Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries – October 8, 2014

Luna EclipseThis full moon in the Aries-Libra angle, or in other words the angle, YOU and ME or put still another way, the balance between masculine and feminine within the self, a fundamental issue in personal relationships. This eclipse is the second of a series of four so-called Bloody Moon eclipses. You will see it in some parts of the USA and Hawaii in the early hours of the morning, before sunrise. To the South East of the planet, Australia, New Zealand, the East Asia can be seen after the sunset. For South America will be a partial Eclipse before the dawn on the 8th . It will be exact although not visible for Spain and Central Europe at 12:50.
This eclipse in particular defines the games of power between two people, whether they are husband and wife, business partners, boyfriend-girlfriend, etc.This is defined by the fact that the Moon at 15 ° Aries 05′ for this eclipse, is in conjunction to Uranus Aries 14 ° 29′, who as we know is in square to Pluto, itself at 11 ° 03′ Capricorn. The Sun at 15 ° Libra 05′ for this eclipse, which of course is opposing the Moon, is also squaring Pluto and opposed to Uranus. Venus is part of this equation also in Libra next to the Sun.
Human relations is the subject of this Eclipse and the situation in Syria and Iraq with Isis and the forces of the coalition and also with the Kurds on the border with Turkey, a very eloquent description of the power of the current Uranus-Pluto square and in combination with this lunar eclipse.
Many wars have started for eclipses, which since ancient times are considered to be a dark, negative influence, and also manifest themselves in cycles. The name itself: Eclipse comes from the Greek and means, “abandonment”, fall or obscuring of one celestial body. Something stops being seen for a few moments. Something moves into the dark section, or in the shadow of another body. As shown in this diagram, in a total lunar eclipse, like this one, the Moon (our emotions, our relationship to the feminine) pass through the shadow of the Earth, or umbra. Symbolically, something within us comes into the shadow of our consciousness, in the darkness of the psyche, so that we can bring light to these areas, see what is hidden in the depths of our emotions, which does not allows us to evolve. A moment to Reconsider (with the help of retrograde Mercury)about what needs to transform within ourselves, to make progress, evolve, conclude situations afflicting us, to be able to move to the next chapter of our lives. It will make clear what cycle is ending and what is starting. An eclipse in Cardinal signs like this, calls to action, to overcome, to the conclusion of something, to a new beginning.
Eclipses occur when the lunations form next to the Lunar nodes, these imaginary but relevant points where the plane of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, or line that marks the passage of the earth around the Sun (or the Sun around the Earth, from our vantage point). In the birthchart the North Node (or Rahu or Dragon’s head) marks the qualities that we are trying to develop in this lifetime and the South node (Ketu or tail of the Dragon), describes, those qualities that we are trying to move away from, patterns that we need to transform.
In this eclipse of Wednesday October 8 occurring in Libra with the Sun next to the North node and Venus (ruler of Libra) and Pallas in opposition to Eris, the subject of personal freedom within the relationship seems to emanate from it. The lesson that freedom is not something that you claim or demand from another, but rather something we are all entitled to, is eloquent. If you have to demand it from another, it means you have relinquished your own freedom to that other. We have all have come to this life to develop our own destiny and it is our absolute obligation to do so. If you cannot master your own talents, your own decisions, by relying on the approval of another, this is perhaps the issue in darkness of your psyche that needs light. Why do we relinquish our power of decision, our self-esteem, our self-acceptance, our freedom to be to another?
This cardinal eclipse involving Eris and Uranus and Pluto and Pallas will make us feel stronger , braver and more determined that ever before, to confront what life brings to our table and claim freedom of action, the need to free ourselves mentally and emotionally. If you are still dragging a relationship that no longer works, or a dependency on another, either emotionally or financially that it making you feel a prisoner, use the energies of this eclipse for RE-flect and RE-valuate “why” or rather “what” you’re in this situation “for”. In the majority of cases, the dependency is a part of our own psyche that we do not know, that it is kept in the dark and we project on our spouse or partner.
The Moon in Aries for this eclipse, is located next to Uranus and Eris, combination that shouts: freedom! Eris is he one left out, who lives in darkness, her name means “discord”, she represents Malificent in the Sleeping Beauty, and similar energy as that of Lilith who was expelled from Eden for refusing to blindly obey Adam.
The good news is that the Moon alongside Uranus form a Grand Trine to Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo, although this can be an explosive combination by an excess of Ego, it can at the same time make us feel, far more optimistic and bring opportunities to expand ourselves and travel or make progress on whatever it is that we do, which will help in the process of liberation. Remember that freedom does not necessarily mean divorce, true liberation occurs at the mental level, when one is finally decides to Be, who one really IS and not who others want or expect one to be. Although it is not an easy task, it is our absolute duty, as it is, to live our male and female aspects of our psyche in a balanced way and what better opportunity than the Sun and Venus in Libra to do so or at least understand this?
Man must make peace with his feminine side or “anima” to not expect his wife to be what he wants her to be and women must accept and express their masculine side or “animus” not to expect their man to be something he is not.
Enjoy these process and share your experiences if you wish.


LE2013-04-25PMany wars and political changes often occur in the period between Eclipses and many times exactly on the day of the eclipse. Very often in the lunar eclipses which occur in full moons.
Most of us live through the eclipses without even being conscious of it, or at the most, we read in newspapers that one approaches, in most cases, if they are visible, where we live. Even so, we more or less know that there are 2 or 3 eclipses each year, regardless if they are solar or Lunar. Even so, the truth is that eclipses are cosmic events that recur each year and more, follow a pattern and form families that have a starting point and last thousands of years.
Eclipses form when a New Moon (Solar Eclipses) or Full Moon (Lunar Eclipses) pick near the angle of the Lunar nodes, those points where the orbit of the Moon intersects the path of the Earth around the Sun. Every eclipse belongs to a series called Saros Series. Each Saros series has its own number sequence. A feature of the Saros Series is that each one of them start, as eclipses, near the North node or the South node of the Moon. They have a duration of nearly 1300 years, between 12 and 13 centuries and contains some 70 eclipses and when a series ends another one begins.This full moon belongs to the Saros 112 group, at 15N, and is the eclipse No. 65 of this series of 72, which began with an eclipse on year 0859 may 20 and will end of July 12, 2139. That means that the total duration of this series will be of 1280 years.
In the natal chart of that first eclipse in this series, Mars was in conjunction with Saturn and in this eclipse on April 25, Mars conjunct the Sun about 5º Taurus, is in opposition Saturn which is right between the Moon at 5 degrees of Scorpio and the North node.
Saturn with the Moon speaks of controlled and reserved emotions, but with the opposition of Mars and the Sun, I think that it describes pretty well, the situation with North Korea at this time. Many threats of war (MARS) with a blockade formed by USA, Japan and China, surprisingly! agreeing for once. Venus in Taurus is located in conjunction to the South node and the asteroid Pallas Athena, as if our independence was the most important thing at this moment. Uranus and Pluto are on their way to another exact square, the 4th time the’ll meet, on May 21st. The need to escape from situations that make us feel dependent on others will be intense.
When we speak of any of these planets and especially the Association of Mars and Saturn, the neck hairs are tipped. But this time many trigoni are signs of water, which seems augur a peaceful resolution to the situation in question. But mercury in Aries, is quickly approaching with Eris, which also describes, more warlike verbiage.
And what will happen on a personal level? If you have planets or angles at about 5º of Taurus-Scorpio, or Leo – Aquarius, it is possible that situations that have been strained will explode and end up sorting themselves out, putting an end to a period of tension and unresolved issues as well. Even so, it is possible that we make important decisions that mean saying goodbye to situations or people, who have accompanied us for a while and that we felt very attached to.
The issues that are already developing and that have started for the last new moon in Aries, will be in evidence. This eclipse occurs in the angle Tauro-Escorpio that speaks to us of our deepest values and our need of security within ourselves. Both financial and emotional security, and particularly the issues of shared resources. For example shared mortgages, inheritance, etc. All those couples who pay things together, for example, it is possible that they are at a point of great stress in this regard, with issues to resolve. But the great Ttine in the Water element, between Neptuno-Chiron, Saturn and Ceres will help us see clearly what it is that we need at this time in our life and give us clues as how to get out there looking for it.
The good thing about Saturn, which I repeat is part of this eclipse significantly, is that it helps us to see clearly the Reality of our situation, therefore forcing us to walk with our feet securely on the ground. For all those who have been escaping reality and living in utopia, the blow can be hard.
The most positive side of this eclipse as it is with almost all eclipses is that they present us with opportunities that we did not see before and can open doors to something new and better.