NEW MOON IN PISCES, March 11th + Venus and Mars in Aries

draft_lens20195058module164215684photo_1356235962__aa_a_AaThe water signs are celebrating! but they should maintain a “cautious optimism”. Here comes the new moon in PISCES of the year, this time on the 11th of March, (last’s years one was in February and in conjunction to NEptuno PISCES, for the first time in our lives).
Although this Moon picks at around 21 ° PISCES 24′, is located between Venus and Mars, both in PISCES, but also with a “stellium” of planets in this sign including Mercury (still retrograde), Chiron and Neptune-of course. As we continue with Mercury in retrograde motion until the 18th, the message of this Lunation seems to invite us to an inner journey, in search of a way of deciphering our internal language. To take a look at this “soul” or “Observer” which exists within us, which inhabits our body, and demands expression and rectification.
Recognizing, Respecting and Accepting, automatically Corrects, not only our personal past, but also, our family and ancestral legacy. Awareness is our only salvation. The Piscean lesson, is that which helps us recognize the unity with All and Everyone, the divinity within us. If the tree suffers, I suffer, if my kids suffer, I suffer, if the rivers run dry, I suffer, if a woman gets raped on the other side of the world or stubbed, like yesterday in London (in a bus! like the girls in India), I suffer. But equally, if you succeed, I am happy, if a child is saved from hunger, I am happy, if our oceans are clean, I am happy, if the war ends, I’m happy, if you learn, I learn.
Neptune entered PISCES last year, for the first time in the life of all who are alive today, for the first time in what we consider to be its own sign, by the similarity of experience and lessons to be learn. This is a Lunation with 7 planets in this territory, where we learn about unconditional love, on other dimensions of human experience, which scientists are still far from explaining. We all know we connect with other dimensions, but we do not know how. We often know who’s calling when the phone rings, before answering, we recognize another soul, without even talking to them, or enter any space and we tremble without knowing why. We chose a therapist or an astrologer with whom we have incredible cosmic connections, without knowing how, but we all know that these things happen all the time. We hear music, or we can hum melodies that, in theory, we have not heard before and don’t understand the process.
Astrologers, smiled quietly, when we see the chart of our clients, and their connections to ours, by progression or transits. They arrive at the “right time” or “Kairos” (an undetermined period of time in which something important happens) and the experience is pure mutual learning process. Seen in this way, nothing in life seems a coincidence. If we don’t even dare to ask ourselves, if there’s a possibility of an hidden order in these apparent “constant” coincidences, we could be somewhat superficial or negligent or simply humanly ignorant. But many Piscean experiences are inexplicable in human terms, although, they are perfectly human experiences. We don’t have the elements yet, because of our obsession with separation and individuation to understand ‘how’s that we are all absolutely linked. Internet today provides a media by which we can begin to understand this concept.
It’s not easy being a Piscean, it takes almost an entire life, to understand that immeasurable wealth of knowledge and wisdom they have since they are born. That connection to the ineffable that gives them access to a knowledge indescribable and inexplicable. They are victims of their own wisdom, it is difficult to share or to integrate into everyday life.
Have you ever seen a pond full of fish?, they swim unceasingly from one side to another, in a constant and extraordinary choreography of crossings exchanges, forming the most magnificent designs, with an innate elegance, but never in a straight line. I could not imagine a better image of PISCES than that. Try asking a Pisces a question for which you need a concrete response and you will see. You will never get it. Directness or concreteness, does not seem to exist in the life of Pisces. Only in the arts they are able to express their eternal wandering through the emotional waters and creative madness. The concept of the drop in the ocean, constantly mixing and reforming the mass of water that exists because of it, and even then is not even appreciated for it. The drop could never explain the ocean, and the ocean without it would not exist. The drop is part of the storms, tsunamis, calm, waves and that constant motion,that’s where PISCES resides, trying to live a mortal life, so no wonder that their body or feet, hurt all the time. Ah! If PISCES could catch that moment, that belief, that creative impulse, every time, and express it and create, we would have found the door between the real and the ineffable. Then, how can we connect to that Ethereal, wise, divine world of Neptune and Pisces without dying in the attempt?How many Piscians have dwelled in alcoholism, drugs, barbiturics, madness?
Meditation, music, art, dance, tai-chi, painting, writing, prayer, they are some of the roads that can be traveled to express the world of Neptune, even for a moment, but with the conviction that they must always come back to what we call real, since while we are alive, we have other things to do.
Saturn in Scorpio, forms a trine to Chiron and Mercury, use the power of this lunation to meditate on these issues, to find yourself in your own Ocean and allow yourself to visit the ineffable trusting that Saturn, will help you return safe and sound and keep in touch with what is real. Jupiter is in square to Mercury retrograde, so make sure that your optimism has real bases and if you decide to take any major risks, you have a cushion where to fall back on.
The Sun and the Moon are in square to Ceres, reminding us that we must feed our soul, as well as our body, and that we must respect those who know more than us and listen.
Mars enters Aries a few hours after the Moon picks, and Venus will enter the first fire sign on the 22nd, a few days before the Full Moon in Libra on the 27th.
With Venus and Mars in Aries, our intention is strengthened and suddenly we understand that we can launch ourselves in search of what we love, another person or a new project. Time to begin again, the impulse of spring is very strongly felt with these personal planets in Aries,this is the true beginning of the astrological year. An inexplicable force invades us and reminds us that every day we can start again. Every day an adventure begins and anything can us to it.
Once again we recognize that we have more of one chance and maybe we have been blind to many of them, by victimizing ourselves, by insisting in doing things the same way, even if everything reminds us that we must change. Between the 23rd and 27th, just in time for the next full moon, Mars will align with Uranus in Aries, activating the famous current Urano-Pluto square. Cardinal signs here have another opportunity to rethink the issues that occupies them at present in the past months or even years, another opportunity to seek a suitable possible solution. Venus will also pass through this point, from the 28th, and we will have the opportunity to experience the difference of these two planetary energies and their unique message. Pay attention to what occurs these days from 26 to 31 and comments in this space, your experiences, if you feel like it.
If you ever had a Piscean experience, your life has changed, by this I mean what commonly call, a peak experiences, i.e. those moments when you can really live and experience the unity with everything. Whether watching a sunset, a Sunrise, during a walk in the mountains or perhaps sitting comfortably on the sofa in your living room, meditating, singing, dancing. Normally this experiences are stimulated by the contact with Nature and then suddenly we understand everything.
We are living very Piscean times and have the opportunity to connect with this concept that we are all ONE and we can see how we are all affected in our unique and special ways, by the same stimulus, and similar situations.
On the 18th, Mercury will station direct to resume its forward motion, to leave PISCES finally on April 13th. This is a brilliant opportunity to defy the gloom of the ‘crisis’ and encourage us to risk and to initiate new projects. Open doors and let the sunlight of spring or autumn enter your soul.

Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces and the Full Moon in Aries, September 23rd, 2010

Interesting week this coming week! Here we are at the point when Jupiter and Uranus meet again in Pisces, this time exactly at almost 29º. Having met at the end of May near this point and exactly conjuncted at 0º Aries on June 8th, we have been seeing all sort of protests and manifestations and confrontation in the religious world.
The Islamic Center’s construction 2 blocks away from Ground Zero, was one, then the Florida Preacher, who’s threaten with burning copies of the Koran, for S-11’s anniversary, to then desist due to repeated death threats to him and a convincing conversation with the White House. Then came Stephen Hawkins with his new book The Grand Design excluding God from the Creation of the Universe and now, exactly for the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, the Pope visits Scotland and England surrounded by the controversy of the sexual abuse perpetrated by some of the members of the Church and being forced to apologize to the families of the victims and the rest of us.
If we had any doubts that Pisces and Jupiter have to do with our beliefs, they are now over. This is a preparation for the brief entry of Neptune into the sign of the Fishes, in April 2011 where it will stay around the 0º Pisces until the 6th of August when it will dip back into Aquarius until February 4th, 2012 to then re-enter Pisces until January 2026.
Jupiter and Uranus meet in Pisces when they are both in their retrograde motion. As we have seen with other retrogrades, they seem to bring an opportunity for reflecting on decisions taken or to be taken, for re-thinking situations that need our attention.
Taking into consideration that it is Jupiter and in its own sign of Pisces, Religion is without a doubt one the issues we need to think about as a group of people. As the human group.
As Neptune traveled though Aquarius, we have seen the re-emergence of fanatical religious groups which have caused death and fear to the world.
In the mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius, all these amazing nets of Internet social communities have become overwhelming: Facebook, You Tube and the rest of them. It has changed the way we relate and communicate with each other.
When Jupiter and Uranus met in Aries we all got a positive impulse to do something with our lives, and many of us have moved in the right direction. Yet, before these two go back to Aries, we need to re-adjust few things to not to repeat mistakes of the past. If you have not followed the inner impulse for action that the 0º of Aries brought, this is the perfect time to look inside yourself and ask why? What is that part of you that stops you from doing what your heart is asking you to do? Time to establish some kind of dialogue with yourself. In the Northern Hemisphere we had the Summer and that is the moment to stop and relax, yet this is the kind of excuse we give to others but not to “The man in the mirror “, like MJ said.
Jupiter begs for expansion, impulses us to go beyond borders, and Uranus says we can do it just sitting in front of the computer but in a radical fashion. Think Stephen Hawkins.
As the right wing movements in Europe begin to flourish due to problems with immigrants, we need to ask ourselves why this is happening. Most people prefer to stay in their land, if they had a choice. If they are forced to leave, is quite often against their wishes.
If we continue not helping these countries in trouble, and causing wars, what do we expect people to do? Are we really surprised that Iraqis have gone to live somewhere else? Really? Wouldn’t everyone?
Pisces reminds us that never mind our cultural differences, we are all from the only human race on this planet. Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, remind us that our beliefs have taking us to kill each other. The question is: Until when?
The September Full Moon happens in the 0º of Aries. The degree of action. It triggers the big T-Square, it makes a Grand Cross to the Lunar Nodes.
This feels a little like when you have all the lights on in your house. There is a risk of blowing the electrics. We have to stop and meditate a bit. It’s a wake up call, like most of the events that have been happening since this T-Square started to become very close, about a year ago.
Confrontations will be a real possibility if we refuse to change. We need to realize that these are changing times and although we would love to stay the way we are, never mind how unhappy, this is no longer possible.
For all those brave ones, who have gone to new adventures, the planetary winds will be gentler. However, if you are still trying to hang on to old patterns of living which are not enriching you in any way, the curtain is closing.
Free will consists in doing what you must do, gladly. (C. Jung) and graciously, I may add.
These are strong energetic points when things become so obvious, we would have to be completely blind to our inner calling and headstrong (paralyzed by fear) not to notice.
Fear is OK, but we have to conquer it. It’s only when we do that we acquire Clarity (Don Juan teachings, Carlos Castañeda)
It’s OK to be afraid, life is not easy! So we must DO anyway!
An Aries Full Moon can be very exciting too, if you use your free will, and choose ACTION!
Have a great one!