Full Moon in Aries – October 22-23, 2010

Here were are again in an Aries Full Moon, like last month. How come?

On September 23, the Moon was at 0º of Aries, this time at 29º.

The aspects to it from the rest of the planets are not the same, either. They never are. Things keep moving and changing in the Universe and also inside of us, even if we insist in remaining the same.

Although Aries represents beginnings, the first step, pioneering action, the 29º, is about finishing up, making sure we understand completely what we are about to leave behind, in order to start a new chapter, having learnt the lessons of the present one.

It’s a bit like bringing the flag down to prepare for the next day when we will raise a new flag.

Whatever we have initiated around October 7th for the New Moon, now comes to a closure.

Since this Full Moon is in the angle of Aries-Libra, we must find the balance between what and who we are as opposed to who we are in relation to the other.

The cardinal signs and especially Aries-Libra have been hit quite a lot recently and it isn’t over just yet. Cancer and Capricorn too.

The Sun contacts Neptune and Chiron shining a lights in the areas we must find some healing for in ourselves and in the relationship. What do we have to take care of before we can relate in a healthy manner.

For those relationships coming to an end, the message is that of healing and acceptance. The compassion of Neptune and Chiron should not apply only to others, but also to ourselves.

The understanding of what it is that the “other” represents in our lives and what qualities are those that we seem to benefit from by being with the other, is a clear message of what we need to integrate in our lives.

On the other hand, the Moon contacts Pluto, as if we were to be reminded that in order to feel empowered and complete, we must confront our dark side. There is no freedom or happiness without going through the dark areas of our psyche first.

It is normally through a relationship that we encounter the inner beast, through jealousy, envy, possessiveness.

If we don’t do the journey through Pluto and our inner Underworld and confront the beast, it will for ever lurk from the darkness, victimizing us.

The Sun is 4º away from Mercury in Scorpio, so this is the ideal time to speak up, to dare to open your heart and say what you feel, without fear, with resolution.

If we never say how we really feel, the result is loneliness and isolation.

Pluto is in line with the Moon Nodes, rendering a kind of inevitability to the events of this week end.

Something feels extremely karmic and fated about what we are experiencing.

The Myth of Persefone comes to mind, and the initial powerlessness she felt, until she found her place within her Fate.

One thing is for sure, we cannot make someone love us, we cannot make them do what they do not want to do. But we can definitely re-direct our lives and take decisions to change.

A relationship ends when one of its members stops growing. A kind of stagnation comes before the decision is taken to end it.

The understanding of the limitations of our Free Will is in there somewhere.

Stephen Hawking says in his new book “The grand design”: that Free Will is an illusion.

Jung says: “Free will is the ability to do gladly, that which we must do”

Becoming aware of our limitations is a step forward.

The lesson of this Full Moon perhaps, is then the idea, that we must transcend the little war within the relationship and try to find a balance between Aries and Libra. Between I and YOU.

Stephen Hawking also says in his book: that according to quantum physics we cannot observe a phenomena without being affected by it.

It makes me wonder what that does to Astronomers who deny Astrology.

USe this time around the Full Moon to ponder about these issues.