Full Moon in Leo with Mercury Retrograde – Feb 14

Today Mercury in its retrograde face that began on Feb. 6 at 3 ° PISCES 18′, dips back into the sign of Aquarius, reminding us that we have to keep our minds open and with a view to the Universal Future.
We are also two days away from the full moon in Leo which peaks on the 14th at 26 ° Leo-Aquarius 13′. All full moons concludes, or bring closure to situations initiated in the previous new moon which in this case was on January 30 at 10º Aquarius 55′. The power of this Full Moon and its effect on us will be intimately related to the tension in the situations at hand. Since all this is happening in ‘coincidence’ with a retrograde motion of Mercury, which is part of this lunation, being in conjunction to the Sun, and in direct opposition to the Moon, themes of communication, both verbal and written, are illuminated. To complete the picture, Saturn from Scorpio forms what we call a T-square to this lunation making a square to the Sol-Mercury conjunction and to the Moon. The singing, renewal, extension, of contracts are issues to consider, as it is the RE-structure of both verbal and written agreements, and the way we express ourselves both professionally and with family and loved ones.
These aspects, coincide with situations that seem definitely to twist of Fate, since they appear to be out of our control, but even so, they force us to RE-condider a situation that has been born from something we have said, signed, written and its consequences. A reminder of the word Karma, so abused today, normally referring to actions of “other lives”, but in its true meaning as it is the confrontation with the result of decisions we have taken in THIS life. Of course, I am not talking only about painful outcomes, but in any case things that we must RE-vise, RE-consider, RE-think.
Neptune is also part of this Lunation since is close enough to Mercury and the Sun and therefore in opposition to the Moon, which reminds us the possibilities of any deception, in the sense of not having paid attention to all the details. If you are signing something, these days, is very important that read all the “fine print” of what is being signed, which might then turn or be used against us. Meetings of communities to discuss relevant issues are also very possible.
Mars from Libra and about to station retrograde on March 1st, is n an exact Trine to the Sun and almost exact to Mercury and in an exact Sextile to the Moon, therefore the momentum to reach an agreement is powerful and in this case we must also sit and read “the fine print” carefully. The power of the Martian energy are difficult to control and more than one of us, will lose control these days and say things we’ll regret later. Measure your words and think. Fortunately Jupiter from Cancer forms a trine to Neptune and Chiron, which might make even more difficult to control impulses, it also enhances the ability to forgive, to reflect and to correct, intensifying the compassion and the ability to see the other’s point of view.
The sign of Aquarius, very relevant in this Lunation, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, inspires us to look towards a future of equality, collaboration, freedom, community, beyond boundaries of nationality, culture and religion. It confronts us with the fact that before having a nationality or cultural conditioning, we have Life, and Humanity. We are born of another human being, and we must learn to survive, learning to eat, Digest, breathe, evacuate, express ourselves, walk, defend ourselves, ask for food when we need it, or ask for a touch when we are hot or cold, smiling, crying, playing, etc. All these human processes that everyone must learn to manage, before having a nationality or a culture or language. Our origin is the same in all cultures, nationalities and religions. We are born from the encounter of two humans in a sexual act, which may or may not be full of love. Even so, almost all of us are born of an act of Love and Necessity.
Open your mind and think about what you think, say, or sign.