480764_558757037490171_1032393838_nHere we have one of the most powerful full moons of the year! 4 planets in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra! They are: The Sun (of course) in conjunction to Venus at 6 ° Aries exactly oppose the Moon at 6º Libra, Uranus at 8º Aries, which is at the moment in conjunction to the Sun and Venus and Mars at 11 degrees Aries, forming an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn 11th, forming a T-square to the Urano-Pluto square that is changing the world as I write and also our perception of it. All of this added to the already powerful energies of a full moon. The case of the collapse of the banking system of Cyprus, one of its most obvious manifestations, the threats from North Korea of “being ready for war”, another of the many. We are being reminded that this financial crisis, which is also a cultural values and religious crisis, has not concluded and that we still have many things to learn from it. As long as there are systems and people that resists change, we will continue in it.
On the 28th, the Sun, Venus and Uranus will be together at about 8 ° Aries! If you have planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)around that degree, pays attention to what happens on those days. The energy will also remind us, the need to free ourselves from that which oppresses us, that which impedes our advancement, yet, sometimes freeing ourselves doesn’t mean necessarily, “breaking up”, but it speaks to us about the possibilities of giving more freedom of action to ourselves, so that we can have more freedom of movement. Uranus, need freedom of action to create, if you feel depressed or restricted in some way, then you’ll probably reacts violently, unnecessarily.
As Mars continues in square to Pluto, the lack of space, physical or emotional can cause the beast in us, to erupt. But freedom is within us, we can change, without having to always blame the other. If we started the change, the other, will inevitably follow. If you are Leo or Sagittarius, then the creative impulse is impressive these days, yields to the inspiration and I encourage you to take risks. The only thing that can happen is that it doesn’t come out as you expected, in which case, you just try again.
With so many planets in Aries, the impulse is of new beginnings, projects that initiate a new stage in life, ideas that beg to be manifested from the inside of our psyche. As the Moon is in Libra, the idea of working with someone, is contrasted with the need to do things the way WE want them, at the speed that your body and soul are asking you, rather than looking and taking into consideration the needs of the other. Accepting or at least listening to the ideas of others, and other people’s points of view, is the real message of this Full Moon in Libra. We must also keep in mind that Aries is a masculine and powerful energy and we must recognize this inner power, whether you are male or female, and pay attention at the effect our decisions can have on others. The commitment and the settlement of accounts is the issue of this full moon.
Amanda Knox, an American student, Cancerian, returns to trial in Italy, after the Italian Supreme Court, has revoked his acquittal in the case of the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Umbria, in 2007, when the two lived there as students. Amanda Knox, already served 4 years of imprisonment in a prison in Perugia, during the time that her trial was taking place. She was finally acquitted in 2011 and returned to the US. It is possible that USA do not allow her extradition to Italy. In another mode, Tiger Woods, after a few years, returns decisively to his position as no. 1 in Golf. Another settling of scores.
Saturn and Pluto form a Yod with Jupiter in Gemini which means that both Saturn and Pluto, make 150 ° contacts to Jupiter, which extend the previous concept of reckoning, topics that they have to do with justice, or better still, with past injustices that have the opportunity for atonement. Or we could call it redemption.
At the end of this writing a girl in England died of an attack by 5 wild dogs. dogs, too, get affected by Full Moons.
Use this space to comment, on possible cases of redemption you know. Happy full moon all!