New Moon in Aries – TODAY AND TOMORROW

375web-birthofthenewmanBefore anything I apologize for having been away for a couple of weeks, but other aspects of my life, have been knocking on my door and I had no choice but to respond. But I’m back and as appropriate for the new moon in Aries, which means along with the Equinox, the true Astrological New Year, a new flow of energy pushes us towards something renewed, new paths, new adventures, new projects, new ideas, new techniques of work, new decisions, renovation, renovation and renewal. The extraordinary power of initiation of Aries is being felt stronger that ever for this new moon, because it becomes exact in conjunction to Uranus, thus accentuating the current and famous cardinal T-cuadrante that all astrologers have been talking and writing about since 4 years ago: Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer are involved in this aspect we call a T-square which is still at its maximum power. This lunation kind of starts this month of April, where we will have a Lunar eclipse on the 15th, followed by the Grand Cardinal Cross that will be formed when Mars joins the equation on the 21st, from the sign of Libra, and then the solar eclipse in Taurus on the 28 and 29 of this next month.
Much has been said about this Grand Cross, which none of us alive today on the planet has lived through before, which is happening at the same time, all of us experience this incredible political, financial and above all personal changes. When the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and internal or personal planets (from mercury to Mars), are in such a precise aspects with external planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), as it is the case at present, we get a chance to live and recognize the power of astrology in all its full expression. The change of consciousness that all are living consciously or unconsciously does not leave us any doubts, that, as H.G.Wells said: “Adapt or Perish, now and forever, is the inexorable requirement of Nature”.
This cross which is joined by this new moon in Aries impels us to take a breather and observe, reflect on our way forward. We need to create, inquire, change, remodel, in order to adapt to the new demands of our psyche. What is the collective unconscious asking of us?, which way we should go to expand our minds and give our soul the opportunity to grow, to manifest itself in its entirety? and not simply live as a poor copy of the demands of our cultural and family history. Different cultures are our extraordinary diversity, but diversity is not synonymous with separation or at least, it shouldn’t be. Every human on this planet are in the same predicament, no matter our social, financial and cultural condition. If we damage Nature, both the rich and poor, whites and blacks, Japanese and Argentines, will suffer the consequences.
This new moon forms next to Juno, and Uranus. Relationships have a chance to understand what it means, to be partners and yet maintain autonomy, to understand that each of us must meet the needs of our individual soul, never mind how in love we are. Those relationships that are unable to adapt to this impulse to follow one’s own path and destiny, will probably come to an end, those which can adapt or find a compromise between the life in common, and the internal need of personal fulfillment, will find a common path, a path of respect for the needs of the other and seek a solution. The possibilities are endless, because human beings are extremely creative. Now, if we follow the patterns of previous generations, then we have a problem. Uranus does not let us accommodate and just simply relax in our habits, it keeps tempting us opening doors and whispering to our soul: ‘Look’ “There is more… to life, to your life”. Uranus represents our intellect, our scientific mind, the understanding of the needs of our community and Pluto, connects us with Nature, with our inner beast, with our deepest instincts, with our need to survive and perpetuate the species. The encounter between these two is asking of us, that we find the bridge between these two aspects of our human nature to achieve a balance so that we can operate as complete beings instead of feeling divided. Jupiter in Cancer urges us to find Home, that inner place, where we can feel secure and confident that everything will be fine. The Home that Jupiter is speaking about, is not a geographical location, or a House, but a State of mind that recognizes our diversity but includes other ways of thinking, other idiosyncrasies, other ways of being, because it is this diversity that makes us what we are and enriches us daily. Mars in Libra, approaching in its retrograde motion towards the great cross of April, finally seems to be helping to resolve conflicts between different ethnic groups and customs, emphasizing dialogue. With the exception of Syria, we have seen many military threats but none has been manifested yet.
But of course, nothing can stay as it was. That is impossible, and this is probably the most complicated influence of this Grand Cross, we should reform our education, our social services and our attitude towards the community, to politics, towards Nature. As I like to say it to myself, “we must return to the Goddess”, we must understand the laws of nature that continually guide us in the right path. These are great moments to take long walks in contact with the sea, the forest, the mountain.
Meditate and connect with Nature, make contact with that majestic and living force, this will give you the keys to understand which path you must follow. Human relations confuse us and disturb us at times and we need to breathe fresh air and listen to ourselves in a calm and wild environment. It is in our own inner wilderness where many of the answers we seek, lay.

NEW MOON IN ARIES – April 10, 2013

mujeres guerrerasHere finally comes the new moon in Aries from 2013, a unique astrological moment of the year, since it reinforces that energy that started in the Spring-Autumn Equinox on March 20.
The Sun and the Moon are in 20° Aries 41′, and give us the necessary impetus for the start of a new year, a new project, almost I would say “The” project of the year.
This is a special moment, in the sense that just 20 hours after that new moon peaks, the Moon continues to the sign of Taurus, giving the impulse of the Earth element, necessary to give way or materialize the project that is ready to jump into its full manifestation.
But this doesn’t end there.
This New Moon, take place in the company of Venus and Mars also in Aries at about 22 to 24 degrees respectively, further strengthening the need to realize our deepest desires in search of the reward for our efforts and on their way to the realization of our Fate. Aries reminds us that the impulse to action comes from far beyond the mental understanding. It drives the soul and the body follows, without the necessary awareness of the motivations of such action.
It is a pure energy, as if the soul give us a push in the back, saying: “OK! “NOW!”
Fears that come from Pluto in Capricorn vanish, and there is a certain freedom of action, something like the wind blowing in favour of the motion.
Saturn forms a T-cuadrante with Pallas, in opposition, and Juno, in square and as the apex.
The desire to remain faithful to a personal relationship is in conflict with the need for freedom of action and desire to be an individual and manifest our own individual Fate.
If you find yourself in a situation where the actions or position of others seems to impede your progress, then think again, if the obstacle is real or if you have allow its existence, to learn something about yourself.
Nothing can stand between you and your Fate, you can be sure of that, remember: the momentum towards the manifestation of your own destiny comes from far beyond this current life experience. Aries gives us the opportunity to renew the momentum and get us to be and learn, all that we have come to BE and LEARN.
Ceres from Cancer, sign in which she feels particularly confortable, naturally, slowly comes to the trine with Saturn and Neptune-Chiron, thus forming a Water Grand Trine, allowing emotions to flow in harmony, giving us a sense of going in the right direction, it kind of supports our action, and offering the possibility of healing old wounds.
Two days later, on the 12th, Pluto stations retrograde until September 20th, day in which it will come to the 4th square to Uranus at about 9° of Capricorn-Aries, the 3rd will be at about 11º on May 21st. A reminder that the global and personal situation that is giving us one of the most important lessons of life still standing, and this does not mean only difficult and negative situations. Simply all those changes that are being forced upon us, to redirect our lives and which demands great patience and self-analysis.
Enjoy this new impetus and new sudden courage which are there to help you take some decisions that even if they seem difficult, will have the protection of the Cosmos. Trust and let it flow.