The effects of the Pluto-Saturn-Uranus T-square

This is one of the greatest moments in Astrology, when we get, not only, to understand our relationship to the Cosmos and to the totality of our Being, but we get to see the little control we have, when the winds of Karma, blow our way.
Much has been said about this T-square in Cardinal signs that is happening now in the Heavens, which will be almost exact and over loaded by the addition of Jupiter and Mars to it, at the end of July.
Yet, albeit not really exact, this T-square (Uranus at the end of Pisces (will come into Aries in July) opposing Saturn in Libra and both squaring Pluto in Capricorn) is already showing its mighty effect.
As soon as it became within orb, with the impulse of the Eclipse of the 31st of December we had the Earthquakes in Haiti, for everyone to see. But the individual cases of sudden deaths, confrontation with the darker side of our personality, power struggles of incommesurable consequences begun to take place all around us. Who does not know somebody or better still, who isn’t confronting some kind of power struggles by which are being forced to re-structure, re-envision and re-consider their lives?
These are not normal life crisis that we go through quite often in life. These are major confrontation times. And we know it. For one thing, none of us has EVER experience this T-square, since it has NEVER happened before in our lives. Something similar but not as powerful, occurred in 1929-30.
Just to pick some of them, I searched for Tiger Wood’s chart and Alexander McQueen’s for obvious reasons. Not to mention again, Michael Jackson, since I have already written about his death in this blog and the predicament of his doctor, because of his death.
Alexander Mcqueen committed suicide the day before his mother’s funeral, and we all know, what happened to Tiger Woods, who after being in a car accident, all sort of scandals and accusations of infidelity and sex-addiction followed in the media, until he decided to become public, by speaking out for all of us to know, in television.
In Alexander’s chart we can see his dramatic natal opposition between Sun Moon and Chiron to Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto, which among other things, describes his powerful rebellious and immensely creative nature. Yet the conjunction of Venus to Saturn in Aries, speaks of his secret love of the traditional, and we all know that in the midst of his rebellion he became the designer of a very traditional firm like Givenchy.
We can also see, that this duality in his personality could have caused more than simple confusion in his life and with the ongoing opposition of Saturn to Uranus in the Pisces-Virgo angles affecting and triggering all his planets of his main opposition, we can easily deduce that in the past couple of years, he may have being undergoing quite a severe inner struggle for liberating himself of unnecessary impositions. Especially in his working life. At the same time, Pluto at the end of Sagittarius had been squaring his natal opposition, forcing him to re-consider his creativity, his own value and his relationship to a particular group, or friend, he could have been involved with. Some friendship or relationship would have suffered and in the midst of this inner revolution, his mother dies.
Can we think of more Plutonian, Saturnian stuff?
Pluto, if the time of birth is right, has been traveling through his second house, so his finances would have been a situation as well.
But what takes a person so apparently successful to end his life?
As it happened to Tiger Woods, and in his own words, he thought that normal rules didn’t apply to him. He thought that he was entitled to do things that us normal mortals could never do and get away with it. Does fame and money make us believe we are Gods?
If we look at Tiger’s chart,
We can easily see that the Saturn-Uranus opposition has been happening in his Asc-Dsc Angle, affecting his relationship, and they were also aspecting his Moon in the IC, which could easily represent not just his mother, but the woman he lives with.
We can also see that although still wide, Pluto is relentlessly coming to conjunct his Sun in Cap, which should definitely change his life for ever. Pluto makes a conjunction to one’s Sun only once in a lifetime, and that marks a before and after event. Many people will never experience a Pluto conjunction to their Sun, and I am one of them. I will experience the opposition though.
So these are major situations that change people’s life for ever. In the case of Alexander, it meant his actual physical death and in Tiger’s will no doubt signify a great change in his behavior and the way that he sees himself.
Did these men commit “hubris”, the greatest sin a mortal can commit, which is to think or behave as he was a god?
I let you answer that one, but what it is sure is that the Gods do not forgive that easily.
For those of you, who think that we can control our Destiny, think again, or tell that to Alexander McQueen, who had to deal with that incredibly powerful opposition in his life, which can easily drive a normal soul mad.
How? Because these are forces that we can only wish, at best, understand and contain, but never change, simply because he could not change the day he was born.