FULL MOON in Pisces – September 8, 2014

asteroid-goddessesHere comes another Super Moon, the last of 5 that are usually formed when the Moon is at its perigee, or point closer to the Earth, therefore, giving us the opportunity to see it bigger than ever as the previous one was.Its power over the waters is stronger than ever, so large tides are common; many tsunamis have occurred at the time of super moons, its effect on our emotions, usually related to the element of Water is also powerful.
For the new moon in Virgo on August 25 which began the cycle this this full moon is bringing to a close, the Sun and Moon were in opposition to Neptune, whereas for this lunation of next week, the Moon is in conjunction to Chiron and therefore the Sun as opposed to the Centaur, son of Saturn, bringing to the for the subject of healing, making more obvious than ever, the areas of our soul that still hurt. At the same time, the Moon at 16º of Pisces, forms a Grand Trine to Juno, 16 ° Cancer and Vesta almost 17º of Scorpio, which is in line with Saturn 18º of Scorpio and Ceres at 10º of Scorpio.
The Moon with Juno and Vesta in a Grand Trine of female energy, which speaks to us of lessons to be learned about the importance of the balance of male-female, inside our psyche. In the article on the new moon in Virgo (https://cristinalaird.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/new-moon-in-virgo-august-2014/) I spoke about the emphasis of that lunation on the inseparability of mental with the physical, the soul with the body. This Moon in PISCES reminds us of the influence of these female goddesses in our lives.
As Carl Jung said: Archetypes are the essential universal thought forms available to human consciousness during all periods of time. The planets and asteroids bear the names of these deities, which correspond to this primal, immortal, eternal forces. To understand how the archetype of a planet or asteroid, operate, we must analyze the myth associated to each of them. It is precisely when we discover that we actually relive in our daily lives, the scripts described by these myths, that we begin to bring from the darkness of our psyche towards our consciousness, these patterns and stories often repeated literally.
The Moon which rises when the Sun sets, it has always been in all mythologies the symbol of the feminine, of the night, the dark and often hidden side of our psyche. With a host of deities as: Diana or Artemis, Selene and Hecate in Greco-Roman mythology, Hina and Mahina in Polynesia mythology, Metztli and Maya in the Aztec and Mayan mythology respectively, etc., etc. I would almost say thousands of them. Is in the full moon when the Sun and the Moon are opposite, facing each other, in line, therefore, the Moon receiving, in one of its sides, the light of the Sun in full, which offers us the possibility to see it in all its glory.
Venus, born of the castration of the God Uranus, is the symbol of the power of female beauty, the power of female seduction, without which our specie would perish. Without this extraordinary Venusian force that leads men to have an erection and therefore to want to copulate and have children, it would be the end of us.
Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres, are other four facets of the female experience, completing the mandala which hold Venus right in the center. We can not be fooled by the size of these asteroids, as if they were insignificant, since some of them such as Ceres, now named dwarf planet like Pluto by astronomers, and much closer to earth than the latter, has the same value in our psyche that the Lord of darkness.
But in this lunation are Vesta and Juno who form the great Trine with the Moon. Vesta, the ability to focus the energy and the experience of finding completion by oneself, represents the studious woman, the nun, unmarried women, the woman who puts her own spiritual development, her mission in life, above relationships. The true ruler of Virgo, for me. Juno, on the other hand, is looking for the famous “other half”, finds completion through another. Represents the “wife”, “married woman”, the female earning power by its relationship with another, normally a partner, with money, lineage and power. She gives the power of social status and finances to the husband. It is related to the sign of Scorpio. Therefore this trine speaks of balance in our psyche of these female experiences both in men and in women. The principle of relatedness (Juno) in harmony with our feelings and our emotional security (Moon) and the need to pursue our destiny and our spiritual integrity (Vesta) form a large harmonic triangle, giving us the opportunity to find balance between these aspects of our lives, so important to the health of relationships and family.
An extraordinary opportunity to stop blaming the other for our frustrations, to forgive, to take responsibility for our failures and the power to take control of our destiny rather than feeling hostility and revenge toward the other. The Sun is in Sextile to Vesta and Juno, meaning is at the midpoint between these two deities, also offering men the chance to make peace with these two aspects of women.

Jupiter already in square to Ceres and trine to Uranus, will resonate with mothers who are released from their role as mothers, either by their children moving away to University or to other countries, offering the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and the possibility of reconnecting with Vesta and Juno.

Venus will spend two or three days in opposition to Neptune, which helps us investigate our desire and deepest longings of connection with the divine through another, offering us the chance to understand that everything is a reflection of our inner universe and that in the Source, we are everything, we are ONE and that it is only in the human experience that we live this illusion of YOU and I. Venus-Neptune help us realize that LOVE is not mine, not yours, LOVE is a universal feeling that sometimes we can connect to if we are in harmony with our whole self. Some people help us connect with it easier than others.

Full Moon in Leo with Mercury Retrograde – Feb 14

Today Mercury in its retrograde face that began on Feb. 6 at 3 ° PISCES 18′, dips back into the sign of Aquarius, reminding us that we have to keep our minds open and with a view to the Universal Future.
We are also two days away from the full moon in Leo which peaks on the 14th at 26 ° Leo-Aquarius 13′. All full moons concludes, or bring closure to situations initiated in the previous new moon which in this case was on January 30 at 10º Aquarius 55′. The power of this Full Moon and its effect on us will be intimately related to the tension in the situations at hand. Since all this is happening in ‘coincidence’ with a retrograde motion of Mercury, which is part of this lunation, being in conjunction to the Sun, and in direct opposition to the Moon, themes of communication, both verbal and written, are illuminated. To complete the picture, Saturn from Scorpio forms what we call a T-square to this lunation making a square to the Sol-Mercury conjunction and to the Moon. The singing, renewal, extension, of contracts are issues to consider, as it is the RE-structure of both verbal and written agreements, and the way we express ourselves both professionally and with family and loved ones.
These aspects, coincide with situations that seem definitely to twist of Fate, since they appear to be out of our control, but even so, they force us to RE-condider a situation that has been born from something we have said, signed, written and its consequences. A reminder of the word Karma, so abused today, normally referring to actions of “other lives”, but in its true meaning as it is the confrontation with the result of decisions we have taken in THIS life. Of course, I am not talking only about painful outcomes, but in any case things that we must RE-vise, RE-consider, RE-think.
Neptune is also part of this Lunation since is close enough to Mercury and the Sun and therefore in opposition to the Moon, which reminds us the possibilities of any deception, in the sense of not having paid attention to all the details. If you are signing something, these days, is very important that read all the “fine print” of what is being signed, which might then turn or be used against us. Meetings of communities to discuss relevant issues are also very possible.
Mars from Libra and about to station retrograde on March 1st, is n an exact Trine to the Sun and almost exact to Mercury and in an exact Sextile to the Moon, therefore the momentum to reach an agreement is powerful and in this case we must also sit and read “the fine print” carefully. The power of the Martian energy are difficult to control and more than one of us, will lose control these days and say things we’ll regret later. Measure your words and think. Fortunately Jupiter from Cancer forms a trine to Neptune and Chiron, which might make even more difficult to control impulses, it also enhances the ability to forgive, to reflect and to correct, intensifying the compassion and the ability to see the other’s point of view.
The sign of Aquarius, very relevant in this Lunation, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, inspires us to look towards a future of equality, collaboration, freedom, community, beyond boundaries of nationality, culture and religion. It confronts us with the fact that before having a nationality or cultural conditioning, we have Life, and Humanity. We are born of another human being, and we must learn to survive, learning to eat, Digest, breathe, evacuate, express ourselves, walk, defend ourselves, ask for food when we need it, or ask for a touch when we are hot or cold, smiling, crying, playing, etc. All these human processes that everyone must learn to manage, before having a nationality or a culture or language. Our origin is the same in all cultures, nationalities and religions. We are born from the encounter of two humans in a sexual act, which may or may not be full of love. Even so, almost all of us are born of an act of Love and Necessity.
Open your mind and think about what you think, say, or sign.

mother-child-botswana_3661_990x742As always, after the new moon, comes a full moon in the sign opposite to where the Sun is, therefore this lunation occurs in the angle Capricorn (Sun) and Cancer (Moon).

As with all the full moons, this one has it’s own message. It peaks at about 26° and it’s part of a T-square, which happens when a planet that is at a 90° angle from the planets opposing each other, in this case, the Sun and Moon. That planet in this particular case is Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture and Harvest. The symbol of Mother, named Demeter by the Greeks, who, together with her daughter Persephone, they are part of the myth of Hades (Pluto) one of the most important and relevant of Greek myths which has deep significance in our psyche. Ceres represents the archetype of Mother, the one who cares, feeds and protects us. The mother-daughter relationship, described in this myth, especially at such important period of our lives that is adolescence, when the daughter, falls in love and begins the process of separation from Mother. Although in the myth, Persephone, is raped and kidnapped by Pluto, is in the process of living in the Underworld, as Queen of the World of the Dead, who discovers her sexuality, her need for separation from Mother and her own power as a women, since for the first time she feels desired so this helps her understand her power over the masculine.

With the intervention of Zeus, Pluto (Hades) and Ceres, reach an agreement, whereby, Persephone, spends six months of the year with her mother “on the surface”, of Earth, which coincides with the Spring and Summer and the other 6, in the underworld as wife and Queen of the Great Below, which is the beginning of the Autumn and Winter. Although, nobody asks the young Persephone anything, for such an arrangement, she discovers that when she is with Mother, she is Daughter, therefore does not have any power, instead, when she is with Hades, she gains her full power as a woman, since she desired and Queen. Although the myth of Ceres has to do with the sign of Cancer, Persephone, adds the Scorpian energies to the story.

Next to Ceres, which is about 26° Libra, is also Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth and guardian of the divine fire (23°), and Mars,God of War (18º), therefore these three are the focal planets of this T-square, and from a distance, the Grand Cross is completed by Eris,which is at 21° of Aries. Mars at the same time forms an exact square to Venus that is in retrograde motion in Capricorn, which on February 2 will be n an almost exact conjunction to Pluto.

So we can safely say that the female element is powerful in this lunation, with the focus on issues having to do with the feminine and therefore with Nature and the Earth. It is a reminder of the importance of finding a (Ceres, Vesta and Mars in Libra) balance between the feminine and masculine in ourselves and in our society and the urgency of the return to the Goddess, that is to say, going back to respect natural cycles. What we sow, what we produce, what we get from the Earth, the food we eat each day, what we feed our children, and above all, how we care for each other, ourselves, our bodies and our land. A good reminder that it depends on all of us, the fate of our planet and of our lives. The Earth and piece of land left to us by our ancestors, also enters this symbolism of Ceres, disputes over borders and nationalism are therefore expected.

Cancer and Capricorn, represent the Archetypes of Mother and Father, respectively, and it is through our relationship with these two people who gave us life that we learn about the world of emotions, to love, to hate, to care, to protect and to know how to provide to ourselves in life. The cracks that exist in our relationship with these two figures, will manifest themselves in our relationship with others and above all with our partner. Therefore the relationship with any of these two people is illuminated at this full moon, which we can already feel strongly, since it re-enacts the Grand Cross, formed by Urano-Pluton-Jupiter and Mars in the signs Cardinal, as it was for the new moon of January 1.

If our parents are dead, this process occurs equally, because they live inside us forever. Our relationship with father and mother, continues, even when they are no longer in this world. If we have become adults, and we no longer feel “daughter/son, something that does not happen by “default”, but rather it requires a lot of work, the relationship continues nevertheless . Different, but equally real.

Just as the Full Moon peaks, Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra form an exact square. This will revive the theme of working together to find harmony in our personal relationships. Mars is located in the sign ruled by Venus, emphasizing collaboration over the fight. Diplomacy above war solutions is the sign of the time. I wonder if the Shias and the Sunnis, the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Catalans and Spaniards, will ever, come to accept each other and collaborate rather than compete with each other, to strengthen their region rather than weaken it.
Self-analysis is required, to find where our real power lies. this the subject of this lunation, how we care for and how we feed our loved ones, physically and emotionally. Cancer and Ceres, are symbols of Mother, therefore, it has much more to do with the mother and father in all of us, rather than with the actual parents. Search inside yourself and ask yourself who you really care for.


breaking-freeIn fact yesterday, today and tomorrow, and perhaps few more days. Everything depends on our ability to connect with the different feelings that we have every day, without discarding them as something uncomfortable or without understanding them completely or simply that we are sometimes so used to feel in a certain way that we don’t question anymore.
But as Tom Wolfe said: “Questions not formulated, become symptoms”.
With a full moon like this one, which comes from the hand of a Mars opposition to Uranus on way to squaring Pluto, I think that many of us, and especially those of us who have Cardinal signs in angles or planets in Cancer, Aries, Libra, and Capricorn, can feel how from the depths of our being, a force strives to manifest itself and overwhelmed us at times and us floods with emotions, in others.
Today i almost had an argument with the girl behind the counter in the bakery, for something that neither she nor I, had any intention to discuss or argue about, but fortunately I had the wisdom of stopping it in time, because my wisest part, said to me: “isn’t her who you’re angry with”. The fact that Mars is transiting Libra also helped. Since Libra has the power to make us want to find a diplomatic solution to everything.
Marte-Urano – Pluto together are like an atomic bomb, so the beginning of this week, we can expect some strong feeling and cries for freedom. The Uranian force is felt strongly in combination with Mars and inner rage and the desire to get rid of the straitjacket we wear, which we often feel is put on us by : our culture, our partner, our children, our heads, our teachers, our politicians, our ideals, becomes now a very powerful force.
The full moon itself, which takes place at the Gemini-Sagittarius angle, and in conjunction with Mercury, gives us the possibility of a dialogue, exchange of ideals, but a few hours later, after the Moon reaches its exact opposition with the Sun, it moves to the sign of Cancer and makes a link to the Marte-Urano – Pluto T-square, forming a Grand Cross, for a few brief hours and besides Uranus stations direct on the 18, after 5 months in retrograde motion. This is a key point, the moment that a planet slows down to change direction, it will remind us, that we have abandoned the fight, something we can’t do, because life according to Uranus is a constant fight against the establishment. With the help of Neptune in PISCES and Pluto in Capricorn, we are once again reminded that we cannot afford complacency, because the world is not as it should be. We are still in this world where women are raped and sold by their own mothers and Malala was shot for writing a blog in defense of women’s education. In some places people go out to loot supermarkets and instead of stealing food, they take plasma screens. In the Lebanon there are more than 2 million refugees living in the snow in plastic tents, and the European Community, looks and does nothing. In India, they have revoked the law which allowed homosexuals to feel secure in the streets without being stoned or abused and in Iran, they are hung. With all this, I don’t mean for a moment that good things are not happening and that goodness is not more powerful than evil, but what is certain is that we still have much to fight and protest against.

The trine of Saturn in Scorpio to Jupiter in Cancer, shows us that there are things we can do, that we can participate actively in the needed changes in our closest environment, and that the individual work is as important as the collective and that our petty discussions with our neighbors, family members, our fellow countrymen or /and coworkers, distract from the large picture, the real struggle for freedom of expression, all over the world, one way or another. That homely image of children around the fire place opening their gifts, is not so convincing with Mars opposing Uranus on Christmas day, somehow, it will not be as calm as on other occasions. These are moments of self-inspection, self-consciousness, so that instead of quarreling with the world, simply because we are frustrated, we should be part of something bigger, as to bring about changes that will benefit the whole world or at least our community. Venus, in Capricorn at the moment,stations retrograde on February 1, therefore it will be in this sign, for a longer time than normal, until March 6. Financial issues and our personal relationships get an opportunity to be re-examined, so we can think and meditate on our true values and desires.
On top of it all, this full moon, when it peaks, will be aligned with the Galactic Center, this great black hole that we have no idea what it really is, or its full might.
But do not panic, because I’m not talking about the end of the world, I am simply saying that you listen to your feelings and your heart and let your need for freedom guide you, even to the mere recognition of how, by whom and why you don’t feel free, you do not feel able to express all your creativity, your thoughts and your soul. This is an opportunity for you to understand what is it that keeps you prisoner inside your own psyche.

The message of this moon, is perhaps, contemplation, meditation and recognitions of our limitations. Again, remember: True freedom comes with Forgiveness – Mandela

FULL MOON IN PISCES – September 19th

pisces-tiny-blueSeptember 11th, is an important date for the Catalans and also for the whole world, and for completely different reasons, I mean that while here in Catalunya marks a national day, or Diada, this time was celebrated in a loud way, while the rest of the world remembers the infamous S11, when the World Trade Center two towers were attacked by two plane loaded with passengers. For some reason, I have decided that it was time to write about this full moon in PISCES, which is not formed until the 19th, but to which we are all heading, in the hope of finding some response on the issues presented by the new moon of September 5. This lunation occurs two days before the Autumn equinox, for the northern hemisphere and Spring for the southern hemisphere, which mark the point when the days begin to shorten or lengthen respectively. The trip to and from the darkness to light-
As we all know, this lunation as all the others, has its special characteristics. In addition to illuminating the angularity Virgo-Piscis, which confronts us with the dynamics to give form to our spirit, to manifest in the physical world (Virgo), the immeasurable, the ineffable (PISCES). The development of a technique (Virgo) which will help us express our divine inspiration (PISCES). This angularity speaks of the birth of Christ (PISCES) of a Virgin Mother (Virgo). But before Mary, virgins were not only virgins for not having been sexually ravaged, but because they did not belong to any men. i.e. As in the case of Vesta (many think that this asteroid rules Virgo, somehow) who struggles to find completion and fulfillment in life on her own, without the need to include the other, through meditation and dedication to a God or Goddess. Hence the image of the Priestess, who returns to the temple, to think and meditate, theme which also colors the Virgo-Pisces opposition. What PISCES brings to Virgo is also the understanding that no matter how much technique we may have, the spirit is not always materialized when one wants to. Picasso said: “I work all the time, so when I connect with the divine inspiration, it finds me working”.
The most remarkable or extraordinary of this lunation is the Venus-Saturno-Lunar Node conjunction in Sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, trigone Neptune and especially Chiron, and in quadrature to Pallas and Mars in Leo. The theme of love and the abuse of power in relationships between men and women, comes to mind, and interestingly, for the first time in India, the 4 men who raped a 23 years old woman in a bus, late last year, which then died in the hospital of the wounds inflicted in the attack, have been sentenced to death, with incredible loud reaction from men and women, in this country which clearly shows that is really changing. Saturn and Pluto are in the third Sextile of this cycle, in which they are in mutual reception, meaning, in a sign that the other rules. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. In various parts of the world quite a few sexual abuse cases have jumped to the press like never before and many rapists, some in their 80s have been held accountable for abuse of power over young people of both sexes, acts committed, in several cases, almost 40 years earlier. Saturn isn’t named “Lord of Karma” by nothing. It is difficult to escape the winds of Karma while you are alive and even after death, as in the case of Jimmy Savile, the presenter of the BBC, who has been found guilty of dozens of cases of sexual abuse, what has ruined his memory and reputation, posthumously.
In the universal Chart of this lunation, considering the Asc. as the 0 degree of Aries, the conjunction Venus-Saturn-node obviously falls in the 8th House or Gate into the world of Hades, which certainly confirms, the series of scandals of corruption of our politicians and authority figures, who keep coming to our Courts. the square with Mars and Pallas, speaks of more than one situation power struggles between two parties on issues of shared finances and/or inheritances. These themes seem to arrive to a pivotal point at the peak of this lunation. THE trigone to Chiron, reflects the possibility of healing in the experience of these themes which are very Scorpio themes. As the Second House talks about the money we earn, the 8th House or Scorpio, speaks to us of that money which we can have access to, but without any power, i.e., money which creates debts and dependence on others. Separations, divorces, inheritances, are all triggered by this lunation in Pisces.
Gemini and Sagittarius are also affected by this, specially all those born in the last degrees of these signs.
This lunation impels us to the analysis of our true intentions and the ability to recognize that it is time to let go of certain cultural and family patterns to emerge as individuals and live our lives fully. While it is sometimes easier to follow the road marked by those who were born before us and above all, our culture, before raising a flag, ask yourself, if you really are in accordance with that side you are fighting with.
Negotiations on possible intervention in Syria is what is on the table at the moment, internationally and meanwhile the number of refugees and displaced persons grows in the form of an invasion in bordering countries. The destruction on the streets of this country seems inconceivable. What is clear is that the number of people escaping the situation is greater than those who struggle, indicating that most people want to live in peace and to be able to feed and care for their children. We’ll see what this lunation brings to this situation, what is clear is that Pisces and Virgo also speak of discerning which side we are on and if we are on one side or the other, or as PISCES tells us, we all are ONE, we have many more things in common than differences, therefore, What are we really fighting for?

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS – August 20 and 21

Oscar Pistorius -1711471Interestingly, this is the second full moon in Aquarius, since last month’s one was too.The one on the 22nd of July was at 0º Aquarius and this one, tomorrow is at 28° of this sign opposite Leo, which is where the Sun is right now since July 22.
This is a Moon next to Nessus, the vengeful and abusive Centaur and Neptune and opposite the Sun (of course) which is located next to Mercury, Ceres and Vesta. The Archetypes of the asteroids shine in the heavens so that we take notice of the complexity of the human existence. The multiplicity of dimensions as our daily experience is difficult to grasp and this reminds us once again, that it is much easier to live within the same dimension all the time, ignoring the rest. But then a the full moon like this one comes along and suddenly everything is stirred and we wonder what is happening to us, what are these emotions that seem to erupt from the inside out and we don’t know how to read or much less control?
First and foremost this moon coincides with the fact that Jupiter from Cancer, just the next day, will make a square to Uranus, the first of three and we also know that whatever makes an aspect to Uranus, at this moment, it also does it to Pluto. Although the opposition to Pluto was already formed a few days ago, this contact to Uranus, re-enacts, re-vives the Urano-Pluto.
No doubt the situation in Egypt speaks loudly of it, as in Syria, or in the Arab world in general. But at the individual level, this is also a very important moment, as certain situation that we have been dealing with, in many cases, for years, have a new opportunity of review them, find a solution or at least a new idea to solve them. But it is also a brilliant opportunity so review our values, our intentions and above all, the costs of this struggles, not only financially but also emotionally. What or who is that we are struggling with? Is it worth our sorrow, is it worth to continue? Is the price of it simply too high? The case of Pistorius, the amputee runner who killed his girlfriend, in South Africa, was in Court today just on the eve of this full moon, although the trial will not be until March 2014, today Pistorius has officially been charged with premeditated murder.
As we have seen on several occasions with the Aquarius-Leo angle, I vs them. The great Them. The group, the tribe, the herd and I. The more I know, and more I change on the inside, the more I can affect the external changes, the group. These wars that we have at this moment in the world, are mostly tribal wars, where individuality disappears, is sacrificed for the needs of the herd. And while this is sometimes necessary, the balance between the two extremes is our only salvation.
This week we have been actually living the negative side of Jupiter, the exaggerated idealism, the emotional overflow and of water (Cancer), flooding can be heard in the news everywhere. Jupiter activating the square Urano-Pluto is being felt, with Venus quickly approaching from Libra to form a Grand Cross with these three planets and that will be exact on 25, 26 and 27 of this month. Emotions soar, situations ask for a solution, simply because we can not hide under the rug or table anymore. Everything about Libra and Venus has to do with human relations. Do we have the ability to put ourselves in the place of the other?, at least for a few moments?
Jupiter also maintains for few more days the Grand Trine to Neptune and Saturn, a sense that everything will be, what should be, supports us and reassures us. Still. how to decide which is the best option? One thing is certain: none of us can make the other love us the way we want to be loved, nor can we save who is unwilling to be saved, not even our own children. But the only thing we can not only do, but must do is to save ourselves, removing everything from our lives that thwarts our growth.
This full moon falls very close to Uranus in the birthchart of all those born in the years 1962-63, triggering the need to rid oneself of that which is represented by the House where Uranus is in the chart. This group of people are also born with Neptune in Scorpio, and are therefore experiencing the transit of Saturn over that Neptune. In reality this happens to all those born between 1957-70. If they are also born the last 10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then this full moon will be stirring a few issues that need to be expressed and projected inside out, from the depths of the soul.

When we start to feel some discomfort or anxiety, it is best to first remember that these 2 or 3 days before the full moon, are the most powerful and once the Moon reaches its peak, which will happen tomorrow night and early morning on wednesday, the anxiety will come down, so relax, but, what we must not do is to waste the experience, and we must ask ourserlves what is our soul trying to communicate that should be communicated somehow.
The Moon in conjunction to Neptune stimulates our imagination and puts us in contact with our deepest longings. What do you yearn for, or feel nostalgia for? These are the questions which we should find answers to. The proximity to Nessus, connects us with that part of our being that feels abused, powerless, which connects us with feelings of revenge and hatred. Remember, no one has power over us unless we grant it. Search inside yourself,find your inner power and use it, with peace and harmony. The Sun from Leo next to Mercury, Ceres and Vesta, reminds us that what we seek out to feel safe and protected is within ourselves. This place we are looking for is called acceptance and it exists only in the depths of our being. If I accept myself, I will accept others. If it sounds cliche is because it is, but is also true.
Enjoy this Aquarius Full Moon and comment on your experience.


480764_558757037490171_1032393838_nHere we have one of the most powerful full moons of the year! 4 planets in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra! They are: The Sun (of course) in conjunction to Venus at 6 ° Aries exactly oppose the Moon at 6º Libra, Uranus at 8º Aries, which is at the moment in conjunction to the Sun and Venus and Mars at 11 degrees Aries, forming an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn 11th, forming a T-square to the Urano-Pluto square that is changing the world as I write and also our perception of it. All of this added to the already powerful energies of a full moon. The case of the collapse of the banking system of Cyprus, one of its most obvious manifestations, the threats from North Korea of “being ready for war”, another of the many. We are being reminded that this financial crisis, which is also a cultural values and religious crisis, has not concluded and that we still have many things to learn from it. As long as there are systems and people that resists change, we will continue in it.
On the 28th, the Sun, Venus and Uranus will be together at about 8 ° Aries! If you have planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)around that degree, pays attention to what happens on those days. The energy will also remind us, the need to free ourselves from that which oppresses us, that which impedes our advancement, yet, sometimes freeing ourselves doesn’t mean necessarily, “breaking up”, but it speaks to us about the possibilities of giving more freedom of action to ourselves, so that we can have more freedom of movement. Uranus, need freedom of action to create, if you feel depressed or restricted in some way, then you’ll probably reacts violently, unnecessarily.
As Mars continues in square to Pluto, the lack of space, physical or emotional can cause the beast in us, to erupt. But freedom is within us, we can change, without having to always blame the other. If we started the change, the other, will inevitably follow. If you are Leo or Sagittarius, then the creative impulse is impressive these days, yields to the inspiration and I encourage you to take risks. The only thing that can happen is that it doesn’t come out as you expected, in which case, you just try again.
With so many planets in Aries, the impulse is of new beginnings, projects that initiate a new stage in life, ideas that beg to be manifested from the inside of our psyche. As the Moon is in Libra, the idea of working with someone, is contrasted with the need to do things the way WE want them, at the speed that your body and soul are asking you, rather than looking and taking into consideration the needs of the other. Accepting or at least listening to the ideas of others, and other people’s points of view, is the real message of this Full Moon in Libra. We must also keep in mind that Aries is a masculine and powerful energy and we must recognize this inner power, whether you are male or female, and pay attention at the effect our decisions can have on others. The commitment and the settlement of accounts is the issue of this full moon.
Amanda Knox, an American student, Cancerian, returns to trial in Italy, after the Italian Supreme Court, has revoked his acquittal in the case of the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Umbria, in 2007, when the two lived there as students. Amanda Knox, already served 4 years of imprisonment in a prison in Perugia, during the time that her trial was taking place. She was finally acquitted in 2011 and returned to the US. It is possible that USA do not allow her extradition to Italy. In another mode, Tiger Woods, after a few years, returns decisively to his position as no. 1 in Golf. Another settling of scores.
Saturn and Pluto form a Yod with Jupiter in Gemini which means that both Saturn and Pluto, make 150 ° contacts to Jupiter, which extend the previous concept of reckoning, topics that they have to do with justice, or better still, with past injustices that have the opportunity for atonement. Or we could call it redemption.
At the end of this writing a girl in England died of an attack by 5 wild dogs. dogs, too, get affected by Full Moons.
Use this space to comment, on possible cases of redemption you know. Happy full moon all!


Here we are in the last Full Moon of the year 2012, and it falls in the sign of Cancer, the first water sign of the Zodiac, and symbol of the Great Mother and the myth of Eleusis. Cancer, among other things, represents the myth of the mother and the daughter, and the eternal struggle and separation between these two sides of the same coin.

All those with the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant in Cancer live this eternal story of separation from Mother. In antiquity they only spoke of the mother and the daughter, when they referred to this myth, without giving a name to any of them. The archetype, was conceived as an only archetype consisting of two deities, they rarely made the difference if they were two gods or two goddesses, although everyone knew that it consisted of two female deities. Was Homer and before him, Pamphos, (according to Carl Kerenji) who first included the name of Persephone, as the name of the daughter, in a poem. Before that, when they referred to her, she was called the “Kore” or “the Maiden”. The name of Demeter (Ceres for the Romans), arose as well, as the “other” deity, older, therefore the image of the mother. The mother of the Earth, of the grain, of agriculture, of the daughter. The history of Eleusis, talks about a daughter who is “stolen” from her mother and then returned to her, only with a prior arrangement made between the God of the Underworld, Hades, (Pluto) and Demeter. The separation of the psyche of the mother, is the Fate of all Cancer, an inevitable journey for both Mother and Daughter.

This full moon, picks at about 7 ° of the angle Cancer-Capricorn, and therefore coincides with the Urano-Pluto square, since the Sun is in conjunction to Pluto which is now about 9 degrees of Capricorn and Juno, 3 ° of Cap. This constellation, including the Moon at 7 degrees of Cancer, form a T-square to Uranus, at about 4 degrees Aries 42′. Once again we find the theme of separation from the traditional. How to separate ourselves from that which gives us form and contains us? How to free ourselves from what we believe we need, to have some kind of order in our lives?. How do we separate or liberate ourselves of that, we worked so hard to maintain? Who will win, the strength of independence or tradition and the known order? How de we separate ourselves from mother? Perhaps the answer is a little in the middle. We only strive to make ourselves independent of what we believe different from us and maybe the solution lies in understanding that we are all one, and we can still operate independently of something bigger we belong to. That something that complements us, contain us, but without being absorbed by it, by that something which seems to want to govern us. we must respect the fact and the importance that both parties must exist for the maximum evolution for all parties. Whether the two parties are: mother-daughter, Republicans and Democrats, Spanish PP and PSOE, Professor and Students, Catalunya and Madrid, Big Companies and employees, etc.

We only have this illusion of the separation in order to learn faster, the different human possibilities. Everyone nourishes everyone. We all have something important and unique to contribute. We are ALL indispensable, and yet, nobody is. We are all the drops that form the ocean. No drops, no ocean, never mind how insignificant they seem to be.

With the asteroid Juno wrapped up in the full moon, by its conjunction to the Sun and Pluto, and opposition to the Moon, the theme of personal relationships, the power of the feminine, is a relevant topic for this lunation. Pallas Athena, at 26 degrees of PISCES, is also in a T-square to Mercury at 26º of Sagittarius, and Ceres to 24º of Gemini. By the way, if you go out to look at the sky now, you’ll see Jupiter, majestic next to the Moon, shining from Gemini. Vesta is located nearby, reminding us that the cry of the feminine, is heard deafening in human nature and we must respect it, to not awaken Lilith, or Medusa or Ereshkigal. The power of the dark side of the feminine is even more powerful and as in the case of Medusa, who turns to stone anyone who dares to look into her eyes. With only her own Reflection could her head be cut off, and avoid being petrified.

The mixture of these archetypes in a lunation and especially at the end of the year, a few days after the Solstice of winter and summer, reminds us that we must confron our own shadow, to grow, to recognize our own power, to be aware that there are things that should be changed, so that we can evolve, and let those the around us do their own evolution. Reclaiming our authority is another issue, as it is to learn to respect our chosen role, in the comedy/drama of our personal relationships. What role have we unconsciously accepted to play? are we getting tired of the role and calling for a change? We must accept that to make it happen, everything must change, not just a part. Nothing will be as it was and that’s OK. What does not change is destined to die.-In fact, everything is destined to die, including each one of us and we must also accept that. We must respect our own roles in our personal relationships, and understand that for the relationship to evolve, the roles of both parties must transform and evolve as well. While you are a mother, you’re mother and wife, or only mother, if you’re not with the father, but when the children leave, you’re not just mother any longer and that must also be respected.

Cancer, like most water signs, quickly learns that nothing remains the same for a long time, and if you’re one of those Cancer with much Leo in your chart or other fixed signs, then the fight for letting changes flow and keeping everything as it is, is exhausting. Change, always wins at the end and we must accept it or we are destined to die in life. We start to die, when change passes us by and we pretend that everything remains the same. Even if we don’t use Facebook or Twitter, we need to know what it is, or we have begun to die and disconnect from the changes that are happening. I give this example, only because that is very common. We cannot afford to ignore the changes and the advances of technology. But echoing this powerful Jupiter in Gemini, i feel we should be informed, to be able to continue to live life fully, instead of letting it pass us by.
Happy New Year to all of you from the bottom of my heart.


ImageThis past  full moon in Capricorn of July 3rd , has really been powerful. It came hand in hand with Pluto and Uranus, which on  June 24th made the first exact square at 8 ° 23′ of Capricorn and Aries respectively, aspect that will repeat 7 times between now and 2015. Mars entered Libra at the same time, on its way to form the T-square with these two planets, which will happen on the 16th-17th and July 18th, right for the time of the New Moon in Cancer which added to this equation will be forming a cardinal Grand Cross, opposed to Pluto and in square to Mars and Uranus.

It is obvious that this planetary aspect and lunation breathes CHANGE. Everything that prevents us from advancing spiritually must be removed, or amputated from our lives, so that we can continue to evolve. It is possible that in many cases it will occurs literally, i.e. operations, where  by something gets  removed from our body . Old structures that have ceased to have meaning, will collapse both internally and externally. Everything that it is already in a process of change, will have a kind of review and a new force will remind us that the process has not yet ended and that we must strip ourselves of many outdated ideals, old fashion expectations, destructive attitudes, emotional and financial dependencies.

Uranus impels us to free ourselves, renew ourselves, break free from self-impossed chains, which served us to structure our lives, in the past, but that now slow us down and paralyze us. It is also the big push to rid us of cultural stories that prevent us from making progress in our process of individuation. Pluto brings the dirty laundry out in the open, so that we can really strip ourselves of what you don’t need anymore. Pluto talks about the emotional chains impose to ourselves by ourselves, in order not to feel alone, our obsessions and our need for union with each other, often in not a very healthy way. Finding the  balance between these two archetypes, represented by these two planets, which have been in this aspect more or less active since 2010, goes beyond the issue of collective change. We have seen and continue to see the fall of outdated Institutions, Governments, Heads of governmets, financial institutions, , we are becoming increasingly aware of the faults of our educational system, all over the world, but this is also a one-to-one call. For those who have a personal planet constellated by this aspect,  for example those born in the last days of March, June or September or December, they have the Sun being aspected by the Square of Uranus and Pluto, equally all those with the Moon or Venus or Mars around 8 to 10 degrees of the cardinal signs,will surely understand what I am talking about. How to find the balance between having intimacy with the other, without losing individuality. How can we feel special and different without feeling an outsider?. How to live our individuality without having to feel superior to others?. How to keep our individuality even in a close relationship with another? How to have a spiritual and deep union with another, without depending emotionally or financially? These are some of the topics constellated by this square, on a personal level.

As stated in the Kabbalah, we all come to this life to “rectify” something, James Hillman, says we all have been “called” to “do” something. Is in these moments when we have the opportunity to see clearly what is that “we should” rectify. Uranus stations retrograde on July 13 and Mercury has its second retrograde of the year as from the 15th. Uranus will be retrograde until December 14 and Mercury  stations direct  on August 8th. These retrograde periods invite us to review and rethink our situation in order to have a clearer vision of what is that we must correct or simply must solve. The retrograde Mercury normally coincide with a review of agreements or contracts signed in the past, also with the re-organization of paper word, such as bank’s statements, or correspondence should be re-read. The retrograde periods also coincide with poorly interpreted words and discussions on issues that do not seem to get clarified. This retrograde Mercury occurs in the sign of Leo, coinciding with the full moon was in trine to  Uranus in Aries. The possibility of new ideas to resolve old issues will be one of the benefits of this aspect, as it is the freedom from issues and mental patterns that limit us and impede our progress.

We all know that halfway through the 1960s, Pluto and Uranus were in conjunction in Virgo, so those born in those years, now have a wonderful opportunity to resolve issues that prevent their spiritual development. Angela Davies, an African American Revolutionary who headed the movement called Black Panthers, who went to jail on more than one occasion, for fighting for  freedom and the rights of African Americans in United States, received last week a prize for her work in those years that continues to the present. Moments of real culmination both at work and in private life, are also possibilities for these aspect.

Pallas, the asteroid, is also part of this lunation located in conjunction to Uranus in Aries. Pallas confronts us with celibacy, with intellectual intimacy versus sexual intimacy. As Pluto is part of this aspect, the conflict between these two forms of privacy, will be more evident, giving us the possibility to find a harmony between these two ways to relate or  seek intimacy.
Finally, Venus and Jupiter are at a distance of conjunction to about 4 degrees of orbit, in Gemini, therefore, the discord between two parties, will find a compromise, a possibility of agreement, less emotional and intelligent discussions will benefit from it. These two planets will be traveling in the sign of the twins, in conjunction almost until the end of the month, so prepare to take part of conversations taking into account the opinion of the other. Write more, listen more, think before you speak and dare to say what you normally have difficulty communicating. Dare to ask questions and give answers to issues that need to be clarified. Be honest with yourself and use the energy of Pluto to rummage through your soul and find the answers that complete the picture of your life at present.

Full Moon in Virgo on March 19th, 2011

So here it comes THE Full Moon of the year! Not only because is another SuperMoon (Moon at perigee or point closest to the Earth), second one of the year, but because it happens right at the Spring equinox or 0º of Aries and in conjunction to Uranus at 0º Aries, which means that the Moon will oppose Uranus, right after the Full Moon picks, and then the Sun will make a conjunction the following day.

It probably would not have meant much in another time in history, but given the situation in Japan, the Nuclear Plant out of control, the coastal towns hit by the tsunami still in a mess, it just sends a cold feeling down my back. Especially for the high tides that this moon will send to the coast, especially now after the tsunami probably erased most the coast.

Although we do not know if there is a relationship between the energies of Uranus with Uranium, the fact remains that there is danger of more explosions in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, and there is a lot of Plutonium and Uranium in it.

I could not imagine a more literal expression of Uranus in Aries than all this Uranium about to explode.

Do we really need this lesson to pay attention to the dangers of nuclear power? or to realize the dangers of not having the whole thing under control in case of accidents like this?.

This Full Moon becomes full at 29º of Virgo-Pisces which form a Grand Cross with the Lunar Nodes, another important point if we take into consideration that when there is a New or a Full Moon in conjunction with the Nodes we get an Eclipse. The last degree of any sign brings with it the idea of a transition, a turning point, a moment in time when we realize that something is coming to an end and something new is about to be born.

I imagine that with everything is going on at the moment and with the advantage of all the media coverage as it happens and the technology involved in it, we now have the privilege of becoming aware of it all in a massive scale, so that we ALL see what is happening and have no excuse to remain ignorant.

And if you think there is nothing we can do about it, think again. Just becoming aware of it and making moves to question these big companies and governments is a lot. A good opportunity to stop being driven like cattle.

As it happened in the Golf of Mexico, once again our arrogance becomes obvious. We can build these big plants but what happens when mother Nature sneezes? We can´t manage! So we need to think again.

If WE could vote around the world to see if we want nuclear energy, the answer will probably surprise everyone. Do you want it? Do you want the risks involved in getting energy that way?

We tried it, but the price to pay is too high. isn’t it?

Saturn in Libra opposes Jupiter and Mercury in Aries, speaks of the awareness of the high price to be paid for our technological advances and the risks we take, and Ceres, in exact conjunction to Neptune at 29º Aquarius, with Chiron at 2º of Pisces, reenforces this feeling that we are ONE with the Earth, and unless we respect it and stop risking so much, we will not be able to stop these terrible events, when so many people die.

Everything seems to indicate that the electromagnetic force of this Full Moon will be overwhelming!

In our stubborn insistence in finding a correlation between what happens in the Cosmos and how it manifests down here, it is very difficult not to worry about what it might happen this week end.

For those who think that the end of the world will happen at the end of 2012, tell that to a japanese person of the affected area, when all his/her life has been swept away by last friday’s tsunami. For many of them, that was the end of their world, not something they will forget anytime soon.

I am quite tired of listening about 2012, as if the BIG CHANCES will happen then. Look around, they are already happening NOW. We don’t need to wait until December 21st, 2012.

We can help in the process if we just spoke up and loud about these matters.

We need to have more regulations about when it comes to Nuclear Power and Energy.

We can ALL do it. We are already doing it. Let’s continue doing it!

The dignity and wisdom that the Japanese people have shown to the world is overwhelming. What a message to the rest of us.

I have actually lived in Sendai, about 30 years ago, for a about 6 month. What it was a coastal town is now a city with 1 million people. Why do we have to build towns and nuclear plants in Earthquake’s risk areas?

It’s beyond me!

This Full Moon is a attention call for many of us and especially for those with planets in the mutable (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittrius-Pisces) and cardinal signs (Aries-Cancer-Libra -Capricorn). Whatever happens this week end ahead, don’t discard it as just a simple good or bad week end, read between events and feelings and learn. This is an important one! It might open doors in you mind that will help you and us.