so the cardinal signs will be affected by this injection of energy, emanating from this red planet. The ranting and added stress are almost inevitable, unless you meditate a lot and know yourself deeply. Still, Mars in Libra does its best to find the peaceful commitment and under the circumstances in Catalonia, lets hope, that the two parties find a way to compromise and hopefully, to solutions, to the stressful situation.

The Eris-Uranus conjunction which I have written about in other articles in this blog, is also very relevant this month and connects us directly with that part of us that feels alienated, that aspect of our life that makes us feel that we do not belong to what surrounds us. This connection between these two planets is vital in what we are all experiencing this year personally and socially, with the ideological divisions that have led us to want to separate from something or someone. It is necessary to realise that what disturbs us in others has a lot to do with how I see it the situation, and with our personal inner struggles of duality.

A lot of self-awareness is needed to handle these energies. The square Chiron-Saturn, is exact this month, so its potency reminds us that it is possible to do something about our sense of imperfection and that it is possible to live in peace with that part of us that we will never love completely. The House in the birthchart where Chiron is located tells us what it is that we have problems in recognising and accepting of ourselves, to be able to enter into a dialogue with it, to begin the process of acceptance. This square that we have been living under, all this year, with the added influence of Pholus, that travels hand in hand with Saturn in Sagittarius, also reminds us that in order to free ourselves from what that we are ashamed of, we need to accept it first. Another aspect of this planetary combination is the realisation that our ideals are connected with the family and ancestral wound. We must also bring it to consciousness in order to liberate ourselves from it and its negative effect on our lives. The square of Chiron and Saturn was formed exactly on December 28, 2016, on April 30, 2017 and now on November 2, 2017 for the last time. In Greek mythology, Chiron is a centaur, son of Saturn, who had become a horse to seduce Phylira, and as a result, she gave birth to a creature, half man, half horse.

Saturn and Pholus in Sagittarius, also form the exact trine to Uranus on the 11th, and surely this will also help us to liberate ourselves from those inherited feelings that we have not asked to have in our lives and yet we must endure. The process is arduous and long but necessary. If you’re afraid it’s OK. Whenever we throw ourselves into the new and the unknown to let go of the past, we feel fear. It’s a natural human feeling. As Pema Chödrön said: “Fear is a natural reaction, when we are approaching the truth”



We begin this month, with the opposition Jupiter-Uranus in all its splendor, with Mercury just entered in Libra, and with Venus and Mars about to join the 18 degrees of Virgo, which will form a trine to Pluto. These are aspects that help us to re-connect with our need to participate and collaborate with the social order, to find in ourselves, that desire for power, that all humans have. Power in the animal world means having more food and protection, it means survival. The more power, the easier it is to find food and the less chance of being attacked by others, the more likely it is to survive. They are not necessarily negative feelings, and they are much more normal than we realise. The problem begins when we do not recognize the rights of others and see ourselves as kings of the jungle without being it, with the Truth in the pocket, without the elements to prove it. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition arrived at its last contact. The first was the 26th of December 20 2016, the second on March 2 of this year and the last time, on the 28 of September, so we are in the tail of this aspect that has been accompanying us since late last year. The houses activated by this opposition in our birthchart, will be where we live this unexpected cry of freedom and restructuring, based on new ideas and desire for renewal. If this affects, the natural houses of the signs in which it falls, which are Aries-lLibra, therefore, the 1st and the 7th houses, a new dimension will have entered into the personal, or social relations, a desire to affirm our individuality, leaving behind the identification with the other, as a form of emotional survival. It means leaving behind the sense of security provided by being in association with another.

At the global political level, this opposition has left us with Brexit, Trump, the exodus of the Rohinshas in Burma,  the Kurds and the Catalans Referendums, the crisis in Yemen, the rise of the ultra right in the German elections. As all oppositions, these movements are loaded with opposing ideas, and like all the opposite things, the two extremes are more linked together, than what is comfortable. These are not wars between countries but among the people of the same country. Movements that seem to be from the left, smell more like ultra right and vice versa. A deep self-analysis is necessary so that we can realize what we are supporting politically and especially understand how much we know about the subject and how much they have to do with old hatreds and resentments, lived by our ancestors which resist closure. This feeling of division and opposition in which we found ourselves, began with the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto  back in the 2011 and Jupiter from Aries which also squared Pluto in Capricorn. Really the beginning of the fall of the institutions that we had wrought after the two world wars. At the beginning of the thirties, when Uranus and Pluto also formed a square, with Uranus in Aries as it is now, but Pluto in Cancer, the ultra right also rose across Europe, with the results we all know. Back to the same thing? Are these movements of today are hangover of what happened in the 1930s? My question is: why do we continue to impregnate our young people with grudges for issues that happened to their grandparents? what is that incredibly powerful force of dealing with what we call Karma, that we don’t seem to be able to stop, even with all our rationalising and technology?

The opposition Jupiter-Uranus, is shaking the existing relations and has brought NEW people to our lives, from other mentalities, other cultures, other idiosyncrasies, which produces an opening of mind, if we allow it, necessary for whoever has been limited by too strict and conservative precepts that only prevent us from looking into the future. It has brought the immigrant crisis and instead of organizing ourselves to accept the fact that we are already more mixed than ever and that we can no longer return to Germany only from the Germans, nor France only of the French, nor an England only of Englishmen , to seek new ways of living with one another, in an open and orderly way, being aware of the benefit that this brings, instead of concentrating only on the fact that alters our daily life and our customs. Aries-Libra, that’s what it’s all about. Me and you. How do we live in this beautiful little planet in order and peace, benefitting from our differences and diversity?

This aspect cries out: “Renovation”, wherever it is, and that is what is happening in the world and in our private lives. Something old is collapsing and we must open our minds to the new, looking for ways to operate within this new Order. Jupiter finally enters Scorpio on the 11th, Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th, Venus and Mars in Libra on 14 and 23, respectively. We will continue with the intention of solving our problems diplomatically, but it won’t be easy.

The first two weeks of this month, will be very active in internal questioning, since Lilith, the Black Moon aligns with Pholus that is marching in line with the Galactic Center, this can be quite a bombastic combination, since the two archetypes connect us with old grudges, seeking expression, and will be exacerbated by the opposition Jupiter-Uranus seeking the freeing  of values imposed by  the status quo. Fortunately, every once in a while the planets form angles, “aspects” as we astrologers call them, that direct us towards Renovation, towards Evolution. Being the command of the Gods, we, mere mortals can only create the action plans to function under those mandates in the best possible way and that requires true creativity, but what we can never do, is to stop Evolution.

JUPITER IN SCORPIO for all of us. Oct 10, 2017 till November 9th, 2018

In the last month of Jupiter in Libra, we prepare for the entry of the giant of our solar system, to the sign of Scorpio, which has not visited for the past 12 years; Scorpio is the second Water sign of our zodiac and considered Realm of the Great Below, as it is ruled by Pluto-Hades, the absolute God of the Underworld. It corresponds to the House 8 of the Astral chart, land of the occult, of the  dark lands of sexuality, of the shared possessions or better said, other people’s money, of death. This is where we confront our most hidden desires and fears, especially those emotions inherited through the familiar and ancestral secrets. Both financial and emotional inheritances are part of this terrain of experience. Extreme emotions, overflowing, not easy to handle. The underground land where our inner power is hidden , that we seldom know in the first half of life-

This will be, not only an extreme, but difficult to handle combination, as powerful emotions will be awaken, with ideals that may get out of control in power struggles that want to win, over those who think differently. The inner search for truth, that which elevates us (Jupiter) moving through the Underworld, with its darkness and secrets, with its surprises and power. Jupiter is not particularly comfortable in the sign of Scorpio, but it impels us to dig deeply into hidden truths, intrigued by the mystery of life and of that, we call God. The adventurer delves  into the darkness of the sea, to search into unknown terrain, in his obsessive need to find the Truth. This is a journey to the depths of the soul, to meet our inner Gods and Demons, to understand where our faith lies.

No doubt Jupiter will cast light on secret issues, considering that Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is in Capricorn, so more government secrets are going to be leaked to the news, and we will continue on the path to discovering the corruption of politicians and government agencies worldwide. More cases of sexual abuse and sexual slavery will fill the courts and we’ll have more religious figures and other people in power brought to trial. Somehow, everything institutional, seems to be falling apart with the passage of Pluto through Capricorn, but as if that wasn’t enough, from December 20th, Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, Lord of Boundaries, the archetype of order, form, in our lives, will enter its own sign, for the first time in 29 years, and it will join Pluto by conjunction in Capricorn in 2020. I’ll write about this later. Only anticipate that our institutions continue to suffer and something in the collective demands a change of Order, to be able to enter a new evolutionary stage, more in contact with the the original laws of Nature, with the feminine, with the Natural Order.

The last time Jupiter visited Scorpio was: October 2005 to November 2006. Do you remember what was going on in your life at that time? In that year, Nasa sent the spacecraft New Horizon (Jupiter) to Pluto, which arrived 9 years later, in 2015, sending pictures of the binary system never seen before; another Nasa spacecraft, entered the orbit on Mars (the other Scorpio ruler) sending photos of the planet; A stampede in Mecca, where millions of pilgrims (Jupiter) gather each year, caused 362 deaths (Scorpio); A ferry in Egypt sank and more than 1000 people died. Israel attacked Gaza. An earthquake of more than 6. 5 in Java, left more than 5600 dead. The fury of Nature that we often associate with Jupiter is unleashed on us and within a few weeks of this entry, just after the total eclipse of the sun, we have seen three giant hurricanes in the Caribbean and the worst monsoons in India in a long time, as well as the earthquakes in Mexico. Without the intention of being fatalistic, Jupiter, the mighty giant, Zeus in Greek mythology, God of Gods, with his thunder in hand, in the sign of Scorpio brings us transformation, but also death. We must not forget that in other cycles of Jupiter in this sign we had the First Balkan War (1912-13) and the Rwandan Genocide (1994).

For those born in those years, who are now about 11-12 years old, they are living their first Jupiter return, beginning secondary education, a major change at the hormonal and social level. For those who were born between Nov 1994 to OCT 1995, this is their second return from Jupiter, which coincides with the first steps to leave home or their dependency on parental support. For many it means to go to distant lands, to different cultures. For this group of people, like those born in 1982, the return of Jupiter, means the need to let go of patterns stipulated by others, in search of their own truths, in many cases there will be a compulsive need to join some heroic cause, like standing for the rights of Immigrants, or the sexually abused, for example. Expeditions to save extinct species are also a possibility as are trips to the bottom of the sea.

The warlike rhetoric we have had between North Korea and the Us as well as in several other countries can become more intense and violent, since in the transit of Jupiter through Libra which concludes now, diplomatic intentions did not achieve the desired effects of peace.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10, at 13.30 GMT, practically hand in hand with Mercury, forming an exact conjunction between these two, on the 17-18. What will surely mark the introducing in the market of more electronic devices, that improve our communication, like for example the new IPhone. There will be an alignment with Venus on November 12 and 13 which should inspire us to express love in a more generous and expansive way, but it can also drives us to  excessive extravagance with money. So be careful.  It will form its first trine with Neptune, on December 2, the most important aspect that will make in its journey through Scorpio through out 2018. It will do it again on May 25-26 and August 19, 2018. This is a contact that brings us all the possibility to look at what is possible in our lives and give us a little momentum to make our dreams come true. It will make us understand that the force is in the Union and not in the division. But above all, it will give us the possibility to understand that our divine nature is what separates us from evil and destruction, and that we must nourish and care for it by listening to it and acting in accordance with the messages we receive from it. God lives in us and not outside and often walks next to Lucifer, to make sure that he is not running wild, to be able to control him better. That is the message of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Of course Scorpio will be the favorite sign of the next 12 months, because you’ll have the opportunity to expand your horizons in an extraordinary way. New projects have the possibility to take you to unexpected places, with doors opening everywhere. Be encouraged to dream and although you must fight to keep your feet on the ground, now is the time to fly and trust your destiny and in what life brings you at this time.

For the other two Water signs: Cancer and Pisces, this is also the time to harvest all that you have been sowing in the last 12 years. You may improve your finances, with great personal achievements and recognition of the efforts made. Do not let negativity blind you to opportunities. Virgo and Capricorn also have the possibility to expand their horizons, initiating new projects that can lead you to progress and learning a lot.

Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, the other fixed signs of the zodiac,  will have to be careful with the exorbitant optimism and the cravings of power and keep your eyes fixed in reality, although the benefits of Jupiter will also be felt, although the slightly more obsessive part of Scorpio can express itself here. Time to remember that we cannot force others to think like us or make them do what we want, against their will. Not for long anyway.  Nor can we make anyone fall in love with us if it doesn’t happen naturally. Time to recognize your darkest emotions, accept them, honor them, and although you may not like that side of you, they are also part of who you are.


For Aries The emphasis will be on finances and especially in financial dependencies. Time to get rid of debts and especially be very careful not to make plans with money that you do not have. Inheritance and profiting through relationships with partners are possible, and with that the painful lesson of what it means to depend financially of others. Time to search the depths of your psyche for ancestral residues of emotional and financial dependency.

Taurus with Jupiter going through your house of relationships, this is a moment, to free yourself from oppressive relations but at the same time it is also a great opportunity to repair old resentments, letting go of tensions and looking at affections from a much more philosophical and true standpoint. New relationships with foreigners are possible or the need to connect with other cultures.

Gemini, this is the time to launch yourself to the search for work that allows you to travel, to know other territories, other mentalities and philosophies, different from yours. Expand your horizons. Go in search for what you’ve always wanted to do and did not find the time to do. Your health becomes more of an issue now, and you will feel the need to look after yourself more than ever, possibly with a new more natural and ecological diet that will change your life.

Cancer This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for,  to unleash your creativity. Time to let go of situations and people, that impede your actions. This is a very creative influence, do not miss it. Jupiter will form a trine (120º) to Neptune in Pisces through out this next 12 months, which could be a unique moment of creativity and self-expression. Say goodbye to what prevents you from freely being you and throw yourself to the adventure of Being.

Leo This is time to expand your horizons and change places if that’s what you want. Jupiter gives you a chance to make things better at home. There may suddenly be more space in your home and you need to redecorate or modify it so you can feel better in it. But it is also possible that fate will take you to other places where you can express yourself better. Are you where you want to be? you’ll find out.

Virgo something drives you to move more this year, and look for other mental horizons, perhaps studying what you always wanted to do and had not had time or money to do. The possibility of finding a way to express yourself in ways unimaginable till now. Search within your mind, you’ll find it. The relationship with brothers and sisters get a chance to improve and it is even possible to carry out projects together.

Libra now is the time to benefit financially from all those projects that started this year, when Jupiter crossed your sign, where it will stay, until next month. Now comes the chance to win a little more even if it means moving around more than normal. It will bring new offers to propel you into new territories, which will help you value yourself like never before.

Scorpio has finally arrived your year and all those efforts of the previous years will receive their reward. If you haven’t been working towards a goal, this is the time to do it and start a new phase of your life, with your dreams as a goal. This year you will understand that everything is possible, if we put love and real effort into it. Take to the adventure and have faith. The Muses benefit you in the next 13 months.

Sagittarius your natural ruler, Jupiter, enters the sign of the darkness of the psyche. Time to delve into the depths of your being and find out what really prevent you from doing what you want or disturb you from within, what keeps you from being everything you can be and accomplishing everything you can achieve. Time to let go of conditioning and ancestral voices that stop you. Spend time alone to find yourself and remember to listen to your own voice.

Capricorn Although you continue with the changes and transformations, this entry of Jupiter in Scorpio, brings the opportunity to work with others towards a social and communitarian commitment. Group work is where the most important lessons of this coming year will be. Search among your friends who want to share with you an adventure that will enrich everyone.

Aquarius this coming year professional opportunities will be on the agenda. Let yourself be carried away by new proposals. If you have been working on  a project you will see the reward, but this is the time to open up to new adventures that allow you to dream and reach goals that you only secretly posed. Work commitments in other countries are also possible. Take off and fly, but always with your feet firm on the ground.

Pisces has finally come your time to be rewarded for your efforts of the past. The opportunities will be around you, don’t let them escape. The world is your stage and you can visit it if you let your most adventurous side guide you. At the end of the day this is the only life you have and you have to make it, the best adventure ever lived. If you can not or do not want to do it physically, you can do it mentally, studying a topic that has always interested you and you did not find time to do. Open your mind to new possibilities.

VENUS RETROGRADE -March 4th till 15th, 2017

Venus makes its retrograde phase every18-19 months, or every year and a half, for some six weeks, or 42 days. This time, it stations Retrograde on March 4 at 13 ° Aries 09′ until April 15 to 26 ° PISCES 55′. It visited the  27º of PISCES on January 30, when it officially began its period of pre-sombra, i.e. the degree it will reverse to before it actually stations direct.

As with all the retrograde of the planets, it begins a period of introspection, of re-evaluation in our lives, and being the goddess of Beauty and Love, the look inward, has to do with our relationships, not only to other people, but also to things and money.  Love, is the main theme, but it would be better to describe it as the energy that flows in our personal relationships. Our values, another very important point of this archetype, what really matters in our lives, from the depths of the soul, beyond cultural and/or family values. The ability to sustain our lives, through our talents is another Venus issue, our creativity and our ability to generate money. Our concept of beauty, our capacity to love, seduction and survival. All of these are under the umbrella of Afrodite-Venus.

In Astrology, Venus is the ruler of two signs, Taurus and Libra, in the same manner that Afrodite had more than one important relationship in her main story. One with Ares or Mars, her eternal lover and one with her husband, Hephaestus or Vulcan. Two different expressions of personal relationships, one that has to do with the 5th House and the other with the 7th House . I.e. one, romantic love or the act of falling in love (5th house), and the other, the operation of the daily reality of the couple (Libra, 7th house).

An episode of the life of Aphrodite (Venus), comes to mind and although she had many “affairs”, only two very defined relationships, are the most important: Its eternal romance with Ares (MARS), who was her lover, and with whom she had children: Harmony (the uniter) and Eros (Cupid), and her relationship with Hephaestus, her husband, who despite being a very artistic blacksmith, was a rather ugly and a deformed dwarf, son of Hera-Juno. Other sons of Aphrodite and Ares were Phobos (fear- phobia) and Deimos (Terror). Aphrodite was never in love with Hephaestus, but by divine order remains married to him, while she cultivated her love for Ares through countless furtive meetings without the knowledge of her husband, who often travelled the fields of war, repairing swords and shields of soldiers. But Helios (the Sun) the “great seer”, knew of Ares clandestine visits to the bed of Aphrodite, and decided to reveal it to Hephaestus, who plot a plan to catch them in the act. Pretending to leave home, he proceeded to weave a net of gold so thin, that was invisible but very tough. Said goodbye to his wife one night and instead of actually going to work  he hid himself in the Palace where they lived, quietly waiting for his wife’s lover to arrive. He patiently waited in the shadows for the lovers to go to bed and when he had the opportunity, threw the invisible net over the two lovers and trapped them onto the bed. When Helios began to illuminate the room, Vulcan called all the gods to show them his wife’s shame and deceit, alleging that she humiliated him because of his deformities. The gods laughed at the ability of Vulcan to catch them in the Act of love. Since Hephaestus was the son of Hera, wife of Zeus, the latter had to take action and decided to punish the lovers. He convinced the divine blacksmith that to  free them, arguing that they would take care of the punishment, but being  Ares, Zeus’ own son, he let him escape and Aphrodite was carried to the Holy waters which returned her virginity and turn her once more in the absolute goddess that she was. The reality was that most gods would have loved to have been trapped in bed with the goddess of Beauty, since she is irresistible. Why did I think of this story? It is about the pains and shame of being unfaithful, and the inevitability of falling in love. All part of that affair, we call Love.

What has all of this to do with our daily lives? The retrograde of Venus is a time to reflect on our need to relate. What type of relationship do we really need? Obviously, depending on our age, the answer will be different. But when we speak of relationships does not necessarily mean finding a lover or a husband/wife. A wide range or variety of these two aspects of love, are common. The question here, should be, what do we expect from each other? What do we need from our partner? Do I want a family? Do I want a partner? Do I want an adventure? Part of me, needs the relationship with another to be able to feel complete? Can I live without a relationship? All of  these questions will be more eloquent during this retrograde of the goddess of Love. Wherever we are with relationships, will be confronted with these questions and. Something is bringing our attention to our social, creative and emotional situation. The realisation that feeling Love, is no restricted to the feelings to our emotional partner, is another aspect of Venus. To feel beautiful, loved, valued, accepted, creative, need not be a romantic experience,  it rather is an internal process, that has to do with our ability to Love ourselves, and Life itself.

The retrograde may also bring memories of past relationships when we learned important lessons that helped us evolve as human beings, or those that need to conclude properly, to have some proper closure. Our affections of the past, bring us memories back  of important turning points in our lives. It is common to dream with old loves and past relationships. Habits that gave us pleasure no longer inspire us. Material possessions suddenly lose their importance and we meditate on what is really important in our lives. If you are going through a separation or a divorce , perhaps you are deciding  what to take with you and what to leave behind. If you don’t have a partner, it is perhaps a good time to contemplate why. For men and women, the big question is: what is my value, if I don’t have anybody to value me? Do I need others to appreciate me for me to feel of any value? What happens if I lose the power of Venus and I no longer attract anyone? Is this the loss of my self-worth? how do I re-connect with my inner Venus? How do I find Beauty and Love within myself?

Venus, the absolute and indisputable Goddess of Love and Beauty, above all, it lives in Nature, in one evening, in a wonderful full moon, in a flower, in a poem, a song, a smile, under a starry sky, in a Sunrise beside the sea, in the mountains, the forests… Venus never dies and as most goddesses, is immortal. You can always summon her or invoke her and she will come to you and answer your call and your prayer.

JUPITER RETROGRADE – Today until June 10th.

Jupiter stations Retrograde! -February 6 until 10 of June 2017

In the extraordinary cosmic coincidences, defying all reason, Jupiter, the Supreme God of ‘our’ universe (solar system), by size and by relation to the name which carries, today begins its retrograde of the year, which usually lasts 4 months. Retrogradation begins when Jupiter is at 23 degrees of Libra in opposition to Uranus-Eris which are 21 ° and 23 ° of Aries respectively. An eloquent expression of this is the travel ban to the USA, imposed by D.Trump, which took place the day that Jupiter  exactly opposed Eris. Jupiter,( long journeys and the law), opposite Eris, the “the uninvited”. Two judges have suspended such an order, and the chaos at airports in this country is apotheosis. Now that Jupiter begins its retrograde, as with all the retrograde motion, begins a period of Re-vision, re-evaluation, and they must delve into the law to see who is right, if the Government or the Judges.

But what does it mean for all of us mere mortals, such apparent retrograde motion of this giant? As I already wrote before, here, the transit of this planet through the sign of Libra, speaks of our personal, family and cultural relationships. Retrogradation happens when this planet is in opposition to Uranus-Eris, opposition that took place for the first time on December 26 for 2016 and will happen on March 3 and lastly on 28 September of this year, a few days before Jupiter finally leaves Libra (for 12 years), to enter  Scorpio. This talks about the need to put a little space, some distance in our relationships to find a healthy compromise between the two partners. NO, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we must sever relationships, but that it would be wise to find some kind of compromise for best performance thereof, unless it means posponing our individual development.

Although it can be a period of difficulties in long distance travel, or in deciding on any financial transaction, or make major decisions about our personal relationships, the most important aspect of this cosmic movement is undoubtedly its effect at the ideological and spiritual level.

This is a time to make an internal RE-vision on our spiritual values, our beliefs, to find an internal source that enriches our soul and make us more aware that the external is important, but the alignment with the desires of the soul is so much more valuable. Personal financial or professional success means little if it isn’t in alignment, in tune with what the soul needs.

Issues described by the House where Jupiter is at this moment,  the House where the sign of Libra is situated in our birthchart, will be where we must reconsider our ideals , previously overlooked, or ignored in search of external conditions to meet  family or cultural expectations. The Re-discovery of faith, is one of the opportunities of this Retrograde. Re-directing the gaze inward, we can find an understanding of the real needs of our soul. Where and how do we feel “uninvited”?, why?, what do we do that keeps us from integration with what  surrounds us?  do we have the courage to engage in a dialogue and a commitment to the evolutionary intention of our soul or is it more comfortable to stay where we are, following patterns dictated by our family or our culture which prevent us from addapting ? The positive side of the conjunction Uranus-Eris, is not to keep waving our flag high, which does more than keep us apart than together, but just to let go of it, so we understand that once this liberation is achieved, can we be free to BE, because liberation comes from the depths of the soul. We all have more than one culture in our veins, everyone can feel integrated in more than one location, regardless of the flag- If we seek the similarities we’ll surely find them. That’s Jupiter.

2nd Summer and Winter Solstice !!!!! and the end of 2016!


So here we are on the second and last Solstice of the year 2016For the Northern Hemisphere, the onset of Winter and for the Southern Hemisphere, the beginning of the Summer.


We end up with “other killer truck” , this time in Germany, which has opened its doors to refugees from Syria and parts of Africa. Although it is not known who have perpetuated such action, we are all quick to assume that the murderer, because that is what it is, who was driving the truck, emerges from those that the country has let in or so we think.. In fact, we do not know it. One wonders what can haunt the mind of a young man, who surely is the perpetrator of such action, to get on a truck and embark on such killing mission. Vengeance? religious ideology?


Astrologically we do know that we are once again in the midst of a T-square in Cardinal signs, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra Uranus in Aries. (The previous  one was in 2010-2011, when the Arab Spring emerged). Completes the picture a Trine from Saturn to Uranus which is at the same time aligned with Eris and Ceres. It is strange that being Eris, the “uninvited one“, which caused the Trojan war, which ended with the destruction of that culture, after 10 years of conflict with the Greeks. It is hard to believe that despite having been “invited” into Germany, where they are taught German and given shelter, someone decides to perform such action for Christmas. But the theme of “feeling included”, “being part of”, “belonging to”, are all topics Cancerian, which is the leg that is missing in this T-squarePerhaps the theme of “patriotism”, that which makes us feel so proud of the  place where we have grown up and which gives such sense of identity, of belonging, to a country, a culture, a region, is what you should considerIf we could raise above the horizon and look at the map of the world, without political divisions, we would just see a beautiful planet, full of green and blue. Humans, before dividing us into cultures and Nations, are the only race that inhabits this planet, enriched by our particular cultures, which have much to do with Nature and the climate of the part of the world where we come from, long before flags, buildings and Nations. The world existed long before that we divided ourselves into Nations and they were forged with many wars and massive deaths. All to defend “our” way of life, our way of eating, work, celebrate. Everything that enriches us as a species, used to divide us, to kill and die for it.


As a reminder in 2001 when the Twin Towers were brutally brought down, Saturn in Gemini opposed Pluto inSagittarius. In the 2010-2011 Saturn in Libra was in square to Pluto in Capricornand in opposition to Uranus which was accompanied by Jupiter in Aries, and when, the sign of the leg of the great cross that was missing was Cancer, same as now . 2020 Saturn in Capricorn will form a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, initiating a new cycle of these two planets. The last time that these two formed a conjunction was in the 1980s in the sign of Libra, in 1982 to be more exact. So  the next conjunction in 2020  will form a square that conjunction of 1982, practically in the same 24 ° – 28 ° degrees. If you were alive, remember that you happened in your life then?. Those born in those years, when there was a large conglomeration of planets in Libra now have an opportunity to really change their lives and steer them towards places more in line with the wishes of their souls. The word Change that so terrifies many, means a new chance to reset. A new opportunity for the soul to be aligned with its desires and deepest needs.


Instead of celebrating our differences, we use  them as an excuse to kill each other. Religions which in theory should unite us, since the word religion comes from the latin verb “religare” which means, “unite”. So? how come  that we use religion to kill each other? We only have the excuse of survival. If we were all to live in the same places, where there are more natural resources, for example, then we would finish them faster, and as a result, we will end our killing ourselves for that reasonRecalling what happened in South and North America, where the indigenous population was virtually eliminated by the conquerors, or relegated to small territories, before the invaders had time to enrich themselves from the wisdom of the  culture of the people from that land, who were in special contact with the environment, with Nature. Thuswe have lost our ability to connect with everything that surrounds us, with nature, with the soul of animals, the souls of trees, rivers, as they did these tribes of the North and South of our planet. Shamanism  re-connects us  with everything that sorround  us, if we could only learn to listen and feel that we are part of everything around us and understand that if we hurt the tree or kill elephants for their ivory, we are only hurting ourselves.

We’re in 2016, but it seems that we do not find a solution to these issues that only lead us to kill each other and move us away from our wise nature, giving rein only to the inner Beast that is desperately and brainlessly seeking to survive.
Therefore I propose a profound meditation on this Solstice, the last of the year, to the re-union with “alma mundi”, with all that that unites us, with the magnificense of our planet, first of all,  with our differences, our beliefs, which only enrich us, because the only truth is that none of us on this planet,know what we are doing here,  where we are going and how much time we have left. In this precarious existence, we need to find meaning in our every day, and above all to live  with love and patience and respecting this mystery, that only makes us incessantly search for meaning, with different methods, techniques, and sciences, to be ableto give some kind of explanation to this that we call LifeNone of us have the Truth about the origin of life and the reason why we are here, in this extraordinary planet we call home. The only HOME we have. It is curious that defending our borders, the small regions that we call ‘our country’, we continue damaging the planet. We defend the neighborhood and destroy  our home. The more we keep disconnected from Nature and stay bonded to the inner beast, out of ignorance, less likely we are to  appreciate the beauty of this environment we are so lucky to live in and the privilege of being alive, even if, for an instant.
I take this opportunity  to wish you all those who take the time to share their experiences with me and read my astrological mussings  that I always approach with deep respect and love for this science, the study of which, has brought and brings so much spiritual wealth  into my life, the most sincere greetings for Christmas and the New Year, with faith that we will gradually reflect on our role in all this experience we call Life, in search of that which we call Home, in this Cancerian search for that  place, that for all of us IS the face of the Earth, and  IT IS precisely this planet, I mean, this wonderful planet, we all have the privilege of inhabiting.

THE FIRST JUPITER-PLUTO SQUARE!!!!! (of 3 from now till August 2017)

We are already in the first of 3 squares (90º) between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, the second will be March 30, 2017 and the third August 4, 2017, period which coincides with the 8 months that Neptune is in direct motion, from now until June 2017.

This aspect between Jupiter and Pluto in these signs does not occur since 1934, it coincides historically with the rise of Nazism in Europe, with Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain. Just like after the Great Depression in 1929 y la crisis del 2008, we area under similar astrological aspects such as the waning Uranus-Pluto square, at 5º orb at the moment, but also, a similar political situation. In 1929, Uranus in Aries (like now) Pluto in Cancer (now in its opposite sign of Capricorn) were forming the same square, with Saturn, now in Sagittarius like then,  moving into Capricorn, opposing Pluto in Cancer. These two will form a conjunction in the last degrees of Cap as from 2020. At that point we saw the rise of the right, all over Europe, almost with the same nationalistic loud voice as those of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage (who defended and promoted Brexit).

Now, after the economic crisis that began in 2008, we are experiencing similar situation, except that we are not at the same evolutionary or social stages, as then.

Today we have a much more informed youth, who handle the media as we didn’t do before, we all understand we have a voice over public matters and we can use it, as it has happened in the Arab spring, or as is happening now in the streets of South Korea, with young people demanding that Par Gun-hye, their president, resigns. Something unseen or unheard of in that country in early 20th Century.

Donald Trump, the president elect of the USA, has most of the media against him, yet, i wonder for how long. Pluto in Capricorn has been responsible for bringing down and out into the light the corruption of governments and the big fortunes. The more money you have, the less you pay taxes, it seems. Power and money give you that privilege.

Therefore, the working class and not only whites, miners and builders, but all the working class that is most of us, get a clear picture of what has been going on in the upper spheres.

Governments and big institutions and companies, like Movistar or Endesa in Spain, have our bank accounts and they charge us what they want. Everyone suffers this, not just those who voted for Trump, Brexit, Macri or Rajoy, etc.

Jupiter in Libra will make sure that we sit and speak cordially, as we saw Trump and Obama do, to try and solve our present predicaments, but the reality boiling underneath (Pluto) is something completely different.

This tension we are all under, politically, is also happening at an individual level. The Pluto influence is psychological, it turns us inside and makes us uncomfortable. It pushes buttons in our psyche that we would much rather left untouched. It present us with what needs to be changed and how we resist the imminent change. If confronts us with the least desirable aspects of our nature and we must find a way to admit to it and work on it.

Jupiter, on the contrary is something much more social, he suggests we have to accept the facts or the rules of the game, because we do not live alone on this planet and there is something called “compromise”, which includes, listening to each other.

This square is also affected by the fact that Jupiter will oppose Uranus on the 26th of December, so the need for “freedom” seems to be eloquent.

On November 23-24 when the Jupiter-Pluto square was exact for the first time, Venus, still in Capricorn, aligned with Pluto, and we take conscience of the fact that we must let go of certain things and/or people, that make us unhappy, to rescue our emotional independence. Consider these small everyday power struggles that corrode our relationships with partners, children, co-workers. The feeling, the temptation of growing towards separation can be powerful, perhaps in assumption that when a relationship fulfils its function, tends to come to an end. If what we really wanted were children, after we have them, then there is danger of looking at the partner and feel: “so, now, what?, if what we really want is a partner for life, then we must work on it and stop dreaming of a better posible option sometime in the future, and get real and deal with our humanity and that of our partner. Therefore, on a personal level, many relationships especially those of the cardinal signs are being subjected to scrutiny, which forces us to look at our partner in a more honest way and from a less neurotic point, typically full of unrealistic expectations and negative criticism. From December 7, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius, what will offer us the opportunity to rescue the friendship, not only with our friends but with our partner too. Cross-cultural relationships could be difficult to handle. The greatest danger lies in our cultural and family conditioning that makes us forget we are the only human race on this planet and that we must learn to get on, honouring our differences which only enrich us all.

Finding solutions to our problems taking into consideration other people’s point of view, our obligation with Jupiter in Libra, the positive aspect as always is the awareness of the circumstances from a more detached perspective and the acceptance of change.

If you feel like sharing how this square is affecting your life, you can do that here.

Thank you


Once again we have proof of how difficult it is the prediction game. Most American astrologers predicted the victory of Hillary Clinton, giving detailed information of why they thought so. However, if look at Donald Trump’s birthchart, we can see a progressed Sun, an aspect that occurs only once in lifetime, exactly in conjunction to the ascendant in Leo, which loudly speaks of one of the supreme opportunities in life, to express who one really is. And that he will do. For better or worse for the country. For better or worse of himself. The Sun will continue to move to Virgo the sign of service, and that he’ll have to do too.


But perhaps the most interesting thing in this chart, is to see that Donald Trump was born with Pholus, (the Centaur that speaks to us about the unseen forces in the collective, kept in a sealed jar), in opposition to his Venus-Saturn conjunction in house 11. And what is clear is that HE has really taken the lid off the pressure cooker of the country where racism, despair, the discontent, have been hidden, disguised in the fantasy of the “American dream” and Celebrity world. A Venus -Saturn conjunction, denotes a wounded self-esteem that in his case, he disguises, using the charisma and energy that emanates from his planets in Leo, by a continuous self- praise , as if that by magic, could turn off the voice, in his ear that says that he is not the hero of the family, but his father was. This aspect speaks of a critical parental voice which he surely endured as a  child and young man. Constant self-adulation works as a medicine that helps him balance his inner secret sense of inadequacy . Pholusin these past two years, by transit, has been opposing the solar position of Donald Trumpwith his Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini (The photo describes this beautifully) in the 10 House, of one’s profession, and what he has been doing is really, “taking the lead off the pressure cooker“, that contained fear, paranoia, racism, fear of losing one’s identity, which lurks in the psyche of many people. The same thing happened with the Brexit.

His progressed moon in his birthchart is traveling through the 11th House of communities and groups and that Mercury in Cancer and his nationalist and patriotic rhetoric has resonated strongly, with the masses. The sense of a paternal image that  solves everything  and protects them, worked beautifully in his favor. His cancerian voice, acting through his 11th house. 


But…, actually a great BUT, Trump will take the Government of the United States with Saturn by transit opposing his Sun-Uranus in the House 10, which is a good description of climbing to the top job, but that only marks the beginning of a period in his life that has not happened before, where all its most important planets will be touched by the Lord of Karma , Saturn, and actually, the phrase: “careful what you dream for, because it might come true will make more sense in his life than ever before. He will now know  what he has gotten involved in, because Saturn will play the rol of the System, which he will not be able to handle as easy as he managed the discontented masses of the country. His superficial and baseless rhetoric will now have to manifest itself and will be fun to watch as it manages to build the wall with Mexico and make them pay for it, as he promised, cancel the Nafta deal, block all Muslims from coming into the country, and all of those things which he based his rhetoric to get to where he finds himself now.


In 2020, when in theory they should be voting for his  re-election or not,  he will have Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn (the world will), for the only time in his life, opposing his Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer,  so it will be interesting to watch, if the  masses of people who have voted for him today, are still on his side, since it will be a time of reckoning.

JUNO IN SAGITTARIUS from today until February 2nd, 2017

JUNO IN SAGITTARIUS55040ac9e0e4d02971e2b520ca3f33d5
A belt of asteroids or small rocks dance between Mars and Jupiter, remnants of a planet that didn’t form or one that exploded, we don’t know for sure. Back in the 1800 four of them were discovered and were granted the names of 4 goddesses of Olympus, in the belief that they were new planets. But it was not until 1972 that Eleanor Bach, an American astrologer, produced the first Ephemerides for these 4 asteroids with names of Greek goddesses that speak of four distinct Archetypes of the feminine, thus enriching the concept that we get from the Moon and Venus. It was the movement, first in an unconscious way, to incorporate these four aspects of the feminine into social and individual consciousness. Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno and Vesta speak to us from the depths of our psyche, with their stories and personalities, helping us connect with the extraordinary variety of aspects of the feminine that lives within us, women and men. And I want to make clear this point mainly, that this phenomenon is not in any way limited to women, but it also includes men psyche. It was from this moments that these new archetypes began to emerge with force, helping us to transgress the system that limited women to the role of wife and mother or harlot.

Juno or Hera, was the sister and wife of Zeus, Supreme God of Olympus, after he dethroned his father Saturn. She was also Ceres (the mother) and Vesta (Virgin Priestess, sister)’s sister, and the aunt of Pallas Athena (another Virgin goddess of the Arts, Education and Strategy, and his father’s daughter). Juno is the supreme symbol of the “wife”. It is associated with the sign of Scorpio and Libra. When I say “wife” I mean the woman legally married who somehow has granted her husband, financial responsibility and decision making for the health of the relationship, although, they usually have the last word at home. It is faithful, monogamous and heterosexual, and her ultimate expression of the feminine is within the relationship, glad to be called, “Mrs……so and so.” Her sexual expression consists of seducing her husband over and over again, she is not the best mother of the world, since she is not really interested in her children as much as in her husband and her relationship with him. Power struggles with her partner (Zeus) are famous in Greek mythology, she strikes the love-object of her unfaithful husband, with terrible punishments. She hates children he has with other women, especially Hercules and Pallas Athens, since they are not her children. In many versions it is said that he had no offsprings with Zeus, but Ares in many versions was their son. The marriage of Juno and Zeus is the symbol of the human marriage, with the typical loneliness of the wife of a husband occupied with his work and her characteristic emotional claims. The mistrust of their fidelity is well known. Hera or Juno represents the struggle of women for equality within marriage, the pathology of the relationships, infidelity, deception, manipulation through sexuality, power struggles in sexuality: “not today honey, i have a headache,” etc. The sacrifice of the woman’s profession or talents for the sake of the relationship, is another feature of this archetype, with the typical anger that ensues after few years, due to their creative frustrations. We cannot be just mother and wife, unless that’s what we really want consciously.

These asteroids turn around the Sun in about 4 years, therefore spending about 4 months through each sign, more or less, because they have very irregular orbits. Juno has been in Scorpio throughout the year, as it’s made its retrograde motion in this sign, on the other hand it will only be in Sagittarius until February 2nd, 2017. The transit through this sign represents an opening of mind in our notion of what a stable relationship should be, with an inclination to incorporate a more free and adventurous scope of the other, it speaks of intercultural couples, relationships with people from other countries. Opening to new idiosyncracies, new ways of eating, of thinking, of sharing, etc. If you have planets in the last decans of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces this is a special moment to rethink our attitude with regard to our relations. Topics of economic and emotional dependency are on the cards. Leo and Aries, could find themselves in intercultural relationships. In January of the coming year, Juno is aligned with Saturn and Pholus in the last degrees of Sag, in square to Chiron, therefore is a unique opportunity to take a look at the real reasons for our emotional pain, and the understanding of what happens within us, when we are in love. It opens your mind to new way of socializing and the acceptance that if the relationship does not evolve, it is destined to die. The transformation is continuous.
Each of us carries our oen emotional story recorded in our DNA and in our birth charts. Each story is absolutely unique. Don’t you ever forget it! So fight for the freedom to liberate yourself of cultural impositions that thwart your own story from emerging.

JUPITER IN LIBRA – For every sign – September 9 till October 10, 2017

un-delegates-large-2The last time that Jupiter was in Libra was from the end of the 2004 until October 2005. Do you remember what was happening in your life then? This transit of the largest planet in our Solar system through this sign ruled by Venus, or rather, one of the signs ruled by the Goddess of Beauty, also means the Return of Júpiter, for all those born with Jupiter in Libra. Meaning, everyone who turns 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72, etc. in 2017 or at the end of this year.

Jupiter is known as the Great Benefactor, since it help us expand our horizons, in search of other neighborhoods, other cultures, it propels us to search, search, search. It rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces, two signs that speak of our philosophical and spiritual longings: Some of the least answered questions are: “What are we doing here?” “Why or what are we here for?”,”What is the meaning of life?”, “Is there a meaning to Life?” The two fields where we may find some answers, although never a definitive one, are Philosophy (Sagittarius) and/or Religion (PISCES), precisely where the Chiron (in PISCES) and Pholus (in Sagittarius) square is occurring now and during all of 2017. If you want to read about it go to:

Jupiter is Zeus for the Greeks, his Roman name is Jupiter. He is the King of the Gods and his story is full of adventure and extra-marital love-affairs. He is never known for his faithfulness. The many different disguises he assumes in order to conquer the nymph he desires, are of a exquisite creativity , he turned into a cloud, into a golden rain, into a beautiful seductive bull, etc, etc. But Hera (Juno), his sister and wife, always discovers him, and professes terrible punishments to the poor innocent conquests of her husband. They resonate in the life of many mortal marriages.

Jupiter is departing from an Earth sign and related to the 6th house, of health and work (among other things). Therefore if in this year, (2016) you’ve changed your diet, you’ve improved your lifestyle and you’ve found a healthier way of living, you can thank Jupiter in Virgo. Many people have become vegans, or almost, there’s been much more consciousness on the high price we pay for the beef, dairy farms and bird abusing industries. We have also seen many documentaries about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, with a less carnivorous diet, and the importance of consuming organic products. Most young people already know someone that has returned vegan, or at least vegetarian, and even if they don’t share their philosophy, they recognize that those who prefer to eat plants instead of animals, are growing in number.

But now Jupiter is going to spend a year in the Air sign of Libra. This sign ruled by Venus, in its more intellectual and less sensual aspect than in the sign of Taurus, more interested in the ‘other’ than in Taurus. Libra is a sign where justice in life is essential, a commitment, a journey. Libra pushes us to listen, instead of only talk, to “really” connect with the other, to find a way to get along with others. Jupiter this sign will therefore make us much more aware of the need to find compromise with others, even when we don’t agree with them. Where should we be more even-handed, more fair, taking into account the needs of others and our own. This will be felt personally and collectively.

Politicians will meet more than ever to find diplomatic solutions to the most urgent problems. We are starting with the the G20 meeting, planned to be held on 4–5 September 2016 in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Perhaps the war in Syria, will be on the agenda, if the parties finally agree to sit down and talk. This is a great opportunity to find more balance in our relationships. It is an exceptional good year for the Arts, for Beauty, therefore all systems and businesses that have to do with keeping us looking younger and more beautiful, like plastic surgery, fashion, cosmetics, etc, will see the benefit.

But the dark side of Jupiter, will also be in action, and one of its major flaws is EXCESS. Zeus overthrew his father and all the Titans, hence becoming the King of the Gods. He is known for his abundant self-esteem, that often knows no bounds. But even so, his ethics always win, and justice prevails with him. For all those who have Jupiter in Libra, no matter the age, this is an interesting moment of growth that includes expansion of one’s horizons and change. Touring, moving, traveling, changes at home, improving it, are all possible under this transit. It is common to travel to distant cultures which will change our vision of life in a very important and meaningful way. Also, it is possible to work with foreigners or in travel agencies.
But Jupiter will connect with other planets in its path through Libra. In November, on the 21-22, it will make its first square to Pluto, at the end of March 2017, will make the second and August 5, 2017 the last one, all at the same time that it will be opposing Uranus: these oppositions will take place in Christmas 2016, then it will be on March 3 and the last time will be 28 September 2017. These are bombastic combinations like everything that involves the energy of Uranus, unpredictable and explosive. Taking into account that it takes place in Aries-Libra (Uranus and Jupiter respectively) and Capricorn (Pluto) we will continue to see the changes of Governments and Heads of State, with great challenges to the Established Institutions. More than one nation and especially those most repressed and less benefited by decisions made by politicians will feel the strong need for independence.The fact that is traveling through Libra which propels us to diplomacy and compromise, this will be a balancing factor since oppositions force the planets involved to find a more even ground where to express themselves. Fortunately, already in December, when Jupiter opposed to Uranus, the latter will form a trine to Saturn at the same time, therefore a sextile to Jupiter. So our Christmas can be agitated and full of surprises and it is possible that we will feel the need to bring about change, or be overwhelmed by it. These are positive aspects though, and will fill us with optimism and the necessary energy to step forward. The Sextile (60 °) between Jupiter and Saturn, continues during the first week of January 2017 and the on 5 of February, when Jupiter is located to 23 ° of Libra, it will station retrograde until the 10th of June, when at 13 °, stations direct to begin its forward movement once again. It will be transiting Libra until October 11, 2017 when it will finally enter Scorpio, for the first time in 12 years.

OK. Here is a small review sign by sign. Very small. ;-D

The Cardinal signs: Aries-Cancer-Libra(especially) and Capricorn must already be feeling that itch for change, for improving their style of life. Something inside is fed up with the present situation.

Them others Air signs: Gemini and Aquarius, will feel that the luck is finally on theirs side , after a challenging period, so opportunities will be there to be grasped, therefore be attentive and willing to change.

Aries: is one of the most affected by this transit of Jupiter through Libra, in the sense that the need for commitment and restructuring of their relationships will be a great, it will be vital to give each other space within the relationship.

Taurus: will benefit this sign at work level, and above all in health. Is a good time to start new ways of nutrition and exercise. Perhaps is the time for finding a pet, if you don’t have one. Working abroad is also possible.

Gemini: the relationship with one’s own children is improving and love may call at the door. Responsibilities may feel overwhelming at times, but these are great opportunities to find your own creativity.

Cancer: you have the opportunity to improve your home or move to a more spacious house, perhaps more in touch with Nature. Relationships with family members get a boost.

Leo: will be more inclined to write and communicate in a more coherent and less demanding way. The relationship with brothers and sisters and also with neighbours have a chance of improvement.

Virgo: For this sign the financial situation will show signs of improvement. Traveling for work or working with people from different cultures is also on the cards.

Libra: You have one year to undertake you boldest projects and turn your life around. A very positive and expansive year.

Scorpio: Family constellations may give this sign an ancestral knowledge necessary for understanding. Relationships with family members may reveal secrets that explain many things.

Sagittarius: Even with Saturn in this sign for the rest of the 2017, Jupiter in Libra will feel like a breath of fresh air, which will balance the demands of responsibility with very progressive periods.

Capricorn: A powerful call to commitment and dialogue, can give the profession a new impetus and a new way of seeing things. There will be moments when the need to get rid of habits that make life boring and heavy, will be unbearable, but perhaps that is needed, to finally bring change about.

Aquarius: A breath of fresh air enters your life, with a sense of lightness and ease that you haven’t felt for years. Travels and new people can cause this necessary change you need.

Pisces: Jupiter in Libra brings the opportunity to look at life in a deeper way and also the need to find real meaning where there wasn’t any before. A big step towards for your spiritual life. You may benefit financially from other people’s money or through inheritance.