cancerHere comes the first new moon in Cancer with Jupiter in Cancer from about 11 years ago. Since July 2002 exactly. And what historical moment this is! Both Jupiter and the Sun and the Moon connected with the famous current Urano-Pluto square, thus forming a T-square to it. And of course people are once again on the streets in Egypt, Brazil and other places, calling for compliance with the promises that the “democratically elected” politicians did or the change of Government. At the individual level we will be asked to finally become aware of situations that we have pending.
Once again, we insist at this point in our evolution, that the changes that were requested by the people on streets, was a real transformation, and not simply a name change in the Government.
Jupiter has not reached Urano and Pluto at the time of the new moon, that will take place in August. 7-8 Jupiter will oppose Pluto, and 20 and 21 will make an exact square to Uranus. We must not forget that Pluto represents the collective shadow of our time, and Jupiter, the higher ideals. What needs to be brought to light and rescued from the shadows, in your life, to be able to evolve and finally say goodbye to patterns that you condemn and chain you? This, of course, applies to us individuals and to the collective also.
These are not easy easy answers for anyone at this point, since there are those who insist that everything remains the same, and that is no longer possible. Just at the time when the new moon reaches its peak, the Sun and the moon are coupled with a retrograde Mercury, also in Cancer, and this will probably mean that issues that have to do with papers, contracts and communications have to be checked again or re-signed. Saturn stations direct, which means that it reaches its slower motion, before starting its way forward again from the 5 th of Scorpio, just as the new moon peaks. On the 17th, Jupiter will form a Water Grand Trine involving Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, something it hasn’t happened in these signs before in our lives. The temptation to think of the easy solution to many emotional issues is large, but we should not forget that Saturn represents obligations and limits and in transit through Scorpio, it is forcing us to look deeply at what our responsibility is, for what happens to us. The role of victim, supported by Neptune in PISCES meets the relentless gaze of Saturn and Jupiter extreme idealism. Everything that irritates us, must be worked and we must ask ourselves why we get stuck to that which causes us pain, which challenges us, which confronts us with the least attractive part of ourselves. Saturn reminds us that there is NO way of NOT doing the right thing. The collective consciousness is immensely more powerful than the individual mind. We connected to the “tribal soul” to which we belong, whether we like it or not, and the “tribal soul”, like Daan van Kampenhout so beautifully explains in his book “The tears of the Ancestors”, has its strict laws and expectations of each individual which is part of it. What the tribal soul thinks is wrong, each individual knows that it is wrong, whether he or she agrees with it or not. It is appropriate to speak of the tribal soul, when we speak of a new moon in Cancer, since it is this first sign of water that connects us with the concept of tribe. Cancer always seems to be looking for a tribe to belong to, a place to call “home”. Although the concept of tribe itself relates more to Aquarius, belonging or not to it is a Cancer issue, since this sign is in constant search for that place where he/she can feel at home.
Use the energies of this extraordinary aspect to meditate, and let go of situations that impede your growth. It is essential to say goodbye to old molds to find new ways. These are times of great ideas and with the possibility of carrying them through. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are the big beneficiaries of this New Moon, but also in smaller-scale, Virgo and Taurus. But yes, with Saturn, these are not times to party, but to work hard. A great feeling of achievement is what awaits us if we are prepared to do the work. Listen to the whispers of your soul.


Here comes the Cancer New Moon of the year, with the Sun and the Moon in a tight square to Saturn located in the last degrees of Libra, just as Mars, also in Libra, forms an exact T-square to Uranus and Pluto, opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. (if you haven’t you should read the article prior to this, on the full moon in Capricorn).
Mars in square to Pluto has the potential to generate great power struggles, and at the same time, Uranus in opposition to Mars, adds the element of surprise, with the intense need to break free of chains and rid oneself of anything or anybody that we feel is oppressing us.
These archetypes, when they act together, in each one of us and in the world, we find ourselves in need to solve conflicts and situations of great importance in our lives. On a personal level, different parts of our psyche get activated and we find contradictions in the depths of our being that we must armonize in order to have more inner peace. When we talk about archetypes is like talking about gods, and us, mere humans, cannot control the gods. Everything that has to do with Pluto, has to do with evolution, with the intense desire to perpetuate the specie, above all, our need to survive, not only individually but as a specie. This is the force with more power in our psyche and it comes from the depths of our being. When we speak of uranian energies, the need for freedom is so intense that at times we cannot control it, even if we risk the security that we need both emotional and financially, even if we risk jepardizing a position for which we have fought for years to achieve and sustain. Mars, the representative of our warrior spirit, is not necessarily a very intelligent God. Often in his passion for the fight, kill his own comrades, those who fight on his side. We too, when we are angry, we attack those who are on our side and do not even realize it. Reason, and rationalization, of the human being, has little or no power over these challenging energies that drive us to do things that we cannot handle. Even those psychologically or spiritually aware, can be and are often dominated by these forces far more powerful than our feeble reason, at some point in our lives.
Our sexuality, which enters the domain of Pluto and Mars is one of these energies that we have not yet learned to “handle”. No matter how elevated is the man in his journey to reason, to goodness and spirituality, this force dominates. One of the reasons why Hades (Pluto) is still the absolute Lord of the underworld.
No matter how incredible, today technological advances, we failed to “manage” the explosions of Nature such as earthquakes, tsunamis, like for example now, the flooding across Europe and Russia. The tsunami of March 2011 in Japan, with the subsequent explosion of the nuclear power plant, occurred on the day that Uranus entered Aries, already in orb of the square to Pluto in Capricorn. The first time it happened in 2010, it coincided with the explosion of the BP oil plant that caused the disaster of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
The new moon in Cancer reminds us that to feel safe we must be in the “right place”, i.e. that space, whether physical, mental, or virtual, which we call “home”. If for some reason we are not in that “place” then we will feel a great internal uneasiness, that will guide us to get up and go out to look for it. Cancer looks for that “place” eternally, which is rarely next to someone, but rather in an inner zone where our soul, our spirit and our body, are one. It is so elusive, that it may last seconds, yet it gives Cancer a sense of peace and security.
Cancer looks for it in creativity, being in dance, in painting, photography, writing, music.
When Cancer does not find it or unconsciously senses that is not in the right place, a serie of physical reactions, such as allergies, asthma, can affect their body. Never mind how much we look for it outside of us, this is really an internal place of union with the ineffable, with a personal inner calling. Cancer being the opposite sign of Capricorn, need to express themselves professionally. Capricorn for social reasons and Cancer for personal reasons. Children are the most precious possession for Cancer and ” caring for others” is one of the ways that Cancer uses to find themselves in “that place”. Let us not forget that the 5th House is the second from the 4th. Many Cancerians, are denied the possibility of having children, and therefore “care” for others, one way or another. Caring and nourishing are actions related to Cancer.
Jupiter, Ceres and Venus are in conjunction in Gemini, so the desire to move around our closest environment, to move to move to new places, will be reinforced by this new moon. If we find ourselves “tied up” to a situation and place that no longer nourishes us spiritually, we must think what to do about it. Use the energies of this moon to ask yourself if you’re in the right place and if this has something to do with the way you feel. Even if we cannot make the move to a new place, we can still do it from the depths of our soul. The key question in this lunation is: AM I IN THE RIGHT PLACE?