Venus in Leo from now till October 3rd

Here we are again with the passage of Venus, capricious Goddess of Love and Beauty in the sign of Apollo or the Sun, Leo, the second fire sign. The word that comes to mind when I think of people with Venus in Leo is: “fabulous” in all its meaning! Of Fable!

This is a position of the goddess full of glamour, incredibly extravagant and generous – and if any of these qualities are not evident then we should worry. Leo needs to be admired and the Venus in this sign, more than anyone else. These are the children who spend the day saying:-“look Mommy, Mommy look!””….” and how unfortunate if you don’t have time or energy to look at them, each time, since they really need it . They build their self-esteem, on the basis of the expression on the face of their parents, especially the father, when they make their little tricks.

Venus in Leo, is interested in expressing her own creativity in a unique way, not like everyone else and it is vital for them, to find the way to do it. Encouragement by her parents in that thing that they “feel” they should do is pivotal. I have seen people with Venus in Leo, forced to do something that wasn’t what their heart dictated, with terrible consequences.

Venus in its passage through Cancer, it has helped us enjoy being at home, or in that place, where we feel comfortable and relaxed, with family, with friends, with those that we consider family; Venus in Leo will drive us to find a way, a system, a job, that will help us enhance our creativity. What can we do, add, remove, invent, incorporate into our daily lives, in order to obtain better ways to express our creativity. That which will enhance our immense possibilities, and potentials, in order to live better and feel that an unknown part of our soul now has an opportunity to express itself as never before.

Venus will trine Uranus on the 12th and 13th of September, a few days before the new moon in Virgo, and this may help us find that new element we need to strengthen and rediscover our possibilities. In many cases, it will mean meeting new people, new contacts who seem to open doors that we thought closed to us.

On the 20th and 21st, the contact will be between Venus and Saturn in sextile, a good opportunity to reconsider our close relationships and look for ways to consolidate them. It could help us feel that perhaps this relationship we are having, is more serious than we thought. On the 26-27, Venus in Leo will form a square with Mars in Scorpio, these are days to mark in red in the calender of all those Taurus and Aquarius, also for the Leos and Scorpios. Red is not necessarily a bad thing, but intense and even agitated. Clashes which must be handled with more patience than usual. Mars and Venus are eternal lovers in Greek mythology, two archetypes that need each other and meet over and over again. Mars in Scorpio temp us toward secret loves and nights of passion.

Aries and Sagittarius will look more beautiful than ever, and of course Leo will look in the mirror and feel more powerful than ever. Good time to take care of our appearance, spend more time and money than usual to beautify ourselves. Beware of credit cards, because Venus in Leo does not like cheap or second hand things. Madonna, Coco Chanel are two women with Venus in Leo.

This transit of Venus in Leo that does not occur since August 2011, nor will it happen again until July 2013, can inspire us to reunite ourselves with that part of our soul that need our care. Search inside yourself and meditate on what needs expression inside of you. What has been dormant for too long and is now begging to come out or be re-invented.

Venus in Aries and Mercury stations direct.

On the early hours of Thursday the 21st of April, Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, finally left Pisces to move into Aries, first sign of the Zodiac. It joins Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, also in Aries.
Aries, ruled by Mars (Ares in Greek Mythology, Aphrodite’s (Venus) lover) is a very male energy and resonates with the archetypes of the Warrior, the Soldier, the Athlete, defender of his land and people. A very strange realm for Venus to dwell into. Yet, this two archetypes of Venus and Ares are united for ever as lovers in Mythology. And although Aphrodite never marries Ares, since she is forced to marry Hephaestus, the ugly dwarf, son of Hera, they continue to be lovers for ever. In some stories, Ares and Hephaestus are brothers, both sons of Hera. In others even Venus is Zeus’ daughter. All very incestuous as it normally is in Greek Myth.
This dimension of Venus as “wife” and “lover”, separately, is one of the themes of Venus in Aries. For those who think that Venus can bring LOVE which will last for ever, you must read carefully most of Venus’s stories. She’s definitely not faithful and since she is always with Eros (Desire), she can’t help, but seduce. Is in her nature. She lay with many and had children with more than one, as well. Yet, her love affair with Ares is the most famous one.
She was born from the foam in the sea, caused by the skin of the severed testicles of Uranus by his son, the Titan Saturn. She was born beautiful and naked and from the water itself, in some stories. She had to be clothed before being taken to the Gods. As soon as they saw her, they all rush to offer her marriage, she rejected everyone.
Those of you with Venus in Aries in your birth-chart, can relate to this archetype, the love of adventure in love, the chase, the spontaneity and the conquest of the desired object. Yet, often is done in a very egotistical fashion, more in tune with the inner script than with the other person’s wishes. It is truly beautiful, when the other, accepts the allotted roll and plays it accordingly, creating a kind of magic, which is destined to end or to run into trouble, when the true personality of either party, begins to emerge.
Yet consciously or unconsciously, and insistent and constant longing for independence, seems to invade the emotions of the Venus in Aries person, as if they had something greater to accomplish in life, which does not include anybody else.
There is a strong unconscious bond with Father, as if they were called to complete his work or the Father’s unconscious longings.
They are very attracted to energetic, optimistic people with a strong purpose in life. They can be extremely attentive with their partners as long as the other plays the roll assigned to them.
this is a particularly strong transit of Venus through Aries not only because it is accompanied by another 4 planets, but because it will link with many more in its short journey through this sign.
Yesterday and today, 22nd and 23rd of April, it has contacted Uranus, which means you probably encountered unwelcome events and welcomed surprises. Meetings with interesting, eccentric people, or simply doing yourself something different. Since it has been the Easter Weekend, it is quite normal that you would. I, for example have participated in a Dance (Uranus is rhythm) Weekend with Teachers from USA.
Since Mars is also around, the extra activity will be welcomed, yet, one (especially Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) must control one’s temper.
On the 26th and 27th will contact Pluto, combination that will inevitably confront us with our most inner motivations, especially in our relationships. Power struggles will ensue.
On the 30th will oppose Saturn, and the reality of our relationships and finances will be obvious. More obvious than usual.
Once in May, it will travel next to Mercury in the last degrees of Aries, first and then in Taurus. This could bring the opportunity to solve some situations in a more diplomatic way. We should see what happens in Lybia, during those days. Hopefully, some kind of agreement could be reached.
Good opportunity to say all those things that we have been keeping to ourselves, not to stir an argument. Now is the time when it will come out alright.
On the 23rd, 24th of May, Mars will come into the equation, pushing the our limits and adding a more aggressive tone to the discussion. Especially for those of you with planets in the fix signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
Yet, Virgo and Capricorn, will enjoy a very creative, romantic and pleasant time. Well deserved!
Venus will be in Aries until May 10th.
Today, Mercury finally stations retrograde, and although its shadow period continues until May 11th, things will move faster and communications, paper work, phones, computers, internet, will all go back to normal. For those of us who have had problems with them in this past retrograde, it will feel like a great relieve-. Many robberies have taken place, and although they always do, Mercury continues to be the the Thief.
So if you had anything stolen in the past 3 weeks, share it with us here, just for the sake of Astrology. As for Venus in Aries, let our inner warrior run free and let’s enjoy the ride ad the power that comes with it!!

Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius – January 2011

Yesterday at noon Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Money, has entered the sign of Sagittarius, the 3rd Fire sign, where she will stay until February 3rd. It’s departing from Scorpio, sign where it spent nearly 4 month, due to the fact that it passed its retrograde motion in this sign, something that happens every 18 months.
This is in way a much more exciting placing for Venus, since Sagittarius is a more versatile, straight forward, adventurous, joyful sign than Scorpio. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter likes to do things in a big way, like most fire sign, may I add. The need to expand our horizons is a characteristic of this transit of Venus.
The Goddess of Love in this sign impulses us to look for different borders, different cultures, different points of view, something beyond our daily routine which may get us closer to the truth. Not only our individual truth but THE TRUTH. Sagittarius is more concern with the search, the journey, than actually arriving. Venus in Sagittarius likes to mingle with different ideologies and it learns its lessons by understanding that the truth, which her own personal culture told her, is not necessarily it. There are other planets within our planet, other groups of people that respond to different stimulus, different needs, different values and by finding the differences, will recognize what links us all together.
Sagittarius is the eternal student, never quite finishing studying. There is always so much more to learn!
The best way to enjoy the passage of Venus through this sign is to open your heart to people from other cultures, courses dictated by some foreign person, traveling to further your studies and /or your career. If you are in any creative career, this is the time to take your work to another level, to experience the creative process from the union with someone from a different culture to yours. Some project that includes costumes from other cultures. You get my drift.
In a more profound level, Venus in Sagittarius, will invite you to travel to your soul, to try understand what is telling you, what are the connection between what your soul needs and what you are doing about it. Time to be a disciple or a teacher. The relationship between these two archetypes. Are you still a disciple? Do you need to be one? Falling in love with a teacher will not be strange. Falling in love with someone’s mind and whatever they are teaching you, neither.
Getting in touch with some all friend or love who lives in another country, is also a possibility. Mutable signs will feel it the strongest (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius -Pisces) and Aries and Leo will enjoy it the most. The only problem with Venus is that it tends to make us spend more money, as we suddenly see more things we like and would like to have. So be careful with your credit cards.
Free yourself of cultural limitations and “mental slavery” as Bob Marley said, and let Venus seduce you to go beyond borders, and learn to embrace other peoples’ ideas and truths.
On the 15th at around 22:45 (GMT) Mars will enter Aquarius, after having travelled through Capricorn since December 8th, 2009, it will stay in this air sign until February 22nd when it’ll move to Pisces.
Mars, the God of War and Sexuality enters a impersonal Air sign and suddenly we realize we are part of a group but we also have a voice. The Establishment is not always right and we have the right to complain, to demonstrate against it, , to get out onto the streets and shout our discontent. We are going to see some more of this around the world , during this month.
Mars in Aquarius likes the different, perhaps because it can relate to it. Mars in Aquarius learns the lessons by removing him or herself from the group in which he/she was born into. Rebelling against any imposition from the environment is a need in order to learn to find its own individuality, its own destiny. Mars in Aquarius makes us understand that we are all different, and yet, it is only through developing this individuality that we can understand ONENESS, which we will learn in Pisces.
Being part of a group, does not make us the group, still they are lessons to be learn from the group. How to be an individual and keep our individuality and still work together with the community is an Aquarian challenge, and Mars in Aquarius enhances that. This transit will connect us with that. Women or man with this position in their birth-chart or a contact of Mars and Uranus will know what I am talking about. Like Julian Assange who was born with this position of Mars in Aquarius. Need I say more?
Mars in Aquarius tells us that there are other type of relationships apart from the traditional ones. I am thinking of a client with Venus in Sagittarius and Mars conjunct Uranus, who married a friend, for him to stay in the country, since he had no papers to work. Another, with Venus in the 9th house (Sagittarius) and Mars in conjunction to Uranus too, which also married herself with her gay friend (himself an Aquarian) to be able to stay in the country of choice.
Approaching relationships from a different point of view to that of the culture one was born into is quite common.
Mars in Aquarius will help us bring into our conscience, that love and sex is something more than marriage. It’ll help us understand that we can be more creative sexually and find different ways of experiencing sex.
Rebellion is another characteristic of this position of Mars, and that there are other ways to complain against the Establishment, other than exploding bombs and killing innocent people. Hopefully!
Suddenly we may become aware of the way we are manipulated by the big companies into buying things we don’t need or pay more for petrol, for example, when there isn’t a shortage of it! or any other issue that might sparkle our rebellious nature. Or how much banks fool us into spending more or steal our money with incredible commissions,etc, etc.
We will suddenly feel more than ever that we should do something about it and why not? It is our right and we have the power, if only we brought it to our conscience. Think Julian Assange!
For those of you who operate in a group, you might feel the need to go on your own and vice-versa, if you are tired of working on your own, you might feel the need to enter a group. Learning to operate within the group or separate from it is one of the challenges of Mars through this sign of Aquarius.
Celibacy is another aspect of Mars in Aquarius, or platonic relationships, where sex for some reason is out of the question. The most important aspect of this transit is to dare to be oneself, in spite of anything else.
Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel the pinch and will be more argumentative than ever. When everyone will be getting on your nerves and stress will reign. Still, this is a good time to find out what makes you tick and who you really are and the difficulty of being you in spite of the possibility to feel lonely. Of course you will then learn, that we are ALL alone, therefore we are not, because we have that in common with everyone else!
This is the perfect time to learn that there is something we can all do. Don’t say to yourself: Oh, well! What can I do?. WE ALL CAN do something!