Full Moon in Aquarius – August 10, plus the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo and the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio!!

47428141To talk about the beauty and benefits of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (16 August) without looking at the context of what is happening at this moment, would be ridiculous. Especially when a week after this fantastic cosmic event peaks, another rather less fantastic conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio (24-25 August) takes place.
and as a prelude to all of this, comes the Full Moon in Aquarius, which, by the way, is a Super Moon, which means the Moon is at its perigee or point closer to the Earth at the time of a lunation.Both the Sun and the Moon are in square to Saturn in Scorpio with the looming proximity of Mars at already 8 degrees of orb of Saturn. Moreover, the Sun finds itself in very close proximity to Mercury in Leo, forming a T-square to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. The first thing that jumps to mind is of course the situation in Gaza and the impossibility of finding any verbal agreement, which may stop the destruction.
As much as we seek the positive side of this, we must always remember, that Mars and Saturn, have always been, especially for traditional Astrology from ancient times the two most malefic planets. Taking into consideration that Pluto had not been discovered, neither Uranus nor Neptune. The latter forms a trine to Mars at the same time and thus to Saturn, reinforced by Chiron from the sign of Pisces, a great positive aspect that reminds us that in some respects, within the chaos in several regions of our planet, there is a certain thread of consciousness between all of us, that inspires us all to work together as much as we can to try and help the thousands of victims and refugees from these conflicts, for example, through NGOs or other means, provided we can overcome the paranoia we have in countries with dishonest politicians, that every organization, including all NGOs, are corrupt and therefore not worth investing money on.
On a personal level, those with planets around 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, especially, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel the pinch of this full moon, with great mental stressing situations, where it is difficult to talk about things clearly and therefore facilitating verbal explosions. The only way to control this kind of tension a bit, is to become aware of the inadequacies which lie within us, and talk about things calmly and honestly, admitting personal mistakes and above all recognizing in oneself, the need to manipulate or control the other. Emotional power struggles are common in these cases, when neither partner wants to give in to the demands of the other. The story is about “winning”. But win what? if we look at the situation in Gaza once more, the israeli army is obviously more powerful than Hammas’, and have destroyed more than the all the rockets of Hammas. It seems they are winning because more Palestinian have died, but for the international public they are loosing because most people says: ‘the poor Palestinian’ – No matter the tunnels that have been built and hundreds of rockets being shot per day to Israel. At this time the invader is Israel, although they hold that it is in self-defense. So, who wins? Absolutely no one – there is only destruction, more hatred and more years of planned revenge. These are the typical Marte-Saturno squares in Scorpio.
Venus in the last degrees of Cancer forms a square to Eris in Aries, which predicts the reaffirmation of the defense by any means of one’s territory.
At a personal level is the same, if one does no give up the fight, obviously, the war continues. So think what is that so serious that you can not forgive, that you cannot bring yourself to let go of, to stop the conflict and initiate a new phase in your life or your relationships, more positive and less destructive. When the most important thing is to win and prove to yourself that you are right, the conflict remains.
The most famous Mars-Saturn square in a personal birthchart, is undoubtedly that of Adolf Hitler, which by the way, found Mars in conjunction to Venus in Taurus. Curious. And it is also in trine to a conjunction Moon-Jupiter, incredible!, but some aspect of Hitler psyche must have been really idealistic and kind. Yet the power of the Mars-Saturn aspect was much more eloquent than the Jupiter trines.
A similar thing happens for this lunation. Conflicts that describe personal frustrations are more powerful than the wonderful aspects of Jupiter, which by the way will be an exact conjunction to Venus in Leo, on August 16th. Could this aspect bring the end of the war, and allow us to see things in a way more philosophical and less conflicting way? of course not, especially when the following week we have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio-
Venus in addition to being Aphrodite, the goddess of seduction beauty and money, describes our system of values. It tells us about those things that we really appreciate, that we find beautiful, important.when for a brief moment, it is aligned with Jupiter, in the sign of Leo, suddenly all these values take a characteristic much more idealistic and philosophical. We dare to think big and feel within ourselves, that there are certain things in our lives, that they are worth fighting for. Suddenly our ethical and aesthetic expression are much more active and extensive. A sense of harmony and importance invades us and connects with that part of our psyche that transforms us into noble and heroic beings.
Robert Kennedy, the brother of the murdered President of USA and also assassinated was born with the conjunction Venus-jupiter in Capricorn. You can say many things about him, but his idealism was an undeniable feature of his personality. But Benito Mussolini also, was born with the same conjunction in Cancer.
There are some studies that say that the conjunction Venus-jupiter, was the star of Bethlehem, which guided the 3 KINGS and led them to the place where the Christ was being born.
This will be a heck of a month, full of challenges, many of them encapsulated around August 10, at the time of this full moon in Aquarius, others at the end of the month. Enjoy the Venus-Jupiter conjunction if you can. If you are a Leo or Aquarius, it can bring you high hopes and opportunities that will help you see your way more clearly. If you are a Sagittarius or Aries, also enjoy those days of inspiration, they will help you take decision to do what you have to do to live in peace with your mind and soul.

MARS IN SCORPIO from August 23rd until October 6th, 2012

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Libra (of the past 6 days), has left no doubt in anyone with Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) of the frustration which emerges from this combination. Mars and Saturn is really a difficult combination, because even though Saturn,especially in good aspect to Mars can truly structure it, more often than not would be frustrating for the person with such aspect, as Saturn forces Mars to confront its limitations, something which Mars does not respond very well to. This planet hates limitations and prefers freedom of action.
August 23rd Mars enters Scorpio, sign that rules together with Pluto. I think there is no doubt the connection between war and death, between confrontation and transformation, all SCORPIOS themes. It has not been in this sign since September 2010.

In its transit through Libra, which is about to end, Marts has inspired us to find a diplomatic solution to the confrontations that we encounter, and better still, a fair ending for the two parties; in its transit through Scorpio, though, diplomacy will lead to anger and a need to win which could be difficult to handle, for many. The need for Justice, will be replaced by the need to win at all costs. Secret topics become more evident and it is possible that more than one situation will come to light, previously, of a secret nature. Mars in Scorpio confronts us with our sexuality and our need to survive first and foremost. The darker motivations of our psyche, will emerge so we can be aware of what we are really capable of doing when our security and survival are threatened.

Those who have this natal position, will feel it strongly, because they will be undergoing the Mars return, which happens approximately every two years. We all know, yet have trouble recognizing, the power of contained rage, and its effect on our health. Often, depression, anxiety, reactions in the skin, excess activity and/or work, addiction, especially to sex, are directly linked with a personality that is unable to recognize and express anger. We are culturally conditioned to having to be “kind”, nice, cordial, all the time, as if that were possible. Anger is a human feeling as joy, sadness, passion, etc, but we strive to automatically associate it with violence and this is not necessarily true. Violence emerges when we deny our anger. Recognized and healthy expressions of anger avoid violence. Those who learn at an early age to express anger, get sick less.

People born with Mars in Scorpio, have an intensity that is unmanageable for many. With an extraordinary ability to get to the bottom of things and not be content with superficial explanations. This intensity can be used positively or negatively depending on the level of consciousness of the individual. It is an energy that is difficult to control, therefore, the lesson of control and containment is continuous. Mars in Scorpio, is very well expressed sexually, since that intensity allows the person the illusion of absolute union with the other(provided that Mars in Scorpio is not in contact with Saturn, for example). A conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio in a man, for example, can be particularly problematic. The need to perpetuate the species may be overwhelming for many, something that is kept in an unconscious state for most, disguised as a simple explanation like: ” i simply love sex”.

Mars enters Scorpio forming a sextile to the Sun and a trine to Neptune, exalting our need to help others and the awareness of other people’s pain, to then, sextile Mercury on September 5th, which gives us the opportunity to do research and concentrated work. Before entering Sagittarius October 7, it will form a square to Venus in Leo in the last days of September. The fixed signs, especially Aquarius and Taurus, feel their emotions soar though not necessarily in a negative way. Leo and Scorpio or those with planets in these signs shall be the depositaries of those emotional storms.

One of the evolutionary lessons of Mars in Scorpio is clearly that the need to perpetuate the specie must be controlled, that sexual union, does not mean owning the other, and that the need for total union with the other, may be achieved in many different ways. But above all, that separation, does not necessarily mean death. Mars in Scorpio, even those evolved souls, live through strong crisis and separations, until they learn what they have come to learn.They do not give up easily and if they fall, they do so, fighting. Revenge has a whole different meaning for Mars in Scorpio people, they enjoy it in a particularly intense way.

Let yourself be carried away by the intensity of these energies and incorporate risk and passion into your life, without victimizing yourself!

Celebrities with Mars in Scorpio: Leonardo di Caprio (rightly became Edgar Hoover in film), Maria Callas, Marie Curie, Gandhi, Mao Tse-tung, Eleonor Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer, Robert F Kennedy, Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Paradis, Grace Kelly, Jude Law, Mel Gibson( you only have to watch the films he’s directed), Ophra Winfred, Marilyn Manson (any doubt?) Joaquin Phoenix (el Gladiador), to name but a few.

Venus and Mars in Scorpio – 2010

Today at 3:44 pm, GMT, Venus has moved from Libra into Scorpio. Mars will follow making its entrance into the 8th sign of the Zodiac on the 14th at 10:38 pm, GMT. Venus moves in after 10 months of absence and Mars after 2 years, 23 months to be exact.
Venus will have its retrograde motion in this sign, so on October 8th, will station retrograde and begin its apparent motion backwards at 13º of Scorpio. On November 8th, will dip back into Libra until the end of the month, yet, by November 19th will station direct and go back to its forward motion, entering Scorpio once more on the 29th.
By October 4th, Venus and Mars will meet at 13º of Scorpio.
It was with the passage of these two planets through Libra and with the help of Saturn also in this sign, that Israel and Palestine have once more sat down to have some peace talks. Many of us have enjoyed very pleasant social times and the opportunity to mend some relationships, or at least to have some peaceful discussions.
But the passage through Scorpio will not be such a mellow ride. This is a water sign, ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Great Below and the Underworld. This sign operates from the emotions and not from the brain like Libra.
Scorpio brings us the opportunity to journey through the shadow side of our psyche, in order to have a complete picture of our motivations and intentions. Time to take our projections back and stop blaming others for what’s wrong with us.
In Libra, we had the opportunity to talk things over, now, having hopefully listened to what the other had to say, or even better, having seen the situation through the “other’s” eyes, we can now concentrate in how we feel, and why we feel this way.
Secret love affairs are the most affected by this Scorpian period. Old flames might reappear. Unfinished stories will re-emerge.
Afrodite (Venus) the Goddess herself, knows about secret affairs. Although married to Hephaistus, the ugly but very creative goldsmith of the Olympus, she always secretly kept her affair with Ares (Mars).
Having been warned by a friend, Hephaistus pretended to go away for a long week end once, knowing that his wife will be unfaithful. He carefully made an almost invisible but very strong net made of gold threads and hid in his own bedroom, waiting for the lovers to lay.
When they did, he came out of his hiding corner and dropped the net over the lovers and tied it in such a way that they could not move. He then called all the Gods to show them the real face of Afrodite. They were both punished.
Since once again Afrodite (Venus) and Ares (Mars) are together in the Heavens, we may have a good look at the face of our inner lover. Our longings and desires will be available for us, from the hidden parts of our psyche.
The lessons of Scorpio and especially of Mars and Venus in Scorpio, are about letting go. Learning to understand that the “other” is someone to share the journey with, but not to possess. Ending relationships is a dramatic experience for Scorpio, the idea of separation resembles death too much for Scorpio.
But the truth is, nobody dies. Learning to deal with transformation instead of death is the challenge for Scorpio. Nothing or nobody really dies, it transforms. Like the real meaning of the work, trans-forms, it changes, it transcends, form.
Our approach to sexuality is also the theme, while these two Gods travel through this sign. What do we want from the other?
In Spanish there is “te quiero” (I want you) and “te amo”, (I love you). Accordingly most people say “te quiero” to the loved one, that’s the Scorpio way. To say I love you is a much more compromising position, precisely because it involves compromise. We must work at a relationship, whereas we don’t have to work at being in love or in lust. It just happens.
Mars in Scorpio is a more intense transit and it might ruin the good intentions of Israel and Palestine. Power struggles are in order, so for all those of you, Leos, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, remember to use these energies to delve into yourselves and discover your true desires.
Mars will remain in Scorpio, sign that rules, by the way, until October 27th, when it will move into Sagittarius.
Let’s TRANS-FORM our lives, our relationships, remaining true to ourselves. Time to let go of situations, people, that do not allow us to grow anymore. Let’s be passionate and loyal, two wonderful qualities of Scorpio!