o-MEDITATION-facebookWe are already in the full moon in Sagittarius that puts an end,  in some way,  to the issues brought about by the new moon in Taurus on May 18th, the day before Mercury stationed Retrograde for the second time this year and in its own sign. The new moon in Gemini will be the June 16.
The conjunction Sol-Mercurio – Mars in Gemini which caused so much anxiety, arguments and sore throats, continues in some way, but is already changing shape bringing the calm after the storm.
Yet it is important not to lose the lesson of those times, when our personal sky seems filled with clouds, making us forget that the sky “is always blue”, and once the clouds pass, we go back to see it in all its blue glory.
For this full moon the Sun is between Mercury and Mars with a small orbit of 4 ° of separation from them and all three together oppose the Moon, all of them forming a square to Neptune in Pisces.
We already know that any planet in square (90º) to Neptune somehow takes the brunt of this planet that is in its own sign of PISCES for the first time in the life of all beings that are alive today. What is the most negative part of Neptune?Victimization is one, lack of limits is another, resistance to accept our reality and our present, another. Trying to find the shortest route regardless of the methods, another. Neptune is a planet glorified by those who only relate to its intuitive skills and “spirituality” and its incredible ability to connect with the pain of others, but when this planet is connected by square, while the spiritual quest can intensify, also the inability to live in one’s own body, and accept the limitations of our “humanity”. In its positive aspect, this square also reminds us that there are other ways of communicating that are not necessarily verbally. Whenever two or more people get together, as well as what they say with words, other types of messages are also transmitted through  non-verbal communication, faces, gestures, smiles and grimaces of pain, etc. The Soul speaks and not just through the word.
For Neptunian diseases there is nothing better than Saturn, i.e. order, the limits and the acceptance of the reality. To counter the possible confusion of these days of full moon and the lethargy that can be induced by Neptune, Saturn, about to enter for the last time in Scorpio, where it will remain until September 17, sign which will not visit for another 29 years, forms a large trine to Venus in Cancer and Vesta in Pisces. This aspect will help us withdraw a little bit from the noise and try to disconnect from the excess information of our everyday lives, the senseless conversations, to connect with the deepest part of our being and find our own voice.
Leave the mobile at home and go for a walk through a forest, or a garden or a park, Moon in Sagittarius will appreciate  it. The duality Geminis-Sagittarius which is what is activated in this full moon reminds us of the fact that Gemini wants to gather information and pass it on, without necessarily understanding it and the role of Sagittarius, is to ask “why” or at least “what for”. Today we live in an era of immediate and excessive information, with our brains trying to process it at the same time and even though it benefits us in some respects because it allows us to know what happens anywhere in the world instantly, is at the same time crippling us to be able to concentrate for long periods of time. Trying to process that much information at the same time, makes us feel disoriented and exhausted quickly and we are more prompt to make mistakes. The result is that when we get back home from work, our brain is overexcited and we find it really difficult to lower the energy level, which causes many people to take pills to relax and sleep.
Another problem of the excessive information, is that often, returning to a quiet home, forces us to turn on the television or the computer, to stay connected with something outside of us, because the inner silence becomes too evident and we are faced with the “terror” of “solitude”, that black monster that whispers from inside, making us believe that we are indeed alone. The funny thing is that “feeling lonely” is a true human feeling, everyone on the planet has felt alone at some point in their lives, even once a week, which cancels the true meaning of “being lonely”, since we can all relate to it, and probably can help one another since we all have the same feeling. If by “lonely” we mean that no one can help us in our dilemma, then, that is right, as no one can live our lives, but since we are all in the same dilemma, we can share this apparent loneliness with everybody else. Yet, each of us must find the solution to our own drama. In this aspect we can say we alone, but not really, because everybody else is in the same predicament.
Use this full moon to give yourself some time for meditation and for listening to your inner voice, but above all, listen and trust it.