New Moon in Virgo – August 2014

zodiac__virgo_and_pisces_by_alkven-d5ia22xAlthough we are not yet in September, we have this new moon in Virgo and like all lunations we are bombarded by these incredible energies that connect us with dimensions beyond our everyday understanding of our consciousness.
Many times people ask me: “ but what will this new moon DO to ME? No one can give you the answer except you. These energies which invade your whole body, what kind of issues are guiding you to? What has been happening these days in your life? do questions manifest in your mind? What sensations you are feeling? what topics are moved these days?
This Lunation in Virgo with the Sun and the Moon at 2 ° Virgo18′, is formed in opposition to Neptune at about 6º of Pisces ,like last September, but of course, the rest of the planets have progressed, have moved, making this new moon quite unique, like most lunation’s.
As we have seen repeatedly the angularity Piscis-Virgo brings our attention to our eternal dilemma of finding a balance between the spiritual, the Ethereal, the Divine, with the ordinary, the body, matter. Piscis-Virgo angle comes to life for me, in the coming of Christ. God taking human form in a simple Carpenter born from María and José, two ordinary people. The intervention of the Holy Spirit, I leave it in your hands. This symbol of the divine embodied in a mortal body, is the clearmessage, the answer we are looking for in this human life. Zen says: “this earth- that‘s the way“ and Robert A.Johnson says: “the path to enlightenment, the soul, is not through the clouds, denying the Earth. It is in mortal life, the simplicity of the mundane tasks and our relationship with normal, ordinary people. All of this is described in the “Incarnation”.
This Moon is a good time to meditate about it. Whenever we find ourselves disillusioned with friends, acquaintances, teachers, co-workers, family,for their ‘ordinary’ “human” actions, separating us, as if we were somewhat higher, superior, we are disregarding our own humanity. PISCES and Neptune is that part of our psyche that tell us that where we are all ONE, and the most obvious part where we are all ONE, is in our humanity, no matter what religious ideology, education, social class you belong to. We all are born, we grow, reproduce and die, whatever your position on this planet.
The Virgo part of this equation is what helps us differentiate ourselvThe fantastic image of Virgo-Piscis is by Alkven on DevianARTes, despite being all one. It drives us to seek ways to express those qualities that distinguish me from others in the best possible way. But we can not escape despite ourdifferences, our humanity. Virgo also encourages us to put our efforts and knowledge to the service of others. But curiously,in this desire to serve, Virgo finds its dark nature, which struggle to accept their normality.
Returning to the Encarnación of Christ, this reminds us that God became Man. It tells us that the Divinity and Humanity are the same thing. This duality lives in our psyche and it is our duty to respect and to connect with both. Be aware of these two parts of human nature. If we refuse one, then we will project it onto others. If what we project is our divine part, then we will fall in love and worship him/her/that where we put our projection. If we project our mortal part, then we sneer at those that remind us that we are that. Human. If we can see both dimensions on the other or others, then we will establish real relationships based on acceptance and true love. If we only love the divine in another, that is called “falling in love” and this incredible feeling always fades after a while, when the human part of the other starts to become apparent. If we love only the human side, then we don’t see the best in the other, his/her divinity.
In this new moon, Mercury, ruler of Virgo is in opposition to Chiron, also in Pisces, indicating where our deepest wound lies and the possibility of bringing it into consciousness. Venus, in turn, from Leo, hungover from its conjunction to Jupiter, which just fading aaa, is with the exact square to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, helping us to meditate on the reality of our personal relationships. What it is that we see in the other, which does not satisfy us? do I attribute my dissatisfaction with my life to the other? Do I look for on the other that which I need to be happy? or should I look inside me and grant my soul the possibility to guide us on the path to personal fulfillment?
No one can guide us toward our realization, only us, if we learn to listen to the directions of our own soul. Use this moon in Virgo, to ponder on this and try to meditate on what needs to take shape in your life, to evolve, to be happier and more at peace with yourself.
The incredible Virgo-Pisces image is by Alkven en DevianART


mercury-retrograde-signOn the 19th of this month, Saturn stations retrograde at 11th Scorpio 32′, until July 8th, when it stations direct at 4 ° Scorpio 49′. This is the only retrograde of Saturn this year.
Mercury, on the other hand, turns retrograde 3 times a year and each retrograde motion lasts for about 3 and a half weeks. The 23rd of this month, makes its first retrograde cycle of this year. The second will be on June 26, until July 20 and the third and last, will be October 21 through November 10.
Mercury (which really means or derives from the word merchant), the Messenger of the gods or Hermes, for the Greeks, as well as being responsible for carrying the souls to the Underworld, to Pluto, was the one to be believed to have written the history of the gods.This little planet, almost about to be swallowed by the Sun, governs the affairs of the 3rd house of the birth chart: communication, the internet, everything that we use to communicate, phones, writing, poetry, the left side of our brain, our ability to reason and understand. Mercury has been in pre “shadow” face from February 8, which marks the beginning of this retrograde motion about to start,which will last until March 18. Its after shadow face, after stationing direct will last until April 6. Mercury makes this retrograde in the sign of PISCES, surrounded by a stellium of planets is the sign of the fishes that swim in different directions, with Neptune, the Sun, Chiron, and Mars which is in conjunction to Mercury, aspect that will be exact the 25-26, just in time for the Full Moon.
These two very different retrograde motions of Saturn and Mercury, have something in common, and if you look at the area of your birth chart, where these retrogrades occur, you’ll find issues that need your REvision, Re-consideration or even complete Re-novacion. Sometimes a RE-paration is not enough, there are situations that must be RE – built, RE – invented, to obtain the desired results. The retrograde of Saturn has to do with Scorpio and the House 8, in addition to the personal theme, depending on what House of our birth chart is affected, or is the actual territory of this RE-verse motion of Saturn. As I have said many times before, the issues of the 8th House, as well as sexuality, transformation and death, which are more abstract concepts, are also our debts, our dependence on other people’s money, mortgages, inheritance, unemployment, credit cards, pensions, etc.As for Mercury, this very important and first retrograde of the year, takes place in the sign of Pisces and therefore the archetype and territory of the 12th House . What is that which we believe separates us from the rest? What does it really mean “secret enemies”?. As the second House , represent the possessions of the representative of the 1st house, in the same fashion the 1st House, is the possessions of the representative of the House 12, and who is represented in this House? What really possess us? Our ancestors, our culture, our connection with everything that existed before us, where we come from and what we trying of “RE-pair”. What is that which possess us without us even being aware of? Our beliefs, our mentality colored by the culture that grew up in, everything that we do because “It has always been done that way…”, everything we do without even asking ourselves if we really agree with it. What are those voices that we unconsciously listen to even when we sleep and condition every decision we make?
These two retrogrades, by two very different planets, that occur almost at the same time, mark a territory of our psyche, a situation we must RE-evaluate, to see if we are being, who we really are, or a simple expression of family and cultural conditioning. And while with the retrograde Mercury, we can expect losses of mobiles, hard drives, important information (format all important info), that email, which we should reply to and can’t find, etc, etc. Yet the most important thing is what we must find within ourselves, to be able to strengthen our consciousness and our inner wisdom.
On 25 February we have the full moon in Virgo at about 7 ° 24′, since the Sun has already entered PISCES from the 19th. Venus enters PISCES, a few hours later.
This Moon forms a T-square with Jupiter at 7º Gemini 28′. The Sun is in trine to Saturn and the Moon, of course, in Sextile. The Moon also forms a trine to Pluto. These are very interesting times for the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, and also for Virgo. A more philosophical view of the current situation is possible, with an ability to REflect on current situations.An intense desire to RE-consider invades us and we understand that although we sometimes are in the hands of these powerful energies, (as in the case of Oscar Pistorius), we must do what we can to FORGIVE, and above all BE THANKFUL for what we have. Piscean energy often leads to victimization, therefore consciousness of our responsibility in the development of our Fate, is vital at the moment. The end of the reign of this Pope, is an incredible representation of a Full Moon in the Pisces-Virgo angle, now that Neptune is in Pisces for the first time in our lives. Fist Pope to REsign, sounds like a contradiction in terms, (RE-SIGN and yet he’s leaving), in the past 600 years or so.
So, what is coming to an end in your life, what is that you need to RE-vise, to RE-pair, to RE-structure?
Although things do slow down in retrogrades, be sure to get the best our of the indications of the Cosmos, and REvitalize your life. RE-engage with it!