A few months ago I wrote about this Mars Retrograde, which begins with power today, (officially) although we began feeling its influence a few weeks ago. Even so in their exact geometric beginning, certain world events remind us of the might of this Mars-Eris conjunction (in greek mythology they are brother and sister) in the sign ruled by this God of war, which is ARES.

Mars, which retrogrades every two years, does not always do so in its own sign, the time before this retrograde that begins today, in Aries, occurred in 1988, when we had the opportunity to see the beginning of the fall of the Soviet Union that culminated the following year with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and also huge fire in the USA shattered 35% of the fabulous Yellowstone National Park. In 1941 he also retrograded in his own sign, and that was the year of Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese attacked the American base in Hawaii, causing the Americans to go to war with Japan that culminated in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb in 1945. This retrograde is even more powerful than on those two occasions, as it will form all those squares (90º)to the planets in Capricorn: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, while traveling aligned with Eris.

We started the Mars Retrograde in Aries in conjunction with Eris, which was formed exactly for the first time on Monday, August 17, 2020 at 24º Aries 29′ at 10.39am MST. Mars, the God of war, representing our will, action, our inner warrior, life energy and passion, together with his sister Eris, who represents discord, the uninvited, the kept out, chaos, the revelation of artifice of people in power, anger towards the elites, knocking them down and doing so by asking questions and exposing lies. The two are also found on October 4, 2020 to 24º Aries 7′ when they are both in their Retrogrades and again on December 22, 2020 to 23rd 29th when Eris is Retrograde and Mars is Direct. In this instance, together they will also be activating the square with Pluto that occurs about 5 times between January 2020 and October 2021. Everything that is coming out of our lives, which is expiring and falling by its own weight, which demands that we “take action” and transform it, will be affected and we will have no choice but to act. None of this needs to be negative if we do it consciously. In these days of the beginning of this retrograde of Mars in its own sign of Aries in conjunction with Eris (the uninvited one) we have seen the fire in the largest refugee camp in Europe, on the Greek island of Lesbos, which has long been a home for thousands of refugees and migrants who have risked everything to flee war and economic hardship for a better life. In California and Oregon, fires continue to destroy homes and the ecosystem with incredible speed and fury. As for uncovering the lies, journalist Bob Woodward in his book “Rage” also released these days reveals Donald Trump’s lies regarding his knowledge of the seriousness of the Covid, voiced by the president, recorded by Woodward himself, in February 2020.

If you have planets in these degrees and signs, that is: between 23 and 26 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, then you can assume that Cosmos is pushing you to a change and transformation necessary for your evolution. Many relationships will suffer the impact of these aspects and it depends on our level of consciousness and our inner wisdom to be able to understand that we are being asked and let ourselves be guided by this process. The more we postpone or deny what we are asked to do, the more difficulty and suffering will arise. When cycles are completed it is useless to insist on prolonging them.

This Retrograde of Mars in Aries will continue pushing our buttons until the end of the year, as it continues to form aspects to Jupiter-Saturn-Pallas and Pluto in Capricorn, which are really the perfect expression of the need for change in our society, and the paradigms of advancement dictated from the time of the industrial revolution, cycles that are coming to and end and forcing us to RE-think new strategies (Pallas), new forms of Education, of Progress, so that the social and economic imbalanced caused through years of unchecked consumerism and out of bounds ambition, finds a new way where balance is restored. The good news is that we have the money and know how, the technology to do it, we just need the disposition and the brains to formulate this new strategies.

This pandemic has forced us to come into contact with ourselves and our true affections. It gives us time to confront what we daily put off, with the part of our lives that we postpone. We must reconnect with these cycles that make us aware of the will of the Gods, through Nature. It is necessary to harmonise with the Pachamama master plan, rather than insisting on imposing our times on it. Astrology with its poetry lets us know the desire of the Gods and above all of the Goddess- Listen with your soul and let your spirit guide you. You are also part of the solution, we all are.

MARS IN SCORPIO from August 23rd until October 6th, 2012

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Libra (of the past 6 days), has left no doubt in anyone with Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) of the frustration which emerges from this combination. Mars and Saturn is really a difficult combination, because even though Saturn,especially in good aspect to Mars can truly structure it, more often than not would be frustrating for the person with such aspect, as Saturn forces Mars to confront its limitations, something which Mars does not respond very well to. This planet hates limitations and prefers freedom of action.
August 23rd Mars enters Scorpio, sign that rules together with Pluto. I think there is no doubt the connection between war and death, between confrontation and transformation, all SCORPIOS themes. It has not been in this sign since September 2010.

In its transit through Libra, which is about to end, Marts has inspired us to find a diplomatic solution to the confrontations that we encounter, and better still, a fair ending for the two parties; in its transit through Scorpio, though, diplomacy will lead to anger and a need to win which could be difficult to handle, for many. The need for Justice, will be replaced by the need to win at all costs. Secret topics become more evident and it is possible that more than one situation will come to light, previously, of a secret nature. Mars in Scorpio confronts us with our sexuality and our need to survive first and foremost. The darker motivations of our psyche, will emerge so we can be aware of what we are really capable of doing when our security and survival are threatened.

Those who have this natal position, will feel it strongly, because they will be undergoing the Mars return, which happens approximately every two years. We all know, yet have trouble recognizing, the power of contained rage, and its effect on our health. Often, depression, anxiety, reactions in the skin, excess activity and/or work, addiction, especially to sex, are directly linked with a personality that is unable to recognize and express anger. We are culturally conditioned to having to be “kind”, nice, cordial, all the time, as if that were possible. Anger is a human feeling as joy, sadness, passion, etc, but we strive to automatically associate it with violence and this is not necessarily true. Violence emerges when we deny our anger. Recognized and healthy expressions of anger avoid violence. Those who learn at an early age to express anger, get sick less.

People born with Mars in Scorpio, have an intensity that is unmanageable for many. With an extraordinary ability to get to the bottom of things and not be content with superficial explanations. This intensity can be used positively or negatively depending on the level of consciousness of the individual. It is an energy that is difficult to control, therefore, the lesson of control and containment is continuous. Mars in Scorpio, is very well expressed sexually, since that intensity allows the person the illusion of absolute union with the other(provided that Mars in Scorpio is not in contact with Saturn, for example). A conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio in a man, for example, can be particularly problematic. The need to perpetuate the species may be overwhelming for many, something that is kept in an unconscious state for most, disguised as a simple explanation like: ” i simply love sex”.

Mars enters Scorpio forming a sextile to the Sun and a trine to Neptune, exalting our need to help others and the awareness of other people’s pain, to then, sextile Mercury on September 5th, which gives us the opportunity to do research and concentrated work. Before entering Sagittarius October 7, it will form a square to Venus in Leo in the last days of September. The fixed signs, especially Aquarius and Taurus, feel their emotions soar though not necessarily in a negative way. Leo and Scorpio or those with planets in these signs shall be the depositaries of those emotional storms.

One of the evolutionary lessons of Mars in Scorpio is clearly that the need to perpetuate the specie must be controlled, that sexual union, does not mean owning the other, and that the need for total union with the other, may be achieved in many different ways. But above all, that separation, does not necessarily mean death. Mars in Scorpio, even those evolved souls, live through strong crisis and separations, until they learn what they have come to learn.They do not give up easily and if they fall, they do so, fighting. Revenge has a whole different meaning for Mars in Scorpio people, they enjoy it in a particularly intense way.

Let yourself be carried away by the intensity of these energies and incorporate risk and passion into your life, without victimizing yourself!

Celebrities with Mars in Scorpio: Leonardo di Caprio (rightly became Edgar Hoover in film), Maria Callas, Marie Curie, Gandhi, Mao Tse-tung, Eleonor Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer, Robert F Kennedy, Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Paradis, Grace Kelly, Jude Law, Mel Gibson( you only have to watch the films he’s directed), Ophra Winfred, Marilyn Manson (any doubt?) Joaquin Phoenix (el Gladiador), to name but a few.