HER-LA-LITO-PISCISThe new and full moons have always been a fascination for humans. Since time immemorial man has observed the effects of these Lunar changes with absolute enchantment trying to decipher what is happening when this endless dance between the Sun and the Moon is expressed. We already know that the effect of these Lunar changes don’t affect only humans but all living and non-living things. We all remember the last full moon of February 14, when the sea became a menace for many parts of the world, a volcano erupted in Indonesia, computers went crazy, and more than one of us lost emotional control.

The new moons normally invites us to reflect on the events that occurred in the last quarter of the Moon, or on the last full moon and it opens up options and doors that we get the chance to clearly see two or three days before that new moon peaks. This extraordinary new moon which will be exact, in Barcelona, (you should check time zones for other parts of the world) on Saturday, March 1 at 9:00 hrs, at 10º PISCES 39′, right in between Chiron and Neptune, appears to show us what parts of our character and of our life need to heal. It carries also a message of what should heal in our environment and our personal relationships. A stunning t-square between Venus in Capricorn which is in square (90º) to Mars in Libra, which in turn is in conjunction to the Lunar Node and Vesta, and at the same time opposes the South Node of the Moon that is located in conjunction to Eris in Aries, invites us to contemplate and review our values and check what needs to be renewed. The values of the past no longer work, and the world is rapidly changing. We are now all seeing very clear who steals our money, and corruption in the whole world is becoming more and more obvious and many people are being brought to justice. We seriously need to revise who we are voting for and what do we expect from the people who should be administrating our lives.

Looking at the images of Beijing covered in smog where you couldn’t see couple of metres away, reminded me of that Neptunian energy that often doesn’t let us see clear , that takes us to a world of illusions difficult to manage sometimes and the need to rely on what IS and on our intuition and trust ourselves. I can’t imagine an image more Piscean than that. We know that PISCES tells us that we are all one, therefore the theme of “the illusion of separation” is no doubt a topic of this new moon. If we keep positioning ourselves on one side or the other and we continue arguing and fighting to defend whatever we believe to be so different to others, we are transiting through the fog. Listening to the President of Uganda, ranting about gays, as if they belonged to another human species, reminded me that there was a new moon in Pisces coming and that we must question, what exactly is that we are separating from, what is that which we see as so different from us. Different idiosyncrasies does not mean that we are different, but simply that all that variety live inside all of us and that is precisely what makes human beings so special, all that incredible diversity, is who we are, and we don’t need to kill each other for it. Nature is diverse, the flowers with their infinite and different colors and scents, are always flowers.

Cancer is one of the most strongly affected signs by this new moon, with new possibilities knocking at their door, but always with the conviction that certain things must change in order to let them happen. Scorpio and Pisces also have the opportunity to slightly clean neighborhood and surrender to the new.

The highlights of this new moon in PISCES is that it peaks just as Mercury stations Direct, and that finally the Messenger of the Gods goes back to go forward, having made us question the way in which we communicate and Mars stations RETROGRADE until May 20th, which means that instead of spending two months in the sign of Libra, as it normally would, this time will be almost 7 months in this sign, you can read about it here: https://cristinalaird.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/mars-in-libra-from-december-2013-to-july-2014/. Saturn in Scorpio also stations RETROGRADE on March 2 until July 20, and this aspect will bring more light on the corruption and the dishonesty of people in power, but will also make us confront our true intentions. On 6 March, Jupiter stations Direct, putting end to its retrograde motion, which began on 6 November last year on its way once more to the Grand Cardinal cross that takes place in April, but still, for this moon is in square to Uranus and in opposition to Pluto. The outstanding unresolved issues are still like a thorn on our backsides.
This new moon in PISCES connects us with our ancestral and cultural conditioning and with the notion that if we become conscious of it, we can decode in order to become who we really are and not the simple product of the place of birth or parents. It is possible to transform and decode the mind, rather than repeat patterns without even realizing is that we are doing it. PISCES speaks of the human race and our connection with all living being on this planet that we call home, and not just with nationalities and territorial feelings, that only speak or our feelings of separation, of a North and a South, an outside and an inside, an East and a West. EVERYTHING that happens to A human being happens to all Mankind. Period.

MARS IN LIBRA from December 2013 to July 2014

WarAndPeaceMars has entered Libra, (as it does every 2 years) on December 7th and instead of staying 2 months in this sign, as usual, this time, because of its retrograde motion that begins March 1, 2014, will remain on it until July, so, 7 months. During these months it will make a series of very important aspects including the Grand Cardinal Cross in April, which means that it opposes Uranus in Aries, while Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, all squaring each other. Without the intention of promoting a negative spirit on the matter, nor the global panic, this is a potent planetary aspect that we are all going to live together, but of course some more potently than others. This is one of the most powerful planetary formations in recent years, certainly since 2001, remember?

The event that took place that morning of September 11, changed the world in many ways for ever and caused 2 wars.

This aspect of April 2014, which also occurs between two eclipses, the one on the full moon in Libra, on the 15th and the second on the new moon in Taurus on the 29th of April. This extraordinary alignment of planets can bring global events that we will never forget. While the beginning of another war is possible, natural explosions, such as volcanoes, earthquakes or tsunamis are also a possibility. Big drop in the stock market again may cause to destabilize the global financial landscape.

Those of us with planets around the 13 ° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, will be most affected, when not completed situations appear on our table, forcing us to solve them and complete them. It would be important to have a look at what is pending in our lives, especially those issues that force us to grow as a spiritual and conscious beings. We have a few months until April, to become aware of the necessary changes that will help us evolve rather than wait for our environment, to force them upon us, in a manner less in line with our free will.

Going back to Mars in Libra, having a look at the lives of those who have this position in their natal chart, you may have been experiencing major changes in relationships and your work. Surely your attitude must have changed radically, especially those with Mars in the first 10 ° s of the sign. For those who do not become conscious of these forces that are forcing you to change, especially those of you of fixed sun signs, but with this position of Mars in their charts, the somatization of the conflict is common, expressing itself in disease. The resistance to change, usually ends in disease that forces us to an impending change.

Mars in Libra opposes the sign that it rules, Aries. Almost seems like a contradiction. The sign of the Warrior, Knight, defender of their land and their space, in the sign ruled by Venus, that resolves things seducing and sometimes committing their own interests, to gain harmony. The brute force of Aries in the sign of diplomacy, of commitment, of negotiation. But of course the recently death of Nelson Mandela who was born with Mars in Libra, reminds us of what a magnificent expression of this aspect he was. He changed the world without war, changed their land, negotiating and forgiving. John Lennon, was also born with Mars in Libra, and the Dalai Lama, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Maria Callas, Margaret Thatcher, Pope Francis, Bill Clinton and many artists like Elvis Presley, Nicole Kidman and many more and although Mahatma Ghandi was born with Mars in Scorpio, he had it in conjunction to Venus.

Libra appears to learn through the experience of various relationships and the need to find the right partner.

Finding the balance between the needs of the other and their own is a Libran experience. This extends to sex, where the need to please the other, sometimes is more important than their own pleasure.

Libra is an air sign. Its symbol, as with the other air signs(Gemini, Aquarius) is not an animal, but an object: the scales, and this symbol describes the way in which the Libra relates or tries to relate. It was in the generation born at the end of the 1940s and early 1950s, when Neptune transited this sign, when we had the “hippie” movement, proclaiming peace, free and transcendental love, beyond the boundaries of marriage. Many of them are parents and grandparents of the young of today, born with Neptune in Sagittarius, Capricorn, with longings and fantasies very different from our own, due to the times they are born into.
On it path through Libra, Mars will do the following: on the 25th of December it will oppose Uranus, and square Pluto, square that will be exact on 30-31 December of this year ending. Therefore we are experiencing this strong T-square for the holidays, so pay attention to the issues that are brought out in these days and meditate on it.

On January 8th it forms a square to Jupiter and on the 16th, to Venus. On March 2 will square Venus again, since the two do their retrograde motion in these months. April 21-23 is the Grand Cardinal cross, and on May 11 opposes Venus. On May 20 stations direct and returns to form the square to Pluto on the 14th June and on the June 25, it opposes Uranus for the last time until December 2015.

Tighten belts and pay attention to the issues that manifest themselves in your lives in these months and you do not brush them aside thinking: “this will pass…” It will not, until you solve them.

I want to make clear, that none of this should be negative, can be the ideal time to make resolutions we have been putting off and that will benefit our life in a major way.