NEW MOON (first of the year) in Capricorn – 13 of January 2021

First New Moon of the Year in Capricorn and the last in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, since by 2024 when Pluto finally enters Aquarius (where it will stay until January 2044), there will be no other New Moon in conjunction with the “dwarf planet” that bears the name and intentions of the Lord of the Underworld, who always confronts us with our worst nature, with our shadow and as I like to call it, with our “Inner Beast”. This does not mean that the Capricornio story, which we have been living, for the last 12 years since Pluto first entered (in our lives), in this sign of the sacred goat, which, among other things, represents our institutions and our ability to establish law and order in the kingdom, will end. What happened last Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol is a clear example of the crisis of our institutions and our ability to implement law and order. But the most important thing about Capricorn and its regent, the Lord of the Rings, Saturn, is the importance of developing our own internal institutions and regulating system, without having to be ordered around or be “victimized” by exterior authority. Finding Saturn and its most positive expression within us is Capricorn’s legacy. What is the most positive aspect of this great archetype is that as we grow up, we no longer need our parents to set limits on us, but that we must learn to respond to “our own internal barometer” of what Integrity, Ethics, Honesty means for each of us. This New Moon is also formed in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, so the journey to the underworld of our psyche will be inevitable. Our inner struggle to feel empowered or not is the issue. Wanting power is also a struggle for survival. The New Moon also activates the square between Pluto and Eris, which raises the tone of those oppressed, forgotten voices relegated to irrelevance, both within us and in the outside world.

The fact that we have been discussing and turned a simple mask into a political, conspiratorial matter shows us that we are in crisis of values and ideals. We should be the ones who decided to wear the mask, which obviously prevents us from transmitting our viruses to others, rather than waiting for the government to force us do it and then feel oppressed and dominated.

This is a New Moon which talks about this, as Mars, our “fighting” nature, is in a square (90º) to Saturn. According to Traditional Astrology, the two “malefic”, at war, therefore, something seems to “putting limits” (Saturn) on our ability to fight, defend, advance, survive. Frustrating is the word that explains it, but it can be much more than that, if you’ve committed a crime, for example. It can also be something as simple as the regulations to go to the gym in a period of a pandemic or just not be able to train in the streets. Someone or something (an institution for example) prevents us from doing what we want to do, how and when we want to do it. On Thursday the 14th, just for this New Moon, Mercury begins its pre-shadow period of this next Retrograde that begins on January 30 and culminates on February 21, although its post-shadow period, which really ends this cycle, is March 12. The pre-shadow period begins when Mercury reaches the degree to which it will retreat in its retrograde period, in this case the 11th Aquarius; the post-shadow period is the degree where retrograde station happens, in this case, 26th Aquarius. I mention this because with the square between Mars and Saturn, it is possible that the emphasis of arrears is on paperwork and the licensing permits, pensions procedures , etc. The delay of all this is its most negative aspect, but of course there is also a very positive side to it, which is the one that we will find by reviewing our labor, financial, our creative and / or business projects past, since Mars which travels through Taurus, at this time, can provide us with more positive or negative surprises in these aspects of life, depending on our actions in the past. Mercury forms a square to Uranus, just before the New Moon, which can bring us some ideas worth investigating.

This New Moon also begins with Venus in a fantastic aspect of Mars and Uranus, which reminds us that in order to create and express our creativity, we must let go of outdated values and believes based on old-fashioned “traditions”. Renovation, the innovation, even taking risks is what counts now. “Tradition” has led us to where we are and it shows us where we need to evolve, to start a new stage in our personal lives as well as in the world. Venus in Capricorn reminds us that we must all take responsibility and control our worst nature, for the good of the community. You also need control and awareness to create. We need perseverance and dedication, and that’s the best gift of the Capricorn archetype. Without work and dedication there is no quality. With Venus, Sun and Moon and of course Pluto in Capricorn this is a good impulse to understand that instead of complaining so much about being manipulated and the inefficiency of governments, we, all of us must act with responsibility and conviction. With Jupiter and Saturn already in Aquarius, the message is that we are all part of this Humanity and we must bring about the changes we would like to see, with a plan, not irresponsibly , with an internal certainty that it is our children and grandchildren that are inheriting what we do today.

With Neptune still transiting its own sign, Pisces, which has confirmed to us that everyone, no matter your race, social or financial status, sexual or religious orientation, can become infected by a microscopic virus, because it affects the human race, of which we are all a part. It also confronts us with the state of media confusion we are seeing, and helps us to understand what it means to have freedom , (initiated when Neptune transited Aquarius between 1998-2011) and the power to give our opinion and publish all that comes to mind, to share with the world. This also requires the internal responsibility of Saturn, which as it transits Aquarius for the next three years, will will begin to put some limits on that newly gained media freedom. Some of this we started to see, when Twitter and Facebook canceled the U.S. President’s accounts.

Right for this New Moon in Capricorn, Uranus, finally stations direct, thus ending its retrograde period of the year that began on August 15, 2020, and it will begin to move forward from the 6º to 15º of Taurus from now until August , when it will retrograde again until the 11º of Taurus during the second half of the year, until January 2022, when it’ll stops again to re-start its movement forward. If you have planets around 6º and 15º degrees from Leo-Aquarius-Scorpio and Taurus, something is screaming inside you to free yourself from self-imposed chains in the aspect of your life denoted by the houses affected in your natal chart. If you have planets in those degrees in Virgo or Capricorn, liberation will occur more naturally. From February, Uranus will be in square to Saturn, almost all year round, therefore, the cry of self-affirmation and liberation will be confronted with that fact that to do so, we must follow certain rules, imposed by ourselves and our society. Still, squares are often, internal struggles, conflicts of our different internal voices that lead us to duality but also to the development of our deepest sense of values, both social and personal. In the myth between Saturn (son) and Uranus (father), it is Saturn who castrates his father, and it is from those amputated testicles, casted to the the sea, that Aphrodite is born.

As we have already seen with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, we begin this year, with the certainty that we must take individual and social responsibility in many respects and that does not mean that life will be more boring, but quite the opposite. From the castration of Uranus, the Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Creativity, was born. Translated: Internal Beauty and Creativity have the opportunity to manifest themselves, when there is an act of castration and limitation. When our wings are cut off, we invent new, more creative ways to fly.

The New Moon in Virgo of September and Chiron


As is usually the case, in  September we have  the new moon in Virgo, each year, coinciding in the Northern Hemisphere, with the end of the holidays for many and the return to work and studies.  I can’t think of a better  time  to return to these type of activities than a new moon in Virgo! Every  lunation has its own characteristics and this one is no exception. It peaks  almost at an exact opposition to Chiron, the only immortal Centaur, who decides when to die and it does so by changing his immortality to save Prometheus. Chiron is an extraordinary figure, since  despite having suffered two great injustices in his life, the first being, the rejection of his mother, when she realizes that has given birth to a half man, half beast, (for which he had no blame whatsoever, since his parents, Saturn and Philyra, change themselves into horses to avoid being caught, in their sexual act, by Saturn’s wife, Rhea) and the subsequent abandonment by her. Then already adult, being wounded by his own disciple and friend, Hercules, wound that he could not heal, despite being an extraordinary healer for others. Yet, this Centaur, is no victim. In spite of  the injustices  committed against him,  he does not live his life as a victim. He even decides when and how to die. This extraordinary mythical character, who represents a small asteroid that has its orbit between Saturn and Uranus, between the limits of human existence (Saturn) and our projection towards the universe and understanding of our capabilities further than the boundaries of the human experience(Uranus), connects us with this intimate wound, that prevents us from moving forward, that compels us to limp through life, especially when it comes to show our best. Chiron works as a kind of bridge between the experience of  the limitations of the material world (Saturn) against the freedom of the spirit world and other intuited but unknown dimensions of our existence (Uranus and other outer planets). That is to say that we connect with this Centaur, the most civilized of all the Centaurs,  when we are called to the awareness of this connection between the extraordinary dimensions of Uranus that invites us to disconnect from emotions, feelings and physical realities, and the inevitable  discomfort of the saturnian reality  in our return to the  body, the emotions , family, work, etc. Chiron takes 50 years to go around  the Sun, so all those who are around this age, are on the one and only return from this asteroid in one lifetime, unless you live over a 100 years, and this gives us the opportunity to have a good look and the necessary recognition, to this aspect of our psyche, and at the same time a chance of heal. Only in the recognition,we find great peace and healing. Still, this is a process that needs time and work. So the return of Chiron in our birthchart, gives us the opportunity for redemption, of salvation. Great time to participate in a family constellation, if you’ve never done it. Chiron is a Grand Trine  to Jupiter and Saturn and the North Node of the Moon, which provides us with the necessary “Temperance” to decide which is the best course of action. This lunation forms a Sextile (60 °) to Jupiter in Cancer and a Grand trine to Pluto and the South node and also a quincux (150th) to Uranus, which suggests the opening of a door to a new dimension, as if a last good bye was the intention. A glance at what we know that we must leave behind, before crossing that door to the new, and an unexpected event will give us the last push in the new direction. If you are starting a project, this is a magnificent moment to do so, especially if you need great precision, analysis of the different possibilities, with an awake and critical mind allowing you to correct and elaborate on different ways of doing so. As I write this I think of the situation in Syria and the decision to bomb strategic locations in that country. Hopefully Obama will get back to his senses and decide to wait. For PISCES, especially, but also for Gemini and Sagittarius, this is a great encouragement and a decisive fact in this year, and for Capricorn and Taurus a good time to resume projects that have been delayed or postponed for reasons beyond them. Resume your work, with optimism and strength and meditate on the things that you must leave behind before the leap to the new. It is essential to say thank you and goodbye before departure to whatever or whomever you are leaving behind.

NEW MOON IN ARIES – April 10, 2013

mujeres guerrerasHere finally comes the new moon in Aries from 2013, a unique astrological moment of the year, since it reinforces that energy that started in the Spring-Autumn Equinox on March 20.
The Sun and the Moon are in 20° Aries 41′, and give us the necessary impetus for the start of a new year, a new project, almost I would say “The” project of the year.
This is a special moment, in the sense that just 20 hours after that new moon peaks, the Moon continues to the sign of Taurus, giving the impulse of the Earth element, necessary to give way or materialize the project that is ready to jump into its full manifestation.
But this doesn’t end there.
This New Moon, take place in the company of Venus and Mars also in Aries at about 22 to 24 degrees respectively, further strengthening the need to realize our deepest desires in search of the reward for our efforts and on their way to the realization of our Fate. Aries reminds us that the impulse to action comes from far beyond the mental understanding. It drives the soul and the body follows, without the necessary awareness of the motivations of such action.
It is a pure energy, as if the soul give us a push in the back, saying: “OK! “NOW!”
Fears that come from Pluto in Capricorn vanish, and there is a certain freedom of action, something like the wind blowing in favour of the motion.
Saturn forms a T-cuadrante with Pallas, in opposition, and Juno, in square and as the apex.
The desire to remain faithful to a personal relationship is in conflict with the need for freedom of action and desire to be an individual and manifest our own individual Fate.
If you find yourself in a situation where the actions or position of others seems to impede your progress, then think again, if the obstacle is real or if you have allow its existence, to learn something about yourself.
Nothing can stand between you and your Fate, you can be sure of that, remember: the momentum towards the manifestation of your own destiny comes from far beyond this current life experience. Aries gives us the opportunity to renew the momentum and get us to be and learn, all that we have come to BE and LEARN.
Ceres from Cancer, sign in which she feels particularly confortable, naturally, slowly comes to the trine with Saturn and Neptune-Chiron, thus forming a Water Grand Trine, allowing emotions to flow in harmony, giving us a sense of going in the right direction, it kind of supports our action, and offering the possibility of healing old wounds.
Two days later, on the 12th, Pluto stations retrograde until September 20th, day in which it will come to the 4th square to Uranus at about 9° of Capricorn-Aries, the 3rd will be at about 11º on May 21st. A reminder that the global and personal situation that is giving us one of the most important lessons of life still standing, and this does not mean only difficult and negative situations. Simply all those changes that are being forced upon us, to redirect our lives and which demands great patience and self-analysis.
Enjoy this new impetus and new sudden courage which are there to help you take some decisions that even if they seem difficult, will have the protection of the Cosmos. Trust and let it flow.


546916_523975144280750_1992762724_nJust after this historic event of the 12-12-12, comes the new moon in Sagittarius, and I may say, at a perfect time for those Sagittarian energies to flow. Perfect in a sense that it coincides with this “almost alignment” of the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer solstice for the Southern Hemisphere, with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way. This lunation at 21º Sagittarius conjuncts Juno, an asteroid that relates to the feminine power, the symbol of the ‘wife’, Queen of the House, which is at 27º Sagittarius exactly aligned with Galactic Center, also at about 27 degrees of Sag.
And what does it all means? One thing is certain, there are less and less of us nowadays who say: “well, in the end, nothing will change, everything will remain the same, in a long run”. WRONG!. EVERYTHING is changing because everything is plummeting, our financial system, our concept of religion, our educational system, everything is clamoring for that complete collapse so that we can rise again, renovated, improved and new.
This is a new moon in Sagittarius, so the theme of education seems extremely relevant, and I wonder until when we’re going to have to endure the coarcion of the development of the brains of our children with this outdated educational system, which continues to put emphases in high grades over comprehension and hard work, which cries out for change. Until when, we are going to push our children to study this array of soulless professions, thus curtailing the development of their own talents. Until when are parents going to give more value to what is socially respected and accepted, against the developing of their children own talents? We are no longer in the industrial era, when many doctors, lawyers, engineers and architects were needed. Nor we are in the 1980s, when every youngster went to study Marketing and Business Administration. How could so many young people, want to be a business manager or an economist? Until when will we put creativity at the bottom of the list of possibilities for our children?
We seem to continue to apology if one of our children want to be musicians, painters or dancers or sculptors or film directors or actors, as if each of these words were a bad word. “My son wants to be a dancer”, said to me one mother, “but what future is he going to have with this?” and it made me wonder: “What future awaits anyone if we try to be something other that what we are?” HOW CAN WE BE PUSHED TO BE OR DO SOMETHING THAT IS NOT WHAT WE CAN OR HAVE COME HERE TO DO? And so we are in this world where Valium, the Prosac reign supreme. And even before the absolute evidence of Hollywood and Bollywood, and many thousands of smaller places where not necessarily famous, yet successful musicians, dancers, painters, film directors, actors, earn a better living than many, we continue to insist on saying to our children that there is no future in it!. I wonder why? And why do you have to be famous to be considered successful in your profession? The majority of lawyers and doctors in the world are not famous. However if we are developing a work that stems out of our soul, our need to evolve as human beings, that is being successful. The sole obligation that we have with ourselves is to discover and promote that special something that we all brings with us, which is necessary and useful for our development and our society and NOT try to do what is dictated to us by others(family, culture).
Last night, to be in alignment with this wonderful energy of Sagittarius, I decided that I would concentrate in the wisdom of the Tarot (something that i haven’t done before properly), this incredible system of symbols that is available to us to open our minds to other dimensions, where we know more than we think we know.
The magic that it is involved in shuffling and picking cards, just those perfect cards, which contain the symbolism that explains beyond our comprehension at times, what it actually happening to us, the kind of situation we are involved in, show us this extraordinary ability that we have that we call magic, simply because we do not have or do not understand the process we use to be able to do that. And this has nothing to do with trying to “see” or “guess” the future, but to understand the present in full. As Jodorowsky says and I absolutely agree with him: If you use the Tarot cards or Astrology (I add) to predict the future, you become a charlatan. These two extraordinary system of symbols are not for that. Tarot and Astrology and their symbolism are to understand the present in all its dimensions, the ones we are aware of and those we are not aware of. The astrologer and Tarot reader, should read these symbols that enrich our daily experience, so we may understand better our inner hero and his journey through life.
This Moon in Sagittarius opens us doors to new philosophies, new ideologies, to finally accept that everything is is crumbling (thank God!), so that what’s new and renovated may arise. This lunation coincides with many important aspects to asteroids that represent different aspects of the feminine: Juno is a conjunction to the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius and as I said before also aligned with the Galactic Center, at the same time it opposes Ceres, the great mother, and form what we call a T-square to Pallas, the intellectual and warrior woman, who is mother and Virgin, which becomes the focal planet of this important and dynamic aspect. Vesta, next to Jupiter and also opposed to the Sun and the Moon. Do not read this as a resurgence of the feminine against the masculine, but as a possibility of union of these two aspects of our psyche, so that, we can integrate these two parts in order to feel whole. We must let go of the religions that have eliminated the feminine, because these are old-fashioned and outdated concepts. We should feel pity for the Taliban young boy who shot Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old girl who defended in Afgnistan education for girls. How can we instill in our children such hatred? What kind of life has this boy had, who without knowing why, is still channeling the hate of previous generations?
We are men and women, we’ve all had, or come from men and women of our past, and we cannot separate this memories form our ancestral DNA. Fortunately Neptune and Chiron in PISCES, will help us, to deeply understand the concept that despite the geographic boundaries, we are all ONE and what affects one, affects us all. Without this concept, Astrology would not be possible and although scientists want to explain everything with equations, before that is possible, we must first find the thesis in our hearts, in the depths of our psyche, in this place that the Greeks called Olympus and in which all live, even without realizing it.


Here comes the Cancer New Moon of the year, with the Sun and the Moon in a tight square to Saturn located in the last degrees of Libra, just as Mars, also in Libra, forms an exact T-square to Uranus and Pluto, opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. (if you haven’t you should read the article prior to this, on the full moon in Capricorn).
Mars in square to Pluto has the potential to generate great power struggles, and at the same time, Uranus in opposition to Mars, adds the element of surprise, with the intense need to break free of chains and rid oneself of anything or anybody that we feel is oppressing us.
These archetypes, when they act together, in each one of us and in the world, we find ourselves in need to solve conflicts and situations of great importance in our lives. On a personal level, different parts of our psyche get activated and we find contradictions in the depths of our being that we must armonize in order to have more inner peace. When we talk about archetypes is like talking about gods, and us, mere humans, cannot control the gods. Everything that has to do with Pluto, has to do with evolution, with the intense desire to perpetuate the specie, above all, our need to survive, not only individually but as a specie. This is the force with more power in our psyche and it comes from the depths of our being. When we speak of uranian energies, the need for freedom is so intense that at times we cannot control it, even if we risk the security that we need both emotional and financially, even if we risk jepardizing a position for which we have fought for years to achieve and sustain. Mars, the representative of our warrior spirit, is not necessarily a very intelligent God. Often in his passion for the fight, kill his own comrades, those who fight on his side. We too, when we are angry, we attack those who are on our side and do not even realize it. Reason, and rationalization, of the human being, has little or no power over these challenging energies that drive us to do things that we cannot handle. Even those psychologically or spiritually aware, can be and are often dominated by these forces far more powerful than our feeble reason, at some point in our lives.
Our sexuality, which enters the domain of Pluto and Mars is one of these energies that we have not yet learned to “handle”. No matter how elevated is the man in his journey to reason, to goodness and spirituality, this force dominates. One of the reasons why Hades (Pluto) is still the absolute Lord of the underworld.
No matter how incredible, today technological advances, we failed to “manage” the explosions of Nature such as earthquakes, tsunamis, like for example now, the flooding across Europe and Russia. The tsunami of March 2011 in Japan, with the subsequent explosion of the nuclear power plant, occurred on the day that Uranus entered Aries, already in orb of the square to Pluto in Capricorn. The first time it happened in 2010, it coincided with the explosion of the BP oil plant that caused the disaster of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
The new moon in Cancer reminds us that to feel safe we must be in the “right place”, i.e. that space, whether physical, mental, or virtual, which we call “home”. If for some reason we are not in that “place” then we will feel a great internal uneasiness, that will guide us to get up and go out to look for it. Cancer looks for that “place” eternally, which is rarely next to someone, but rather in an inner zone where our soul, our spirit and our body, are one. It is so elusive, that it may last seconds, yet it gives Cancer a sense of peace and security.
Cancer looks for it in creativity, being in dance, in painting, photography, writing, music.
When Cancer does not find it or unconsciously senses that is not in the right place, a serie of physical reactions, such as allergies, asthma, can affect their body. Never mind how much we look for it outside of us, this is really an internal place of union with the ineffable, with a personal inner calling. Cancer being the opposite sign of Capricorn, need to express themselves professionally. Capricorn for social reasons and Cancer for personal reasons. Children are the most precious possession for Cancer and ” caring for others” is one of the ways that Cancer uses to find themselves in “that place”. Let us not forget that the 5th House is the second from the 4th. Many Cancerians, are denied the possibility of having children, and therefore “care” for others, one way or another. Caring and nourishing are actions related to Cancer.
Jupiter, Ceres and Venus are in conjunction in Gemini, so the desire to move around our closest environment, to move to move to new places, will be reinforced by this new moon. If we find ourselves “tied up” to a situation and place that no longer nourishes us spiritually, we must think what to do about it. Use the energies of this moon to ask yourself if you’re in the right place and if this has something to do with the way you feel. Even if we cannot make the move to a new place, we can still do it from the depths of our soul. The key question in this lunation is: AM I IN THE RIGHT PLACE?

Scorpio New Moon, November 5-6

Here we are in the Scorpio New Moon, when Both the Sun and the Moon find themselves at 13º Scorpio 40′. As we already know, new moons seem to start a new cycle, a new project, a new trend, which completes itself 2 weeks later when the next Full Moon . These cycles are sometimes at such a profound level, that we don’t even realize is happening.

This is the case with Scorpio. This sign is so profound and connects us with such inner dimensions that can be experienced as “uncomfortable” at best, or terrifying at worst, especially if you are an Air sign, but it can also be fascinating and magical, if you are a water or a fire sign. It is in this journey to the most secret part of your psyche that we encounter an array of nymphs, heroes, gods and s goddesses that turn our everyday life into an interesting fairytale or mythical story.

This New Moon offers us this possibility and as we open the door to the energies of it, first thing we encounter is Vesta or Hestia for the Greeks. This small asteroid of scarcely 450 to 600 km in diameter, was discovered on March 29, 1807 by Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers in the constellation of Virgo. Is part of a belt of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, where Ceres and Pallas Athena, were discovered few years earlier. Juno finds herself there as well. They represent different aspects of the feminine in our lives.

Vesta is the daughter of Saturn (Chronos) and Rea, so she is an Olympian. In my opinion she is the true ruler of Virgo women. She represents the unmarried woman, same as Pallas. Except that Vesta was truly a virgin and was truly pure. She had no contact with men.

She is the Goddess of the Fire that warms our Home. Signifies the warmth that women are capable of bringing to a Home. Apolo and Poseidon offered her marriage but she remained true to herself and to her chastity vows and declined.

But what does she represent inside of us? She is our ability to remain true to ourselves, even in the eventuality of falling in love. Remaining a virgin, didn’t necessarily mean, no sex, but it meant not engaging in relationships.

In this New Moon we find the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Vesta in Scorpio. The intensity of these energies, will upset more than one relationship, many will be in the process of separation, many trying out a reconciliation, but the opportunity of this New Moon and Vesta is that of connecting with that part of ourselves that cannot be touched by power struggles. IT is our ability to follow out path and our calling, which takes us away from the loss of power inherent in many relationships.

To love does not mean to lose one’s power, to the point that if we realize that the present relationship does not allow us to grow, believe that we are trapped in it. We can always walk away. Never mind how difficult it seems. Vesta remind us of never getting to that point.

Vesta is the feminine principle in men and in women. If you are an Aquarian or a Leo, this could be a real situation in your life now. If you are a Cancerian or a Piscean, your relationships will become more intense and the opportunity to dig in and find out what is below the surface, is there for you. Aries and Libra, which are affected by Saturn and Pluto and their relationships are being tried as well, will get a chance to transform their approach to their relationships.

With all of what I said, it may sound that this would be a terrible 15 days to the next Full Moon in Taurus when this month’s cycle will conclude, but never forget that the transformative energies of Scorpio, can be extremely useful to take our minds and soul beyond the surface, beyond superficiality.

This is a good moment to really try to communicate your true feelings and find out what your “other one” is made of. What your relationship is made of.

If you are not in relationship, this is a great opportunity to connect to your work, your creativity and focus in what is important in your life. Vesta helps us focus on our true calling, our true work in life.

Mercury makes and exact square to Neptune, so it won’t be difficult to fantasize and create. The test of time will be necessary to make sure that what we see is real. It also contacts Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, so new ideas and projects will present themselves, creating a more positive outlook of life.

Pluto and the North Node seem to support the Scorpian energies of the Moon, inducing us to dig in and connect with our most secret feelings. If you are brave enough to enjoy digging into yourself, you will definitely enjoy this New Moon.

Juno is also part of the equation, as it is in Sextile to the Sun and Moon, so it will help us find a compromise in our relationships. She is the opposite of Vesta, Juno was Hera in Greek Mythology and it represents the “Wife”, who remained married to Zeus, in spite of his unfaithfulness.

If you find yourself in a relationship where you seem to be alienated from your true path in life, use the energies of this Moon to connect to your inner Vesta and let her get you back on track.

The one person you cannot afford to betray, EVER,is yourself.