Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Capricorn – January 4th, 2011

Mercury stations direct today and begins its run forward once again, from the 19º of Sagittarius. It won’t come out of its shadow zone and go back to the 5º of Capricorn, where it originally stationed retrograde until Jan 17th. So, flights and communications in general and air controllers in Spain, should function better. Skype is back to working mode and they decided to give everyone of their members 1 dollar credit! for the inconveniences. It just makes some 30 minutes difference in phone calls to landline numbers.
Just few days into the New Year and we have the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, when the the Moon is in between the Earth and the Sun. Whenever there is a New or Full Moon near the Moon Nodes we get an eclipse. It would be silly to say that everything is going to be fine, since eclipses have not only a bad reputation, but they really are times of trouble. Many wars have started just at the time of the eclipse, great floods and earthquakes and tsunamis have happened as well. Too many times to say that it is a coincidence. Only last year in the first eclipse of the year in January, also in Capricorn, we had Haiti’s earthquake, just 2 days before the Eclipse as Saturn was going retrograde and Mercury about to station direct, but still retrograde in Capricorn. The situation is not identical, though, it never is. So don’t panic.
The actual event will be seen from most of Europe, in Barcelona you will have to get up at 7:58 and it will last until about 9.
What makes this eclipse especial is that Jupiter and Uranus come to the last conjunction in Pisces, right about the same time. This does not happen since 1334. They meet every 83-84 years, but not exactly at the same degree. They have come together in Aries in 1596, 1679, 1762, 1845 but not in Pisces.
This actual conjunction has been happening since May 2010, you may read my other articles about it here in my notes or in my blog in English and Spanish in my webpage at:
As I mentioned before the fact that it happens in the last degrees of the last sign of the Zodiac, it truly represents the end of an era. When they met in Aries in July for a brief moment, It kind of set the mood to a new beginning. As they both dipped back into Pisces for the last time, and since none of us alive today will experience this again, since it will not happen until 2093, we can safely say that it is the end of an era, in our times. If you are not feeling it, you must do some serious meditating.
Meditating is good with Pisces around and it helps us connect with the Universe and the laws of Nature.
It’s quite simple really, if you try to function against these laws, you will have a terrible time, whereas if you can read what the Universe is telling you, or demanding of you at a particular time, then you will have it easier. You will flow at unison with the Universe.
Jupiter and Uranus also make an angle of 90º or square to the Galactic Center, situated at about 26º of Sagittarius. This also speaks of some sort of important and pivotal moment in our History. Saturn makes also a square to The Eclipse, meaning the Sun and the Moon, and this never is a happy combination, it can be a powerful and meaningful one, but rarely a very happy one, since it is a time to face up to responsibilities, the result of past decisions, debts from the past, financial and spiritual ones-
None of this is a bad thing, it just simply isn’t necessarily fun. But it can be if you are a Capricorn who enjoys hard work or for anyone who has very clear ideas of where he or she is going. It will fill us with determination and courage to move forward! like most squares in Cardinal signs.
So in your list of New year’s resolution, you must include your financial goals and face up to your absolute reality.
Venus from Scorpio also makes a square (90º) to the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius, for the last time before Neptune moves into Pisces. This should impulse us to find a cure for our relationships, of all type. To leave our egos behind and look at that person we have the relationship with and try to connect. Truly connect. With love and responsibility. Finding Venus in our soul is indispensable, in our creativity, in our power to seduce and feel beautiful. If you dare to be yourself, you will see your own beauty. Venus reveals herself when we are brave enough to be ourselves, when we can stop being cultural puppets for a while to reach in our soul and be it. Let’s take our projections back and let us be who we really are, we only have one life to be this that we are now, let’s not waste it, trying to be somebody else.
Jupiter and Uranus are shouting from the Heavens, dare to be! They remind us that we are part of this only race of people, the Humans, who live in this most beautiful planet called Earth. It’s our home, our playground, our stage, our bed, our North, our South, East and West, full of flowers and mountains and seas, trees and birds and dolphins, and we must look after it, to keep it as beautiful as we found it, when it was given to us.
Let us use this contact of Venus to Chiron and let us heal, ourselves and the planet, and our relationships, and let us enjoy our differences and our similarities, which are many.
Let us listen to the Heavens and Nature and enjoy and look after this beautiful planet!
Happy New Year Everyone