krishna-radha-masculine-feminineWith Mercury in its direct motion a feeling of the return to normality can be sensed, even though its post-shadow period ends on the 27th of this month. Everything we experienced during this past month can now be used to re-structure our lives. Now we find ourselves at the new moon in Gemini. Like all lunations this one is not equal to any other, before or after. Having lived this Mercury Retrograde for over 3 weeks, cycle which was accompanied all the time by Mars in alignment to the Sun, and eventually to Mercury, we arrive today to exact Sun-Mars conjunction and the Moon will join them Tuesday 16th.
We have survived the arguments, misunderstandings, poorly expressed feelings, examinations, divorces and separations (there were several), and although Skeptics may say that this can always happen, not only during Mercury Retrogrades, our consciousness seems to register them more precisely during these cycles. This time the Moon-Sun-Mars conjunction forms in opposition to Pallas, (the asteroid), and a square to Chiron. Pallas, the motherless daughter, born from the head of her father Zeus, represents the masculine aspect “animus” within the female psyche. Pallas is the woman soldier, the intellectual, the artist, who channels her sexuality through her creations. Patron of the arts, crafts and the arts of war, is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Celibate by nature since she sees men as equal, rather than as emotional partners. The duality of Gemini, which sometimes can reach pathological extremes such as schizophrenia, is illuminated by this new moon. The difficulty of integrating the feminine and masculine element of our psyche in a harmonious way, both for man and woman is a drama far more complex than what I can describe in this article. Without reaching the levels called “pathological”, each person with the Sun, the Moon, Venus, or Mars in Gemini, knows of this duality that currently is aggravated by the fact that Neptune, in PISCES since 2011, has begun a long period of squares to these positions of planets in the sign of the twins. The sexual confusion is one of the manifestations of this aspect and to say that this lunation will put the finger in the wound is probably an understatement . But everything that has to do with the integration of the sex opposite to ours, within our psyche is illuminated in this new moon. The combination of Mars-Moon-Sun with the energy of Pallas, will drive us to the confrontation with this conflict and without going into great detail about Pallas, which will be the subject of a webinar and workshop on August 29th, for more info go to: (, I’d like to say that it will bring us to the awareness of this duality and the need to moderate these divider impulses of our psyche to be able to live in a healthy and integrated way. The story of Pallas is complex and describes the journey and the power of the feminine in a patriarchal world, where the woman has been and is still subordinated to men in many cultures. The positive part of this aspect is the fusion of our emotions with our intellect and the contact with Chiron will provide the opportunity to heal these division by the power of consciousness, so that we can become wholesome individuals. Pallas, in the sign of Sagittarius at this time, is related to the sign of Libra and Aquarius, and for this lunation also forms an exact grand trine to Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries, prompting us to analyze this process from a more philosophical and mental viewpoint, enriching us with a vision of the transcendental, since most of these proceses are not really the individual prerogatives, but inherited issues from our family and culture. The way we feel with respect to the masculine and feminine, it is colored, like everything else, by our education and what we experienced in our childhood and adolescence regarding our sexuality. The way our parents and grandparents dealt with these issues, is reflected in our everyday dilemmas, especially on such important issues as our sexuality and our capacity to direct our lives in the direction that we desire.
Use the insights gained by the powers of this new moon to take a look at your patriarchal wounds, your feelings and their manifestation in your personal relationships. Male dominance has been and is detrimental not only to women but also to men. Recognition of the opposite sex in our own psyche doesn’t have to be a drama, but an enrichment, because we’ve all been created by the union of the masculine and the feminine, therefore both elements live in us. The mutable signs Geminis-Virgo-Sagittarius and Pisces are the most affected by this lunation but this is a time for all of us to question how our little or big daily dramas are colored by this division in our psyche. Today Saturn dips back into Scorpio until September 17th, which is another allegory about delving into our desire nature and our sexuality to find the answers we seem to be missing in our lives.