The rescue of the Chilean miners

From the first week of August, when the current Cardinal T-square between Pluto-Uranus-Saturn, was as close as it would ever be, the earth moved trapping 33 miners, in the what it was to be their longest Journey to the Underworld, ever. Literally in the land of Hades (Pluto), absolute God of the Great Below, at 700 meters down into the depth of the earth.
17 days passed until the day Mercury stationed retrograde on August 21st, when they finally contacted the outer world and all of us found out they were alive and well.
It took exactly 33 days to dig a separate tunnel down into the bowels of the earth, to rescue the 33 miners at an incredible velocity and professionalism, with engineers from Chile and Nasa in what ended up being the most successful rescue ever in Chile.
I caught the news when they were bringing miner number 17 out and then I was glued to the TV, watching an incredibly emotional happy event, once more to be reminded, that when you are face to face with your Fate, when you are in Moira’s claws, all it matters is Faith, the love of those you love, and team work. And that is exactly what saved these 33 men. Those were the words of the Chilean President, which greeted most of the men in their journey up to the surface.
In the Astrology of the event, the Moon at midnight, was just about to enter Capricorn, in its way to meet up with Pluto a 3 º of Capricorn, Lord of the Underworld, and then through out the day, traveled across this sign making contacts with the Moon Node and so magically appropriately with the asteroid Orpheus, at 11º of Capricorn.
As usual the symbolism of Astrology, amazes us, over and over again, and for those of you who do not know the story of Orpheus in its journey to the Underworld, here it goes.
Orpheus was the best musician ever. He played the Lira, which he created, and sung with the most enchanting of voices. Even the Gods adored him and envy him. All of Nature succumbed to the beauty of his voice and his music.
He was married to Eurydice, a beautiful mortal, and they were very happy together.
Once she was running away from a insistent admirer, who would not take no for an answer, and fell on a serpent, which bit her and she immediately died.
Orpheus was so desperate, that he went to see Zeus to beg for his wife to be brought back to life. Zeus, as usual, said that he had no power over Hades, but could arranged a meeting. And so He did and even told Orpheus to sing all the way down to the Underworld.
So, Orpheus started his journey down, singing his pain at the loss of his adored Eurydice.
As usual, Hermes, (Mercury), who was the only one, in his capacity of Messenger of the Gods, who could go in and out of the Underworld without having to die, accompanied Orpheus, secretly enjoying the beautiful music coming out of Orpheus’ lire.
So wonderful were Orpheus verses, that Hades immediately agreed to Eurydice’s release. Still, there was, as usual, one condition.
Orpheus had to walk in front of his wife, and he could not turn around, not even once, until they were both out on the surface of the earth. So, they started their journey back, but just few meters from the gate, suddenly Orpheus doubted Hades, and started to think that he had been tricked, so he turn around to make sure that Eurydice was behind him, and then lost her for ever.
They were not second chances for Orpheus, who mourned his wife for ever.
Although this tragic story, had a bad end, unlike the miners, but still, it was Orpheus who was allowed into the Underworld and back.
The miners spoke of a white butterfly, that they saw in the tunnel where they worked, just before the collapse. They stopped to admire the butterfly, and that prevented them from being squashed under the rubble. They think this miraculous white butterfly down below, saved their lives.
How is it possible that when the Moon shines its light on these two symbols of the same myth, we get to see it become alive, once more, in our daily lives?.
The mystery and magic of Astrology in action!.
Each individual story of each miner would surely be full of meaning and symbolism, but we will only find out about it, if one of them writes a book.
You don’t travel to the depth of the Underworld and remain unchanged. Their lives have changed for ever as indeed many lives are now changing, especially those strongly affected by this Cardinal T-Square.