LIBRA NEW MOON today and tomorrow

SWe finally arrived at this new moon in Libra, which reactivates the current Uranus-Pluto square and also forms a square to Jupiter, so forming a Grand Cross cardinal, dynamic, which gives us one more opportunity to address issues of injustice in our lives and emotional situations we are struggling with and we have headlines like these:
“First hour of Tuesday, all public United States agencies, from le Department of Defense, through NASA, public museums, national parks, centers of research, to the White House and the Capitol itself, have begun to implement the plans to deal with the closure of the Government which came into effect last midnight to the inability of Democrats and Republicans to reach an agreement on the budget”.
I.e.: the closing of the Government of the United States, just because they cannot exercise the LIBRA’s principle par excellence which is sitting down to speak, in order to be able to agree on something. I only mention the situation in american politics, simply because it is the most obvious and known by all, rather than the local issues of smaller countries, but I invite you to share in this space, any local news that reflects this need to come to an agreement by two parties. As Saturn, Venus and the Lunar node in Scorpio continue for this lunation, the topics remain around issues of the use of public money, shared money, money from the husband/wife, child support in divorce, our debts, payment of taxes, inheritance, etc. i.e. themes of the 8th House and Scorpio.
One more opportunity to review what it really means finding an agreement in regards to custody of children, since for this New Moon, Mars is still in Leo and squares Venus in Scorpio (which is also the Ruler of this lunation in Libra), also, the right or not to inheritance, the right or not to pensions, and in the case of the United States the right to use public money to solve the famous “Obama Care”, that just means social security for all Americans, like France and Spain, and England and most European countries have.
But we must not forget the fact that Libra is traditionally ruled by Venus, the planet named after the goddess of Beauty, Seduction, Money and as you notice, I don’t use the term goddess of Love, since for me, Venus is not the goddess of Love. Or at least not of Love as most of us understand it: monogamous, faithful, devoted and patient love, or the love for our children. Venus in Scorpio has a particular experience in Sorpio that reminds us of Persefone or the modern version of her in the fiction character of Miss Anastasia Steel and her Hades, Christian Grey of the now so popular novel, “Fifty shades of Grey”. When you translate the title into Spanish, the inuendos that are reflected in its original title, are lost, and the fact that the name of the main character agrees with its irresistible gray eyes, an essential part of its charm, as well as the power, irresistible to a virgin, and his beauty and money, all themes Venus in Scorpio. Domination, submission, masochism, sexuality, etc. In the book they also sign an agreement (very Libra) before entering the world of Hades, which is what they do in their sexual journey. If you found this book in the last month, you now know why.It is curious to see, that the english actor who will play Christian Grey, gorgeous Charlie Hannam has the Sun in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra in his birthchart. Coincidence? Surely, he will play this role like no one else.
Fortunately, Saturn forms a trine to Chiron, so the issue of finding a solution to the deep wounds and the real reasons for our emotional imbalance, has a glorious chance of success. Searching in the depths of our psyche and the confrontation with our darker motives is undoubtedly one of the main themes of this lunation and absolutely vital to find a just settlement to the involved parties. Good time to put all the cards on the table and try to find a compromise, which will benefit all those involved.
This new moon in Libra is directly and almost exactly opposite Uranus, therefore unexpected events arising from a situation that is already on the table are expected, and as I am writing the terrible accident on the coast of Italy, where more than 300 immigrants have lost their life in the saddest of circumstances, remind us of the power of Pluto and Uranus. In short, an opportunity to solve current issues that must have prevented you from sleeping well lately and an invitation to a more comprehensive look at the interests of those with whom you disagree.
Themes that have been triggered by the Urano-Pluto square, are the ones we need to close. This New Moon in Libra reminds us that we can not simply decide to forget about it and that instead we need to find that desired emotional balance through resolving the situations with fairness, honesty and consciousness. Search inside you, in the depths of your being and don’t forget to see the other’s point of view.

NEW MOON IN LIBRA – October 14 – 15, 2012

Just few minutes before the Moon aligns with Venus, ruler of this new moon in Libra, I suddenly become aware that it is time to write about it. After a deep writer´s block for more than one week, I sit at the computer, with heavy arms and in a very dense mind. Every noise that comes from the outside seems to distract me.
Suddenly I realize that the Moon aligned with Venus in Virgo, in a few hours, begins this lunation that will reach its peak, when the Sun and the Moon meet in Libra at about 23 degrees. Today coincides with a very latin festivity of October 12th, which reminds us of the arrival of Christopher Colombus to the Americas, when he didn’t even know where he was, in 1492. In Catalunya, where I live, just to be different, they do not celebrate this, instead they call it the day of La virgen del Pilar, which in any case means that most people are not going to work and it is considered a holiday. I also remember that Venus loves “leisure”, and often makes us feel quite lazy, especially when she is in Taurus or Leo. Enjoyment, fun, getting others to do the work for Her, are all characteristics of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Venus uses her power of seduction to achieve what she wants, without remorse, with a smile. She represents the feminine creative power and she only enjoys doing what she loves to do and not what she is supposed to be doing, as expected by the other gods.
Looking at the debate of the American Vice-Presidents in their campaign for the upcoming elections, after the surprisingly poor performance of Barack Obama, before his opponent Romney, Joe Biden’s smile, clearly speaks of that Venus-Sun-Ascendant conjunction,on his natal chart. If you ever want to see a truly Venusian smile, look at Joe Biden’s video, especially the one of the vice presidential debate. It is a strong indicative in the charts of many politicians, which shake hands smiling, when the words of one to the other, do not reflect this lovely sentiment. But Venus in Libra speaks clearly about finding that middle point, where we can expose our point of view, listen to the views of the other and try to find a “more diplomatic agreement” possible, for the good of both parties. Libra hates disharmony, the screams, the discord. Libra feels compelled to find some kind of compromise, which offers more justice to the two parties.
This new moon in Libra picks at less than 9° orb with Saturn, fresh into Scorpio, forming a large trine with Ceres, Goddess of nourishment and Agriculture and to the conjunction Neptuno-Chiron, which evokes our fight to cure hunger in the world and the social inequalities that poison our feelings. Mars, from Sagittarius, forms a trine to Uranus in Aries, stimulating us even more to reclaim our independence from the “mental slavery” that Bob Marley speaks of, feeling re-enforced by a quincunx between Mercury in Scorpio and Jupiter in Gemini.
The recent investigation opened by the BBC regarding the sexual behaviour (Saturn in Scorpio) of one of their most popular presenter of the 70s and 80s, already dead, also comes to mind. Incredibly, more than 40 victims have appeared, asking for compensation from the BBE, for the wrong doing of this man called Jimmy Savile, who was also a great philanthropist and collaborated with many charitable organizations and particularly in hospitals, where it seems that his less than appropriate conduct, became most evident. The Saturnian karma haunts us even after death!
This new moon is calling for “diplomatic” solutions, since we already know that wars don’t solve the problems, only cause more hatred, more desolation, more injustice, aside of the costs to the economy of the different countries involved and more death of young soldiers and civilians in general. Even in cases such as the Arab spring, where it was apparently necessary the use of an armed response of the people, to rid themselves of these dictators with over 40 years of abuse of power. Yet, it would be good to reflect now, if really all that loss of life, and the pain that comes from that, was justified. Many are the victims of the war, even after they are finished, like Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old girl who is fighting for her life, after having been shot by the Taliban in the head, for daring to express in a blog, her opinion in the struggle for her rights to an education. And again, I ask myself, until when?
Juno, another asteroid which represents the female power, particularly within the marriage, it is next Mars in Sagittarius, for this lunation, forming an exact trine to Uranus, a square to Chiron, and opposition to Jupiter in Gemini, which seems to awaken a sense of women’s Liberation of the rigor of the sexism that is still so evident, in many cultures and reminding us of the importance to find that balance of masculine and feminine within us. The need to heal this ancient wound, is evident in our interior, in search of that balance, that affects our personal relationships.
One of the most important lessons of this lunation in the sign of Libra, is the search for that inner balance, so hard to find, unless we make peace with our past, with our family and cultural conditioning. Understanding the paternal “marriage” and our relationship to it is vital to achieve this task, so important in our development.
The cardinal signs once more are affected by this New Moon, especially for Cancer and Capricorn, whose physical and mental energy are at a low, particularly in the cases of people that find themselves doing something that does not express the evolving needs of the soul. A new impetus to improve our personal relationships is also an opportunity of this lunation.
Moments of reflection that are driven by Saturn in Scorpio and Moon that reaches its peak, a few hours before the conjunction with Saturn. Open closed doors, your mind and your soul, and let the energy flow, trusting, without fear.
Learning to “surrender” is another vital lesson of this new moon in Libra.

Luna Nueva en Libra y el caso Troy Davis

After an absence of few days, i feel the need to mention the coincidence of the execution of Troy Davis with the movement of the Sun towards the sign of Libra. Just a day before the Sun moves into the sign symbolized by the Scales of Justice, an apparent injustice is committed, when they deny Troy Davis the opportunity to pass the lie detector, which his lawyers were appealing for. I couldn’t even pretend to know what happened on that night of August 1989, when the off-duty policeman Mark Mac Phail was shot. I will publish here the noon chart of Troy Davis, to see the revealing transits for that night, but none of us will ever know if he was guilty or not. But what it transpires quite clearly is that the lawyers obviously didn’t prove “beyond reasonable doubt” his guilt. Davis has been maintaining his innocence ever since and even just before he was executed.
In his birth chart we can see that the night of the shooting, the transiting Moon was in opposition to his Pluto and Mercury (who carries the souls to the Underworld of Hades)was coming to the conjunction of it. At the same time transiting Pluto was coming to the exact conjunction to natal Venus (to remind us of Afrodite’s journey down to the Underworld once again)and remained there for the length of the trial. He was experiencing the square of transiting Uranus to its own natal position, and transiting Neptune-Saturn where in perfect square to the Moon Nodes, typical moments when our Karma really manifests. Also opposing Chiron, which of course now for his execution Neptune-Chiron are in conjunction in Aquarius Pisces respectively. Unfortunately the lack of the time of birth does not allow us to see in which houses all of this happens. But as far as I am concerned the transits are very eloquent, at least to make us think.
Yet what is most disconcerting for me in this case, is the fact that the family of the victim, after 21 years, needed to go and sit in first row, to witness the execution to have some kind of “closure”. I wonder by which mysterious process this could happen.
As if now that the apparent killer (and I don’t know how come they don’t have any doubts of his guilt, since they weren’t there when it happened and it wasn’t proved beyond reasonable doubt) is also dead, they will have peace of mind and will be able to sleep? How?
All of these speaks to me of the need of our journey to the Underworld, where we find ourselves confronted by our most obscure nature. The one that hates, seeks revenge, kills, steals, feels envy, resentment, etc. And I also wonder who is free of such feelings? The Underworld of Pluto will remain dark as long as we keep on saying: “Me, jealous?, never!” ” I don’t feel envy, i only feel good envy? (Most of us say)
What about forgiveness? What about dealing with our own dark motives? Until when do we need to continue with ” eye for an eye…..”?
After 20 years we need to witness the death of the killer to have closure? how? How is that going to bring peace of mind? Obviously I wouldn’t pretend to know what they feel, since that has never happened to me.
But injustices happen all the time and we hate for it. Even in countries where the isn’t a death penalties, Courts are filled with cases of injustice, like in the case of Strauss Kahnn, versus the hotel maid. And we hate when we hear him speak after going back to France, in his “first statement after the event took place”. Not a hint of repentance or remorse. He said:” So everybody knows I like women, so what?”.
The Sun enters Libra as Amanda Knox also struggles to prove her innocence in an Italian court. The American student accused of killing her room mate in a small town in Italy where they were both students.
This New Moon forms when there are 6 planets in Libra, included Venus, its ruler. Mercury conjuncts the lunation which at the same time, re-enacts the cardinal T-Square, by opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This seems to be a reminder that we must continue with the change and not try to remain functioning from old patterns of behavior. Whatever is coming to an end in your life, this could be a decisive moment, when you realize the imminence of it all. A job, a relationship, a profession, a friendship, which does not allow you to grow anymore, must go, or at least transform. Cardinal signs are most affected by this lunation,in particular Cancer, which is the missing leg of the T-Square.
But none of these has to be a negative thing. On the contrary, this is an incredible opportunity for us to grow, into something better than now.
Venus in conjunction to Juno and Saturn in Libra, speak to us of the kind of relationship that has nothing to do with “being in love”. This is the work of the spouse. This is when we must find the balance between responsibility and pleasure in a relationship. This is the work that needs to be done, in order to have a rewarding long lasting relationship. Not the one, than when lust is over, we walk out of.
This is a process of priorities and real love. When we actually put on that Balance, what is most important for us and what is important to the other. And here is when Venus Saturn becomes so relevant. This is also a transit about self-steem, and how to obtain it.
If you were one of those lucky ones, that when you were a child and went: “-Look Daddy!, look Mummy!-” found a wonderful reflexion of a mixture of admiration and joy in the faces of your parents, then your job is easier. But if you haven’t then you’ll have to work for it.
Venus Saturn finds value in the effort of developing our “inner calling” like James Hillman calls it, in his wonderful book ” The soul’s code”. HE says that ” every soul comes responding to a call” and it is our main obligation to find out what that is and give expression to it. It is precisely the hard work that we put into it, that gives us value as individuals.
You may lose a relationship or your finances but you will never be able to lose the hard work you have put into the development of your own talents. It is in that work that our life finds meaning and value. It is that very work that makes us unique and powerful, because nobody can do that for us, nor can anyone take that away from us.
Watching XFactor USA the other night I suddenly realize the magic that these kind of programs have. With a phone call we can make somebody’s dream of doing what they love doing ALL THE TIME, and make money with it, come true.
We can do it for others but we must also do it for ourselves. Without loving what we do, there is no chance of loving anything else. It is through the hard work towards our dreams and the expression of our talents that we learn to truly love ourselves and gain self-steem. The real talent is not the abilities we are born with, but the work we must put in our lives to be able to develop them. That is the lesson of Venus-Saturn.
Mars in Leo will help us in the journey to become who we really are. Dare to change, dare to go after your dreams. The moment just before the New Moon is a moment of contemplation, of silence of the soul, so that we can silently understand what is demanding of us.