breaking-freeIn fact yesterday, today and tomorrow, and perhaps few more days. Everything depends on our ability to connect with the different feelings that we have every day, without discarding them as something uncomfortable or without understanding them completely or simply that we are sometimes so used to feel in a certain way that we don’t question anymore.
But as Tom Wolfe said: “Questions not formulated, become symptoms”.
With a full moon like this one, which comes from the hand of a Mars opposition to Uranus on way to squaring Pluto, I think that many of us, and especially those of us who have Cardinal signs in angles or planets in Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, can feel how from the depths of our being, a force strives to manifest itself and overwhelmed us at times and us floods with emotions, in others.
Today i almost had an argument with the girl behind the counter in the bakery, for something that neither she nor I, had any intention to discuss or argue about, but fortunately I had the wisdom of stopping it in time, because my wisest part, said to me: “isn’t her who you’re angry with”. The fact that Mars is transiting Libra also helped. Since Libra has the power to make us want to find a diplomatic solution to everything.
Marte-Urano – Pluto together are like an atomic bomb, so the beginning of this week, we can expect some strong feeling and cries for freedom. The Uranian force is felt strongly in combination with Mars and inner rage and the desire to get rid of the straitjacket we wear, which we often feel is put on us by : our culture, our partner, our children, our heads, our teachers, our politicians, our ideals, becomes now a very powerful force.
The full moon itself, which takes place at the Gemini-Sagittarius angle, and in conjunction with Mercury, gives us the possibility of a dialogue, exchange of ideals, but a few hours later, after the Moon reaches its exact opposition with the Sun, it moves to the sign of Cancer and makes a link to the Marte-Urano – Pluto T-square, forming a Grand Cross, for a few brief hours and besides Uranus stations direct on the 18, after 5 months in retrograde motion. This is a key point, the moment that a planet slows down to change direction, it will remind us, that we have abandoned the fight, something we can’t do, because life according to Uranus is a constant fight against the establishment. With the help of Neptune in PISCES and Pluto in Capricorn, we are once again reminded that we cannot afford complacency, because the world is not as it should be. We are still in this world where women are raped and sold by their own mothers and Malala was shot for writing a blog in defense of women’s education. In some places people go out to loot supermarkets and instead of stealing food, they take plasma screens. In the Lebanon there are more than 2 million refugees living in the snow in plastic tents, and the European Community, looks and does nothing. In India, they have revoked the law which allowed homosexuals to feel secure in the streets without being stoned or abused and in Iran, they are hung. With all this, I don’t mean for a moment that good things are not happening and that goodness is not more powerful than evil, but what is certain is that we still have much to fight and protest against.

The trine of Saturn in Scorpio to Jupiter in Cancer, shows us that there are things we can do, that we can participate actively in the needed changes in our closest environment, and that the individual work is as important as the collective and that our petty discussions with our neighbors, family members, our fellow countrymen or /and coworkers, distract from the large picture, the real struggle for freedom of expression, all over the world, one way or another. That homely image of children around the fire place opening their gifts, is not so convincing with Mars opposing Uranus on Christmas day, somehow, it will not be as calm as on other occasions. These are moments of self-inspection, self-consciousness, so that instead of quarreling with the world, simply because we are frustrated, we should be part of something bigger, as to bring about changes that will benefit the whole world or at least our community. Venus, in Capricorn at the moment,stations retrograde on February 1, therefore it will be in this sign, for a longer time than normal, until March 6. Financial issues and our personal relationships get an opportunity to be re-examined, so we can think and meditate on our true values and desires.
On top of it all, this full moon, when it peaks, will be aligned with the Galactic Center, this great black hole that we have no idea what it really is, or its full might.
But do not panic, because I’m not talking about the end of the world, I am simply saying that you listen to your feelings and your heart and let your need for freedom guide you, even to the mere recognition of how, by whom and why you don’t feel free, you do not feel able to express all your creativity, your thoughts and your soul. This is an opportunity for you to understand what is it that keeps you prisoner inside your own psyche.

The message of this moon, is perhaps, contemplation, meditation and recognitions of our limitations. Again, remember: True freedom comes with Forgiveness – Mandela