NEW MOON (first of the year) in Capricorn – 13 of January 2021

First New Moon of the Year in Capricorn and the last in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, since by 2024 when Pluto finally enters Aquarius (where it will stay until January 2044), there will be no other New Moon in conjunction with the “dwarf planet” that bears the name and intentions of the Lord of the Underworld, who always confronts us with our worst nature, with our shadow and as I like to call it, with our “Inner Beast”. This does not mean that the Capricornio story, which we have been living, for the last 12 years since Pluto first entered (in our lives), in this sign of the sacred goat, which, among other things, represents our institutions and our ability to establish law and order in the kingdom, will end. What happened last Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol is a clear example of the crisis of our institutions and our ability to implement law and order. But the most important thing about Capricorn and its regent, the Lord of the Rings, Saturn, is the importance of developing our own internal institutions and regulating system, without having to be ordered around or be “victimized” by exterior authority. Finding Saturn and its most positive expression within us is Capricorn’s legacy. What is the most positive aspect of this great archetype is that as we grow up, we no longer need our parents to set limits on us, but that we must learn to respond to “our own internal barometer” of what Integrity, Ethics, Honesty means for each of us. This New Moon is also formed in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, so the journey to the underworld of our psyche will be inevitable. Our inner struggle to feel empowered or not is the issue. Wanting power is also a struggle for survival. The New Moon also activates the square between Pluto and Eris, which raises the tone of those oppressed, forgotten voices relegated to irrelevance, both within us and in the outside world.

The fact that we have been discussing and turned a simple mask into a political, conspiratorial matter shows us that we are in crisis of values and ideals. We should be the ones who decided to wear the mask, which obviously prevents us from transmitting our viruses to others, rather than waiting for the government to force us do it and then feel oppressed and dominated.

This is a New Moon which talks about this, as Mars, our “fighting” nature, is in a square (90º) to Saturn. According to Traditional Astrology, the two “malefic”, at war, therefore, something seems to “putting limits” (Saturn) on our ability to fight, defend, advance, survive. Frustrating is the word that explains it, but it can be much more than that, if you’ve committed a crime, for example. It can also be something as simple as the regulations to go to the gym in a period of a pandemic or just not be able to train in the streets. Someone or something (an institution for example) prevents us from doing what we want to do, how and when we want to do it. On Thursday the 14th, just for this New Moon, Mercury begins its pre-shadow period of this next Retrograde that begins on January 30 and culminates on February 21, although its post-shadow period, which really ends this cycle, is March 12. The pre-shadow period begins when Mercury reaches the degree to which it will retreat in its retrograde period, in this case the 11th Aquarius; the post-shadow period is the degree where retrograde station happens, in this case, 26th Aquarius. I mention this because with the square between Mars and Saturn, it is possible that the emphasis of arrears is on paperwork and the licensing permits, pensions procedures , etc. The delay of all this is its most negative aspect, but of course there is also a very positive side to it, which is the one that we will find by reviewing our labor, financial, our creative and / or business projects past, since Mars which travels through Taurus, at this time, can provide us with more positive or negative surprises in these aspects of life, depending on our actions in the past. Mercury forms a square to Uranus, just before the New Moon, which can bring us some ideas worth investigating.

This New Moon also begins with Venus in a fantastic aspect of Mars and Uranus, which reminds us that in order to create and express our creativity, we must let go of outdated values and believes based on old-fashioned “traditions”. Renovation, the innovation, even taking risks is what counts now. “Tradition” has led us to where we are and it shows us where we need to evolve, to start a new stage in our personal lives as well as in the world. Venus in Capricorn reminds us that we must all take responsibility and control our worst nature, for the good of the community. You also need control and awareness to create. We need perseverance and dedication, and that’s the best gift of the Capricorn archetype. Without work and dedication there is no quality. With Venus, Sun and Moon and of course Pluto in Capricorn this is a good impulse to understand that instead of complaining so much about being manipulated and the inefficiency of governments, we, all of us must act with responsibility and conviction. With Jupiter and Saturn already in Aquarius, the message is that we are all part of this Humanity and we must bring about the changes we would like to see, with a plan, not irresponsibly , with an internal certainty that it is our children and grandchildren that are inheriting what we do today.

With Neptune still transiting its own sign, Pisces, which has confirmed to us that everyone, no matter your race, social or financial status, sexual or religious orientation, can become infected by a microscopic virus, because it affects the human race, of which we are all a part. It also confronts us with the state of media confusion we are seeing, and helps us to understand what it means to have freedom , (initiated when Neptune transited Aquarius between 1998-2011) and the power to give our opinion and publish all that comes to mind, to share with the world. This also requires the internal responsibility of Saturn, which as it transits Aquarius for the next three years, will will begin to put some limits on that newly gained media freedom. Some of this we started to see, when Twitter and Facebook canceled the U.S. President’s accounts.

Right for this New Moon in Capricorn, Uranus, finally stations direct, thus ending its retrograde period of the year that began on August 15, 2020, and it will begin to move forward from the 6º to 15º of Taurus from now until August , when it will retrograde again until the 11º of Taurus during the second half of the year, until January 2022, when it’ll stops again to re-start its movement forward. If you have planets around 6º and 15º degrees from Leo-Aquarius-Scorpio and Taurus, something is screaming inside you to free yourself from self-imposed chains in the aspect of your life denoted by the houses affected in your natal chart. If you have planets in those degrees in Virgo or Capricorn, liberation will occur more naturally. From February, Uranus will be in square to Saturn, almost all year round, therefore, the cry of self-affirmation and liberation will be confronted with that fact that to do so, we must follow certain rules, imposed by ourselves and our society. Still, squares are often, internal struggles, conflicts of our different internal voices that lead us to duality but also to the development of our deepest sense of values, both social and personal. In the myth between Saturn (son) and Uranus (father), it is Saturn who castrates his father, and it is from those amputated testicles, casted to the the sea, that Aphrodite is born.

As we have already seen with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, we begin this year, with the certainty that we must take individual and social responsibility in many respects and that does not mean that life will be more boring, but quite the opposite. From the castration of Uranus, the Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Creativity, was born. Translated: Internal Beauty and Creativity have the opportunity to manifest themselves, when there is an act of castration and limitation. When our wings are cut off, we invent new, more creative ways to fly.


As we all have felt in this past new moon in Cancer that picked on the 19th, as with the previous full moon of July 3, which linked with the square Urano-Pluto, we are in a constant state of change, at this stage of the year, and we now all know what is on our table for us to resolve and digest.
Here I will try to provide a very brief review of the chart areas, which are affected by this square according to the different Sun signs. But before that I would like to remind you all, that we must not take this as a negative cosmic influence, or as something evil, as I have said on other occasions, this can be a very important time in the lives of many, when the aspirations and struggles of the past finally give its fruit, although it might not turn up exactly as planned, as it expected taking into account the nature of these archetypal forces. It will not be without a dose of power struggles and with this I want to describe situations in which, for one reason or another, we don’t have all the power that we’d like to have in a situation.
We will also have to keep in mind, the age of each one of us. It is not the same to go through these situations at 20 than at 70. We are not at the mercy of these forces, simply presented with situations, confronted with what we must liberate in our lives, always according to decisions that we have taken in the past and that now we need to solve. It will also depend on the degree of development of each soul, and the family and cultural system one belongs to.
All cardinal signs, without exception are those most affected by this square, especially those born in the first and last decan of each cardinal sign. The last ten degrees strongly aspected by Saturn in Libra which somewhat complicates what is already a difficult situation- I repeat: Difficult but not negative or evil.

For this sign, this is a struggle between self-definition as an individual and as a professional. With Uranus in Aries for the next 6 or 7 years and since a year ago, the need to liberate something in our lives is almost compulsive. For example: a job where one does not have too much freedom of action, a relationship that suffocate us, an authority figure that does not values us, parents that still control us, a company that takes all the benefits while their employees don’t, friends or a community which do not enrich our lives any longer. The theme of freedom and the recovery of personal power, is strong quite here, and with Saturn traveling in the opposite sign of Libra, personal relationships are a particular sensitive issue, but it is when we get to understands our own projections, a pivotal point to analyze. The Arab spring is a clear example of this, in the struggle of the people to get rid of government figures that have overstayed, dictators who exceeded their welcome period and became terror to the masses. Neptune and Chiron here offer an opportunity to look back and understand the family history or system that one comes from with the ability to heal old generational wounds that hinder our progress. Relations with brothers and sisters improve this year and the understanding that better education could open doors to enrich our profession. Aries is a sign of action and at this point, the road is filled with security check points that slow down the pace, something that Aries finds difficult to accept. The lesson that power is not something that an individual owns for life, but simply at times, is vital.

This sign is without doubt, the most affected by these cosmic aspect, especially for the need for security of this sign. Nothing is safe at the moment and this makes Cancer feel they can not relax completely.This is also a sign of action and at the moment, the ability to make decisions is apparently conditioned by others. The other can be: a partner, a business partner, the public, a co-worker, a family member. The professional issue is also affected and the quest for professional freedom and realization is a pivotal issue in recent years. If you are a student, the rules and regulations of the College or University, they seem to impede your progress. If you are a professional, the difficulty is to define yourself as who you are and how to excel in your own field. Having given the power to others in the past, prevents you from expressing your freedom and your creativity. The struggles of power with a boss or other professionals are a possibility as it is to become a true adult, who takes his own decisions without having to depend on others. With Saturn and Mars in the House 4, having to take care of father or mother is a possibility which could restrict our freedom or add stress to the already difficult situation. Problems with bones and teeth are possible, as an expression of structures wobbling, literally. Self nourishment is a Cancerian topic and the quest for financial freedom is an important point at this moment. In October, Saturn finally enters Scorpio and this can bring easier solutions for this sign. The cure may be found in opening to new techniques and studies that could help expand the mind towards spiritual awareness.

This sign has also been particularly challenged in the past 2 years. With the passage of Saturn, which still runs through the last 6 degrees of this sign until October, confrontation with oneself and ones actions of the past has been the challenge. Saturn in conjunction operates in a less conflictive way, simply as an increase of responsibility not necessarily desired. People who become dependent on one, obligations that leave little time for fun and life in general has become more serious. With Uranus in the sign of Aries from 2010, the need to get rid of self-imposed emotional chains has been very strong, but in many cases it has been lived, as if the “other” is the one who needs the space. Many relationships have ended, and many have been consolidated. Family responsibilities increased and here lies the difficulty. We can free ourselves of many things, but not of our family heritage, or their biological history. There are certain things that we can not free ourselves from. The family and the family structure reigns supreme. Many Librans have lost their parents, like Aries and Cancer. With Chiron and Neptune in house 9, healing comes through a spiritual journey, in the meeting with our true beliefs and with the discovery of the possibility of living according to them. Fortunately with the arrival of Jupiter to Gemini, the reward that Libra has been waiting for, could be obtained this year, after 2 years of hard work.

The good thing with this sign is that Capricorn instinctively understands that there isn’t such a thing as a free ride. Nothing comes without effort for this sign. This is something Capricorns know very well, so when they reach these moments of challenge, Capricorn is almost ready. I know several Capricorn that as a sport, they climb mountains. The physical effort is such that they live with back pains, as if the weight of the world, such as Atlas, which represents this sign, falls on their shoulders, literally. It has not been easy for this sign,either. Trying to define themselves professionally, family problems, the awareness that there is always something or someone that has more authority than one and whom we must obey, have been some of the challenges. These have been two years of deep changes, accountability, responsibility and above all things, self-definition. As I have said before, much will depend on the age of each one and the generational and cultural moment that they find themselves in, but the struggle with authority, the development of the inner authority have been topics of these years for many goats. Loss of control is something that Capricorn does not taken lightly. They must simply be able to control their reality and at the moment it has been more difficult than ever. Fortunately, Jupiter in Gemini, can bring more work to this sign and Chiron and Neptune have helped Capricorn to expand their horizons and understand that aid may come from whom you least expect it. There are certain things we cannot control, such as the nature and the lives of others. This sign must learn to delegate and to let it flow, trusting, this is without a doubt one of their greatest lessons.

Despite not being affected directly, the fixed signs, naturally do not welcome change, therefore, the energies of this square, will not be received with joy. And of course, most often than not, we all have some Cardinal signs in out birthchart, so they will also feel the effect of these powerful archetypes, that are being triggered now in this historical moment, in some area of their lives.

Taurus is, if anything, the most fixed of the four fixed signs. They love habits, tradition, their land, its folklore and they could easily be doing the same things always. Therefore when these Cardinal energies come to their lives, and the pace becomes much more dynamic and quick, Taurus feels cornered to make changes that they would much rather not make. Fortunately as no one is just one thing, there will always be some mutable or cardinal sign in the birthchart of a Taurus. The Square affects the House 9 and 12, therefore the struggle between the recognition or their own personal beliefs and those of the culture and family system they come from, has been the issue. The spiritual world has entered their lives, either through friends, a partner, old relatives, and the awareness of their ancestral and cultural conditioning has become more obvious. The search of new gods, when the ancestral background is so powerful, is the challenge. The study of foreign religions, such as Buddhism, Zen, Kabalah, has been one of the manifestations I’ve seen, as well as people teaching in foreign land. As Taurus loves eating right and cooking, flavors and aromas of other lands have entered their lives like never before. With Saturn in Libra, Taurus has found difficulties in finding work and with finances and Neptune and Chiron suggest healing through working in groups, such as group therapies, like family constellations. From October with the entry of Saturn in Scorpio, personal relationships could be the source of confrontation with personal issues, avoided in the past. Jupiter from Gemini, will finally bring more opportunities to make money.

With Pluto moving through the area of life represented by the 6th house, of health and work, this sign has been forced to modify their working lives, incorporating new elements or making a complete change of activity. Power struggles with employees or co-workers have forced them to reconsider working relationships or to incorporate multicultural elements in their work. Sudden travel for work have been a portal to open the minds of many Leo, as well as the power of other cultures and beliefs systems. With Saturn in Libra, Leo may have had situations with neighbours and its nearest surroundings, forcing him to consider a movement toward other places or neighborhoods. I have also seen these changes for reasons very endearing, as for example, the advent of children in the family, which has forced them to reduce the hours of work and change of House. The issue of vocational training versus the work of each day, namely a job, is also the dimension constellated by this square. Having been trained at something and having to work at something else. Travel and work, a recurring theme in all its varieties. Jupiter will help them to participate into new groups, make new friends and build relationships with foreigners more than ever. Neptune and Chiron will help by getting the benefit of other people’s money, such as inheritances, investments and collaborations, and the lessons that this brings the consequent confrontation with internal issues never considered before. Sexuality might be seen in a completely different light.

With Uranus in Aries in your 6th House, many Scorpio have experienced little stability in their jobs and/or work, consequently urging them to look for work in other regions and with the possibility of doing short courses to be able to enrich their knowledge and increase their possibilities. The change of neighborhood and family environment has also been a Scorpian experience of the last 2 years, with the strong belief that moving will launch them into a better world, both for work and for family reasons. The power struggles with brothers, sisters and neighbors, an issue to resolve. Saturn in Libra has confront them with the severity of the family and cultural conditioning, forcing them to rethink their deepest values and family relations. For many young Scorpian, the period of training to develop a career has been a challenge. The confrontation that studies do not necessarily mean professional freedom, a very current theme. For many students it has simply meant a change of studies. The “freelance” work an opportunity for these young people, who are victims of this global financial crisis at this time. Neptune and Chiron bring their healing energies through the relationship with children, creative work and finally get to do what they feel you must do versus what society or family expect of them. Jupiter from Gemini will make it possible, obtaining scholarships, grants or money to carry out these projects. With Saturn coming to this sign from October, the life will bring a series of responsibilities and hard work, whatever they do, that will allow them to grow and solve issues or decisions taken 7, 14, 21 or 28 years earlier.

It is always difficult to know exactly what happens to an Aquarian, since they are specialists in not showing their emotions or rationalize them. Yet they have been suffering the consequences of this square, and in many cases it has been expressed physically through illness, or dealing with other people’s health issues, visiting hospitals, etc. With Uranus in Aries in the House III, Aquarians have had to confront with the need to expand mentally and open to new possibilities that will help them move away from their usual stories. With Pluto transiting the 12th house, the search for identity through an understanding of their ancestral history, remains a spiritual journey. To them, I recommend searching techniques such as family constellations that help us contact with what existed before us, so that we can understand our systemic family legacy that conditions our journey through life and our behavior. Also I have seen many blogs start as means of communicating over the internet. The search for ancestors through the Internet is also a possibility. Jupiter in Gemini increases their creativity and opens doors to the relationship with younger people and their children. Saturn reaching the top of the MC from October, the emphasis will be in the profession with the possibility of success if one has been working hard towards this or on the contrary with the need to restructure, if one has been going the wrong way. This Uranus-Pluto square, can inspire Aquarians to express their scientific mentality, their extravagance and eccentricity, its originality and versatility.

As the etymology of its name indicates, Mutable = Mutabilis (from the Latin) which means change, mutation, adaptability, perfectly describes these four signs of the zodiac. The ability of these signs of adaptation, change shape and acquire different personalities is quite extraordinary. They are very flexible and point to the idea of change, fast enough. This makes the changes that we are being subjected by the universe, affect these signs without causing so much suffering, in many cases. Its adaptability to different circumstances helps them to assimilate the changes of situation with ease.

This sign really is mutable, and the desire to act to improve or help the community is very strong at this time with Uranus in Aries in the House. Intense rebel feelings can cause them problems with those who don’t want to make a difference. Still, Gemini can suddenly find a new meaning in their life, fighting for their ideals and justice. With Pluto in the 8th, power struggles are experienced through inheritance, debts, shared money, as in sexual topics, depending on the age of each one. Topics of money with friends or partners have been the point of contention. Not relying on the money of others, the lesson to learn. Many have become spokesman of a revolutionary movement, as in the case of the “unemployed” or the Wall Street movement. Saturn from Libra for the past 2 years has brought them the opportunity of consolidation of their professional and financial situation or many of them, creating their own company, for the first time in some cases, getting the job wanted or the opportunity to express their creativity for the first time. Forming their own family, perhaps children for the first time. Jupiter in Gemini for a month and for the next 12 months, it will help them to get what they want and to consolidate their position, either in their studies, their creative projects, or their work in general. For those still not established in the right profession, Chiron and Neptune will help them go out there and make their dreams come true, with conviction.

This is one of the signs that have experienced change in a less stressful way. With Pluto in the 5th house, the departure of the children, to University, to marry, to the army, to study in another country, is what I’ve seen most. The struggle for freedom has come through their relationships with partners, public, and often customers. With Saturn in the House of finances for the past 2 years, sacrifices and hardships of the past have changed the nature of Virgo which is on a journey of transformation without equal. Pluto in Capricorn is forcing Virgo to change, whatever planet you might have on this sign. With Uranus in the House of the shared possessions, the release of economic dependence, is also a theme for this sign, as it is sexual liberation. With Neptune and Chiron in the House of personal relationships, the possibility of self deception in a relationship is possible, as it is also attract someone in their lives that will open to the spiritual life. Jupiter from Gemini will bring the possibility of professional success, or business trips. With Saturn in Scorpio from October, relations with brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, will bring lessons difficult to digest, to begin enriching it later. The possibility of a new vocational training is also available.

When one speaks with a Sagittarius, things never seem to go wrong. This is due to the indomitable optimism of this sign which can transform any misfortune into a positive development. The temptation of constantly starting new projects is a Sagittarian story. Somehow they always manage to be planning a new creative adventure, since they are not particularly interested in the outcome, but in the creative process that require. However, with Pluto transiting the 2nd House, they have had to defend their finances by power struggles that have made them aware, and in many cases for the first time, the need to recover their economic power. Many have lost their fortunes, many have gained. With Uranus in house V, usually children are those who need to rid themselves of parental authority but also the need to stop being a parent, has been an experience for Sagittarians, yet not really unwelcome. The need to find their own creative expression, and in many cases, the discovery of their personal talents, has come with a personal life mission to carry out,which in many cases has been against parental hopes. With Jupiter in Gemini in opposition for the next 12 months, the desire to improve personal relationships will be intense,the possibility of relationships with people from other cultures is on the cards as well. Neptune and Chiron in PISCES, contribute to Sagittarius finally deciding to live by the sea or sailing.

PISCES has a special situation, since in the life of all living Pisceans, never before now, has Neptune, its ruler, been in its own sign. It is the first time in history that we (all of us alive today)are going to participate in this experience. It is for obvious reasons and particularly impressive for the natives of this sign. Gemini experiences a return of its ruler, Mercury, each year, as well as Virgo. Sagittarius, has it every 12, since Jupiter takes that long to go around the Sun. But PISCES has it every 164 years. This is a decisive moment for Pisceans and it will be possible to find the formula to heal their deepest wound with Chiron in PISCES, and finally bring some kind of peace to their life, really understanding that a part of their soul or psyche belongs to a larger common soul, where we are all one. This is one of the revelations of Neptune in its own sign. With Pluto in Capricorn in the XI house, the struggle for the community and its ideals, becomes a personal struggle. The power comes to them when they understand their debt not only to themselves but also to the community in which they live. The fight with the authorities that govern their community can be a way to validate their sense of Mission in their life. Uranus in the House of finance predicts some instability, but not necessarily, is just that Uranus does not believe on being on a payroll and fixed salaries, therefore earnings will come to those who work on their own, in independent works as a freelancer, like the creative arts, adviser, etc. Jupiter from Gemini drives them to improve conditions at home, to expand it and even opening to the possibility of emigrating. Saturn since October begins a cycle of two years and a half in Scorpio which will help PISCES consolidate its position in any activity carried out and can be one of the most productive period in a long time.

Pluto will be exact square to Uranus on these dates
June 24, 2012
Sept. 19, 2012
May 20, 2013
Nov. 1, 2013
April 21, 2014
Dec. 14, 2014
March 22, 2015