Mars in Sagittarius from Nov 15th

Mars in SagIt seems incredibly inspiring for Astrologers and students of Astrology, that it was as Mars was cruising the sign of Scorpio, associated with sex, among other things, and I say “among other things”, because it is unfair and wrong to describe Scorpio as the sign of sex, only.

Still, it has to do with everything that concerns the concept of sex. And as I was saying, it was when Mars was in that sign, that we saw again the fight about gay marriage in California and how it was voted out.

But now it has moved into Sagittarius, which as I discussed  before (in my article on Pluto), represents concepts like our believes, meaning, the ideals that we express via religion. It also represents the law, and its implications, as well as education.

Mars  in the sign of Sagittarius is dynamic and adventurous, it dares to transgress barriers, and it tells us that we must open our doors to the unknown. Problems is, if somethings stops that impulse, then the fury of the God of War erupts and this is how we end up in fights about who’s right and who’s wrong.

It is the time for the mutable cross (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini) to reach for their sense of humor and make the best of this planetary placement. Mars has the ability to make us want to go faster and more forcefully. Whoever stands on our way, will feel the effect of our energy.

If we feel trapped in a situation, then this will probably cause an explosion. People will seem more annoying or slower than usual. It is easy to be very irritable under Mars, so this kind of placement calls for an exercise in controlling our energy output. Sport or road accidents are possible.

On the other hand, great work can be achieve under it, since we’ll feel full of physical energy. More time will be spent trying to enjoy life and an optimistic approach to life  is more evident.

Well managed, this could be an interesting 40 days.

On the last 3 days of the month, the Sun, Mercury and Mars will be in line with each other at about 8 degrees of Sag, so for those Pisces and Virgo born around the end of February and Gemini born at the end of May, you’ll really have to practice self control, and not blame everyone else for the way you feel.

This can be an over stimulating mental transit, that will have you mind running faster than usual. Others are not to be blamed!

On the 11-12th of December, Mars will link with Uranus in a square (90º angle) so we can expect some unexpected events to upset our daily routine, yet it doesn’t have to be negative, as it could be terribly exciting and stimulating, but always unpredictable.

Be brave and dare to dance with the new.