Saturn in Sagittarius – 2015-2017

titanomachyThree days ago, on 23 December, Saturn has left the sign of Scorpio, which has been going since 6 October 2012. Saturn, the Great Malefic, as  traditional astrologer used to call him, Chronos, the God of Time in Roman mythology, resonates with the Archetypes of  structure,  matter, restriction, limitations, the time limit of the human experience in every incarnation,  discipline, the reality of time and space, institutions, obligations. Transiting the eighth sign of the Zodiac that leads us to the experience of the power that lies in the depths of our psyche, our most secret desires, sexuality, our  most forgotten and ignored themes, our unconscious pattern and pathologies arising from them, other people’s money and possessions. During these past three years, we have discovered even more scams from our leaders, the sexual attitudes of many who, from their position of power, imposed in many children and women, some 30 and 40 years ago. Many ended up in prison and even those who are already dead as Jimmy Savile, English TV presenter, saw his reputation shattered before the evidence of his actions of the past. Even the beloved Bill Cosby who delighted us with his humor and  a comedy of a middle-class African-American family now is under prosecution for repeated violations, with many women who finally had the courage to put him and  themselves in evidence in order to find justice and perhaps some compensation. This process, however uncomfortable, leads us to revise those corners of our psyche where we keep feelings that we find difficult to deal with, but where the source of our power and creativity lie.

 Now, since 5 days ago and until June 17, 2015Saturn has entered Sagittarius, something that hasn’t done since nearly 30 years ago, in 1985-87If you were alive in those years, what was going on in your life then? On 17 JuneSaturn will dep back into the last degrees of Scorpio, as if to complete this stage of affairs we have experiencing for the past 3 years, until 17 September 2015, when it returns to Sagittarius, this time to stay until December 19, 2017. It will station retrograde on March 14, the same day  the Urano-Pluto square finally make their last exact contact at about 15 ° of Aries-Capricornio respectively. Thus begins a period that in some way we are already experiencing in a way, as we are seeing in what happens in Argentina, with the judges ( Saturn in Sagittarius), who are investigating the President and his children, for illegal enrichment, and in the United States, with what happened in Ferguson and New York, where judges have acquitted  white police officers of  murder for abuse of power or fear, when they killed unarmed African American youth, something  it has happened many times in the past, but that now inspire a popular reaction, as if something inside thecollective says: “ok enough is enough!”.

 Sagittarius introduces us to philosophy, higher education, young people, the judicial system, long distance trips, distant cultures, the search for the truth above all, Nature, our ideals, the pursuit of what we call God, not to join it or be part of, as it happens in PISCES, through Neptune, but to know it and understand it and expand our minds to something bigger than our everyday experience. Ruled by Jupiter, as well as PISCES, the largest planet in our solar system, is the experience of everything mentioned above and with the subsequent discovery of Saturn who comes to put some limits to that expansionJupiter takes us out of the neighborhood, to look in other realms, in other cultures, a different human  experience, to enrich us with its diversity.

 Saturn entering this sign, will confront us with all the irregularities in these fieldsand we will be encouraged to deal with situations that aren’t working propperly within the sectors mentioned. Aviation will be affected, and investigations intothe recent air disasters, will  produce some kind of results, at least,with the airlines having to takeresponsibility for their mistakes and wrong decisions, as is the case with theMA17 flight, that was shot down across Ukraine from the Malaysia Airlines and theprevious disappearance of another flight of the same company, the now famous MA370. As i am translating this piece, an Airasia jet has gone missing in Indonesia, yet again.  Saturn brings results so it is possible that the mystery of these disappearances will bring some kind of results.

During this journey through the sign of the Centaur, Saturn, as it nears a May-June  will be approaching the square to Neptune. These two great Gods  of Greek Mythology who look like enemies in many respects, since Neptune reign in the realm of the ineffable and no form contrasts with the Saturnian world of  matter and form, and Saturn is not comfortable in the realm of Neptune, and  insists on putting order and give shape to something that must remain Ethereal and formless. Liz Greene says of this pair: “in the meeting betweenSaturn and Neptune lies one of the most fundamental conflicts of life, form and formlessness collide to create the magnificent gift of the vision of incarnation or the rejection of being psychologically born.”

But we also confronted with the reality that despite the fact that Neptune tells us that all we are ONE, is also true we all have different path and truths  to find and live, indispensable to complete the human experience and we must respect the fact that others have different philosophies of life and values to develop.  ISIS and our fight against Muslim fundamentalism is another theme that Saturn in Sagittarius is putting on our plate. Both Isis and the rest of us,  must learn to accept and respect  other people’s ideals. Fundamentalists cannot continue thinking that Western ideals are malignant, or Westerners must do  the same about Muslims. We will have to find a middle pointwhere we can learn to live with true commitment and respect for the other.

Finding your inner truth and the respect of others is one of the lessons of this passage of Saturn in the sign Sagittarius.

For those born with the conjunction of these two planets in Libra in the years1951-53they will have a great opportunity to understand the dilemma Neptuno-Saturno and the tension caused by this square in their lives, perhaps find a way as individual or give birth to a creative project, or a part of their being, dwelling  in the waters of the unconscious, without the possibility of emerging to consciousness until Now.

On the subject of relationships, the ability to differentiate between the “falling in love” and the true relationship, between the illusion of  the union with the goddess or God through another human being and the daily, patient work with each other, to build an authentic relationships based on the acceptance of each other in all their human dimensions.

In the second part of this article, I will expand more on the different aspects that Saturn will make in its journey through Sagittarius and how it will affect the different signs. For now, the fire signs, Leo and Aries, begin an extraordinary period of construction of a new way of organizing their lives, their finances and their profession, and for the mutable signs on the other hand: Gemminis, Virgo and Pisces, and of course, Sagittarius, will begin a period of 3 years  of much personal growth, with opportunities to correct  past decisions that were probably taking without thinking of the full consequence of it and also restructure an aspect of their lives that will take them to grow both personally and professionally. Time to build, restructure and perhaps take care of others, sometimes against our own willEven so, the learning will be deep and enriching for everyone.

The Jupiter-Saturn square, from now till 2016

0-0-0A dance between the two largest planets of our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, is just beginning. Two powerful archetypes that somehow are felt as opposites, yet they are not exactly so.
A full cycle between these two planets begins every 20 years. This cycle in which we now find ourselves began on May 28, 2000 with the conjunction in Taurus. The first square occurred with Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo (the other way around to the one today), on December 17, 2005. The opposition was on the 23 May 2010 with Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo and the square that begins now, will be exact on August 3, 2015 withJupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio, at about 28 ° of each sign. In March and May 2016 will form but this time with Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. Therefore in each cycle, the first square takes place on the fifth year after the conjunction, the opposition on the tenth year and on the 15 years the last waning square, such as the one we are experiencing now.
Before considering what this aspect might bring in our lives, it is important to note that this is often an internal process, due to the quality of Jupiter to be a practically personal planet, not as the current square between Uranus and Pluto which also has been in action since 2010, when everything seems to occur as a result of events external to us, as the world financial crisis.
Jupiter invites us to expand, to risk, to leave the neighborhood, cross the pond in search of other mentalities, other philosophies of life, other ideals. It opens doors to new plans and perspectives for the future. It encourages us to expand to other areas of experience, different from those we were born in. Gives us more confidence (sometimes too much) and optimism to launch us to seek that which will give meaning to our lives and find that we have always wanted to do, conscious or unconsciously. Breaks our inhibitions and we suddenly think: “why not?”. Normally the inner urgency is to search beyond the known limits. In this way we dare to take a look at the possibilities of our life, beyond the cultural boundaries of the town, the people, the environment in which we have born and grown. Jupiter fills us with anticipation and excitement when thinking about the possibilities of the future.
Learning other languages, travel, connect with foreign people, working for an NGO which enable us to visit faraway lands, are all jupiterian impulses, it encourage us to jump and cross bridge, not knowing what we will find at the end of it.
Saturn, on the other hand, confronts with our responsibilities, our duties, our mortality, with what most of us call the absolute reality of our lives. Saturn speaks to us of our mortality, the time we have on this Earth and our possibilities according to the social class from which we come. Saturn is our ambition to amass a respectable social position or profession and this normally means to conform to the cultural rules from where we live. Saturn says: “Better bird in hand than 100 flying”, “it’s nice to dream, but reality is woven by working hard” “the harder you work the further you’ll get“.
In the Saturnian speech, expansion for its own sake does not exist. “If you want to jump to a bridge must make sure that its foundations are strong and stable” says Saturn.
This is the dilemma, we find ourselves in right now, as of this moment, in some aspect of our life.Something is telling us: “Well, finally this is the time to leave, move, expand”. Something gives us this opportunity. But on the other hand, something equally powerful, tells us. “Not yet, you must be careful. “what if it doesn’t work and you risked your security?”
Many aspects of our lives may play the Saturn role at this time in our lives: the Boss, Parents, the Bank, Government, Finances, Family, Husband, Wife, Children. All of them will be the recipients of our projected Saturn.
Although this square will not be exact until August 3, 2015, at the moment, these two planets are less than 4º of orb. We can therefore say that the apparently opposing voices of these two powerful gods can be heard loud and clear.
Wherever Saturn and Jupiter are transiting in your chart, is the area of your life where this dispute of “expansion” and “be careful and responsible” is taking place.
During these meetings, progress in our projects may be more difficult than normal,with unforeseen complications that call us to plan better. Difficulties with official entities, by issues that normally we have ignored for a while and now seem to appear at the same time.
Themes of renewal of documents, payments to government entities, projects that are stopped by the indecisiveness of other, trips that are delayed for different reasons, etc, etc.
The most stressful periods are now until the end of November, and then again from July and August 2015. Especially for those with fixed signs on their charts (Taurus-Leo – Scorpio and Aquarius). Also in 2016, from March until the end of May and then during June, but this time already in mutable signs,therefore it will affect those with Geminis-Virgo – Sagittarius and Pisces in his birth charts.
It is important to take things very calmly and understand that there are certain issues that need to be resolved and certain responsibilities that one should take. Separating the emotions of these proceses is vital and acting as an adult, indispensable. Tax issues may appear, debts with the government or with others, so we must try to solve these things without trying to escape from it , since in any equation which involves Saturn, to rid oneself of responsibility without consequences is virtually impossible. It is therefore important to plan with time and ensure that our desire for rapid expansion does not blind us to the corresponding steps.
This does not have be a negative impact if we do our homework and fulfill what he should do. Conversely, it can be a great opportunity to do the right thing and not have to pay the consequences later.
Another point to consider is that Jupiter represents our beliefs and also sometimes our fanaticism, do not forget that in 2001, when the Twin Towers fell down, this two planets were just separating from the conjunction that began in 2000, therefore wherever these planets are in our chart, also help us bring to consciousness the consequences of our actions guided by believes imposed by others. Seeing the restriction on the “other” is typical of these moments. Therefore a little self-analysis is important and required, to stop projecting our shadow and limitations on others and thus stop being victims of something or someone else. The reasons of our inability to progress, usually are within us and not in others. It is so much easier to say: ‘But is that they do not let me progress, to express myself, to be’. “That” or “that one” which does not allow me to be, is usually the recipient of our projections, where we deposit all our impossibilities and our limitations (Saturn). Think again and ask yourself, what is the reason why you do not progress.
During this square, the themes of independence, religion, philosophy, (ISIS), will be the carriers of our inner struggle. It is through these themes that we will express our inner struggle to expand and grow without fear. Let us remember that Saturn lives within our psyche and that of others, like Jupiter.
Depending on how, the culture you come from, the collective in which you have been born and grown, has managed these two archetypes, will be how you will live this time. If your culture has glorified expansion no matter what, that’s what you‘ll do, if on the other hand, you come from cultures where expansion has always been truncated by a Government, authoritarian or too ambitious parents, a dictatorial system, an empire, etc, then it is in this way that you will live this transit. As a victim of the circumstances.
Observe carefully this struggle in the depth of your psyche and decides which path to follow. The more aware we live this process, the more growth it will bring.

The Saturn-Lunar Node conjunction of September 25th, 2013

We all know that the Lunar nodes are those points where eclipses occur. Whenever there’s a new moon or full near the nodes, we have eclipses. But actually, what are these points and what makes them so important? We know that they are quite measurable, since we know at all times exactly where they are and we also know that they describe two points where two imaginary planes intersect. The Nodes are those points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, or in other words, the apparent passage of the Sun on the celestial sphere. But of course we also know that it is really us on Earth, that move around the Sun, giving us the illusion that is the Sun that moves around us.
In both Vedic Astrology and the Hubber system, these nodes are vital points of the chart, and of course to any astrologer who works constantly doing astrological charts for people, for a long time, these are, crucial points.
Despite all of this, what we do know, is that they reveal extraordinary insight of the person’s journey through life, from the point of view of the soul of the individual. The North node seems to describe these qualities we need to develop to become a complete and conscious individual, the South node, show us the starting point in this life or past lives, depending how you look at the picture.Is that point which we need to evolve and move away from to be able to make progress in our spiritual development. Depending on different points of view, the South node may also describe the environment and cultural conditioning and values in which the individual was born.12a-Nodes-NN_000

On September 25 this year, and for the first time since August 19, the 1808, Saturn is in conjunction with the North node and therefore in opposition to the South node. This happens about 9 degrees of Scorpio, so depending on where the angle Scorpio-Tauro is in the chart, will probably hint on what this event is bringing to our lives.
In 1808, there were also many wars in Europe, i.e. Spain with France, the war of Finland with Russia (the Russians invaded Finland without prior notice). The French surrendered to Spanish troops at the battle of Bailén, but then won the battle of Tudela. Napoleon joins his army in Spain. Carlos IV abdicated in favour of his son, Ferdinand VII. Mercury hides Saturn, apparently. Beethoven played his Symphony 5 and 6 for the first time in a marathon of piano at a benefit concert.
It is very difficult for any astrologer to know what really means this combination at this particular historical moment, but even so we can concentrate on what we do know. We all know that Saturn is the Great Master, Lord of Karma, father, and the great “mirror of reality” of our lives. In Scorpio, it has been helping us discover, bring to light, reveal, themes of our unconscious that need expression and recognition. Both Scorpio and the House 8, confront us with our need to survive in spite of it all. Speaks to us about our financial dependencies, our sexuality and above all, of the need to change and evolve to be able to continue living. Saturn in Scorpio is inviting us to confront those issues that we really “must do” or “must fix” , and must “confront” to be able to move on and evolve. Taking into account that the North node corresponds somewhat with that concept of the Kabbalah called “Tikkun”, or “Rectification” or “Repair”, we can start drawing some conclusions about what this cosmic “encounter”, which has also the company of Venus, at about 10 degrees of Scorpio, at the moment. It is certainly in the field of personal relationships that we meet these challenges in a clear and transformative way. Especially when we are talking about the less popular aspects of Scorpio and the 8 House, as the money of others, our debts, our assumption “that if the other has more than us, “must” help us, in particular the Government, and here come the themes of “unemployment”, banks, social security, credit cards, etc.
In a general way, we can formulate some possible scenarios for action, taking into account also that the angle of the Lunar nodes is also called the “angle of destiny”. Perhaps this is the moment when Fate manifests outright, giving us the opportunity to “concretize”, “shape” our deepest longings. It can also be the opportunity to understand what is our relationship with ‘authority’, who are the figures of authority in our lives and how is it that we have allowed ourselves, to reach a situation where we don’t have any authority. Issues of the past that we believed solved might return to our consciousness to be able to give them the proper “burial”. What role plays sexuality in our relationship and how to handle “shared money”.
Who has the final word within the relationship, and how this coincides with who brings more or less money home. The power games within our relationships, i.e. “I spend more of your money the less satisfied I am”, are also on the table, so that we can recognize what is that the soul really needs to heal, to grow. The lesson that no one else is responsible for ourselves, other than our parents “when we are children”. And when I say kids, I am not speaking of children up to age 30. I AM responsible for MY life. My personal practice is more full than ever with clients that are struggling with these crucial issues within “personal relationships”, that are NOT only 7 House issues.
So, we have enough material to reflect on, to examine and meanwhile, “we must go on living”, searching, working and elaborating on this incredible mystery that is Life, the emotional world, Mind, Nature, being Human.


After 29 years, Saturn finally enters Scorpio, for the next two and a half years, exactly until 24 December 2014 when it’ll move into Satittarius until June 15, 2015, when it’ll dip back into Scorpio for the last time, until 18 September 2015 when it will enter for a second time Sagittarius, to stay there for the following 2 and a half years.
Saturn has not transited Scorpio since 1983 when it entered this sign holding hands with Pluto. These two powerful archetypes in the sign of sexuality, regeneration, shared finances, death, self-analysis, hidden desires, confronted us, specifically at that time, with AIDS, which changed the sexual behaviour of many forever. The first cases became apparent to us about those years of Saturn in Scorpio, with the death of Rock Hudson, in 1985, the first celebrity that would be affected by this disease.
This time, although Saturn and Pluto are not together, they are in mutual reception, since Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and this one enters Scorpio, sign ruled by Pluto. This quality tends to grant some harmony to the two planets that seem to operate with more affinity than usual. Both planets seem to act more powerfully, activating the corresponding archetypes more intensely. Scorpios and Capricorns will feel this effect more dramatically than most signs.
In the past 10 years the mutual reception between Neptune (in Aquarius) and Uranus (in PISCES) has transformed our lives with the advent of the Internet and social networks, which changed the way we relate to each other for ever. A logical consequence, if we think that it came about right after the years of panic with the Aids virus.
If you are older than 30 years, you can look back into your life, to try and remember what was happening 29 years ago. For all those with precarious knowledge of astrology, Saturn is much like the “bogey-man”.It simply scares us, the though of it approaching after years of bad publicity. However the look should be directed to the area where Saturn will transit through the next three years, cautiously optimistic, that it is there, where we will learn important lessons and resolve vital issues for our development.
We will only to see the difficulties, constraints, increased responsibility that can bring us,if we look at it from a superficial stand point, but if we look from the soul, we know that the lessons that we have been putting off, will be knocking at our door.
We will feel, sometimes unconsciously, that there are certain areas of our lives that need our attention so that we can accomplish much more and gain self-respect. Saturn demands absolute honesty from us, we cannot fool ourselves any more, the mirror returns us an image stripped of roses and fairies and we see ourselves as we are. Yes, admittedly, this aspect of the transits of Saturn is the least appealing, especially if you are more than 50 years old. Interestingly, Saturn has an incredible sense of humor, and a slight smile appears when we can laugh at our problems and “defects”. In reality, Saturn becomes unbearable only when we refuse to accept the lesson that brings us, when we avoid change, or when we insist that things are left as they are, even when it is obvious that things no longer work as they are. Saturn helps us resolve, deal with situations that we normally want to escape. For example: growing up, become adults, take charge of our finances, our studies, comply with the law, pay off debts, sell, build, reform a family property, pay traffic fines, pay taxes, take care of children, parents, deal with the pension.
During its passage through Libra which is about to end, we have seen endless meetings in Davos to be able to take control of the financial crisis that started with the entrance of Pluto in Capricorn which coincided with the fall of Lehman Brothers, and its consequence in the world. Saturn entered Libra at the end of 2009, when relations between the countries of the European union, have not ceased trying to find diplomatic solutions to many issues. With Saturn in Scorpio, the conversation will be about shared money, international debts, taxes, and tax havens. Spain just raise VAT to 21%, I imagine that the immediate reaction to this will begin to be noticed when Saturn enters Scorpio. The money in tax havens will be affected, particularly, with resolutions that put more restrictions to them, I imagine, Scorpio has the ability to bring out the dirty laundry of any situation, as its ruler Pluto, therefore the money in fiscal edens and its true origin, will be one of the themes of this transit.The fight against sexual slavery will be more intense and many Governments that close an eye to it and many “vocational and professional pimps” will meet with the law behind them (hopefully). Scholarships grants for students will be affected also. These and many more are issues that we can expect with this passage of Saturn through Scorpio.
At a personal level, the cardinal signs can breathe and fixed signs are who will be more intensely affected. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, must assume that these will be serious moments in their lives with topics asking for resolution without the possibility of being postponed, for later times.LATER has arrived, it is NOW.
Saturn enters Scorpio forming a trine to Neptune, which fills us with hope and the possibility of seeing a real solution to our desires. It will also do so with Chiron and later, from June 2013, will be a series of trines to Jupiter, which will give positive impetus to the water signs in particular. Cancer and Pisces, have a wonderful opportunity of resolution in a less conflictive way, the harvest of the effort towards a goal, can see its fruits. Saturn is often called the Lord of Karma and although I don’t think that it’s its unique privilege, is true, that when we are under the transit of this planet we confront decisions and actions taken 7, 14, 21, 29 years earlier. The result of our actions become evident and we must confront the fact that we make mistakes, we have decided poorly, without sufficient knowledge. Although all of this may sound negative, it is not, but, yes, it is hard. If you are a personality strongly Neptunian, with this very important planet in your chart, in contacts with the Sun, the Moon, the ASC, the MC, etc, then the Saturn transit to those points, may will feel quite challenging.
Those born between August 1957 and December 1970, i.e. the generation of the 60’s, when Neptune transited Scorpio, also will live moments of real confrontation with the reality of their lives. The opportunity from Saturn to Neptune is about “making one’s dreams reality” in its most positive manifestation, but it is also a severe fall of Eden, if you’ve been living only in psychological paradise, i.e., escaping reality. This once again is a powerful healing process, if you take advantage of the lesson. These are moments of a deep look at the world of Neptune, our experience of this archetype that holds the key to the inspiration and our creative source, but also what may lead us to a psychiatric hospital. If we do not have a technique or a work done in the past that allows us to realize and channel our creativity, we can easily fall into the victimhood, fatalism, the ancestral madness or ancestral memories that we do not handle consciously.
For those born between the end of August 1983 and November 1985, will now have their first return of Saturn, one of the most important crisis in our development. Those who are now between 27 and 30 years, Saturn completes the first loop around the Sun, since they were born, and it is a critical time for vocational guidance, making decisions that will give shape to their working lives, their family life and everything that implies responsibility, awareness, exercise of authority and the structuring of oneself as an individual, as part of a community. The decisions taken at this point in our life, are some of the most important in our journey on this planet and this incarnation.
For those born at the end of October 1953 until the beginning of October 1956, it is the second Saturn return coming. I.e., when Saturn returns to its natal position for the second and possibly last time in a life. This cycle is rather more liberating than the first, but even so, as it is characteristic of this archetype, taking responsibility for actions and decisions of the past, especially those taken in the first return of Saturn, become more obvious than ever and great lessons of humility and acceptance enrich this period of life. Possibilities to rectify and make peace with situations that have been unsealed, appear on our desk. The care of the sick, family parents in discord, sale or purchase of properties are possible, the death of one or both parents is also possible if this has not happened before and the consequent issues of inheritance.
Saturn is Cronus in Roman mythology, the God of Time, of our time on Earth, with their difficulties, their conditions, their responsibilities. Birth is a Saturnian event, as it is becoming father or mother in order to stop being a child. The development of the internal authority versus being under the tutelage of others, is the Saturnian archetype in action. We should not fear Saturn, everything that brings, albeit difficult, it is a cosmic gift. One more chance to rectify, build, learn, free, express fundamental issues of our life. Without it, the soul will feel that is a waste of a life.
Don’t waste this energy by fearing it or denying it. Let it flow and go with it. The lesson that we cannot control everything is big with Saturn transits. We must prepare ourselves and work hard and then let it flow.

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