The Saturn-Lunar Node conjunction of September 25th, 2013

We all know that the Lunar nodes are those points where eclipses occur. Whenever there’s a new moon or full near the nodes, we have eclipses. But actually, what are these points and what makes them so important? We know that they are quite measurable, since we know at all times exactly where they are and we also know that they describe two points where two imaginary planes intersect. The Nodes are those points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, or in other words, the apparent passage of the Sun on the celestial sphere. But of course we also know that it is really us on Earth, that move around the Sun, giving us the illusion that is the Sun that moves around us.
In both Vedic Astrology and the Hubber system, these nodes are vital points of the chart, and of course to any astrologer who works constantly doing astrological charts for people, for a long time, these are, crucial points.
Despite all of this, what we do know, is that they reveal extraordinary insight of the person’s journey through life, from the point of view of the soul of the individual. The North node seems to describe these qualities we need to develop to become a complete and conscious individual, the South node, show us the starting point in this life or past lives, depending how you look at the picture.Is that point which we need to evolve and move away from to be able to make progress in our spiritual development. Depending on different points of view, the South node may also describe the environment and cultural conditioning and values in which the individual was born.12a-Nodes-NN_000

On September 25 this year, and for the first time since August 19, the 1808, Saturn is in conjunction with the North node and therefore in opposition to the South node. This happens about 9 degrees of Scorpio, so depending on where the angle Scorpio-Tauro is in the chart, will probably hint on what this event is bringing to our lives.
In 1808, there were also many wars in Europe, i.e. Spain with France, the war of Finland with Russia (the Russians invaded Finland without prior notice). The French surrendered to Spanish troops at the battle of Bailén, but then won the battle of Tudela. Napoleon joins his army in Spain. Carlos IV abdicated in favour of his son, Ferdinand VII. Mercury hides Saturn, apparently. Beethoven played his Symphony 5 and 6 for the first time in a marathon of piano at a benefit concert.
It is very difficult for any astrologer to know what really means this combination at this particular historical moment, but even so we can concentrate on what we do know. We all know that Saturn is the Great Master, Lord of Karma, father, and the great “mirror of reality” of our lives. In Scorpio, it has been helping us discover, bring to light, reveal, themes of our unconscious that need expression and recognition. Both Scorpio and the House 8, confront us with our need to survive in spite of it all. Speaks to us about our financial dependencies, our sexuality and above all, of the need to change and evolve to be able to continue living. Saturn in Scorpio is inviting us to confront those issues that we really “must do” or “must fix” , and must “confront” to be able to move on and evolve. Taking into account that the North node corresponds somewhat with that concept of the Kabbalah called “Tikkun”, or “Rectification” or “Repair”, we can start drawing some conclusions about what this cosmic “encounter”, which has also the company of Venus, at about 10 degrees of Scorpio, at the moment. It is certainly in the field of personal relationships that we meet these challenges in a clear and transformative way. Especially when we are talking about the less popular aspects of Scorpio and the 8 House, as the money of others, our debts, our assumption “that if the other has more than us, “must” help us, in particular the Government, and here come the themes of “unemployment”, banks, social security, credit cards, etc.
In a general way, we can formulate some possible scenarios for action, taking into account also that the angle of the Lunar nodes is also called the “angle of destiny”. Perhaps this is the moment when Fate manifests outright, giving us the opportunity to “concretize”, “shape” our deepest longings. It can also be the opportunity to understand what is our relationship with ‘authority’, who are the figures of authority in our lives and how is it that we have allowed ourselves, to reach a situation where we don’t have any authority. Issues of the past that we believed solved might return to our consciousness to be able to give them the proper “burial”. What role plays sexuality in our relationship and how to handle “shared money”.
Who has the final word within the relationship, and how this coincides with who brings more or less money home. The power games within our relationships, i.e. “I spend more of your money the less satisfied I am”, are also on the table, so that we can recognize what is that the soul really needs to heal, to grow. The lesson that no one else is responsible for ourselves, other than our parents “when we are children”. And when I say kids, I am not speaking of children up to age 30. I AM responsible for MY life. My personal practice is more full than ever with clients that are struggling with these crucial issues within “personal relationships”, that are NOT only 7 House issues.
So, we have enough material to reflect on, to examine and meanwhile, “we must go on living”, searching, working and elaborating on this incredible mystery that is Life, the emotional world, Mind, Nature, being Human.