HER-LA-LITO-PISCISThe new and full moons have always been a fascination for humans. Since time immemorial man has observed the effects of these Lunar changes with absolute enchantment trying to decipher what is happening when this endless dance between the Sun and the Moon is expressed. We already know that the effect of these Lunar changes don’t affect only humans but all living and non-living things. We all remember the last full moon of February 14, when the sea became a menace for many parts of the world, a volcano erupted in Indonesia, computers went crazy, and more than one of us lost emotional control.

The new moons normally invites us to reflect on the events that occurred in the last quarter of the Moon, or on the last full moon and it opens up options and doors that we get the chance to clearly see two or three days before that new moon peaks. This extraordinary new moon which will be exact, in Barcelona, (you should check time zones for other parts of the world) on Saturday, March 1 at 9:00 hrs, at 10º PISCES 39′, right in between Chiron and Neptune, appears to show us what parts of our character and of our life need to heal. It carries also a message of what should heal in our environment and our personal relationships. A stunning t-square between Venus in Capricorn which is in square (90º) to Mars in Libra, which in turn is in conjunction to the Lunar Node and Vesta, and at the same time opposes the South Node of the Moon that is located in conjunction to Eris in Aries, invites us to contemplate and review our values and check what needs to be renewed. The values of the past no longer work, and the world is rapidly changing. We are now all seeing very clear who steals our money, and corruption in the whole world is becoming more and more obvious and many people are being brought to justice. We seriously need to revise who we are voting for and what do we expect from the people who should be administrating our lives.

Looking at the images of Beijing covered in smog where you couldn’t see couple of metres away, reminded me of that Neptunian energy that often doesn’t let us see clear , that takes us to a world of illusions difficult to manage sometimes and the need to rely on what IS and on our intuition and trust ourselves. I can’t imagine an image more Piscean than that. We know that PISCES tells us that we are all one, therefore the theme of “the illusion of separation” is no doubt a topic of this new moon. If we keep positioning ourselves on one side or the other and we continue arguing and fighting to defend whatever we believe to be so different to others, we are transiting through the fog. Listening to the President of Uganda, ranting about gays, as if they belonged to another human species, reminded me that there was a new moon in Pisces coming and that we must question, what exactly is that we are separating from, what is that which we see as so different from us. Different idiosyncrasies does not mean that we are different, but simply that all that variety live inside all of us and that is precisely what makes human beings so special, all that incredible diversity, is who we are, and we don’t need to kill each other for it. Nature is diverse, the flowers with their infinite and different colors and scents, are always flowers.

Cancer is one of the most strongly affected signs by this new moon, with new possibilities knocking at their door, but always with the conviction that certain things must change in order to let them happen. Scorpio and Pisces also have the opportunity to slightly clean neighborhood and surrender to the new.

The highlights of this new moon in PISCES is that it peaks just as Mercury stations Direct, and that finally the Messenger of the Gods goes back to go forward, having made us question the way in which we communicate and Mars stations RETROGRADE until May 20th, which means that instead of spending two months in the sign of Libra, as it normally would, this time will be almost 7 months in this sign, you can read about it here: https://cristinalaird.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/mars-in-libra-from-december-2013-to-july-2014/. Saturn in Scorpio also stations RETROGRADE on March 2 until July 20, and this aspect will bring more light on the corruption and the dishonesty of people in power, but will also make us confront our true intentions. On 6 March, Jupiter stations Direct, putting end to its retrograde motion, which began on 6 November last year on its way once more to the Grand Cardinal cross that takes place in April, but still, for this moon is in square to Uranus and in opposition to Pluto. The outstanding unresolved issues are still like a thorn on our backsides.
This new moon in PISCES connects us with our ancestral and cultural conditioning and with the notion that if we become conscious of it, we can decode in order to become who we really are and not the simple product of the place of birth or parents. It is possible to transform and decode the mind, rather than repeat patterns without even realizing is that we are doing it. PISCES speaks of the human race and our connection with all living being on this planet that we call home, and not just with nationalities and territorial feelings, that only speak or our feelings of separation, of a North and a South, an outside and an inside, an East and a West. EVERYTHING that happens to A human being happens to all Mankind. Period.


FullMoon660We finally arrived at the “almost” end of this second Mercury retrograde cycle of the year and as a reminder of this event, which takes place tomorrow, yesterday I took the Barcelona railways to go to “plaza Catalunya” and a malfunction in the computers of the train, forced us all to get out at another station and the commotion was typical of retrograde Mercury. I say near final, because the shadow period of this cycle, continues until August 4th, although the direct motion begins tomorrow.
We are on the eve of the Full Moon in Aquarius, third Supermoon of the year, reaching its peak on Monday 22nd at sunset. Which means that the Sun will be entering Leo at the same time, since this lunation occurs at the Acuario-Leo 0 ° 06′. The angularity Leo – Aquarius, really confronts us with the dilemma of pushing ourselves to take center stage (Leo), but, with a strong team (Aquarium)in the back. It reminds us that in order to have the success we want, after we have set it within ourselves, we must also find a suitable team to make it come true. Alone, is very difficult, if not impossible. The union and collaboration with other creative minds, each adding their part to the project, may help it get far beyond than planned. This is an angularity that resonates with the Houses 5 and 11 of our chart and illuminates the relationship with our children and friendship. How friends of our children we can be and where the limits between being a parent or a “colleague” lies. This angularity also speaks of our personal hopes and those of our community. Do we share the aspirations of our tribe or do we feel “out of the pack” (Aquarius)?.
Aquarius in certain aspects, perennially feels “out of the herd”, with great difficulty to obtain membership as set forth by the “tribe”. “Solitude” is an Aquarian feeling, but it could be used as the stimulus to discover who we really are (Leo) and eventually, what is that which we have within ourselves, which can enrich the tribe. The angularity Leo-Acuario, talks about what makes us unique and special but at the same time, the way in which we can contributes to the community. And as we already learned in Cancer, “the community” to which we belong to doesn’t necessarily have to be the one we were born into or that qhere our parents were born, but perhaps that which our soul has led us to. The saying: “not everyone can be a prophet in their own land” echoed in my ears.
Saturn in Scorpio, formes a T-square with this lunation, forming a square (90 °) with the Moon and the Sun, and we know what the Saturnian affairs are all about: we must face up to our past decisions, take responsibility for our actions and become adults. Time to re-define our priorities and act accordingly. But Saturn at the same time is forming the wonderful Grand Trine to Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, what resonates in our ears in a positive and optimistic voices. A constant inspiration to remind us that we must abandon our negativity, as a habit. Our negative and useless criticism only pollutes the soul, and blocking us, when making decisions or taking risks to grow and thrive. Life without decisions and risks is a sterile life, without progress, without learning.
At the same time as Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, they form this trine, they are also responsible for activating the current square between Uranus and Pluto we all are living since 2008. Therefore many of the themes that, especially, Cardinal signs (Aries-cancer – Libra – Capricorn) are living with, will receive a “after-shock” or an opportunity to examine more deeply whatever they are trying to or struggling to resolve. Mars opposes Pluto on 27 and 28 of July, and Jupiter will do so between the 7 and 8 of August. Mars, on the 31st of July will form a exact square to Uranus and Jupiter will do it on August 20 and 21, therefore more sudden violence among different tribes are expected, all over the world. With more Governments being challenged by the people. The street demonstrations in the United States by the unexpected acquittal, by a popular jury, of George Zimmerman, the young guy of Latin origin that killed Trayvon Martin, African-American teenager last year. Despite having admitted to have shot and killed him, they left him free. The African-American community all over the States has erupted in demonstrations throughout the country. Crazy decision! i wonder why they thought he shouldn’t go to jail.
Ceres, the asteoide and the goddess of agriculture and food, forms a square with the Lunar Nodes, for this full moon, just as the issue of the 23 Indian children poisoned in a school, with food prepared with oil that was in cans of insecticide has been made public. The Sun is in conjunction to Vesta. All these energies remind us of the power of the feminine and the importance in this time of change, that female voices be heard, such as that of Malala, the girl who was shot by the Taliban, for fighting for the right to education of women in Pakistan. Two years after the incident that almost ended her life, this extraordinary young woman, stood on the podium of the United Nations, and said: “the Taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. They shot my friends, too. They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed. And out of that silence came thousands of voices. The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions. But nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born”. Can you believe this girl? If you are low in inspiration and courage, watch her speech in YouTube, here. http://youtu.be/GZvhtp8jDu0
Venus enters Virgo a few hours before the Moon reaches its peak, opposing Neptune in PISCES, bringing a wave of romance and fantasy in our lives. The typical American phrase: “Follow your dreams” (or always follow your heart) whispers in my ear and I think once more. Why not? Life is this huge fantasy that can be everything you want it to be. Within our Destiny, we can do what we want, so why not dream and propel ourselves to do everything that we see in our wildest dreams.
In the end, on a slightly lighter note, this full moon, may finally bring to the world Kate and William’s child so awaited in England! just when the Sun enters Leo, very appropriate for the birth of a future King/Queen. We shall see.
Enjoy these important moments and let your inner voice guide your steps. Do not listen to anyone else but you.

Venus in Aries and Mercury stations direct.

On the early hours of Thursday the 21st of April, Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, finally left Pisces to move into Aries, first sign of the Zodiac. It joins Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, also in Aries.
Aries, ruled by Mars (Ares in Greek Mythology, Aphrodite’s (Venus) lover) is a very male energy and resonates with the archetypes of the Warrior, the Soldier, the Athlete, defender of his land and people. A very strange realm for Venus to dwell into. Yet, this two archetypes of Venus and Ares are united for ever as lovers in Mythology. And although Aphrodite never marries Ares, since she is forced to marry Hephaestus, the ugly dwarf, son of Hera, they continue to be lovers for ever. In some stories, Ares and Hephaestus are brothers, both sons of Hera. In others even Venus is Zeus’ daughter. All very incestuous as it normally is in Greek Myth.
This dimension of Venus as “wife” and “lover”, separately, is one of the themes of Venus in Aries. For those who think that Venus can bring LOVE which will last for ever, you must read carefully most of Venus’s stories. She’s definitely not faithful and since she is always with Eros (Desire), she can’t help, but seduce. Is in her nature. She lay with many and had children with more than one, as well. Yet, her love affair with Ares is the most famous one.
She was born from the foam in the sea, caused by the skin of the severed testicles of Uranus by his son, the Titan Saturn. She was born beautiful and naked and from the water itself, in some stories. She had to be clothed before being taken to the Gods. As soon as they saw her, they all rush to offer her marriage, she rejected everyone.
Those of you with Venus in Aries in your birth-chart, can relate to this archetype, the love of adventure in love, the chase, the spontaneity and the conquest of the desired object. Yet, often is done in a very egotistical fashion, more in tune with the inner script than with the other person’s wishes. It is truly beautiful, when the other, accepts the allotted roll and plays it accordingly, creating a kind of magic, which is destined to end or to run into trouble, when the true personality of either party, begins to emerge.
Yet consciously or unconsciously, and insistent and constant longing for independence, seems to invade the emotions of the Venus in Aries person, as if they had something greater to accomplish in life, which does not include anybody else.
There is a strong unconscious bond with Father, as if they were called to complete his work or the Father’s unconscious longings.
They are very attracted to energetic, optimistic people with a strong purpose in life. They can be extremely attentive with their partners as long as the other plays the roll assigned to them.
this is a particularly strong transit of Venus through Aries not only because it is accompanied by another 4 planets, but because it will link with many more in its short journey through this sign.
Yesterday and today, 22nd and 23rd of April, it has contacted Uranus, which means you probably encountered unwelcome events and welcomed surprises. Meetings with interesting, eccentric people, or simply doing yourself something different. Since it has been the Easter Weekend, it is quite normal that you would. I, for example have participated in a Dance (Uranus is rhythm) Weekend with Teachers from USA.
Since Mars is also around, the extra activity will be welcomed, yet, one (especially Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) must control one’s temper.
On the 26th and 27th will contact Pluto, combination that will inevitably confront us with our most inner motivations, especially in our relationships. Power struggles will ensue.
On the 30th will oppose Saturn, and the reality of our relationships and finances will be obvious. More obvious than usual.
Once in May, it will travel next to Mercury in the last degrees of Aries, first and then in Taurus. This could bring the opportunity to solve some situations in a more diplomatic way. We should see what happens in Lybia, during those days. Hopefully, some kind of agreement could be reached.
Good opportunity to say all those things that we have been keeping to ourselves, not to stir an argument. Now is the time when it will come out alright.
On the 23rd, 24th of May, Mars will come into the equation, pushing the our limits and adding a more aggressive tone to the discussion. Especially for those of you with planets in the fix signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
Yet, Virgo and Capricorn, will enjoy a very creative, romantic and pleasant time. Well deserved!
Venus will be in Aries until May 10th.
Today, Mercury finally stations retrograde, and although its shadow period continues until May 11th, things will move faster and communications, paper work, phones, computers, internet, will all go back to normal. For those of us who have had problems with them in this past retrograde, it will feel like a great relieve-. Many robberies have taken place, and although they always do, Mercury continues to be the the Thief.
So if you had anything stolen in the past 3 weeks, share it with us here, just for the sake of Astrology. As for Venus in Aries, let our inner warrior run free and let’s enjoy the ride ad the power that comes with it!!

Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Capricorn – January 4th, 2011

Mercury stations direct today and begins its run forward once again, from the 19º of Sagittarius. It won’t come out of its shadow zone and go back to the 5º of Capricorn, where it originally stationed retrograde until Jan 17th. So, flights and communications in general and air controllers in Spain, should function better. Skype is back to working mode and they decided to give everyone of their members 1 dollar credit! for the inconveniences. It just makes some 30 minutes difference in phone calls to landline numbers.
Just few days into the New Year and we have the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, when the the Moon is in between the Earth and the Sun. Whenever there is a New or Full Moon near the Moon Nodes we get an eclipse. It would be silly to say that everything is going to be fine, since eclipses have not only a bad reputation, but they really are times of trouble. Many wars have started just at the time of the eclipse, great floods and earthquakes and tsunamis have happened as well. Too many times to say that it is a coincidence. Only last year in the first eclipse of the year in January, also in Capricorn, we had Haiti’s earthquake, just 2 days before the Eclipse as Saturn was going retrograde and Mercury about to station direct, but still retrograde in Capricorn. The situation is not identical, though, it never is. So don’t panic.
The actual event will be seen from most of Europe, in Barcelona you will have to get up at 7:58 and it will last until about 9.
What makes this eclipse especial is that Jupiter and Uranus come to the last conjunction in Pisces, right about the same time. This does not happen since 1334. They meet every 83-84 years, but not exactly at the same degree. They have come together in Aries in 1596, 1679, 1762, 1845 but not in Pisces.
This actual conjunction has been happening since May 2010, you may read my other articles about it here in my notes or in my blog in English and Spanish in my webpage at: http://www.astrologiaarquetipica.com/.
As I mentioned before the fact that it happens in the last degrees of the last sign of the Zodiac, it truly represents the end of an era. When they met in Aries in July for a brief moment, It kind of set the mood to a new beginning. As they both dipped back into Pisces for the last time, and since none of us alive today will experience this again, since it will not happen until 2093, we can safely say that it is the end of an era, in our times. If you are not feeling it, you must do some serious meditating.
Meditating is good with Pisces around and it helps us connect with the Universe and the laws of Nature.
It’s quite simple really, if you try to function against these laws, you will have a terrible time, whereas if you can read what the Universe is telling you, or demanding of you at a particular time, then you will have it easier. You will flow at unison with the Universe.
Jupiter and Uranus also make an angle of 90º or square to the Galactic Center, situated at about 26º of Sagittarius. This also speaks of some sort of important and pivotal moment in our History. Saturn makes also a square to The Eclipse, meaning the Sun and the Moon, and this never is a happy combination, it can be a powerful and meaningful one, but rarely a very happy one, since it is a time to face up to responsibilities, the result of past decisions, debts from the past, financial and spiritual ones-
None of this is a bad thing, it just simply isn’t necessarily fun. But it can be if you are a Capricorn who enjoys hard work or for anyone who has very clear ideas of where he or she is going. It will fill us with determination and courage to move forward! like most squares in Cardinal signs.
So in your list of New year’s resolution, you must include your financial goals and face up to your absolute reality.
Venus from Scorpio also makes a square (90º) to the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius, for the last time before Neptune moves into Pisces. This should impulse us to find a cure for our relationships, of all type. To leave our egos behind and look at that person we have the relationship with and try to connect. Truly connect. With love and responsibility. Finding Venus in our soul is indispensable, in our creativity, in our power to seduce and feel beautiful. If you dare to be yourself, you will see your own beauty. Venus reveals herself when we are brave enough to be ourselves, when we can stop being cultural puppets for a while to reach in our soul and be it. Let’s take our projections back and let us be who we really are, we only have one life to be this that we are now, let’s not waste it, trying to be somebody else.
Jupiter and Uranus are shouting from the Heavens, dare to be! They remind us that we are part of this only race of people, the Humans, who live in this most beautiful planet called Earth. It’s our home, our playground, our stage, our bed, our North, our South, East and West, full of flowers and mountains and seas, trees and birds and dolphins, and we must look after it, to keep it as beautiful as we found it, when it was given to us.
Let us use this contact of Venus to Chiron and let us heal, ourselves and the planet, and our relationships, and let us enjoy our differences and our similarities, which are many.
Let us listen to the Heavens and Nature and enjoy and look after this beautiful planet!
Happy New Year Everyone