SUPERMOON, NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE in Pisces – 8 and 9 of March

We are on the threshold of the first of three consecutive Supermoons, and also the first eclipse of the four of this year.
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, and the moon shadow falls on our planet. A solar eclipse is only possible in a New Moon because it’s the only time that the Moon is placed between Sun and the Earth. Most of the time, however, the new moon appears to pass North or South of the solar disk, therefore there is no total solar eclipse.
The plane of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth is inclined 5° to the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Half of the month, the Moon orbits Earth in the North of the ecliptic (orbital plane of the earth around the Sun); and for the other half of the month, the Moon orbit the Earth South of the ecliptic. Twice a month, the Moon crosses the orbital plane of the Earth at imaginary points called Moon Nodes. If the Moon is traveling from North to South, we call it descending node, and when it goes from South to North, we call it ascending node.
When a new moon occurs while the Moon is appreciably near one of its nodes, a solar eclipse occurs. This time, the Moon reaches its descending node or South just 5 hours when the Moon is exactly aligned with the Sun.
March 8-9, 2016 we have a New Supermoon, bigger than normal, which will pass in front of the Sun and it will totally block the solar disk. Although you have to be in the right place on Earth to witness the total solar eclipse, which will not be in Europe, but it is a band of space much larger in the world who get to see it in different degrees. South and East Asia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hawaii and Alaska. If you are in one of those places and can see it, good luck. Be careful with your eyes.
But what makes this event so special Astrologically?. First, takes place in the sign of PISCES, at 19º, so it falls in the of decan of Aquarius. So the Moon, Sun, Chiron, Ceres, and Neptune, all together, are exactly opposed to Jupiter in Virgo, which is located in its retrograde motion at this time until May 10, when it will resume its direct motion, and as if it wasn’t enough, Saturn from Sagittarius, forms or rather completes the T-square,forming angles of 90 ° to all them. The Lord of the Rings and Karma as it is commonly called Saturn, appears to be preventing us from doing what we want. Something does not allows us to find the solution to certain issues, which although not in the same fashion for everyone, it puts us all mortals who inhabit this planet in a terrible dilemma . It seems that we are in a situation that divide us and brings conflict into our lives and which we find difficult to handle or manage. “The feeling is:” I want this to happen, but if it happens, then I lose that, or risk this other thing. Sounds familiar?. If you’ve made decisions too quickly, in the immediate past, now you are confronted with the result of these decisions, and Saturn forces us to RE-consider in order to restructure. Versions of this dilemma are endless, as beings on this planet, but we all seem to be faced with this dilemma. If you think that you can find the answer on other people’s opinion, you are mistaken, this must be resolved by each one of us, engaging in a genuine dialogue with our soul. A good medicine, is to accept that we are where we are because we need to learn this lesson and we cannot escape it, no matter how much we want to avoid confrontation, as hinted by the Neptunian side of this equation, but escaping does not resolve the situation, only delays it.
So we are called to work it out, to open a dialogue with ourselves, to find answers to this dilemma that bedevils us. If we want freedom, of a situation, but that means that we lose with this, security, then we will have to assess which of the two things is more important for us at this time. If we want a bigger house, but that puts us in debt for much longer, we also have to think about it. It is clear that the most important thing we must remember is that fortunately, nothing lasts forever. This planetary aspects which seem to have us caged, will fade towards the end of the year, allowing us to see the solutions with less conflict. Then the T-square will happen between Jupiter (which already will be in Libra), activating the Uranus-Pluto square, about which I’ve written extensively and still refuses to dissolve, although also is on track to do so, although they are now once again to 1º of orb, for this eclipse. Clearly, we see this almost comical situation in politics around the world. In the United States, Donald Trump is causing terror in the Republican party, because its rise in popularity, to the most conservative, means aiding Hilary Clinton. In Spain, they fail a coalition to be able to govern, as no one has sufficient votes. No one achieved the minimum required majority. The PSOE wants to get together with CU, but they don’t want Sanchez from PSOE as the representative of such coalition. The fall in the price of oil worldwide, helps us all consumers, but not the global economy, and therefore that also harms us.So, which is your dilema at this moment? Where Pisces and Sagittarius fall in your birth chart, will be in the areas of your life where you are divided, seemingly without answers as to how to solve the problem.
In short, thanks to Astrology that helps us view more clearly the dilemma, and see it with more mental clarity, which leads us to accept the situation and enables us to put us on both ends of the apparent division and see which alternative will do us best. It is ideal to find the compromise, the balance between these apparent divisions and with feet firm on the ground, try to resolve it, accepting, our limitations and our possibilities. There will always be that element of risk, which is necessary to make something remarkable happen. But we can take risks that do not destroy us. After all we only seem to learn when we are wrong and make mistakes that we must correct. Over and over again.
Juno from Scorpio, squares Pallas Athena in Aquarius, aspect that speaks clearly of the dilemma of staying in a relationship without abandoning our individual journey, or return to our professional career, without damaging the relationship. A balance between continuing to grow individually, without sacrificing time with those important to you. Difficult but absolutely necessary and vital. If we ignore Juno, we suffer, if we ignore Pallas we also pay a price. How to find that balance? Pallas tells us: “the other half is inside you” and Juno says: “Need your other half to feel complete”. As I have been invoking Pallas for years, I listen to her and prefer to find my ideal inner partner inside, rather than seeking it outside. The other, can be any type of relationship and not necessarily a personal partner. It can be a creative partner, a companion on your professional path, that will help you find the best in you. Those who challenge us are our best friends, though.
Mars, just entered into Sagittarius, also forms a square to Mercury and Neptune in PISCES, which increases our sense of victimization and prevents us from being direct and specific. The impulse is to cause an argument rather than go straight to the point and say what we think. It also forms a square to Venus in Aquarius, so be careful how you handle issues with your emotional partner.
Chiron, which is closer to this eclipse, fortunately reminds us that whatever the dilemma we are living, the answer lies in the acceptance that this is what our soul needs to evolve.
If you’re a Virgo, PISCES, Gemini and Sagittarius, you’re in the middle of all this, but remember that this aspect affects us all those who walk the Earth with our own personal load.


HER-LA-LITO-PISCISThe new and full moons have always been a fascination for humans. Since time immemorial man has observed the effects of these Lunar changes with absolute enchantment trying to decipher what is happening when this endless dance between the Sun and the Moon is expressed. We already know that the effect of these Lunar changes don’t affect only humans but all living and non-living things. We all remember the last full moon of February 14, when the sea became a menace for many parts of the world, a volcano erupted in Indonesia, computers went crazy, and more than one of us lost emotional control.

The new moons normally invites us to reflect on the events that occurred in the last quarter of the Moon, or on the last full moon and it opens up options and doors that we get the chance to clearly see two or three days before that new moon peaks. This extraordinary new moon which will be exact, in Barcelona, (you should check time zones for other parts of the world) on Saturday, March 1 at 9:00 hrs, at 10º PISCES 39′, right in between Chiron and Neptune, appears to show us what parts of our character and of our life need to heal. It carries also a message of what should heal in our environment and our personal relationships. A stunning t-square between Venus in Capricorn which is in square (90º) to Mars in Libra, which in turn is in conjunction to the Lunar Node and Vesta, and at the same time opposes the South Node of the Moon that is located in conjunction to Eris in Aries, invites us to contemplate and review our values and check what needs to be renewed. The values of the past no longer work, and the world is rapidly changing. We are now all seeing very clear who steals our money, and corruption in the whole world is becoming more and more obvious and many people are being brought to justice. We seriously need to revise who we are voting for and what do we expect from the people who should be administrating our lives.

Looking at the images of Beijing covered in smog where you couldn’t see couple of metres away, reminded me of that Neptunian energy that often doesn’t let us see clear , that takes us to a world of illusions difficult to manage sometimes and the need to rely on what IS and on our intuition and trust ourselves. I can’t imagine an image more Piscean than that. We know that PISCES tells us that we are all one, therefore the theme of “the illusion of separation” is no doubt a topic of this new moon. If we keep positioning ourselves on one side or the other and we continue arguing and fighting to defend whatever we believe to be so different to others, we are transiting through the fog. Listening to the President of Uganda, ranting about gays, as if they belonged to another human species, reminded me that there was a new moon in Pisces coming and that we must question, what exactly is that we are separating from, what is that which we see as so different from us. Different idiosyncrasies does not mean that we are different, but simply that all that variety live inside all of us and that is precisely what makes human beings so special, all that incredible diversity, is who we are, and we don’t need to kill each other for it. Nature is diverse, the flowers with their infinite and different colors and scents, are always flowers.

Cancer is one of the most strongly affected signs by this new moon, with new possibilities knocking at their door, but always with the conviction that certain things must change in order to let them happen. Scorpio and Pisces also have the opportunity to slightly clean neighborhood and surrender to the new.

The highlights of this new moon in PISCES is that it peaks just as Mercury stations Direct, and that finally the Messenger of the Gods goes back to go forward, having made us question the way in which we communicate and Mars stations RETROGRADE until May 20th, which means that instead of spending two months in the sign of Libra, as it normally would, this time will be almost 7 months in this sign, you can read about it here: Saturn in Scorpio also stations RETROGRADE on March 2 until July 20, and this aspect will bring more light on the corruption and the dishonesty of people in power, but will also make us confront our true intentions. On 6 March, Jupiter stations Direct, putting end to its retrograde motion, which began on 6 November last year on its way once more to the Grand Cardinal cross that takes place in April, but still, for this moon is in square to Uranus and in opposition to Pluto. The outstanding unresolved issues are still like a thorn on our backsides.
This new moon in PISCES connects us with our ancestral and cultural conditioning and with the notion that if we become conscious of it, we can decode in order to become who we really are and not the simple product of the place of birth or parents. It is possible to transform and decode the mind, rather than repeat patterns without even realizing is that we are doing it. PISCES speaks of the human race and our connection with all living being on this planet that we call home, and not just with nationalities and territorial feelings, that only speak or our feelings of separation, of a North and a South, an outside and an inside, an East and a West. EVERYTHING that happens to A human being happens to all Mankind. Period.

NEW MOON IN PISCES, March 11th + Venus and Mars in Aries

draft_lens20195058module164215684photo_1356235962__aa_a_AaThe water signs are celebrating! but they should maintain a “cautious optimism”. Here comes the new moon in PISCES of the year, this time on the 11th of March, (last’s years one was in February and in conjunction to NEptuno PISCES, for the first time in our lives).
Although this Moon picks at around 21 ° PISCES 24′, is located between Venus and Mars, both in PISCES, but also with a “stellium” of planets in this sign including Mercury (still retrograde), Chiron and Neptune-of course. As we continue with Mercury in retrograde motion until the 18th, the message of this Lunation seems to invite us to an inner journey, in search of a way of deciphering our internal language. To take a look at this “soul” or “Observer” which exists within us, which inhabits our body, and demands expression and rectification.
Recognizing, Respecting and Accepting, automatically Corrects, not only our personal past, but also, our family and ancestral legacy. Awareness is our only salvation. The Piscean lesson, is that which helps us recognize the unity with All and Everyone, the divinity within us. If the tree suffers, I suffer, if my kids suffer, I suffer, if the rivers run dry, I suffer, if a woman gets raped on the other side of the world or stubbed, like yesterday in London (in a bus! like the girls in India), I suffer. But equally, if you succeed, I am happy, if a child is saved from hunger, I am happy, if our oceans are clean, I am happy, if the war ends, I’m happy, if you learn, I learn.
Neptune entered PISCES last year, for the first time in the life of all who are alive today, for the first time in what we consider to be its own sign, by the similarity of experience and lessons to be learn. This is a Lunation with 7 planets in this territory, where we learn about unconditional love, on other dimensions of human experience, which scientists are still far from explaining. We all know we connect with other dimensions, but we do not know how. We often know who’s calling when the phone rings, before answering, we recognize another soul, without even talking to them, or enter any space and we tremble without knowing why. We chose a therapist or an astrologer with whom we have incredible cosmic connections, without knowing how, but we all know that these things happen all the time. We hear music, or we can hum melodies that, in theory, we have not heard before and don’t understand the process.
Astrologers, smiled quietly, when we see the chart of our clients, and their connections to ours, by progression or transits. They arrive at the “right time” or “Kairos” (an undetermined period of time in which something important happens) and the experience is pure mutual learning process. Seen in this way, nothing in life seems a coincidence. If we don’t even dare to ask ourselves, if there’s a possibility of an hidden order in these apparent “constant” coincidences, we could be somewhat superficial or negligent or simply humanly ignorant. But many Piscean experiences are inexplicable in human terms, although, they are perfectly human experiences. We don’t have the elements yet, because of our obsession with separation and individuation to understand ‘how’s that we are all absolutely linked. Internet today provides a media by which we can begin to understand this concept.
It’s not easy being a Piscean, it takes almost an entire life, to understand that immeasurable wealth of knowledge and wisdom they have since they are born. That connection to the ineffable that gives them access to a knowledge indescribable and inexplicable. They are victims of their own wisdom, it is difficult to share or to integrate into everyday life.
Have you ever seen a pond full of fish?, they swim unceasingly from one side to another, in a constant and extraordinary choreography of crossings exchanges, forming the most magnificent designs, with an innate elegance, but never in a straight line. I could not imagine a better image of PISCES than that. Try asking a Pisces a question for which you need a concrete response and you will see. You will never get it. Directness or concreteness, does not seem to exist in the life of Pisces. Only in the arts they are able to express their eternal wandering through the emotional waters and creative madness. The concept of the drop in the ocean, constantly mixing and reforming the mass of water that exists because of it, and even then is not even appreciated for it. The drop could never explain the ocean, and the ocean without it would not exist. The drop is part of the storms, tsunamis, calm, waves and that constant motion,that’s where PISCES resides, trying to live a mortal life, so no wonder that their body or feet, hurt all the time. Ah! If PISCES could catch that moment, that belief, that creative impulse, every time, and express it and create, we would have found the door between the real and the ineffable. Then, how can we connect to that Ethereal, wise, divine world of Neptune and Pisces without dying in the attempt?How many Piscians have dwelled in alcoholism, drugs, barbiturics, madness?
Meditation, music, art, dance, tai-chi, painting, writing, prayer, they are some of the roads that can be traveled to express the world of Neptune, even for a moment, but with the conviction that they must always come back to what we call real, since while we are alive, we have other things to do.
Saturn in Scorpio, forms a trine to Chiron and Mercury, use the power of this lunation to meditate on these issues, to find yourself in your own Ocean and allow yourself to visit the ineffable trusting that Saturn, will help you return safe and sound and keep in touch with what is real. Jupiter is in square to Mercury retrograde, so make sure that your optimism has real bases and if you decide to take any major risks, you have a cushion where to fall back on.
The Sun and the Moon are in square to Ceres, reminding us that we must feed our soul, as well as our body, and that we must respect those who know more than us and listen.
Mars enters Aries a few hours after the Moon picks, and Venus will enter the first fire sign on the 22nd, a few days before the Full Moon in Libra on the 27th.
With Venus and Mars in Aries, our intention is strengthened and suddenly we understand that we can launch ourselves in search of what we love, another person or a new project. Time to begin again, the impulse of spring is very strongly felt with these personal planets in Aries,this is the true beginning of the astrological year. An inexplicable force invades us and reminds us that every day we can start again. Every day an adventure begins and anything can us to it.
Once again we recognize that we have more of one chance and maybe we have been blind to many of them, by victimizing ourselves, by insisting in doing things the same way, even if everything reminds us that we must change. Between the 23rd and 27th, just in time for the next full moon, Mars will align with Uranus in Aries, activating the famous current Urano-Pluto square. Cardinal signs here have another opportunity to rethink the issues that occupies them at present in the past months or even years, another opportunity to seek a suitable possible solution. Venus will also pass through this point, from the 28th, and we will have the opportunity to experience the difference of these two planetary energies and their unique message. Pay attention to what occurs these days from 26 to 31 and comments in this space, your experiences, if you feel like it.
If you ever had a Piscean experience, your life has changed, by this I mean what commonly call, a peak experiences, i.e. those moments when you can really live and experience the unity with everything. Whether watching a sunset, a Sunrise, during a walk in the mountains or perhaps sitting comfortably on the sofa in your living room, meditating, singing, dancing. Normally this experiences are stimulated by the contact with Nature and then suddenly we understand everything.
We are living very Piscean times and have the opportunity to connect with this concept that we are all ONE and we can see how we are all affected in our unique and special ways, by the same stimulus, and similar situations.
On the 18th, Mercury will station direct to resume its forward motion, to leave PISCES finally on April 13th. This is a brilliant opportunity to defy the gloom of the ‘crisis’ and encourage us to risk and to initiate new projects. Open doors and let the sunlight of spring or autumn enter your soul.


Last night I went to see “The Artist”, the silent film in black and white (as before), conceived and directed by Michel Hazanavicius. Simply wonderful!. Comic, romantic and intelligent. I recommend it to everyone. The funny thing is that this film begins in the year 1927 and ends 1932, just the period in which there was a Cardinal T-Square as there is now and among the same planets. And the film wins all the awards that can be given to a movie. Golden Globes, Baftas and probably the Oscars. I wonder if the director knew what was happening in the Cosmos, at the time of making a film just about the time period, when everything changed in Hollywood, with the advent of the talking films. On that occasion when the T quadrant between Saturn-Urano-Pluto was formed. Cosmic coincidences!

Next Tuesday is the new moon in PISCES, the first time in our lives that occurs a lunación like this, when the Sun and moon form a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Conjunction which is also joined by Juno and Chiron and everything in the House 12, considering the degree of Aries as the ascendant of the lunación.

Both Pisces and the 12 House have to do with the end of the journey, the last step before “returning home”, after having experienced with all the signs and the houses of the chart. The feeling is that of the moment when we harvest everything we sowed in our life and decide if we woud like to start again or “return home”.

the inspiration of this sign of Pisces and Neptune is that of compassion and unity with All. Everything we come from, physically, meaning our ancestors, those that existed before us and without which our existence would not be possible. With only one link missing, and we would not be who we are. PISCES reminds us that in each of our cells are the memories of all that which existed since the beginning of time.

This new moon is in trine with Saturn, therefore everything that starts from tomorrow, will have a profound sense of Fate, or Karma and hopefully it will last. We will start to build something solid and relevant. Jupiter and Pluto are also in a trine, so there is a spirit of optimism in the air, that we must profit from, when starting on a new path responding to the calling of the soul. Keep faith in what your instincts tell you and let your feet guide you along, even when some people around you might disagree.Be confident and let it flow. Our soul and the Cosmos, know more than our mind. Dare to “cross the bridge” even when you cannnot see it the end of it.

The importance of artistic expression as the best therapy, will become apparent. The best medicine for the pain of the soul, is to express ourselves creatively, and by that I mean not only to paint or write poems. The poetry of the soul goes beyond writing some beautiful verses. Respond the soul’s creativity, no one is like another. We are all unique at the same time that we are all one. Every drop of the ocean is relevant and important. Without them there is no Ocean.

Pallas Athena, joins this lunación inspiring us to act from a feeling of independence and service. Pallas Athena hates stupidity, she asks that we take life seriously and fight for what we believe. She wants to be something more than a woman, she wants to be an intelligent and independent woman. We don’t need to follow a God with human name, to serve God. We don’t even need to understand what is God to serve him. Is serving others and ourselves that we serve God. Is taking responsibility for our actions and learning every day, we serve God. We need to return to the mysterious God, unnamed, in order to understand that all come from the same place. The God of the institutional religions, have only led us to kill each other and they continue to do so. Until when?

This new moon in PISCES in conjunction to Neptune in PISCES, will open the necessary channels to find a religion that helps us understand that we are all ONE, finally, instead of those we know, that divide us. How can anyone speak of their God as if they knew what they are talking about? We all know what we feel when in the presence of God, but we do not know what you are talking about. Time to accept it with humility. The mythological dimensions of the Greek gods are more accessible and with a very defined dark side. Our nature relates to them more easily. Yet the Moon in PISCES speaks to us of a God who is all love, even though “we don’t know”! What it is we know is love.

Chiron is also involved in this new moon, with its immense compassion and wisdom, helping us to recognize our deepest wound to fomd tje cure to that pain that consumes us sometimes. The deep and unbearable pain of incarnation and being mortal. Each of us handle it the best we can. One way is to contact this pain and express it, so that it is out there, rather than inside.

New Moon in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius

Being true to the Piscean nature, I was late to write about this New Moon in Pisces on the 4th of March and the entry of Venus in Aquarius on the March 2nd. So here it goes.
This is a true Pisces New Moon, since not only the Sun and the Moon were on this sign of the fishes, but Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Uranus as well. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and ruler of the last house or 12th house of the birthchart. It is in this house where we connect with what we now call the collective unconscious, and our ancestors. Meaning our grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, etc.
If you think about it, we all have 1 father and 1 mother, but we have 4 grandparents and 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents, 32 great-great-great grandparents, and 48….. and so on. You get my drift. If we continue upwards in our genealogical tree, we suddenly realize that perhaps we are all related within a particular community, especially those areas where immigration has not been great. So, it is that connection with everything that existed before us, that reflects the experience of the 12th house and Pisces, hence the feeling of ONEness.
Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that describes our longing and need to belong to or go back to the Source, to that place where we came from.
Chiron has just re-entered Pisces on February 8th, as it did between April 19th and July 20th of 2010. It’ll stay in Pisces until 2018. This little planetoid or comet which runs around the Sun in 51 years, between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. It gets its name from the first Centaur, Chiron, son of Saturn and the nymph Phylira. Abandoned by his parents he was raised by Apollo and Thetis and is the symbol of the “wounded healer”, due to a wound in his knee, caused by an arrow of Heracles, his deciple and friend.
Due to his immortality he would not die of it, but lived with the pain. Thus, he represents our most inner wound, often unconscious, which we don’t seem to be able to cure.
For those around 50 and 51 years old, who are experiencing what we call the “Chiron Return”, this is a very pivotal time, a time to experience a kind of “flowering of knowing”, as Melanie Reinhart says, a true reflexion on what we are truly here for. There is a possibility of an spiritual awakening, in the recognition of this wound we have been carrying with us, without being able to heal.
Chiron in Pisces is about understanding and embracing both, of our divine and human natures. Is the inability to recognize either of these two, that causes the Piscean wound.
For those who live in the ineffable and the divine and have difficulties accepting their mortality, and believe me there are quite a few of us out there, the need for redemption and the acceptance of our human side, that ages and eventually dies, is a necessity. On the other hand, for those who live in the human side of our nature, without being able to connect with a more spiritual and creative side of life, a cynicism invades their lives and an “Know it all” attitude, which hides an eternal doubt, tortures them from within.
Is in the marriage of these two aspects of our nature that lies the healing power of Chiron in Pisces.
Uranus is leaving Pisces finally to enter Aries on the11th of March, but I’ve written extensively about it in the blog in my webpage:
Last time that Uranus was in Aries, before now, was in 1027.
Cancer and Scorpio will benefit greatly from this New Moon in Pisces as new projects and ideas become more obvious and real for them.
For the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, the opportunities are also there, but they might have to fight few ghost to get to them, since Mars is also part of the equation. But this is a great opportunity to understand the healing powers of doing something for other people, in fact, the best medicine for anxiety and depression, is to do something for others, expecting nothing in return. That is the best anti-depressant.
Venus has just entered Aquarius at the time of the New Moon, on March 2nd. This transit of Venus, which only lasts until March 26th, is an opportunity to function in groups with the conviction that the union with the other members of the community makes us stronger. Think Tunisia and Egypt. These two countries have just experienced the Aquarian power in full force, by causing a major historical change peacefully. Lybia is another story, but only because Gaddafi, is a psychopath and it is resisting the inevitable.
Not easy to let go of power.
Venus in Aquarius is not at all like in any other sign. This is quite an impersonal position for the Goddess of Love and Beauty and friendship reigns supreme in her preference of relationships in this sign. Platonic relationships, creative relationships, group activities are great manifestations of this position of Venus. Emotional dramas, jealousy, exclusivity, are not in the make up of this sign. Friendship comes first. Falling in love with the eccentric, with the freaky, with the one that everyone else dislikes is characteristic of Venus in Aquarius. Regular, normal relationships are not for Venus in Aquarius.
In the brief period of this influence, we can allow ourselves to experiment, to give in to the freaky side of our nature and let the unexpected happen. You may surprise yourself. Positively that is.
If you do any group activity, especially of a creative nature, this is the perfect moment for it. If you are in a very claustrophobic relationship, this is the moment to detach and see it for what it is, without letting your emotions cloud your vision.
The futuristic flavor of Aquarius and the scientific intention of it, helps us lift our spirit to something greater than ourselves and with the added influence of the New Moon in Pisces, this is the perfect moment to realize that we are all in this same boat, called Earth.