Mars in Virgo

After what it seemed an eternity, Mars has finally left Leo, where it has spent almost 8 months, instead of the normal month and a half to 2 month, which normally takes for Mars to travel a sign. The reason as we all know is that it has spent its retrograde motion in this sign, if you’d like to see a graphic of this motion go to:
As from yesterday at 6 in the morning (GMT) Mars has moved to Virgo, sign that will cross in approximately 52 days, when on the 29th of July will enter Libra to take part of the cardinal T-Square forming at the moment, aligning with Saturn in the first degrees of Libra, to oppose Jupiter and Uranus and square Pluto.
The most affected signs of the transit through Leo, were the other fix signs : Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. If you are one these signs you know what I am talking about, we could talk to Obama and Zapatero about it, both Leo.
Obama having to deal with the Oil Spill and Zapatero with a disastrous economy and the pressure of the EU. Oh boy! Will they be glad is over!
Still, Mars feels much better in Leo than in Virgo, since it shares the Fire quality with that sign.
In Virgo is an entirely different story.
Mars is a raw, instinctive, powerful, masculine energy, which impulses us to act, without much thinking required. Think sexuality and sexual attraction, think anger and frustration, which are feelings fueled by Mars. Virgo is a cautious, meticulous, critical and obsessed with perfection sign.
Although not a natural ground for the energy of Mars, it can greatly benefit from the Virgoan filter. Many dancers have Mars in Virgo, surgeons have it too or in the 6th house.
The incisive quality of Mars moderated by Virgo, can create excellence in the work department.
Without Virgo there would be no excellence, without Mars, we wouldn’t even get up.
Barack Obama, Mother Teresa, Lady Di, Johnny Depp, are people born with Mars in Virgo, and in their personality we can see the desire to serve, so characteristic of Virgo.
The transit of Mars in Virgo can be used to express that side of our personality that desires to serve others. It can also be used to clean, re-organize, our home or our work environment. The Oil Spill in the Golf of Mexico will see the cleaning process, hopefully!
Where ever you have Virgo in your birth-chart, there will be a impulse to improve and actualize that part of your life. If it falls in your 8th house, be careful with your credit card, since it might bring more expenses than expected. It will increase your sexuality, and the way you feel about it.
Mars in Virgo can be very picky sexually, at the same time, very obsessive and functional. This position makes lovers that are more interested in the other having a great time, than themselves. Self loading can be a characteristic, since is very difficult to satisfy the expectations of a Mars in Virgo person.
Another characteristic of Mars in Virgo is the switch from celibacy periods to excessive sex.
Fitness, health fads, diets are all part of the life of the Mars in Virgo person at some point in their lives. I know a woman with this position who gives daily vitamins to her dogs.
I know many, many dancers as well, since only the obsessiveness of Virgo with form, can keep a person in front of a mirror trying to get a perfect shape with their bodies, day after day.
Virgo is a feminine sign and this transit of Mars through it, should put many of us in touch with our sexuality, and our sexual life.
The Virgo woman has a virgin-harlot quality, in the sense that there is one part of her, that never surrenders to the other. It represents the unmarried woman, the virgin, not in the sexual sense, since they enjoy sexuality a lot, but in the sense of not belonging to a man.
One part of herself, never surrenders.
Mars enters Virgo linking with Pluto in Capricorn on the 13-14, for the New Moon in Gemini, so for many, the changes are taking shape and a profound sense of no return, begins to emerge.
The mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the most affected by this transit, and Taurus and Capricorn will probably benefit the most., as well as Cancer and Scorpio.
There is more physical energy being experienced and the desire to do things more promptly, which might encounter more resistance from other people, which can lead Mars to become more irritable and less patient.
Problems with machines and sharp instruments, so if you work with these, you should be extra careful.
Time to go back to the gym, or to dance or to sports, which ever physical exercise you do. Start a diet, consider plastic surgery, etc.
These are some of the characteristics of this transit. All in all, well used, it could push us to look after our health and our body more intensely than usual.