Musings on Mercury Retrograde..

On the 6th of August as Mars (3ºLibra) added its mighty power to the Cardinal T-square opposing Jupiter (3ºAries) and squaring Pluto (3º Capricorn) and still in contact with Saturn (2ºLibra), the earth gave way, moved, in the San Jose hills, near the city of Copiapó, in Chile, trapping 33 miners int its core, who were going about their daily work, when their exit pipe was blocked.

Is there any work or place in the world more literally representative of the Myth of Hades (Pluto), Supreme God of the Underworld, and the Great Below than mines? Is there a job more Plutonian than miners?

If anyone has any doubts of how these archetypes are expressed in our daily life, read the newspapers on this most incredible story.

On the 21st as Mercury established it retrograde motion,contact was finally made with the miners, from the Underworld, through some tubes where they managed to send a note in a plastic bag and we all find out they were alive and well.

It curious that contact happens under the retrograde of Mercury, but obviously in a very Plutonian way. Still, they cannot get to them or rescue them.

In Greek Mythology, Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, and it is the only deity, allowed in the Great Below, without dying first, since he delivers the souls to Pluto. Equally, if by any arrangement of the Gods, a soul is allowed out, it is Hermes (Mercury), who comes to bring him back.

In this case, the Myth seems to be alive and well almost literally. Although they said that the miners could not be rescued for another 3 months, in the last two days, they have found ways to do it earlier.

How much earlier? Would they be rescued before the complete cycle of this Mercury retrograde ends? Mercury stations retrograde on Sep 13th, but the full cycle ends around the 27th. We’ll have to wait and see.

If you haven’t seen images of the Great Below before in your life (consciously), take a look a the miners videos in CNN.

In Phillippines,in the bus standoff, full of chinese tourist was less lucky than the miners, as an old police officer, took it in protest for his pension situation and due to bad coordination and lack or proper communication many of them died, in not very clear circumstances.

These events we all find out about, since they are made public by the media, bring our attention to the fact of what needs to be dealt with, as in the case of the miners, or the Oil Spill in the Golf of Mexico, where it has become obvious, the lack of preparation of some of this big companies in case of unexpected emergencies like these. They are quicker to organize the extracting the resources from the earth but not so quick when it comes to protect it or the workers involved in it. All of these situations bring inadequacies of governments, like in the case of the floods in Pakistan, and big companies, which need to be addressed and made public. This is what Pluto is all about. Bringing the dirty laundry into conscience, so we have to deal with it.

I leave to you to reflect on our responsibilities towards any of these cases, as today it seems is them, but tomorrow could be you or us, until we all understand that there isn’t them or us, there is only US.