Full Moon in Pisces – August 24, 2010

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we are in the middle of a Pisces Full Moon.
Tomorrow at around 5 in the afternoon, GMT, it’ll be exact, meaning the Sun (1º 26′ Virgo) will oppose the Moon (1º 26′ Pisces)
We arrive at this lunation on the 4th day of the Mercury retrograde cycle, also in Virgo.
The Virgo-Pisces angle is about the apparent opposition between form and not form. Between matter ( Virgo) and the ineffable (Pisces).
Pisces reigns over the instincts, the idealism, fantasy, imagination, compassion, vulnerability, victimization, mysticism, spirituality, sacrifice, and Virgo confronts us with the need to give form to all of that. Create a cable to earth, to serve, to discern over what is need it to do it and what is not. Finding resources and techniques for it.
Pisces without Virgo, might get stuck in the need to do it without ever doing it, Virgo without Pisces might find the best way, but will need the inspiration for the final impulse.
As with most oppositions they need each other.
Pisces says:-” whatever you need the Cosmos will provide it”, and Virgo replies: “But you must have a technique to make the most of it, when it arrives”. Picasso used to say: “I work all the time, so when inspiration comes caches me working”
The Moon enters Pisces still in aspect to Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, reminding us that natural healing, healing in groups, healing by reconnection or by belief, does work. If only we would give it a chance. But of course Virgo says: “yeah, but you need some kind of technique”.
There are many techniques to connect to what most call “Universal Energy”. Some of us do it meditating, others in contact with Nature, others by simply taking their attention to the palm of the hands. In fact, there is a great exercise we can all try.
A kind of ritual using the energies of this Full Moon. You can do it in the tranquility of your sitting room, in the park, in the country side, in some forest, where ever you can have a moment to yourself.
Eric Pearl, in his “Re-connection” suggests to simply let your hands hang naturally in its anatomic form, next to your body, with fingers slightly apart and then bend your elbows until your hands face each other ( I find is better if they are slightly turned towards the sky) up to the stomach level.
Bring your attention to the palms of your hands and simply “feel” for a while and see what happens.
When you begin to feel the energy that emanates from your hands you can slowly let it run through your whole body as if your were surrounded by it.
You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Give it a try. You might find you have powers you didn’t know you had.
If you practice a bit, it will come easier and easier to connect with the energy and you can try to use with your own body or those of your family, your kids for example when they have any kind of pain. See what happens.
This Moon also links with Venus and Mars in Libra, just as Obama calls for Israel and Palestine to sit and talk again.
This time the Gods might be on his side.
I don’t know about you but I am really enjoying this Libran times, having a great time with friends and by myself.
Beautiful energy!
In its more destructive face, this Moon in Virgo-Pisces confronts us with the need to avoid a health crises in Pakistan, where people are beginning to die of Cholera and other diseases, due to the floods. The help arriving from all over the world is a perfect expression of this Full Moon.
This powerful T-Square is still acting and Pakistan is a reminder that we can’t control it all but that the solutions come if we work together as one.
HAve a nice Full Moon!