Full Moon in Aquarius – August 10, plus the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo and the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio!!

47428141To talk about the beauty and benefits of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (16 August) without looking at the context of what is happening at this moment, would be ridiculous. Especially when a week after this fantastic cosmic event peaks, another rather less fantastic conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio (24-25 August) takes place.
and as a prelude to all of this, comes the Full Moon in Aquarius, which, by the way, is a Super Moon, which means the Moon is at its perigee or point closer to the Earth at the time of a lunation.Both the Sun and the Moon are in square to Saturn in Scorpio with the looming proximity of Mars at already 8 degrees of orb of Saturn. Moreover, the Sun finds itself in very close proximity to Mercury in Leo, forming a T-square to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. The first thing that jumps to mind is of course the situation in Gaza and the impossibility of finding any verbal agreement, which may stop the destruction.
As much as we seek the positive side of this, we must always remember, that Mars and Saturn, have always been, especially for traditional Astrology from ancient times the two most malefic planets. Taking into consideration that Pluto had not been discovered, neither Uranus nor Neptune. The latter forms a trine to Mars at the same time and thus to Saturn, reinforced by Chiron from the sign of Pisces, a great positive aspect that reminds us that in some respects, within the chaos in several regions of our planet, there is a certain thread of consciousness between all of us, that inspires us all to work together as much as we can to try and help the thousands of victims and refugees from these conflicts, for example, through NGOs or other means, provided we can overcome the paranoia we have in countries with dishonest politicians, that every organization, including all NGOs, are corrupt and therefore not worth investing money on.
On a personal level, those with planets around 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, especially, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel the pinch of this full moon, with great mental stressing situations, where it is difficult to talk about things clearly and therefore facilitating verbal explosions. The only way to control this kind of tension a bit, is to become aware of the inadequacies which lie within us, and talk about things calmly and honestly, admitting personal mistakes and above all recognizing in oneself, the need to manipulate or control the other. Emotional power struggles are common in these cases, when neither partner wants to give in to the demands of the other. The story is about “winning”. But win what? if we look at the situation in Gaza once more, the israeli army is obviously more powerful than Hammas’, and have destroyed more than the all the rockets of Hammas. It seems they are winning because more Palestinian have died, but for the international public they are loosing because most people says: ‘the poor Palestinian’ – No matter the tunnels that have been built and hundreds of rockets being shot per day to Israel. At this time the invader is Israel, although they hold that it is in self-defense. So, who wins? Absolutely no one – there is only destruction, more hatred and more years of planned revenge. These are the typical Marte-Saturno squares in Scorpio.
Venus in the last degrees of Cancer forms a square to Eris in Aries, which predicts the reaffirmation of the defense by any means of one’s territory.
At a personal level is the same, if one does no give up the fight, obviously, the war continues. So think what is that so serious that you can not forgive, that you cannot bring yourself to let go of, to stop the conflict and initiate a new phase in your life or your relationships, more positive and less destructive. When the most important thing is to win and prove to yourself that you are right, the conflict remains.
The most famous Mars-Saturn square in a personal birthchart, is undoubtedly that of Adolf Hitler, which by the way, found Mars in conjunction to Venus in Taurus. Curious. And it is also in trine to a conjunction Moon-Jupiter, incredible!, but some aspect of Hitler psyche must have been really idealistic and kind. Yet the power of the Mars-Saturn aspect was much more eloquent than the Jupiter trines.
A similar thing happens for this lunation. Conflicts that describe personal frustrations are more powerful than the wonderful aspects of Jupiter, which by the way will be an exact conjunction to Venus in Leo, on August 16th. Could this aspect bring the end of the war, and allow us to see things in a way more philosophical and less conflicting way? of course not, especially when the following week we have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio-
Venus in addition to being Aphrodite, the goddess of seduction beauty and money, describes our system of values. It tells us about those things that we really appreciate, that we find beautiful, important.when for a brief moment, it is aligned with Jupiter, in the sign of Leo, suddenly all these values take a characteristic much more idealistic and philosophical. We dare to think big and feel within ourselves, that there are certain things in our lives, that they are worth fighting for. Suddenly our ethical and aesthetic expression are much more active and extensive. A sense of harmony and importance invades us and connects with that part of our psyche that transforms us into noble and heroic beings.
Robert Kennedy, the brother of the murdered President of USA and also assassinated was born with the conjunction Venus-jupiter in Capricorn. You can say many things about him, but his idealism was an undeniable feature of his personality. But Benito Mussolini also, was born with the same conjunction in Cancer.
There are some studies that say that the conjunction Venus-jupiter, was the star of Bethlehem, which guided the 3 KINGS and led them to the place where the Christ was being born.
This will be a heck of a month, full of challenges, many of them encapsulated around August 10, at the time of this full moon in Aquarius, others at the end of the month. Enjoy the Venus-Jupiter conjunction if you can. If you are a Leo or Aquarius, it can bring you high hopes and opportunities that will help you see your way more clearly. If you are a Sagittarius or Aries, also enjoy those days of inspiration, they will help you take decision to do what you have to do to live in peace with your mind and soul.

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS – August 20 and 21

Oscar Pistorius -1711471Interestingly, this is the second full moon in Aquarius, since last month’s one was too.The one on the 22nd of July was at 0º Aquarius and this one, tomorrow is at 28° of this sign opposite Leo, which is where the Sun is right now since July 22.
This is a Moon next to Nessus, the vengeful and abusive Centaur and Neptune and opposite the Sun (of course) which is located next to Mercury, Ceres and Vesta. The Archetypes of the asteroids shine in the heavens so that we take notice of the complexity of the human existence. The multiplicity of dimensions as our daily experience is difficult to grasp and this reminds us once again, that it is much easier to live within the same dimension all the time, ignoring the rest. But then a the full moon like this one comes along and suddenly everything is stirred and we wonder what is happening to us, what are these emotions that seem to erupt from the inside out and we don’t know how to read or much less control?
First and foremost this moon coincides with the fact that Jupiter from Cancer, just the next day, will make a square to Uranus, the first of three and we also know that whatever makes an aspect to Uranus, at this moment, it also does it to Pluto. Although the opposition to Pluto was already formed a few days ago, this contact to Uranus, re-enacts, re-vives the Urano-Pluto.
No doubt the situation in Egypt speaks loudly of it, as in Syria, or in the Arab world in general. But at the individual level, this is also a very important moment, as certain situation that we have been dealing with, in many cases, for years, have a new opportunity of review them, find a solution or at least a new idea to solve them. But it is also a brilliant opportunity so review our values, our intentions and above all, the costs of this struggles, not only financially but also emotionally. What or who is that we are struggling with? Is it worth our sorrow, is it worth to continue? Is the price of it simply too high? The case of Pistorius, the amputee runner who killed his girlfriend, in South Africa, was in Court today just on the eve of this full moon, although the trial will not be until March 2014, today Pistorius has officially been charged with premeditated murder.
As we have seen on several occasions with the Aquarius-Leo angle, I vs them. The great Them. The group, the tribe, the herd and I. The more I know, and more I change on the inside, the more I can affect the external changes, the group. These wars that we have at this moment in the world, are mostly tribal wars, where individuality disappears, is sacrificed for the needs of the herd. And while this is sometimes necessary, the balance between the two extremes is our only salvation.
This week we have been actually living the negative side of Jupiter, the exaggerated idealism, the emotional overflow and of water (Cancer), flooding can be heard in the news everywhere. Jupiter activating the square Urano-Pluto is being felt, with Venus quickly approaching from Libra to form a Grand Cross with these three planets and that will be exact on 25, 26 and 27 of this month. Emotions soar, situations ask for a solution, simply because we can not hide under the rug or table anymore. Everything about Libra and Venus has to do with human relations. Do we have the ability to put ourselves in the place of the other?, at least for a few moments?
Jupiter also maintains for few more days the Grand Trine to Neptune and Saturn, a sense that everything will be, what should be, supports us and reassures us. Still. how to decide which is the best option? One thing is certain: none of us can make the other love us the way we want to be loved, nor can we save who is unwilling to be saved, not even our own children. But the only thing we can not only do, but must do is to save ourselves, removing everything from our lives that thwarts our growth.
This full moon falls very close to Uranus in the birthchart of all those born in the years 1962-63, triggering the need to rid oneself of that which is represented by the House where Uranus is in the chart. This group of people are also born with Neptune in Scorpio, and are therefore experiencing the transit of Saturn over that Neptune. In reality this happens to all those born between 1957-70. If they are also born the last 10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then this full moon will be stirring a few issues that need to be expressed and projected inside out, from the depths of the soul.

When we start to feel some discomfort or anxiety, it is best to first remember that these 2 or 3 days before the full moon, are the most powerful and once the Moon reaches its peak, which will happen tomorrow night and early morning on wednesday, the anxiety will come down, so relax, but, what we must not do is to waste the experience, and we must ask ourserlves what is our soul trying to communicate that should be communicated somehow.
The Moon in conjunction to Neptune stimulates our imagination and puts us in contact with our deepest longings. What do you yearn for, or feel nostalgia for? These are the questions which we should find answers to. The proximity to Nessus, connects us with that part of our being that feels abused, powerless, which connects us with feelings of revenge and hatred. Remember, no one has power over us unless we grant it. Search inside yourself,find your inner power and use it, with peace and harmony. The Sun from Leo next to Mercury, Ceres and Vesta, reminds us that what we seek out to feel safe and protected is within ourselves. This place we are looking for is called acceptance and it exists only in the depths of our being. If I accept myself, I will accept others. If it sounds cliche is because it is, but is also true.
Enjoy this Aquarius Full Moon and comment on your experience.


FullMoon660We finally arrived at the “almost” end of this second Mercury retrograde cycle of the year and as a reminder of this event, which takes place tomorrow, yesterday I took the Barcelona railways to go to “plaza Catalunya” and a malfunction in the computers of the train, forced us all to get out at another station and the commotion was typical of retrograde Mercury. I say near final, because the shadow period of this cycle, continues until August 4th, although the direct motion begins tomorrow.
We are on the eve of the Full Moon in Aquarius, third Supermoon of the year, reaching its peak on Monday 22nd at sunset. Which means that the Sun will be entering Leo at the same time, since this lunation occurs at the Acuario-Leo 0 ° 06′. The angularity Leo – Aquarius, really confronts us with the dilemma of pushing ourselves to take center stage (Leo), but, with a strong team (Aquarium)in the back. It reminds us that in order to have the success we want, after we have set it within ourselves, we must also find a suitable team to make it come true. Alone, is very difficult, if not impossible. The union and collaboration with other creative minds, each adding their part to the project, may help it get far beyond than planned. This is an angularity that resonates with the Houses 5 and 11 of our chart and illuminates the relationship with our children and friendship. How friends of our children we can be and where the limits between being a parent or a “colleague” lies. This angularity also speaks of our personal hopes and those of our community. Do we share the aspirations of our tribe or do we feel “out of the pack” (Aquarius)?.
Aquarius in certain aspects, perennially feels “out of the herd”, with great difficulty to obtain membership as set forth by the “tribe”. “Solitude” is an Aquarian feeling, but it could be used as the stimulus to discover who we really are (Leo) and eventually, what is that which we have within ourselves, which can enrich the tribe. The angularity Leo-Acuario, talks about what makes us unique and special but at the same time, the way in which we can contributes to the community. And as we already learned in Cancer, “the community” to which we belong to doesn’t necessarily have to be the one we were born into or that qhere our parents were born, but perhaps that which our soul has led us to. The saying: “not everyone can be a prophet in their own land” echoed in my ears.
Saturn in Scorpio, formes a T-square with this lunation, forming a square (90 °) with the Moon and the Sun, and we know what the Saturnian affairs are all about: we must face up to our past decisions, take responsibility for our actions and become adults. Time to re-define our priorities and act accordingly. But Saturn at the same time is forming the wonderful Grand Trine to Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, what resonates in our ears in a positive and optimistic voices. A constant inspiration to remind us that we must abandon our negativity, as a habit. Our negative and useless criticism only pollutes the soul, and blocking us, when making decisions or taking risks to grow and thrive. Life without decisions and risks is a sterile life, without progress, without learning.
At the same time as Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, they form this trine, they are also responsible for activating the current square between Uranus and Pluto we all are living since 2008. Therefore many of the themes that, especially, Cardinal signs (Aries-cancer – Libra – Capricorn) are living with, will receive a “after-shock” or an opportunity to examine more deeply whatever they are trying to or struggling to resolve. Mars opposes Pluto on 27 and 28 of July, and Jupiter will do so between the 7 and 8 of August. Mars, on the 31st of July will form a exact square to Uranus and Jupiter will do it on August 20 and 21, therefore more sudden violence among different tribes are expected, all over the world. With more Governments being challenged by the people. The street demonstrations in the United States by the unexpected acquittal, by a popular jury, of George Zimmerman, the young guy of Latin origin that killed Trayvon Martin, African-American teenager last year. Despite having admitted to have shot and killed him, they left him free. The African-American community all over the States has erupted in demonstrations throughout the country. Crazy decision! i wonder why they thought he shouldn’t go to jail.
Ceres, the asteoide and the goddess of agriculture and food, forms a square with the Lunar Nodes, for this full moon, just as the issue of the 23 Indian children poisoned in a school, with food prepared with oil that was in cans of insecticide has been made public. The Sun is in conjunction to Vesta. All these energies remind us of the power of the feminine and the importance in this time of change, that female voices be heard, such as that of Malala, the girl who was shot by the Taliban, for fighting for the right to education of women in Pakistan. Two years after the incident that almost ended her life, this extraordinary young woman, stood on the podium of the United Nations, and said: “the Taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. They shot my friends, too. They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed. And out of that silence came thousands of voices. The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions. But nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born”. Can you believe this girl? If you are low in inspiration and courage, watch her speech in YouTube, here. http://youtu.be/GZvhtp8jDu0
Venus enters Virgo a few hours before the Moon reaches its peak, opposing Neptune in PISCES, bringing a wave of romance and fantasy in our lives. The typical American phrase: “Follow your dreams” (or always follow your heart) whispers in my ear and I think once more. Why not? Life is this huge fantasy that can be everything you want it to be. Within our Destiny, we can do what we want, so why not dream and propel ourselves to do everything that we see in our wildest dreams.
In the end, on a slightly lighter note, this full moon, may finally bring to the world Kate and William’s child so awaited in England! just when the Sun enters Leo, very appropriate for the birth of a future King/Queen. We shall see.
Enjoy these important moments and let your inner voice guide your steps. Do not listen to anyone else but you.