krishna-radha-masculine-feminineWith Mercury in its direct motion a feeling of the return to normality can be sensed, even though its post-shadow period ends on the 27th of this month. Everything we experienced during this past month can now be used to re-structure our lives. Now we find ourselves at the new moon in Gemini. Like all lunations this one is not equal to any other, before or after. Having lived this Mercury Retrograde for over 3 weeks, cycle which was accompanied all the time by Mars in alignment to the Sun, and eventually to Mercury, we arrive today to exact Sun-Mars conjunction and the Moon will join them Tuesday 16th.
We have survived the arguments, misunderstandings, poorly expressed feelings, examinations, divorces and separations (there were several), and although Skeptics may say that this can always happen, not only during Mercury Retrogrades, our consciousness seems to register them more precisely during these cycles. This time the Moon-Sun-Mars conjunction forms in opposition to Pallas, (the asteroid), and a square to Chiron. Pallas, the motherless daughter, born from the head of her father Zeus, represents the masculine aspect “animus” within the female psyche. Pallas is the woman soldier, the intellectual, the artist, who channels her sexuality through her creations. Patron of the arts, crafts and the arts of war, is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Celibate by nature since she sees men as equal, rather than as emotional partners. The duality of Gemini, which sometimes can reach pathological extremes such as schizophrenia, is illuminated by this new moon. The difficulty of integrating the feminine and masculine element of our psyche in a harmonious way, both for man and woman is a drama far more complex than what I can describe in this article. Without reaching the levels called “pathological”, each person with the Sun, the Moon, Venus, or Mars in Gemini, knows of this duality that currently is aggravated by the fact that Neptune, in PISCES since 2011, has begun a long period of squares to these positions of planets in the sign of the twins. The sexual confusion is one of the manifestations of this aspect and to say that this lunation will put the finger in the wound is probably an understatement . But everything that has to do with the integration of the sex opposite to ours, within our psyche is illuminated in this new moon. The combination of Mars-Moon-Sun with the energy of Pallas, will drive us to the confrontation with this conflict and without going into great detail about Pallas, which will be the subject of a webinar and workshop on August 29th, for more info go to: (, I’d like to say that it will bring us to the awareness of this duality and the need to moderate these divider impulses of our psyche to be able to live in a healthy and integrated way. The story of Pallas is complex and describes the journey and the power of the feminine in a patriarchal world, where the woman has been and is still subordinated to men in many cultures. The positive part of this aspect is the fusion of our emotions with our intellect and the contact with Chiron will provide the opportunity to heal these division by the power of consciousness, so that we can become wholesome individuals. Pallas, in the sign of Sagittarius at this time, is related to the sign of Libra and Aquarius, and for this lunation also forms an exact grand trine to Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries, prompting us to analyze this process from a more philosophical and mental viewpoint, enriching us with a vision of the transcendental, since most of these proceses are not really the individual prerogatives, but inherited issues from our family and culture. The way we feel with respect to the masculine and feminine, it is colored, like everything else, by our education and what we experienced in our childhood and adolescence regarding our sexuality. The way our parents and grandparents dealt with these issues, is reflected in our everyday dilemmas, especially on such important issues as our sexuality and our capacity to direct our lives in the direction that we desire.
Use the insights gained by the powers of this new moon to take a look at your patriarchal wounds, your feelings and their manifestation in your personal relationships. Male dominance has been and is detrimental not only to women but also to men. Recognition of the opposite sex in our own psyche doesn’t have to be a drama, but an enrichment, because we’ve all been created by the union of the masculine and the feminine, therefore both elements live in us. The mutable signs Geminis-Virgo-Sagittarius and Pisces are the most affected by this lunation but this is a time for all of us to question how our little or big daily dramas are colored by this division in our psyche. Today Saturn dips back into Scorpio until September 17th, which is another allegory about delving into our desire nature and our sexuality to find the answers we seem to be missing in our lives.


o-MEDITATION-facebookWe are already in the full moon in Sagittarius that puts an end,  in some way,  to the issues brought about by the new moon in Taurus on May 18th, the day before Mercury stationed Retrograde for the second time this year and in its own sign. The new moon in Gemini will be the June 16.
The conjunction Sol-Mercurio – Mars in Gemini which caused so much anxiety, arguments and sore throats, continues in some way, but is already changing shape bringing the calm after the storm.
Yet it is important not to lose the lesson of those times, when our personal sky seems filled with clouds, making us forget that the sky “is always blue”, and once the clouds pass, we go back to see it in all its blue glory.
For this full moon the Sun is between Mercury and Mars with a small orbit of 4 ° of separation from them and all three together oppose the Moon, all of them forming a square to Neptune in Pisces.
We already know that any planet in square (90º) to Neptune somehow takes the brunt of this planet that is in its own sign of PISCES for the first time in the life of all beings that are alive today. What is the most negative part of Neptune?Victimization is one, lack of limits is another, resistance to accept our reality and our present, another. Trying to find the shortest route regardless of the methods, another. Neptune is a planet glorified by those who only relate to its intuitive skills and “spirituality” and its incredible ability to connect with the pain of others, but when this planet is connected by square, while the spiritual quest can intensify, also the inability to live in one’s own body, and accept the limitations of our “humanity”. In its positive aspect, this square also reminds us that there are other ways of communicating that are not necessarily verbally. Whenever two or more people get together, as well as what they say with words, other types of messages are also transmitted through  non-verbal communication, faces, gestures, smiles and grimaces of pain, etc. The Soul speaks and not just through the word.
For Neptunian diseases there is nothing better than Saturn, i.e. order, the limits and the acceptance of the reality. To counter the possible confusion of these days of full moon and the lethargy that can be induced by Neptune, Saturn, about to enter for the last time in Scorpio, where it will remain until September 17, sign which will not visit for another 29 years, forms a large trine to Venus in Cancer and Vesta in Pisces. This aspect will help us withdraw a little bit from the noise and try to disconnect from the excess information of our everyday lives, the senseless conversations, to connect with the deepest part of our being and find our own voice.
Leave the mobile at home and go for a walk through a forest, or a garden or a park, Moon in Sagittarius will appreciate  it. The duality Geminis-Sagittarius which is what is activated in this full moon reminds us of the fact that Gemini wants to gather information and pass it on, without necessarily understanding it and the role of Sagittarius, is to ask “why” or at least “what for”. Today we live in an era of immediate and excessive information, with our brains trying to process it at the same time and even though it benefits us in some respects because it allows us to know what happens anywhere in the world instantly, is at the same time crippling us to be able to concentrate for long periods of time. Trying to process that much information at the same time, makes us feel disoriented and exhausted quickly and we are more prompt to make mistakes. The result is that when we get back home from work, our brain is overexcited and we find it really difficult to lower the energy level, which causes many people to take pills to relax and sleep.
Another problem of the excessive information, is that often, returning to a quiet home, forces us to turn on the television or the computer, to stay connected with something outside of us, because the inner silence becomes too evident and we are faced with the “terror” of “solitude”, that black monster that whispers from inside, making us believe that we are indeed alone. The funny thing is that “feeling lonely” is a true human feeling, everyone on the planet has felt alone at some point in their lives, even once a week, which cancels the true meaning of “being lonely”, since we can all relate to it, and probably can help one another since we all have the same feeling. If by “lonely” we mean that no one can help us in our dilemma, then, that is right, as no one can live our lives, but since we are all in the same dilemma, we can share this apparent loneliness with everybody else. Yet, each of us must find the solution to our own drama. In this aspect we can say we alone, but not really, because everybody else is in the same predicament.
Use this full moon to give yourself some time for meditation and for listening to your inner voice, but above all, listen and trust it.

GEMINI LUNAR ECLIPSE ON THE 28TH and Mercury stations retrograde

Today 25th of November, Mars in Capricorn moves gradually away from square to Uranus and continues incessantly approaching the conjunction to Pluto that will activate the square occurring between these two implacable Gods. I say implacable, just because, trying to dodge their influence is a frustrating and futile mission.
Last night, as an allegory to this cosmic conflict, I went to see the movie “Detachment”, directed by Tony Kaye (American History X), and played by Adrien Brody, who also produced it. An account of the state of education in the United States, but of course relevant to the whole world. But above all the film speaks of human pain, the pain of existence and of the urgent issues that we humans must resolve, to be able to live better and find harmony and peace, if this is at all possible. Topics such as the importance of communication with our students and our children. The relevance of art and creativity in our lives. The decline of certain models of education already outdated and with little chance of renewal. A sample of how fast we are to judge the pain or the situation of others, forgetting that we all suffer of human issues, and that we are never on the sidewalk across the street, but on the same side as everybody else. A perfect description of this square between Pluto (our deepest desires, the topics that we must renew and change, to be able to evolve) and Uranus (our individuation, our progress, the hard lessons of going through this process accepting that we are all part of the human race, since there is no other of our characteristics on this planet, even with our incredible differences).
A process that everyone experiences in our personal, individual little lives. How to find our individuality (Uranus) without dying (Pluto) in the attempt. Perhaps the lesson here is that we die only apparently, because in reality we simply transform and in doing so, we incorporate others in our history or brake up with what prevents us from growing. Yet, what we will never be able to do, is to separate from the human race. Never mind our geographic borders, the emotional limits will never be as clear, because there will always be someone who falls in love with somebody on the other side. And then what do we do? Continue telling our kids: “NO, you can not fall in love with someone from that side of the border”. Until when?
Today Catalans go to the polls to decide who will lead this process of independence to its resolution. Separate from the rest of Spain!. The funny thing, that even if they succeed, more than half of the population has blood mixed with all those whom they want to become independent from. Catalunya is full of Andalusian, Castellanos, of Latin Americans, many young people have an Andalusian mother and a catalan father or a Catalan mother and a father from Huelva, or… etc. how are they going to separate that? I wonder…
So, here we are, at the doorsteps of this coming full moon in Gemini on the 28th, two days after Mercury stations direct, to return to its “forward” motion, after it made us go through the reviewing of a lot of topics, in order to have a more universal vision of them. An eclipsed Full Moon, since this opposition between the Moon and the Sun occurs a few degrees of the Lunar nodes. In a lunar eclipse, the Earth gets between the Sun and the Moon, depriving our beautiful lady of the night from the light of our wonderful star. Eclipses move us in a subtle ways, so once again we decide to go ahead, despite the difficulties, previous meditation on our weaknesses, fears and frustrations. We must use this moment of internal research to understand what is that what we can change and what not. The recognition and acceptance of this is vital for our development. Despite the fact that Gemini kind of places us opposite another, as in a game of tennis, if we raise enough, to have a more global view of this, will see that the unity that Neptune and Chiron speak to us about from the sign of PISCES is real. Everything, even our enemies, are part of us and the vision of our reality. If we only see ourselves on one sidewalk, opposite the others, we lose the entirety of the film. Those who seem to oppose us, are the ones we learn the most important lessons from, so that we can force ourselves to be everything that we can be and not settle for a watery version of ourselves. These are difficult lessons but indispensable in our development.
I feel pity and envy of young people who have to digest these difficult energies without sufficient elements to handle them, but we, the adults, must help them see the positive side of all this and not only devote ourselves to complain and disclose more negativity. They have all their lives ahead to clean up this mess in which we are all involved. Since I am an incorrigible optimist, I have hope in the human race and I agree with Barack Obama, when he said in his 2012 acceptance speech: “I’m not talking about blind optimism, the kind of hope that just ignores the enormity of the tasks ahead or the road blocks that stand in our path. I’m not talking about the wishful idealism that allows us to just sit on the sidelines or shirk from a fight. I have always believed that hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting”.
We must learn to connect to the powerful energy of Pluto that dictates from our psyche that we must evolve and survive, at the expense of whatever else. That is our most powerful, primitive and vital mission in this life. In doing so, we are respecting the species and life above all else and thus learn to love and value what we have, never mind how little. We all have something so be grateful for. Right?

Jupiter en Géminis

Jupiter en GéminisFinally Jupiter moves to Gemini after 12 years of absence in this sign and after a year in the sign of Taurus. Comes aligned with the Lunar nodes in the angles of Sagittarius (North) and Gemini (South), as if speaking of issues to resolve that they began long beforewe were born. We already know this angle corresponds to the 3 and 9 houses of the birthchart, of communication and education. With our ideals and beliefs, and how to express them.

Enters Gemini accompanied by Venus and the Sun, in this sign, the latter in a spectacular trine to Saturn, in harmony with the fact that Spanish banks have been bailed by European banks. But the Sun also continues its square to Mars in Virgo, therefore, the route of the banks is not yet full of rose petals. The entry of Jupiter in Gemini is also accompanied by the Saturn station-direct on June 25th in the last degrees of Libra to re-iniciate its direct motion through he last 5 degrees of Libra until October 6, when the Lord of the Rings enters Scorpio finally giving a break to the Cardinal (Aries-Cáncer – Libra and Capricorn) signs, although not completely, since, on the 24th and 25th, Uranus and Pluto make their first contact or square of the 7 which they will have between now and 2015, also in the cardinal signs of Aries (Uranus) and Capricorn (Plutón). Ultimately, changes continue, the revolutions are still on the table, and if at some point in your life, you thought of compromising with the community you live in and take to the streets to claim your rights, or discontent, this is the time. This is the time to yell not only to Governments and their representatives but also to large corporations that run the world. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Jupiter in Gemini will help with thies since words will go further. Jupiter encourages us to risk, to live more in harmony with our ideals and to fight for them. Jupiter or Zeus, in Greek mythology, though the absolute God, has no power over, for example, Hades, Lord of the Underworld, or the Great Below. But he can act as a diplomat would, and be the link between, so that things can be resolved. Jupiter in Gemini Invites us to dialogue and philosophize. Adds a ray of light in the darkness so that we can see more clearly. If you have something to say, say it now, if you have something to publish, do it now, if you have to re-connect with your brothers or sisters, do it now.

This is also a good time to start some kind of short course that will enrich your intellect, to live a richer and wiser life.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to a have a look at how we use our language, what we say and how we say it. How is as important as what we say. Words are important, both when it comes to finding a job and submit an application and when we are trying to communicate feelings.

The Sun is in square to the Moon, when Jupiter enters Gemini, and we must understand that often, what we want is not what we need and visceversa. These internal dilemmas that often make us sick remind us that we must achieve a better communication between our mind and our body. Jupiter, is also in square to Neptune and Quirón in PISCES, and in conjunction to Ceres. The issue of the hunger in the world and the contamination of what we eat, will undoubtedly be an issue to bring to consciousness even more, in the next 12 months. We must all be part of this time of so many changes and leave the comfortable position of: “but what can I do I…?, How can I make a difference?” We can all do something.

Pluto exactly opposed to Mercury, Gemini ruler, therefore we’ll continue to unmask those in power. But we must also question our own beliefs. Are they really our own or are those of the culture in which we were born? Do we say what we think or what we were told by our father and our mother? do we know what we say or we just repeat what we’ve heard others say?

Those who turn 12 years old this year, are experiencing the first Jupiter return with the immensity of what that means. Twelve are the beginning of a lot of things, biologically, the girl has her first period and stops being a child, the boy also ceases to be a child to become a young adult. We entered high school, normally, in most cultures and our life at school also changes. Those who turn 24, will undergo their second return of Jupiter and now is the time to leave the family nest if you’ve not done so already and embarking on the adventure to discover new cultures. At 36, the third return, and with it, the beginning of the awareness that perhaps our ideas are a bit starched and we must expand our horizons once more. Many people divorce, or decides to leave work that oppresses them and sit down to write a novel or to travel. To 48, the fourth return of this planet and the life is now much more serious and the need to make concrete our ideals and our way of life become something of the utmost importance. When Jupiter returns to its birthplace in our chart, it offer us one more opportunity to have a look at our ideals and express ourselves from the depths of our beliefs.

Jupiter in Gemini will bring much joy to Gemini Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. Perhaps these last two should pay attention to jupiterian excess, as the excessive optimism. Jupiter has the ability to make us feel very optimistic ,but often lose track of reality. Never forget that Jupiter also rules Pisces.

The most positive trait of Jupiter in Gemini will be the increased curiosity, we’ll no longer accept what other people’s discurs, we will want to investigate and find other answers. The need to communicate what we have within us will be ever so powerful. The

Commerce will see an improvement and it is even possible that the stock market will have a brief good time. The danger: the over optimism of the “traders” that can cause further declines in banks. The lack of regulation of these issues, a matter for attention.

Libra and Aquarius will also benefit from this transit of Jupiter in Gemini and finally will be easier to get what one want – or need. Suddenly people next to them will collaborate more.Look at what House in your birthchart, Gemini falls and you will see where your desires to improve that part of your life, will manifest. Jupiter encourages us to fix things, to improve them, to free us from topics that we are already bored with.It Enlightens us with new ideas and optimism, so that we may do things that we normally wouldn’t. No matter your age, you can study something that will enrich your life and and expand your horizons. Read more, investigate more, don’t just repeat what you hear from others. Find out on your own and draw your own conclusions. Make contact with new people, Júpiter will bring us in touch with people from different cultures so that we can change and enrich our vision of life and our values. There is always another point of view and ours is not necessarily the correct one.Learn another language, travels through your own region and visit a new place as often as you can. Open doors.

Jupiter, is neither a personal planet nor a collective one, in my view. It is the bridge between the personal and the collective and in the sign of Gemini, the opportunity to cross it.