New and Full Moon in June 2010

We (astrologers) have been waiting for this moment, when Astrology becomes so relevant, due to the acceleration of World events, which we have been talking and writing about for more than 2 or 3 years now.
I will start with the New Moon of this week end, because as most changes of the Moon, this one is very special but still softer in its effect than the eclipsed Full Moon, of June 26th.
Couple of days ago, just before the New Moon in Gemini commenced to form, Mercury entered Gemini as well, sign that it rules, making contact with Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus as well as Chiron.The key word for this New Moon is without any doubts: COMUNICATION!
Real communication, and by this I mean, not just an exchange of words with someone, but the type of communication that involves the expression of one’s soul.
What is it that needs to be expressed from within?. This is when you can write, draw, paint, whatever you need to say, if you feel that you can’t find the time, the words or the moment to say how you feel.
Writers know that the best material “comes out”, when you just let it flow out. Without rationalize it or think it too much. Real communication cannot necessarily be controlled by us, it just happens. These are times when IT can, just happen.
Mercury or Hermes was the Messenger of the Gods, in Greek Mythology, as such he enjoyed privileges that no other God did. Chief among them, were lying, stealing. He was committing these sins in the name of some God, quite often Zeus, King of the Gods. And who was going to argue with Zeus?
There is an element of that in many Geminis. Peter pan, the eternal child is another archetype of this sign of the twins. They always seem to get away, we seem to forgive them things, we will never forgive anybody else for. They are simply irresistible! Who does not know one?
Of course, you can sit and talk for hours and say absolutely nothing!, but this is not the time for that.
This week end we have said thing we meant to say quite a while ago and with the help of Chiron, we have found out what is preventing us to say how we feel at all times.
The creative minds have been active!
But the actual New Moon, meaning the Sun and the Moon at 21º of Gemini, has been making an aspect to Saturn which must have help many dreams come true, if the work and the dedication has been there, or come stumbling down, if we have not been working at it.
This Moon, with the help of Chiron, can help us take the decision to begin to transform our negative thoughts into positive ones. To become aware of the connection between our negative thoughts and our reality. If you want to change your reality, you must change your thoughts, otherwise life is an endless array of “I can’t”.
Easier said than done, but we must turn this around too.
The Full Moon, on the other hand, on the 26th of June is a little bit more complicated.
The actual Full Moon (Sun opposed to the Moon) in Cancer-Capricorn, set a series of contacts to the current T-Square, forming a Grand Cross, where Mercury, Juno, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter-Uranus, and the Galactic Center, now at the beginning of Libra, like Saturn, are involved.
We can be positive now, but that is quite a scary combination. Then again, feel the fear and jump. We cannot stop living or taking important decision, still, these are not easy times. For one thing, we have never experienced something like this in our lifetime, so we’ll have to wait and see, but emotions will run high, and very specially, whatever we have been hiding from others or from ourselves, will feel the impulse to come out and express itself.
This is a Cardinal Grand Cross, which speaks of action and the courage to jump into the unknown and take a risk. A cry for Justice will be evident in whatever happens and life can become pretty difficult if you are lying to yourself.
The good news is the world is changing like Stephanie Austin says in the Mountain Astrologer, when she quotes Swami Beyondananda, but really changing, meaning this is the point where there will be a before and an after this year. We must take responsibility for our decisions of the past and resolve old problems.
We are becoming increasingly aware of the things that have to change in our lives, to live happier, never mind your age, so from now on, there are no excuses.
There is only one way to happiness and that is to align our body and our soul to the Cosmos.
We cannot afford to ignore any longer, the message from the Gods, so use the power of this Full Moon to listen.