Pholus in Astrology

I’ve been wanting to write about Pholus for a while now, and it seems that at this moment when this asteroid is in a square to the other Centaur, Chiron, who is more popular than Pholus, is the right moment. We have had a very upsetting week with young people causing the death of innocents in the name of a disturbing allegiance to Isis. Something is exploding or erupting from the collective unconscious through individuals who appear to “take the lid off the pressure cooker” of the unconscious, from which, resentment, revenge, hatred, frustration, etc. seem to emerge.  At the moment when all this is happening, there is a  Pholus-Chiron square, two Centaurs, of the trilogy of the known centaurs.

Chiron was discovered in 1977, which caused us to question what it really was, perhaps a comet? o an asteroid? big enough to give it a name. But in 1992 we discovered what is now called the Kuiper Belt, a number of apparent minor bodies in the confines of our solar system, beyond Neptune, that form another belt of asteroids similar to the one between Mars and Jupiter. Thousands of icy rocks, beyond Neptune, where Pluto systems finds itself. This prompted astronomers to demote Pluto from its planet category to dwarf planet, and elevate Ceres, in the other asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to “dwarf planet” from simple asteroid status.  Pholus and Nessus come from there and were discovered around 1992-1993 respectively and were given Centaurs names like Chiron. The latter seems to move between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, Pholus, between Saturn and Neptune, and, finally, Nessus between Saturn and Pluto. These “Centaur”, name given to these asteroids, believed to be comets at the time, are now seen in a different light. They seem to be rocks in the Kuiper Belt that are attracted to our solar system by the gravitational pull of Neptune and Uranus and Saturn. In Greek mythology, Centaurs were wild creatures, half man, half horse, which were not bound to any law. There may be thousands of such bodies, but as in mythology, only three of them have a history and are closer to humans and gods, and only one of them was inmortal, being born of a God and a nymph. This is Chiron, son of Saturn, the most well known somehow, for having been raised by Apollo and Tethis. Pholus, is the other closest to Chiron, but not immortal, who was the guardian of the “ancestral wine” and Nessus, a mere mortal, but who is indirectly responsable for Hercules death. Apart from these three, there are many without a particular history or a name, somehow resembling the astronomical reality.

We all know the story of Chiron, but it is Pholus, who I want to talk about now. This Centaur, like Chiron, was more civilized and friendly with gods and mortals. Both were friends and coaches of heroes like Hercules and both died from the wounds inflicted by the poisonous arrows of the hero. It is believed that he was the son of Ixion, quite a dishonorable character , who conceived the Centaurs with a cloud, created by Zeus, in the form of his wife Hera, who Ixion had his eyes on.  Pholus was responsible for guarding the “ancestral wine” of the Centaurs, a gift from Dionysus, that was supposed to be kept buried underground in a large earthenware jar . But in a meal in tribute to the hero when this was on his way to kill the big boar, Hercules asked Pholus to open the wine. Pholus being quite conscious that he should not do it because the mere aroma of it could intoxicate the wild Centaurs, causing real havoc, gently refused. At the insistence of Hercules, Pholus finally served some wine to the hero and as it was written, the Centaurs went mad and it provoked a war and Hercules was forced to start throwing poisoned arrows that were impregnated with the blood of the Hydra, which caused incurable wounds. One of them reached Chiron knee, and since he was immortal did not died, but caused him to limp the rest of his life. Pholus managed to escape them, but when he tried to help his friend and went to remove the arrow, it fell in the foot and died. The symbol of the “ancient wine” can easily be seem as the “family complex” that it should be protected and hidden from others. Unexpected events such as the death of a family member, or simply in  a simple family meal, these forces erupt  from  the collective unconscious and it is normally the person born with Pholus in conjunction to the Sun or Moon or Ascendent,who opens the jar and havoc ensues. As it happens in families, there is always someone who opens the jar of the cultural unconscious and the pressure of hatred, resentment, unrest and cultural enmities comes charging out, and someone explodes and takes revenge on society at large. Now Pholus is in Sagittarius aligned with the Galactic Center, sign that is associated with our beliefs and fundamentalism, we must not forget in 2001 when Pluto was in Sagittarius, in opposition to Saturn in Gemini, we had September 11. Now Pholus is a square to Chiron in Pisces which speaks  of cultural, personal, and/or  family wound, and suddenly all these pressure cookers are being uncovered with the consequences that we see on our TV news daily. Added to this we have the fact that Saturn is now in Sagittarius activating the degree where Pluto was in 2001, although this time in a square to Neptune in Pisces, which so eloquently describes all these victims that cross the Ocean (Neptune) in search of refuge and peace, to meet with bar wire stops and long bureaucratic paper work  (Saturn) in European countries. Pholus will remain around the 24º and 18º until the end of 2017 and part of 2018. It will aline with Saturn at 0º of Capricorn at the beginning of 2018.

If you have any planets in mutable signs (Gemini-Virgo-Sag and Pisces) around those degrees, see how this event takes you to understand, what is your family or cultural wound, what group of people you resent or find hard to like and accept. Take responsibility por these feelings and try and see what should be done in order to overcome these feelings.

Hellinger, the creator of the Family Constellations has Sun-Pholus in his birth chart. Many healers, therapists i know, they also have Pholus in these type of aspects to the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendent. Wherever Pholus fall in your chart, is where the lid of the jar is taken off and these feelings may be charging out of your unconscious or like in the case of the Asc, other people’s feelings may affect you. It’s the Pholus person the one that opens the jar, for the family complex to be recognized and evolved.


URANUS RETROGRADE, July 30 til December 29, 2016

URANUS has started its motion RETROGRADE yesterday which will be until it stations direct again on 29 December 2016 – half year of retrograde for this extraordinary planet, whose energies describe our need for freedom and independence, our fight against what is established, our need to be part of herd but at the same time feel out of it. Uranus is what gives us the “Aha”! moments as well as the ideas that  will help us change our life or when suddenly, for example in therapy, in a moment we see with clarity the knot of our dilemma and we actually go: “Ohh”. That kind of intermittent energy which drives us to bring about change or get rid of self-imposed habits created by our family or our culture, as well as the self-secured chains for security, that is URANUS. In transit, Uranus moves about 5 ° per year and half year pulls back in retrograde. This awakens the need for freedom in our lives, and helps us see where we feel bound or paralyzed. It energizes the need to move towards a less regulated future with more freedom of action. If you have planets between 20 degrees and 24 degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) they will be described what it is, you must work on and release. If for example you have Venus in any of these signs and degrees, then something in your relationship will need to be revised in order to find more space and let some fresh air in. It is possible that the habits are withering the relationship and a new approach is needed. If we insist on keeping things as they are, then the power of Uranus is felt, and unexpected events that stagger all the psychic structure may occur. We can do what we want but we cannot ignore a God. The power of this God was felt when he entered Aries, for the first time in 84 years, (therefore most of us have’t lived its last transit for this sign), March 12, 2011 and we had the explosion of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan. Uranus in Aries! This was followed by the Arab spring and the beginning of the war in Syria. Of course that Uranus was already forming square to Pluto in Capricorn, which I’ve written extensively about on this same blog, and which remains in orb of 8 °, therefore still alive.

If your planets between the 20th and the 25th are Leo or Sagittarius, the release can take place in a more natural way, like for example it could be your retirement, or reaching an agreement with your boss or partner that the two need more freedom. It may be that you finish your studies, or take a conscious decision to have fewer responsibilities in your work. But above all, the retrograde  of Uranus, will toe areas of our lives that need to get rid of external impositions and is an inspiration for all  research work, scientific projects, group work, etc.

Search inside yourself and recognize what part of you, is in “Stand-by”, that part of your psyche that is crying out to be heard and expressed. The nest of emotional security is very nice, until it  Uranus comes and it shows us all what we’re sacrificing for it. So is Uranus the enemy of personal relationships?. Not so, if we keep our individuality and our interior space and time for ourselves. Uranus reminds us that as much as being in a relationship is essential, for many things, developing  and living our own destiny is more. It is possible to do both but much consciousness is necessary to achieve it.

For when Uranus stationslive the last week of this year, it will in opposition to Jupiter in Libra, when everything i have said with regard to relations will be even more relevant and with a Saturn trine, which can bring wishes to find how to solve things in a more diplomatic manner and where scientific advances will be made known, for example: the solution to the Zika virus that was just found in Florida and it has prevented the Olympics in Brazil, from being as fantastic as they could have been.

The last time these two planets were opposed was a brief  encounter in August 2003, in the signs of Virgo and Pisces and we saw as Latvia and Estonia joined the UE, and the civil war in Liberia came to an end. Could the same thing happen in Siria?

The Shootings in Orlando and the Asteroids


The difficulty of knowing the exact time the shootings started, since many say at 2 o’clock in the morning, others at 2:15 makes it difficult to get a firmly true ASC degree. Whatever the time, it was around 2 o’clock in the morning of Sunday, June 12, since the clubs close at that time in the United States. He, who unleashed his wrath at the people in the disco, shooting indiscriminately, had been preparing this for a while, so I have decided to use 2 in the morning, as the time of the beginning of the shooting, which gives a 29º of Pisces in the ASC, with Neptune and Jupiter as the ruler of the event which brings the emphasis back to  the angle of the mutable cross which has been so strongly felt in the past  few months,  with Chiron in conjunction to the ASC, and  Pholus, the other Centaur, asteroid which has its orbit between  Saturn and Neptune, two of the planets involved in this Grand Cross, placed in conjunction to the MC and hence in square to Chiron. The Aries ASC, would also be very significant, because as Eric Francis said, gives us Mars as the ruler of the event, during its retrograde in Scorpio and the cardinality, the quality that denotes action. Ultimately, it could be either and that is when we refer to an ASC on the cusp between two signs.

Aspects of planets and their positions in houses, remain unchanged, and we can clearly see the power of this Sun-Venus conjunction  in opposition to Saturn. I think that beautifully describes the nature of such an act. The tension of such opposition being part of the Mutable Grand Cross, is re-activated by the passing of the Moon in its first square in a Crescent phase by the position of Jupiter in Virgo and the angle of the Lunar nodes, forming opposition to Neptune, Pallas, Eros and Nessus. All in square to the Sun-Venus-Saturn opposition. It has to be someone in their Saturn return, who becomes the detonator of this action and as we can see in the birth chart of Mateen, someone who is in some way activating the archetype of Pholus, the guardian of the “ancestral wine”, or “family and/or cultural madness” or the “repressed energy” of his family or culture. This is a perfect example of the power of asteroids and their archetypes in the human psyche. Let’s start from the beginning: Moon activates Jupiter (our strongest ideals and our sense of mission) which in turn is in opposition to: Neptune, (our sense or desire of union with something more grandiose than ourselves), Mateen said he was acting in alliance with the Islamic State (ISIS), Pallas: the most powerful Virgin of Olympus, who definitely does not indulges in sex and is among other things the goddess of strategy and war, it evokes the eloquent possibility that Mateen was a homosexual repressed by his family and his culture, so that make him hate that part of himself and therefore, homosexuality in general. Eros, the God of sexuality and eroticism,  something that we cannot control, who is the son of Aphrodite/Venus, which is part of this Grand Cross. Eros is who drives us to fall in love or become erotically obsessed, describes where Mateen chooses to unleash his sexual frustration, and last, but not least is Nessus, the other Centaur, whose orbit is between Saturn and Pluto, as the most imminent vehicle between Moral judgment and the underworld of human hidden sexuality.

If we look at the birth chart of Mateen, taking into consideration the lack of time of birth, we can also see Venus and Pluto conjunct in Scorpio, which describes secret erotic desires, hidden love affairs with Sun, Mercury and Ceres, also in Scorpio, of course with Mars retrograde by transit, retreating towards the Sun of Mateen, which has been activating all those planets in Scorpio since January of this year. This Act of terror was not organized in one day, but that is the result of this unresolved tension. The T-square in his natal chart, formed by Sun opposition Moon and both in a square to Mars in Aquarius, speaks volumes of his unresolved sexual tension. Eros is in contact with Mars and Pholus with the Moon, if he was born in the morning. In any case, Pholus is opposed his Mercury in Scorpio and we mustn’t forget it is Hermes (Mercury) who takes the souls to the underworld. Chiron in Gemini, talks about his inability to communicate his feelings and the duality of his mind. It is also curious to see how Pholus by transit has been activating Mateen’s progressed Sun, which is in Sagittarius. Pluto from Capricorn, has been forming a square to the Lunar nodes angle, and of course Uranus in Aries, has also has been activating his nodal angle since 2015. By transit Jupiter also opposes its natal position, describing his idealistic excuse when it comes to such act. The transit of Neptune by his Natal Jupiter, also describes his idealistic adherence to a movement that professes to represent a religion.

It should be clear, that all this astrological poetry can take place AFTER an event occurs. If Mateen had visited an astrologer in these months, one could have spoken of the tension taking place inside, and the possibility of an explosion that it may have ended in violence, or depression. But it would have not been possible to imagine that he would take this course of action by simply reading the transits. A possibility of suicide, could have been read, and somehow that is what he did, prior decision of taking 49 souls to the underworld with him. When I say underworld, I do not mean Hell, as many think, but simply to that place where all souls go when they first leave the body, according to the mythology of various cultures.

I think Chiron-Pholus square is quite eloquent in this tragedy, since it describes the accumulated ancestral  tension (Pholus), when the family and hence personal wound (Chiron) is not brought up to consciousness.

GEMINI NEW MOON and the Mutable Grand Cross – 3-4-5 of June

Here we are on the threshold of the New Moon in Gemini of the year. This will be one of those that we will not forget easily, since this lunation is formed at 14 º of Gemini and being a new moon, means that the Sun and Moon are in exactly the same degree and sign, and this time Venus joins them, meaning there is a conjunction of Sun-Moon-Venus in Gemini. These three planets activate the mutable T-square that we have been under, since November of last year and that has been felt increasingly strong from March this year. A T-square, as we all know is formed from two squares and an opposition i.e. two angles of 90 ° and one of 180 °. In this particular case it is Jupiter in Virgo that opposes Neptune in Pisces and they form 90 ° angles to Saturn in Sagittarius. All of this on the 13 ° – 14 ° of each sign. A T-square in mutable signs brings great mental challenges and above all, decision-making on projects hovering in our mind which are seeking expression. The planet that makes the two squares called the Apex, is the one that receives most of the tension of this planetary formation. Being Saturn, archetype which represents institutions, the system, our limitations and insecurities, order, the law, etc, many of us we are faced with the dilemma of how to give shape to our projects with the awareness that somehow, we must deal with institutions and the system, if we want to make a living out of it. Comes to mind, Messi’s trial, which starts today, who seems to have “avoided” or “evaded” the paying taxes. This is only one of the expressions of this cosmic aspect.

The tension generated by the T-square , often finds some kind of answers in “missing leg” that completes the Grand Cross, i.e., in this case, planets in Gemini. So that is exactly what we are getting for this New Moon, with Sun-Moon – Venus in Gemini, giving some sort of outlet for the tension of the T-square formed by Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn. These aspects drive us to action, and usually we live this sort of tension as if the obstacles come from outside ourselves.. Specifically, some of the ideas or mindset we may have towards a project at hand , which we may plan or intend for long period of time or may have great importance in our lives, seem to encounter opposition, restrictions from others . Think of the millions emigrating from Siria and Libia and Africa and the obstacles they encounter once they arrive to Europe. With Jupiter and Neptune in contact with Saturn, which curiously walks through the sign ruled by Jupiter, we are driven from the deepest parts of our psyche to make a statement in society and provoke the birth of new ideas and that we strongly feel might improve everything that has to do with our beliefs and education, above all. Our own hesitation, our insecurities and doubts are met with difficulties and obstacles that force us to think over and over again, different ways of bringing into effect what we want to create.

The most interesting thing about these planetary formations is that we always seem to be in situations where we are located at one end of the T-square and we find the other two ends expressed by others. For example: if I’m on the side of Jupiter and my ideals and faith in my own abilities are out of sink, then we find Saturn in the one who tells us, or asks us: “but , can you really do this? Are you qualify to do this? What studies do you have?” If we take the side of Neptune, then suddenly reality becomes unbearable and our dreams tend to become completely out of reach: ” no matter what I do, this will never become a reality because the world is not prepared for it”. If we stand with Saturn , then we become  “cynical” and we criticize the ideas and dreams of others with an exaggerated realism without offering an alternative. Sound familiar?

It certainly is great fun to see this pattern, when politicians argue in TV among themselves in a desperate search for votes. The Neptunian and Jupiterian ideas and behavior may seem too versatile, too crazy and too inconsistent for the Saturnian mentality. And the Saturnians appear too critical and old fashion for the other two. So, what is the solution? Perhaps we should wait for Jupiter to come off from this planetary formation before it enters Libra in September. But this new moon offers the possibility of finding some answers in this Gemini trio of planets during the June 3-4-5 days. Gemini suggests we keep an open mind, continue to seek information and options on several different fronts. This planetary formation in mutable signs talks about how to stay true to our ideals and longings, but always with our feet on the ground and looking for the balance of all this within us. Is the planning of our project, correct? Is it possible that we should need some re-structuring of it, more in tune with our possibilities and talents? Is this project aligned with our deepest values? Is there a possibility that it does not correspond with our skills and our ethics? It is imbued with love and benefit for the community or is something that will only satisfy our ego? These are all questions that are relevant at the moment and everyone will get the answers that we need or can understand. Whatever the answer, we must not forget that Neptune in PISCES is speaking to us of universal unity, of the fact that, although we may come from different cultures, we are of from the human race. We must try to work out the difficulties that prevent us from mingling with and accept those not akin to our culture. In spite of speaking different languages, savoring different cuisine, having opposite beliefs and customs, we are all affected by the same problems and we suffer for similar things. Perhaps the message of Gemini is about embracing diversity, to welcome what we do not know, and open our hearts to those who frighten us and challenge us. If we are all the time with people who think like us, our mind accommodates itself in a series of increasingly less varied habits and we end up becoming bi-dimensional, bitter and cynical beings. Contact with other cultures and idiosyncrasies enrich and add dimensions to our life. I could not imagine life without Sushi. ;-D

Jupiter forms a trine (120º) to Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus, and something tell us that the solution or the key to understanding lies deep in our psyche, so we should keep looking. Mars, which has dipped back into Scorpio, until August 3rd, also forms a trine to Chiron, which suggests that this is not time for victimizing ourselves and abandon the fight, quite the contrary, it is time to remember that this journey of life is the only one we have and the opportunities are there, for those who can see them and have the courage to grab them. Comfort kills creativity. Life is a constant risk and the T-squares are the perfect example of this.
Enjoy this New Moon and if you feel like sharing your experiences of it, please feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page: Astrología Arquetípica.
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FULL MOON in Scorpio and the second MERCURY RETROGRADE of the year.

Full-Moon-on-FlickrHere comes the Full Moon in Scorpio of the year.Today, tomorrow and the day after, exact on April 22nd. Usually the words Full Moon and Scorpio in the same sentence seems to tell us something about the dark side of our minds coming to the surface, and this “scares” almost everyone. As if we had to be good, angelic, kind and compassionate all the time. As with most lunation this moon in Scorpio is special, since it opposes the Sun in Taurus and is aligned with the asteroid Juno, which could also be related an archetype of Scorpio. Since Juno was the wife of Zeus and their infamous power struggle marriage is well known to all.

But lets start from the beginning: Taurus is the sign where we learn about the importance of this physical life, the extraordinary experience which is to be inside a body, and beauty that allows us to live through the 5 senses. Listening, smelling, seeing, taste and especially touch. Five aspects of the physical experience, absolutely wonderful, and commonly taken for granted, forgetting the value of it. This sign is the symbol of the archetype of Venus, its ruler, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Desire. It is through this archetype that we can enjoy the beauty of the world, especially in Nature and the value of our existence. Scorpio for its part investigates the why of everything. It is through Scorpio that we learn about the depth of human nature. Our innermost desires, the side of our nature closer to the beast. The Taurus-Scorpio speaks of the Beauty and the Beast aspect of our psyche. Jekyll and Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scorpio, with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the eighth sign.

Juno, or Hera, married to Zeus, and archetype of the “wife”, was also his sister. This asteroid is correlated with the sign of Libra and Scorpio, as talks about the wars of power in marriage, and teaches us the difference between ‘being in love’, something very Venusian, and “being married”. Juno in contact with the Moon, as it is for this lunation, tells us that our sense of security and emotional stability are dependent on having a stable partner. We all know how complicated this is. Searching for emotional balance in others does not seem a very wise decision. But as it is always the case with symbols, we can venture to say, that the right thing to do would be to find that inner Juno and therefore that stability within ourselves. With the help of Chiron in PISCES which is aligned with the Lunar Nodes, aid can come from understanding this concept in depth, so that in the middle of all the instability that may be in our lives at this time, we can discover that the most important relationship of our lives is not with another person, but with ourselves. Finding this harmony within us, it kind of works as a very strong inmune system against all the disharmonies that may exist around us. As if nothing could really touch us or make us unstable.

But perhaps the most important aspect for this full moon is the T-square between Saturn-Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are similar archetypes, because both have to do with our ideals, fantasies, exaltation of our Ego, the way in which we fool ourselves, believing that we are more than what we are, or that we know more than we know. The two drive us to escape our reality and our limitations, to avoid confrontation with the ephemeral nature of our lives and the insignificance of our existence. But both are connected with Saturn, the Lord of “reality”, precisely that, which confronts us with the time we have, with our limitations. It is not surprising that in September 2015 when this T-square first formed, we had a stampede at Mecca, a place of prayer (Neptun-Jupiter) and where more than 2000 people were killed, we also found out that Volkswagen had cheated on their tests of the emissions from their cars. Self-delusion and confrontation are the main characteristics of this planetary aspect. We have now had the Panama Papers (ha!), another confrontation with deception of people in high positions of authority and power. The darkness of Neptune can be penetrated by Saturn, which forces us to open our eyes and see the reality. Neptune in its own sign is also correlated with awareness of the exorbitant effect of our beliefs and religious fanaticism that we are seeing at the moment. Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, brings the consequences of such self-deceptions and above all the poor interpretations of the sacred word in which religions are based upon. During the end of the 2015 we also had earthquakes of magnitude 7 in Pakistan and the attacks in Paris by Isis. Now we have had earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan again. On the positive side of these combinations of Jupiter in Virgo, sign of service, with Neptune in Pisces, sign of compassion, is the awareness that the main problems that humans have to deal with today are not local, but global, like poverty, gender inequality, clima change, etc. So with people leaning to help other countries and institutions dealing with global calamities grow as in the case of The Red Cross, Doctors without borders, to name a couple, who have played an unimaginable role in the situation with migrants from Syria. The other danger of the T-square is the fall of the financial markets once again. These are very complex few months, “thus on Earth as in Heaven”.

Yesterday began the pre-shadow period of the next Mercury retrograde at about 14º Taurus, which will station retrograde on April 29, at Taurus 23 ° 34′, and this does not help the financial situation either. Almost at the same time that Venus enters the sign of Taurus, which it rules. It will go back to the 14 ° Taurus, when it will station directly on May 23. The period post shadow ends June 7. So from now on, our internet connections go crazy, probably slower than usual, our mobile will behave strangely. The romance online may bring about many confusions and misunderstandings. Love situations that we believed had finished can prove us otherwise. RE-vising our finances and investments is virtually an obligation. To risk is not the best idea at the moment, except if you can afford it. A re-evaluation of what we really care about in life is in order. Everything that is on your mind all the time, is what is important to you. Take the time, to see more clearly what you need at this time to be happy. What you need and what you have. Although the first retrograde of the year in January also was about our relationships, at present our perspective have changed and we now have the opportunity to perform with the experience gained in these months and as a result of separations and modifications that have occurred.

The full moon in Scorpio confronts us with the intensity and depth of our feelings and emotions, which far from being negative, enriches us and gives us the opportunity of feeling and being, everything that we were born to be. If you love, LOVE, even if it hurts, if you are separating, walk forward, with your head high, because you have loved. Oddly enough, the pain of love is the most wonderful thing about love. Live it and leave hatred and resentment for the unhappy, for the lost souls, for those who cannot LOVE like YOU.

MARS RETROGRADE 2016 – April 18th – June 30th

Mars makes its retrograde motion every two years, for about 75-80 days, so last March 2014 made its last retrograde and occurred in the second half of the sign of Libra. The one this years starts on the 18th of April until the 30th of June.

Trying to give a “Polyana” aspect to this planet, is not only useless, but also limiting and not true. Mars impels us to situations and emotions difficult to handle and in retrograde, even more. In 2014 as it walked through Libra, we saw the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappeared and crashed into the Sea (though still has not been confirmed) and Russia “took” Crimea, which caused many diplomatic meetings that ended with the suspension of Russia from the G8. 270 girls at a school in Nigeria were abducted.

This time Mars stations retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign that has a lot to do with our powerful ideals ( read religious fundamentalism), among other things, dipping back into Scorpio, the sign of sexuality and death, and taxes, other people’s money (like the Panama hacked papers). Situations that force us into transforming, and I say “force us“ because there is usually some dramatic event that trigger the changes. It starts its retrograde activating the current T-square, in conjunction to Saturn (7 ° orb) and Square to Neptune (9 ° orb) and Jupiter (5 ° orb). This aspect speaks of desires and most intimate longings and our difficulty in manifesting them in our lives. So confrontation with the absolute reality of our possibilities (Saturn) can be hard to accept and extremely frustrating. Depending on one’s age, this process will be more or less permanent and painful. Evading taxes not a good idea at the moment!

At a personal level, the houses activated by this T-square, and the planets being aspected by it, will describe where this tension manifests in our lives. Normally, Mars drives us to action, to initiate, to assert ourselves, to risk, but in retrograde, these plans can encourage us to extremes that bring unwelcome stress . Frustration is typical of these cosmic movements, to extremes that sometimes we can find it hard to handle. As if something prevents us from moving forward, such as walking against a very strong wind which forces us to stop or to slow down. As with all of the retrograde, the intention is to stop and Rethink. there’s a possibility that we need to finish something, before moving forward with the new project, or that we ought to reconsider the project and its consequences or to review the people with whom we want to do it. Or simply if we have enough experience and expertise to carry it out.

If health is sensitive, this may be the time when you feel at your worst and when you will be forced to stop to recover your energies. Impatience, irrational reactions, irritability are all human feelings related to a negative Mars and in retrograde specifically. Unexpected accidents are common, if you work with sharp tools be careful, if you go biking, if you drive too, etc, etc. This is particularly possible in the third week of June, when Mars will form a quincunx (150 °) with Uranus in Aries.

At the end, as always, will be positive, because it helps us to think and to terminate or conclude a stage that has already fulfilled its function, and that will allow us to propel ourselves to the next chapter or project with adequate internal wisdom and proper experience. The Sagittarius idealism, every now and then needs these moments of calm to be able to observe more closely what they are getting involved in.

If you have planets in the last degree of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, Then read this article again, so if you have planets in the early degrees of Mutables signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. By above all do not forget that this period finishes at the end of June. So do not panic!.

SUPERMOON, NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE in Pisces – 8 and 9 of March

We are on the threshold of the first of three consecutive Supermoons, and also the first eclipse of the four of this year.
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, and the moon shadow falls on our planet. A solar eclipse is only possible in a New Moon because it’s the only time that the Moon is placed between Sun and the Earth. Most of the time, however, the new moon appears to pass North or South of the solar disk, therefore there is no total solar eclipse.
The plane of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth is inclined 5° to the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Half of the month, the Moon orbits Earth in the North of the ecliptic (orbital plane of the earth around the Sun); and for the other half of the month, the Moon orbit the Earth South of the ecliptic. Twice a month, the Moon crosses the orbital plane of the Earth at imaginary points called Moon Nodes. If the Moon is traveling from North to South, we call it descending node, and when it goes from South to North, we call it ascending node.
When a new moon occurs while the Moon is appreciably near one of its nodes, a solar eclipse occurs. This time, the Moon reaches its descending node or South just 5 hours when the Moon is exactly aligned with the Sun.
March 8-9, 2016 we have a New Supermoon, bigger than normal, which will pass in front of the Sun and it will totally block the solar disk. Although you have to be in the right place on Earth to witness the total solar eclipse, which will not be in Europe, but it is a band of space much larger in the world who get to see it in different degrees. South and East Asia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hawaii and Alaska. If you are in one of those places and can see it, good luck. Be careful with your eyes.
But what makes this event so special Astrologically?. First, takes place in the sign of PISCES, at 19º, so it falls in the of decan of Aquarius. So the Moon, Sun, Chiron, Ceres, and Neptune, all together, are exactly opposed to Jupiter in Virgo, which is located in its retrograde motion at this time until May 10, when it will resume its direct motion, and as if it wasn’t enough, Saturn from Sagittarius, forms or rather completes the T-square,forming angles of 90 ° to all them. The Lord of the Rings and Karma as it is commonly called Saturn, appears to be preventing us from doing what we want. Something does not allows us to find the solution to certain issues, which although not in the same fashion for everyone, it puts us all mortals who inhabit this planet in a terrible dilemma . It seems that we are in a situation that divide us and brings conflict into our lives and which we find difficult to handle or manage. “The feeling is:” I want this to happen, but if it happens, then I lose that, or risk this other thing. Sounds familiar?. If you’ve made decisions too quickly, in the immediate past, now you are confronted with the result of these decisions, and Saturn forces us to RE-consider in order to restructure. Versions of this dilemma are endless, as beings on this planet, but we all seem to be faced with this dilemma. If you think that you can find the answer on other people’s opinion, you are mistaken, this must be resolved by each one of us, engaging in a genuine dialogue with our soul. A good medicine, is to accept that we are where we are because we need to learn this lesson and we cannot escape it, no matter how much we want to avoid confrontation, as hinted by the Neptunian side of this equation, but escaping does not resolve the situation, only delays it.
So we are called to work it out, to open a dialogue with ourselves, to find answers to this dilemma that bedevils us. If we want freedom, of a situation, but that means that we lose with this, security, then we will have to assess which of the two things is more important for us at this time. If we want a bigger house, but that puts us in debt for much longer, we also have to think about it. It is clear that the most important thing we must remember is that fortunately, nothing lasts forever. This planetary aspects which seem to have us caged, will fade towards the end of the year, allowing us to see the solutions with less conflict. Then the T-square will happen between Jupiter (which already will be in Libra), activating the Uranus-Pluto square, about which I’ve written extensively and still refuses to dissolve, although also is on track to do so, although they are now once again to 1º of orb, for this eclipse. Clearly, we see this almost comical situation in politics around the world. In the United States, Donald Trump is causing terror in the Republican party, because its rise in popularity, to the most conservative, means aiding Hilary Clinton. In Spain, they fail a coalition to be able to govern, as no one has sufficient votes. No one achieved the minimum required majority. The PSOE wants to get together with CU, but they don’t want Sanchez from PSOE as the representative of such coalition. The fall in the price of oil worldwide, helps us all consumers, but not the global economy, and therefore that also harms us.So, which is your dilema at this moment? Where Pisces and Sagittarius fall in your birth chart, will be in the areas of your life where you are divided, seemingly without answers as to how to solve the problem.
In short, thanks to Astrology that helps us view more clearly the dilemma, and see it with more mental clarity, which leads us to accept the situation and enables us to put us on both ends of the apparent division and see which alternative will do us best. It is ideal to find the compromise, the balance between these apparent divisions and with feet firm on the ground, try to resolve it, accepting, our limitations and our possibilities. There will always be that element of risk, which is necessary to make something remarkable happen. But we can take risks that do not destroy us. After all we only seem to learn when we are wrong and make mistakes that we must correct. Over and over again.
Juno from Scorpio, squares Pallas Athena in Aquarius, aspect that speaks clearly of the dilemma of staying in a relationship without abandoning our individual journey, or return to our professional career, without damaging the relationship. A balance between continuing to grow individually, without sacrificing time with those important to you. Difficult but absolutely necessary and vital. If we ignore Juno, we suffer, if we ignore Pallas we also pay a price. How to find that balance? Pallas tells us: “the other half is inside you” and Juno says: “Need your other half to feel complete”. As I have been invoking Pallas for years, I listen to her and prefer to find my ideal inner partner inside, rather than seeking it outside. The other, can be any type of relationship and not necessarily a personal partner. It can be a creative partner, a companion on your professional path, that will help you find the best in you. Those who challenge us are our best friends, though.
Mars, just entered into Sagittarius, also forms a square to Mercury and Neptune in PISCES, which increases our sense of victimization and prevents us from being direct and specific. The impulse is to cause an argument rather than go straight to the point and say what we think. It also forms a square to Venus in Aquarius, so be careful how you handle issues with your emotional partner.
Chiron, which is closer to this eclipse, fortunately reminds us that whatever the dilemma we are living, the answer lies in the acceptance that this is what our soul needs to evolve.
If you’re a Virgo, PISCES, Gemini and Sagittarius, you’re in the middle of all this, but remember that this aspect affects us all those who walk the Earth with our own personal load.

2016 for all signs of the Zodiac!!!

Happy new year to everyone and very especially to those who regularly take the time to read my astrological musings that more and more seem to be in line with the Cosmic language. With the certain conviction that in spite of investigating and obtaining some truths along the way, the recognition of knowing something, only reminds us of our ignorance.

As there are many books about the astrological affairs of 2016, which you can buy at a reasonable price, my intention here  is to reflect on the astrological aspects that will guide our path this year beginning today, always with the conviction that planets do not drive us in one direction or another, but that there is a certain synchronicity of events on Earth that seem to reflect what happens in the Cosmos, interpreted from the point of view of the archetypes that these planets evoke, with the meanings that we humans attach to them. Many of these events coincide with planetary alignments exactly, as astrologers grow to understand. We have just a few good examples of them in the Paris attacks, when Mars, the planet that evokes the archetype of the Warrior and War, was aligned exactly with the Lunar Nodes, at the time the shootings started, to the 29º of the Virgo-Piscis angle, and as soon as it moved into Libra and made a conjunction to Lilith, exactly, the massacre in San Bernardino California occurred; everything within the framework of the current Neptune-Saturn conjunction, symbolically evoking the struggle between our ideals, our need to feel One with the Whole, our desire to return to the Source, back Home, to the place where we come from, in contrast with the reality of our life, our body and human needs. The responsibility for decisions made in the past, when we did not see clearly, is another aspect of this square.

If you think about the decisions made 12 years ago by some Western Governments, when the Iraq war began, then we can clearly see this pattern, with what is happening today with the Islamic State and Syria. This exodus from Syria towards Europe of some 20 million people, is another perfect example of the resonance of Neptune (crossing the sea in search of a dream of peace and tranquility) in square to Saturn (the regularization of visas, papers work, restrictions, etc).

Another synchronicity of these times is the coincidence of large flooding all over the world, particularly since Jupiter has entered Virgo, on its way to the opposition to Neptune in PISCES which in turn, reactivated the square to Saturn. The eternal struggle between the Ethereal, the connection with the ineffable and the confrontation with the absolute earthly reality, is the subject of this square Neptune in Piscis-Saturno in Sagittarius. Depending on where this falls in your chart, is where you will live this struggle within your psyche, during this 2016. The great lesson from it, among other things, is the understanding that beyond our social, religious and political differences, in the depths of our true Being, such differences do not exist. Becoming conscious that we are all equal, are born equal before beginning our journey to our differences due to our family and cultural conditioning, is one of the most important messages of this planetary combination. As some religion says: “we are all equal in the eyes of God”. The  political and religious differences that we have created in order to organize ourselves better, have now turn against us. But it is also true that many religions are needed to explain the concept of God. It is too big to be expressed by a single idiosyncrasy. All views bring us closer to it, but somehow we get lost in the differences, instead of understanding the truth they are trying to express.

Other images of Neptune in Pisces is the fact that today, and above all since Neptune came into its own sign in 2011, we can all take pictures with our mobile and hang them in the Internet. Being Neptune the ruler of everything to do with the image and the cinema, this seems to be the way we express it today. If we think of the image of the Syrian boy drowned on the shores of the Mediterranean, and the power and shock that image caused, I can´t imagine anything more Neptune in PISCES than that, which provoked immediate reaction from politicians and the whole world, and somehow provoked the reaction of Saturn in Sagittarius, which seeks to make sense of the images of madness arising from the unconscious. The picture of the drowned boy brought  to consciousness the horror of this exodus and our need to do something about it. Those who migrated, continue migrating remind us that this would not be fixed in a day and will continue to create situations in those countries where they finally establish. The situation in Calais, is another example of this. The message of Neptune to Saturn is that we are made of various dimensions and we can not try to logically explain all of them, and the mystery of the unconscious forces must be respected and understood and in turn Saturn explains to Neptune that we must manage our lives within our system of social and economic beliefs and while dreaming is fine, the reality of our human limitations should not be ignored. As with all squares in astrology, is the friction between the two parties involved in the square what makes us evolve. The search for the balance between the two parties, the work to be done.

Chiron entered PISCES in April 2010 and will be transiting this sign until April 2018, it actually begins the year at 17 º Pisces reaching 25 ° on June 27th, when is it will station retrograde until December 1, when it will return to its direct motion at  20 ° 40′. All those with planets in Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, above all in the third decanate, are having a brilliant opportunity to heal old ancestral wounds, bringing consciousness to them, and understanding that these wounds will only affect our Ego and our basic and more physical mind. Awareness that our true “Iamness”can survive any wound is the lesson of these transits. For the mutable signs, such as Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, resistance will be intense until clarity arrives.


Mars makes its retrograde this year as from 18th April,  at 9º Sag until June 30 when it will reach  23 ° of Scorpio. On 24 and 25 August  it will join Saturn aligning itself with the square to Neptune, days where you can expect an extra stress to our dilemma. But, those same days we have a conjunction between Mercurio-Venus – Jupiter in Virgo, which will help us find a more optimistic solution.

Mercury begins the year with their first of 4 retrograde that will make this year, although the latter will be incomplete, since  it will end in January 2017. First Retrograde: the 3 Kings day, January 6 , the planet closest to the Sun, will station retrograde at 0 ° Aquarius, 57′ until January 26, when it will resume its forward motion at 14 ° Cap 56’. Second Retrograde: April 29 at  23 ° Taurus 34′ until 23rd May at 14 ° Taurus 22′. Third Retrograde: 1 September at  28 ° Virgo 53′ until September 22 at 14º Virgo 50′. Fourth and last Retrograde: begins on December 19 at 15 ° Cap 08′ until the 8th of January 2017. As you can see this year, it all happens  in Earth signs, which suggest to us that our the attention must be focus  in our finances, our social responsibility and the realization of our projects, as well as our actions with regard to the health of our planet.

Jupiter finally leaves the sign of Virgo on September 9th to enter Libra, but I will write about this later on.



With Uranus, still crossing your sign, the lesson about finding stability in instability continues. Chiron transiting your 12th House, inspires your sign to find reasons for your behavior, in family and cultural conditioning from which to free yourself. The messages unconsciously deposited on your shoulders by your culture and ancestors must be recognized in order to transcend them. Pluto from Capricorn keeps the pressure towards transformation and the departure from situations that no longer serve any purpose in your life. – Being the first sign of the Zodiac, and  a Fire and Cardinal sign, your strength and courage know no limits. This year you have Saturn on your side, supporting your intentions and your need for stability. But this will come in unusual way, as an internal process, more than in the shape of a stable salary . Vesta transits your sign most of January and February, therefore, the ability to concentrate on the task at hand, will also be without limits and you can find meaning in simply concentrating on what you want to do. As of March 8, Vesta enters Taurus, which will help you focus on your finances and what you consider the most important things in your life. Put  all your energies in carrying out whatever you fancy and need at the moment is paramount. If you’re young or if you’re not so young and you want to go back to school, this is also the right time. Jump into action, with faith and determination. Mars, your ruler, makes its retrograde motion from April 18 to June 30, period where you feel that everything becomes slower and need to re-organize or re-consider things. August 24 new impetus will come into your life and from September 9 Jupiter enters Libra, which will bring even more plans and projects that will enable your progress in an orderly and effective manner. Mercury’s Retrograde motion in January will help you  re-examine certain plans to organize yourself better, don’t make decisions without studying all the possibilities carefully. These retrogrades of planets are especially important to you, since you tend to move fast and act before you think. You may say: “ok. nothing new under the Sun”, well, just remember that there never is a moment identical to another. Life will always surprise you, and never before like now, with Uranus traveling through your sign until March 2019.


You start the year with Mars traveling through your opposite sign of Scorpio during January and February which can bring certain confrontations in personal relationships, demanding patience  of you and careful conscious effort in understanding your own needs and those of the other. In April, Mars begins its retrograde period, from Sagittarius to Scorpio, therefore the emphasis will be on your ability to provide security for yourself, breaking away from dependence on your partner’s or other people’s money. With Uranus still traveling through Aries, something from your unconscious asks for freedom, especially if you are financially dependent. This is a good time to meditate about it. Pluto from Capricorn, continues to demand transformation according to the evolutionary needs of your soul. Neptune and Chiron traveling through your natal House 11, makes relations with friends and your interaction in groups the topic where awareness will be raised. Certain people may disappoint you, allowing you to look at your own expectations and ability to change. Keeping up the tradition is a powerful intention in your life, but if it means stagnation, then you must open doors to new visions and let the present come into your life. Pallas Athena, the goddess of  wisdom, daughter and second in importance to Zeus, walks through your House 10 for most part of the year, bringing your attention to your professional projects, your self-esteem, and the feeling of being efficient member of society. Jupiter continues in Virgo until September 9, bringing opportunities to your door, therefore, trust the Universe and put all your intention in the development of your skills. The month of May with Venus, your absolute ruler, traveling through your sign, will feel as if life is sweetened and will be better than ever. Between April 29 and May 23, Mercury makes its retrograde in your sign, use that opportunity to re-vise whatever protect you have in your hands. As of March 8, until May 17, Vesta will also travel through your sign, helping you to concentrate on the task you are performing, and to be alone with yourself in search of the understanding that there is a part of you, that does not suffer when you suffer, and does not get angry  when you  are upset. Take advantage of these blessings of the Cosmos to understand this.


This is an immensely important year  in your life , when things really happen  and when you are forced to go slower (not easy for your) and re-consider. Your innate duality, your struggle between your need for variety and your eternal search for stability, has led you more than once, to leave the chosen path and change direction. From the end of 2014, when Saturn entered Sagittarius for the first time and then from September of the year that has ended, a new inner strength, a new voice is asking you to persevere, to achieve what you want. A more committed dimension calls you now and perhaps you are feeling you cannot act so freely. The limits can come from a partner, and the expression of it can go from a proposal of marriage, up to the end of a relationship, but the domestic issue is simply a call to putting your energies in developing your talents and your vocation if you know what it is, or go out in search of it if you still don’t know. The theme of Neptune-Saturn square, is about the struggle between the time that you dedicate to yourself and your work, and the time you put into your relationship. How to keep both things without conflict? Although much will depend on your age, the reality of this year, takes you to believe that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to realize your dreams; especially those you often experienced as a vision of the future, when you really saw yourself doing something you would really love doing, even if  at present that option seems difficult. Although there is no need for a special purpose in life,  it is true that our soul or inner self,  asks us to do something and we consciously or unconsciously respond to it, sometimes in the form of dreams. If you’re confused at times, keep walking in the chosen direction, which in time everything will begin to make sense. In April Mars becomes retrograde in the angle of your birth chart that separates the job and relationships, it will be a tense time when you have to fight to maintain the harmony between these two aspects of your life. Pallas and Vesta, the two virgins of Olympus, who encourage us to seek our individuality through our professional life, will be helping you, making you feel strongly that your energies must go in that direction, above all. If you are living abroad, and you are learning to live in other cultures, it will fill you with joy and if you haven’t, maybe you will. Mercury your ruler, makes his third retrograde in September in the sign of Virgo, which will give you a great opportunity to take your time and look at what you’re doing in order to modify and readjust your life.


Fortunately, in addition to being homelike, you are a cardinal sign, and this quality, cardinality, is what separates you from the other Water signs. Is that  relentless fighting spirit in you, which tells you, that you can overcome it all and that you can do it on your own which keeps you going. While Uranus continues  in Aries , during the 2016, which speaks volumes about your struggle for professional stability, and Pluto in Capricorn, which has brought you so many changes,  the theme seems to continue on the path to establishing yourself within your creativity in search of that place you yearn for, which speaks of recognition of your talents and your work.  The magical inspiration of Neptune and Chiron in PISCES takes you to places never thought before, where a spiritual world opens before you eyes and takes you on a journey never before imagined. The passage of Neptune through PISCES which will last until 2018, will never repeat in your life, so enjoy this connection with the divine and the source of creativity and dare to express  everything  you are. The struggle for many Cancerians at this moment, seems to have something to do with the limitations one may have due to lack of studies, qualifications, etc. This is a good time to resolve this, obtaining the necessary qualifications if that ’s what you want or otherwise finding  value in the recognition that the experience and wisdom that you have collected through out life gives you great strength. Not everything are diplomas in life, but if you want to do jobs where you need them, then go for it. From 26 July until 20 October, Vesta will travel through your sign, giving you the energy needed for a project that will allow you to connect with your true creative flow that presently seems to be blocked. Juno makes her retrograde motion this year in Scorpio, for those with children going to college or simply moving to another country or leaving home, this will be the challenging time, when you finally learn to let go of them, something not so easy for Cancerian mothers. Cancer without someone to care for, seems to pale in their vital energy. Mars also makes its retrograde in April in the area of the health and work. Mental and physical stress during that month, can be difficult to manage. Carefully balance your energies. Jupiter continues to reinforce the popularity of Cancer, which helps you feel at ease in your closest environment, something very important to you.


You begin the year with Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius, blowing airs of self-esteem and appreciation for achievements through hard work and years of dedication to a task. The intention of the Cosmos for you appears to be stability and payments of karmic debts for work well done. Something finally stabilizes, although there is still work to be done, especially in matters in your home front. Finance with the influence of Jupiter in Virgo, seem to improve, but the tendency to spend more than what you can afford is still there, so this is a good time to consider these issues. Juno travels though Scorpio in the bulk part of the year, making its retrograde in this sign and area of your chart that deals with your home forcing you to solve and say goodbye to situations that  are long overdue . Mars also travels through the same area throughout January and February, so there will be tensions on that front, but the end is the freedom from a situation you have ignored for too long. Ceres which starts the year in the sign of Aquarius showing you the way to get the most from your work without breaking the skin, makes its retrograde right in your MC, therefore issues about whether the work you do is really your vocation or just a job, it will be on your table. The idea of training again, returning to school, if you are young or old enough to do so, is one of the possibilities. One can always keep learning from others, whatever you do or whichever stage you are in your professional life. A new adventure is always interesting and an important lesson for any fixed sign as yours. The retrograde Mercury from April 29 to May 23, is in the sign of Taurus, therefore professional decisions can take longer than desired, and if you’re a teenager, stress can come from your parents and especially the mother. Children can be a source of concern this year, if they are old enough, learning to set boundaries between your self and your children, the year’s theme, for many Leos. If you don’t have any children, this could be the time do so.


This promises to be a year of contrasts and challenges for you. With Jupiter the great benefactor still traveling through your sign until September 9, opportunities are still on your way, pay attention, or you may miss them But Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius are in a kind of theatrical play  and you are caught right in middle of it, somehow confusing you and challenging you to put some order in your life. Since Neptune entered PISCES in 2011, a new dimension has entered your life that somehow is forcing you to take things in a calmer way. All that mattered to you before, suddenly seems to have changed and what was vital for you, now seems to have lost importance. The theme is how to realize your ideas and put order in your relationship if you have one and if you don’t the importance of understanding why not. Relationships with siblings and neighbors seem to be tense at the beginning of the year and Mars makes its retrograde in the area of your chart that reflects your situation at home. Outstanding issues on this front need your attention so you can live a more peaceful life. The  4 Mercury retrogrades of this year  are in Earth signs, which has a concrete effect on you. Beginning with this first one one 6 January, then in May, September and at the end of the year, something seems to be insisting that you look carefully at what you are doing, the decisions you make, and somehow everything seems to be encouraging you to concentrate in your home situation. A parent may become a source of responsibility for you. The profound transformation that you have endured in recent years, has left you scarred, yet something within you does not suffer,  and you seem to know this. Even in the most difficult of predicaments as you have experienced, something within your psyche was a simple observer. It is as if your body needed the lessons but not your soul. Vesta, your ruler, like Mercury, will be transiting your 9th house from March 8 to May 17. This is a great time to meditate, do spiritual retreats, to connect with that  all-knowing inner self, which does not suffer, that observes from the depths of your being. Far from being a bad year, this is one of those moment of life when you will become aware of these things and which will drive you to continue enjoying and discovering this incredibly magical and mysterious life.


Despite the continuous transit of Uranus through your opposite sign of Aries which somehow does not let you find peace and quiet in your relationships, or even have that stability you crave for in relationship, added to Pluto in Capricorn which continues to encourage you to transform, you must have learned by now to handle these energies that have brought so much change into your life. You start the year with Vesta also walking through your opposite sign, until March 8, which somehow brings more isolation and apparent loneliness. If you’re a true Libra, nothing you will stop in your search for that relationship that may bring balance and meaning to your life. But this is not the time to do so, unless you’re willing to accept the kind of relationship that these gods bring at this point in time to your life, which look more like friendship with certain rights than the idea that you have of a relationship. But learning to live this type of emotional detachment has its advantages, as it leave you more time to do what you have to do for yourself. Vesta will travel through the House 9 of your birth chart, from 17 May until June 26, which will bring your attention teaching and studying, to certain activities like yoga or meditation which can help you contact the divine, opening doors to your spiritual and intellectual growth. With Pallas traveling through Aquarius for most of the year, with put the emphasis on yourself, in the development of whatever it is you call profession and what allows you to provide yourself not only with spiritual but also material security. With Juno in Scorpio, to work with a  partner is very possible and many lessons will come along that path. The changes that have occurred in recent years have made it clear to you that nothing will stops you, and that you can function without the other,  even though your destiny will always bring you back to relationships of personal kind. If you do a creative work, this is an extraordinary moment full of possibilities and with Mars traveling through Scorpio the first two months of this year, you will be surprised the energy that will invest in it and in making money. The tension will arise if what you are trying to do is not of your liking or is not an expression of your soul, because your health may suffer as a result. Communication with your co-workers may be affected, but all this will take you to simply challenge yourself in order to evolve. Does your work allow you to express your creativity, your talents? Then you are in for a good time. These are times to take care of your health and pay attention to the food you eat and to how you feel within your work. The relationship with brothers and sisters as with neighbors may suffer this year, with an increase in responsibility because of them. Despite all this, something tells you inside of you, you’re on the right track.


Your  have started this year with Mars in your sign all of January and February and with Juno, also in Scorpio for the most part of the year. Energy will flow in abundance, but you don’t increase your activity, may be difficult to manage. Big plans and resolutions will be turning your head, all with enough optimism and enthusiasm. The situation at work has been very stable, which forces you to review your finances and make sure that you can handle everything. These past two years have not been the easiest but they should have been quite productive and 2016 is a year when you can take advantage of your work financially if you’re willing to put the work. The birth of a new project can bring more responsibility and effort, but fortunately you are not famous for avoiding a challenge at the first obstacle. Even so, if the passage of Saturn through your birth-sign during 2013 and 2014 left you exhausted, this is not time to relax. Something is changing in your mind and you do not see life in the same way you did. Neptune and Chiron from PISCES are asking that you connect with your creativity and daring to express it without self-criticism and with faith in your own wisdom. The relationship with your children, if you have them, will make aware of the need to put more limits as part of your job as a parent, something you find very difficult at present. Issues of money may also arise with them. The second retrograde of Mercury, of the four we have this year, between April 29 and May 23, occurs in your opposite sign of Taurus, and you’ll need more patience with your personal relationships practicing listening more carefully. Not everything the other says or does is aimed at you. Do not personalize all the actions of your partner. October can bring tensions with brothers and sisters or neighbors, but friends relationships seem to give you everything you need emotionally at this time. Your difficulty in letting go and managing the intensity of your emotions, find a place of comfort with friend who somehow allow you to feel connected with demanding so much of you . Both March and May can bring very nice moments with loved ones, although the return of Mars to your sign by the largest part of June can bring more stress.  Do not take out on those closest to you. June 14 Neptune goes retrograde until November 20. This will be a time of self-questioning, but above all a close encounter with something inside yourself which is crying to be expressed.


Suddenly life has become serious and full of responsibilities and the jovial and optimistic spirit that characterizes you is being tested this year. This, far from being negative, is exhilarating and pivotal. Saturn in your sign, simply asks you to turn your plans and ideas into reality , give them shape, not allowing yourself to be distracted with more than one project you can not finish. Saturn as archetype, represents structure, compliance, but above all the structure of consciousness. Be aware of what happens in your life and why your are in the situation you are.  Decisions 7, 14 or 21 or 28 years ago, whatever your situation or age may be,  are now bearing their fruit. If you have made wrong decision in the past, now you have a chance to fix it and turn into positive what was negative. However, if you made the right decisions, then you will now reap the fruits of it. This is the reason why Saturn is called the Lord of Karma. Your sign has to do with the meaning of everything, law, education, travel, the eternal search for the truth, so with Saturn fastening belt, you get full of opportunities to realize a dream, carefully guarded in the depths of your soul, or to correct any error from the unconsciousness of the past. Sagitarians travel in search of adventure, yet this time the traveling may be towards the understanding of your spiritual journey, studying, researching on the computer, instead of looking out from a tourist bus. Sagittarius may also relate to fanaticism, religious, idiosyncratic, so if you have followed the truth according to the precepts of others, it is possible that Saturn will bring you back on track into your own spiritual, so you find your own divine images rather than those imposed by others. Saturn will be traveling round hand in hand with Neptune in PISCES, which will feel like a slow down of your energies. Discrimination will come into your life with force, in a desperate need to shape internal images seeking expression. Making  sense of your inner chaos, is a feature of this combination. The Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo in September, will be felt quite strongly. The last two weeks of August, can be particularly challenging, but don’t forget to use your natural wisdom, to try to elucidate the symbolism wrapped in the real facts. Each experience has a very special meaning. Don’t let it escape you. Jupiter your ruler, you will be traveling through Virgo until September, so bursts of optimism will come to help you at all times.


Your sign is a specialist in getting up from a fall, and this year will be no exception. The goat goes out in search of food into the mountains and despite falling several times, especially the youngest, they climb again over and over again. Everything seems to continue to change in your life without having greater control over this, and the pressure to change what you resist changing, continuous. A ray of light is filtered in your consciousness and with Jupiter in Virgo from September of 2015, and  the entrance of Saturn, your ruler, in Sagittarius, the need to find the true meaning of your destiny is an uncontrollable intention. This year, all the retrogrades of Mercury, which are 4, occur in Earth signs, giving you plenty of opportunities to reflect, restructure and re-evaluate your situation. Saturn in square to Neptune, focuses specifically on your intention to express the inexpressible. Suddenly, the meaning of inspiration makes sense in your life and a wealth of ancestral information seems to be available to you. The fearsome Ethereal world, the ineffable, seeks expression from the depths of your psyche. You start the year with Vesta, the guardian of the divine fire from your  4th house of your birth chart  that evokes finding home and the connection with our origins. Suddenly your home becomes a sanctuary, where you can give free rein to your imagination in search of your own inner fire. From March, Vesta enters your House 5, helping you to connect with that fire that allows you to continue with a sense of purpose before ignored. Jupiter in Virgo brings optimism and helps connect with ideals that you thought asleep. The instability lived at home, can lead you to understand that the real “home” is in the depths of your heart and that the rest is geography. With Mars and Juno walking through your House 11 the first two months of the year, your friendships will be affected, in response to the internal changes that you are experiencing. Those who share your transformation will remain at your side, those who don’t,  will leave your life forever.

Mars will pass through your sign from September 27 until 9 November, pushing you further to make resolutions that you’ve been putting off, the third week of October will be particularly challenging and you will understand that we can not block change, never mind what we do. Fortunately your sign is a cardinal sign, which means that action and change live  in the depths of your soul, helping you enjoy these challenges that allow you to test yourself, over and over again with the profound understanding that is exactly that what helps you evolve.


You start the year with much activity in your House 10, with Mars walking through it during January and February, and Juno doing its retrograde of the year there. Your attention goes to professional projects and restructuring it. Your wonderful futuristic vision sometimes makes you forget the present and its teachings, especially when it comes to your financial situation. With Neptune and Chiron traveling through your House 2 which is related to the way in which you find stability, something needs to be confronted and re-organized to be able to take advantage of your effort. If you work with a group of people or friends, this will be the most obvious tension point, where Saturn seems to demand boundaries and structure, and you will be forced to make decisions not so popular among those around you. Yet Saturn being the traditional ruler (before Uranus was discovered) of your sign, may bring to consciousness, the need to accept your human condition and the importance that friends have in your life. When all other personal relationships seem to crumble, your friends are still there, and it fills you with satisfaction. Pallas Athena will travel through your sign almost throughout the year, passing its retrograde motion there , therefore your profession and the development of it is still the most important thing for this year. Ceres also begins the year in your sign and will be there until the end of February which this year has 29 days being a leap year. This may also help you organize your work to be able to get more out of your effort. If you’re young and still studying, the entrance of Jupiter in your House 9 from September 9, can take you to other places in search of knowledge, other countries. If you’re not working anymore or are a pensioner, in your continuous search for meaning, you can now enjoy time investigating what it had been postponed in your years of work. If you are still fighting for your survival, this is a year full of possibilities where you can measure and control what you do and benefit from it. Vesta will be in Taurus, therefore in your House 4, from March 8 to May 17, and suddenly you enjoy living in your home which has become your own sanctuary, a place where you can concentrate on the task to be carried out with peace and quiet. The last two months of the year, Mars will be passing through your sign therefore the need to increase your physical activity is evident, and a renewed vitality comes into your life. The god of War, works best within a structure, yet the feeling is  to fight against it. The Mercury of May  will give you the opportunity to slow down and re-view your decisions. The entrance of Jupiter in Libra on September 9 will bring you a good harvest for the crop you planted during the year.


This is definitely an extremely important year for fishes of the zodiac. Definition and setting limits is what is on the agenda, something that doesn’t come natural to you. Something inside your soul calls for structure, the awareness that what’s wrong in your life is not the fault of others, the political situation, or your bosses, but a theme in the depths of your psyche that emanates from your ancestral and cultural history. The victimization you often hang on to, will not help you now . This, far from being negative,  will fill you with inner power, when you begin to realize that change as well as inevitable, is stimulating and conducive of work and satisfaction. Your ruler Neptune entered your sign in 2011, for the first time in the life of all of us who are alive today, opening a door towards the possibility of understanding something Pisces instinctually knows, which is that we are all One. What lives inside of us, beyond our family and cultural conditioning, is not separated by political, religious, economic and social beliefs. It is precisely this connection with everything, which fills us with power, and makes us understand that if we connect with it, we can really change the world. As if it were a play, we all accept unconsciously to represent a role, which serve the purpose of the Great Soul. Awareness that we must become the change we want to see in the world is the lesson that Neptune in your sign, brings us all. Chiron will do its retrograde in your sign from June 27 to September 1 when the opportunity to delve into your ancestral wound, will help you to understand what’s wrong in your life, not to find guilty one but to understand your story. All the pain lived by our ancestors is reflected in each of our cells and recognizing it is the only thing that helps us in our journey towards individuation. January and February are very active in the House of studies and learning, with Mars transiting it, this will bring renewed energy in that area but can also create tensions that you must learn to manage in order to avoid unwanted outcomes. Being in the sign of Scorpio, this energy will be assimilated positively by you, something inside you calls for more exercise and activity. If you are studying, use this extra energy to charge your batteries and push your studies, although some tension will arise with your teachers or instructors. Vesta will transit  your House of communication and your immediate surroundings, your relationship with brothers and sisters through out March and April, which will help you understand that you are part of a pattern that we call family. Saturn in its square to your ruler Neptune which is the most significant feature of this year, demands structure in your profession, definition. This is the real challenge for those who insist the money tis not important in their lives. The struggle to achieve a position of respect and social recognition, at the same time that the spirituality of the soul, tells you that that is just nonsense, is the big inner dilema of this year for Pisces.

The VENUS-JUNO conjunction

For the past ten days we have been experiencing a Venus-Juno conjunction, (meaning they have been lined up in the sky, looking almost like one and the same star, from our vantage point on Earth), the only two “wives” of Olympus.  Also the conjunction Mars-Lilith, which was exact the day of the San Bernardino shootings, in California.

Venus, in our consciousness is the second planet of our solar system from the Sun outwards, and Goddess of Seduction, Beauty, Love and Pleasure, married to Hephaestus, by order of the gods, but in love with Ares, both sons of Hera/Juno, but not of Zeus.

The Archetypes of the Venus in the psyche of a woman represents her ability to seduce the male, and drive him crazy with love and passion. Her beauty is such that man finds it absolutely irresistible. The power of Venus, is not limited to physical beauty, but to everything that emanates from the feminine, that men fall in love with.

Juno (name Roman)/Hera (Greek name), is an asteroid discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding on the 1st of September 1804.)

Asteroids or minor planets, are not minor in its expression in our psyche, they are mostly located between Mars and Jupiter, as if they were on the threshold of the human experience, ” before ”  we dare to leave the neighborhood.

Asteroids work as a transformer between the collective and the experience of the personal planets. The emergence of these asteroids, considered planets at the time of discovering, marked the beginning of a State of consciousness considered to be, a quantum leap, especially in the expression and understanding of the feminine, since the four first discovered and named correspond to 4 major goddesses of Olympus.

In the beginning of the 1800s,  when these asteroids were discovered, we saw the abundance of female literature, as Jane Austen, the Brontë Sisters (Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre) and Jean-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (Beauty and the Beast) Joanna Southcott, Johanna Spyri (Heidi), Harriet Beecher Stowe (UncleTom’s cabin) Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Secret Garden) , etc.

Until then, the moon had been considered (the cycle of rising and waning Moon) as the symbol of the evolution of the feminine, but these asteroids came to fill the glass of other more detailed archetypes, more specific of the experience of the feminine, both in men and in women.

In its physical influence, asteroids correspond to the activation of new cells in the brain and nerve centers that allow us to grow and transform, as Demetra George mentions in her extraordinary work on the Asteroid Goddesses.  In its psychological aspect they represent potentials that have been asleep and are evoked by these archetypes, by stories of the goddesses and gods of the names that have been attributed to them. Finally, in its spiritual aspect, they provide us with a path to a consciousness that allows us to evolve from the personal to the collective. They help us become aware of that illusion of duality with which most of us see the world.

Like all archetypes and symbols that we use in astrology, Archetypes of these asteroids works on many levels, depending on the degree of development of the individual. Ultimately, astrologically, the use of these symbols function as a “fine tuning” and added depth to the understanding of the chart, and the experience of the feminine in our lives.

The problem is, often, that we insist on using these symbols as something “literal” and we must understand that Archetypes are simply ideas, images that serve us to evoke new horizons of consciousness, which help us in our path to the evolution of our psyche.

Aphrodite and Juno are  the only wives of Olympus, meaning the only two goddesses properly married. Aphrodite plays with the brothers, since she is wife to Hephaestus (the deformed) but she lays with Ares (the beautiful and strong), with whom she had most of her children: Harmonia. Adrestia, Eros and Anteros.

Juno instead, becomes wife and consort of the King of the gods, his brother and his son, in some versions and its intent and mission is to maintain, as such, completely faithful,  yet, her and Zeus never have children together. Its Greek name (Hera) means the land and also “lady”, which is the feminine form of hero.

However, she becomes the goddess of marriage and presides over all the rites of the marriage regardless of culture. After having been vomited by Saturn, she was given to Thetis and Oceanus, so she was raised by two sea deities,  the gods that symbolize the power of emotions. Zeus fell in love of his sister and it is said that he seduced her, becoming a cuckoo bird, and provoked a firestorm and then stopped all wet and dying in the skirt of her sister. She felt pity and took care of it and that’s when he manifested himself  in his true form and violate her.

She then, feeling ashamed, married him, by guilt and obligation. (This still seems to describe the fate of many women nowadays). At the beginning there was a lot of  sensuality between them but soon passed and the story of this marriage and its struggles of power between them,  is what is mostly known, he always unfaithful, and she completely faithful and devoted to her husband. She retired once in a while and disappears to restructure and restore her virginity and thus be able to seduce her husband over and over again. In refusing to be unfaithful, she plays her most powerful card, since her reputation was impeccable, so the infidel and treacherous was always him.

She had to Ares when she came in contact with a may flower, that had been given to her by the goddess Flora, then had Hephaestus, in a fit of anger, therefore the was born ugly, deformed and lame. She felt so ashamed when she saw him that she threw him out from Olympus. Then Zeus had Hercules, whose name means the “Gloria of Hera”, but not with her. Some stories say that Zeus, waited for her to go to sleep and hung the baby on your chest so she would breastfeed him without  realizing it. One day she awoke in the middle of it and removed Hercules from her breast and the milk that poured out of her, created the Milky Way. She periodically retired, to different shrines, when it couldn’t deal anymore with Zeus’ infidelities, but she always returned. Once refused altogether to come home and so he he proceded to announce his marriage with a local Princess and thus managed to convince her to return.

Juno represents the feminine desire of union with man, physical, psychological and spiritually, therefore represents the complexes and suffering that emerge when we cannot get this union. It represents the desire of men and women to have a stable and long term relationship where passion and companionship reign. Married or not married, heterosexual or homosexual, those are human differences that do not affect the archetype of the goddess.

She emerges from the symbolism of the Moon and Venus, but  enhances the meaning of them, in the sense that Venus is the first step towards relationship, seduction and sexuality and the Moon speaks of the experience of the feminine in men as in women, but Juno, is “the wife”, she describes the functioning of the relationship, hence she is considered the ruler of Libra and Scorpio. In her more Scorpio self, Juno confronts us with the pathologies which emerge from the relationship due to infidelity: jealousy, revenge, the fight for sexual property of the partner, infidelity, power plays: “today i have a headache, sorry”. deception and abandonment. The anger expressed toward the person with whom our partner deceives us. Also the sacrifice in the relationship – the woman or man who abandons her profession for the relationship and then disconnect from their internal power and their own destiny. The fear of abandonment, fear of deceit, fear of sexuality, bisexuality, fear of being devoured and absorbed by the sexual partner, fear of the true commitment and therefore the variety of superficial relationships, the use of children as an instrument of war, giving out power to the other – the female that marries the boss or the politician,etc. These are the women that men accuse of manipulators, who take over the needs of their husbands to be able manipulate them. Rape within marriage and its difficulty to be proved in the courts. The use of sexuality to manipulate, to be able to become a wife, sexuality as an elixir wishing the relationship.

Juno symbolizes the struggle of women and their rights within marriage. In her Libra aspect, she uses her beauty to keep his consort interested in her, in search of  a divine union that keep the family together, even if her interest is not in their children, but in her husband.

To be able to “handle” that aspect Juno of our psyche, both in men and in women, the answer lies in invoking Vesta, and become one that takes care of the divine fire, in other words, maintain the energy and vision on what each of us has come to develop in this life, apart from our story with our husband or wife. That, which makes us individuals and helps us carry out the task that we have come to do.

If you find yourself trapped  in a relationship  or in power struggles with your partner and especially if in recent days you have become more conscious of it , invoked Vesta, in your life and it will come to help you.Call upon that side of your psyche that drives you to keep the divine fire burning and that calls you to manifest your own destiny, beyond the confines of personal relationships.


The entry of Saturn, the second largest planet in our solar system after Jupiter, and sixth from the Sun, in the sign of the Archer, will feel like a breath of fresh air for many, but as Saturn is always Saturn, never mind which sign he finds itself in, we all have important lessons to learn from this new position which will take about 2 and a half years. It begins this walk through the ninth sign with bells and whistles, since at entry is forming important angularities to Neptune and to Jupiter, which happen to be opposite each other, thus forming a T-square among the three. Those who know a little bit of astrology, continue to scratch their head trying to figure out the true meaning of such planetary aspect. Great many books have been written about it.

A T-square, with a Saturn as Apex, which is the role played by this planet, which forms 90º angles to two other planets opposing each other, indicates a need to establish a practical and serious relationship to the great ideals of life, in this case in particular, since involves Jupiter and Neptune , planets that relate to our ideals and our longings, respectively. Obviously, not without great difficulties, especially on the road to professional success, and social prominence, in an individual birth chart. The need to bring order to a apparently chaotic world, is an extraordinary drive and intensely Saturnian. When this occurs in an individual it seems that life forces him to learn the lessons and wisdom of patience, perseverance and humility. It is possible that doubt and lack of self-esteem restricts the person through out his own life. The lack of faith in him or herself often grows from the voice of a very severe, traditional father who does not value the decisions of his son/daughter and hence they feel they have to prove themselves to others all the time. As this is a T-square in mutable signs, since Jupiter is in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius, the tension of this planetary aspect, will be at the mental level for many, and it will be particularly felt at an oficial level that involves paper work and oficial offices, government decisions, etc., clearly seen at the moment in the situation with the migration of Syrians, Iraqis, etc, into Europe, since they will need to organize all their documents in order to legally enter the countries of the European Union. It will produce, or rather it is producing, a general panic, terror of the ‘musulmation’ of Europe, something which many countries oppose with walls of barbed wire and changes in the law, in order to contain the invasion, as Hungary and other countries of Eastern Europe. The positive side of this position of Saturn in a mutable fire sign as Sagittarius, is that it will promote studies, research, changes in the law to adapt to new times and bring education to the 21 Century. It will bring attention to those who create the law, the authorities, judges, politicians; to transatlantic long travel and airline companies, and especially to our beliefs, and to the process of what we do in the name of that which we call God, that nobody really knows what it is, since it remains a mystery and the reasons why so many of us, are willing to die for it, without having actually asked ourselves what is that they are actually fighting for.

Awareness of our social responsibilities, our need for order, of true justice in our environment, to be able to progress as Nations, as individuals, will be another aspect of this Saturn transit through the sign of Sagittarius, as it will be our responsibility with the weather changes and its effect on the Plantet. As Timothy Snyder, Professor of history at Yale University and author of the book Black Earth said: “there can be no freedom without order”. This is the biggest lesson of Saturn and Saturn in Sagittarius, especially. Our freedom of thought must be reinforced by studies, scientific advancements, because there is no Present, without memory of the Past and our visions for the Future. Saturn in Sagittarius will teach us that an excessive optimism leads us to disappointment, that the lack of legalization of any project, may lead to its failure. Whatever we do must remain within the law, it is what allows us to live in freedom. or is it not? Good luck won’t be the ingredient for success, but hard work and opening our mind to other ways of thinking to learn from them, will help. Pleasure trips will be replaced by travels for duty, work and studies. As I mentioned before, the Erasmus system will flourish further, giving the opportunity to thousands of young people go and study other cultures and enrich themselves doubly, by incorporating other ways of seeing life into their psyche. Freedom of religion must abide by the law. Therefore in this migration of Muslims to countries that are not, will  be seriously regularised so that both parties respect the values of the other, enabling them to live together. Our superficial view of religion and our blind obedience to what is preached by the representatives of different religions will be seriously challenged or it should be. We must ask ourselves what is being preached and if the message leads us all to live in a better world with more acceptance, tolerance and peace.

Saturn in Sagittarius, and in its squares to Jupiter and Neptune, will lead us to try and find a way to live with our ideals in a framework of respect and structuring in which nothing might take us to kill those who do not believe in the words of our God. The serious question of what is that we call God, and how this conditions our lives, will be the central theme. The “big business” of educational ”Masters”, which many students today are forced to do paying exorbitant prices, in order to find work, also will meet Saturnian hand, hopefully, selecting those valid ones from the not so valid, especially those where you can get a certificate after a year or sometimes a month of studies, for the price of 3000 euros. It has become an uncontrolled business, in my view.

Saturn is Cronos of the Roman mythology, the God of Time. As Snyder said: “Time is the fourth dimension, which can make the 3 dimensions of space, a little less claustrophobic. Saturn brings also the awareness of historical events, when the power falls and chaos and violence ensues, as it is happening today in several countries around the world. It reaffirms the fact that order, legal order, in this particular case of Saturn in Sag, is indispensable.

Eventually, astrologers understand that Saturn continues to be the most important of the planets  in this earthy life, to learn the necessary lessons to find freedom as individuals and as Nations, which are brought about by limitations and restriction.

For those born between November 1985 until December of 1988, this transit of Saturn through Sagittarius, coincides with the first return of this planet into their lives, which takes place at around 28 years of life, for a couple of years. this is one of the highlights of life, when one makes decisions that will mark the rest of our life. For many people, I included, it is considered the true birth as an individual, when one has sufficient maturity, to re – direct our destiny in the direction we want. The opportunity to choose the true profession and work of our life, away from the influence of the paternal or maternal voice. Away from the values of a society that expects to do this or the other, without taking into account our true talents and desires. A fuller picture of the responsibilities and challenges that means choosing for oneself, so not to blame others for our own decisions. A moment, for many, greatly challenging, but at the same time, exciting, with a sense of : “Finally, I know what to do” or at least what NOT to do. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have steered your life in the direction that your soul asks of you, then this is a moment of structuring, enriching and reaffirming it. If you have not known what to do, and you’ve followed simply the wishes of the family and the environment, then is a special time to redirect your path and get to do what your soul needs to do. From this point until the second Saturn return which occurs at age 58, is the time of greatest professional productivity, time for family, children, therefore, one of the most important moments of your life. So, fasten your belt and get to it. You are starting one of the most stimulating decades of your life.

For those born between October of 56 and beginning of January of 59, this represents the second Saturn return, again, it marks a moment on the edge of an extraordinary change, yet this time, you have probably developed your profession, have had your family and children have grown up; women, have already survived their menopause, so the emphasis that drives us towards the 60’s decade is about the way to give back to society what we have taken from it, passing our knowledge to the younger, to those who need it, fighting for social change, in which we believe faithfully, make sense at the end of our lives, doing something for society and for others. A time sacred to those who have not followed the wishes of the soul, especially in their profession, this is the opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do, but you did not know how. If you have mental and physical health, now is the time.

Be curious and observe what happens under Saturn in Sagittarius, journey that will take us until December 20th, 2017. Be a part of it. Consciously.

In the third part of Saturn in Sagittarius, I will concentrate on what will be its effect sign by sign. Breathe deep and take the best possible benefits of this extraordinary cosmic event.