Venus enters Sagittarius – TODAY

xin_180604140951430852323VENUS enters Sagittarius this afternoon, bringing with her a little bit of optimism and spirit of adventure typically Sagittarians. It does so together with the Moon , both on their way to form a square to Neptune in PISCES between today and tomorrow. Follow the impulse of inspiration but remember to keep your feet on the ground, since this combination may prove a tad unrealistic and extravagant, but of course, in these times of harsh realities presented by the new moon in Libra’s two days ago, will refresh us the spirit and inspire us with enthusiasm and the need to take risk. Venus is in Sagittarius until November 5 and it will drive us to move beyond the neighborhood, with its love for other cultures, foreign lands and the different, especially around the 16-17 of this month, when contact Uranus in Aries.
People with this position of Venus in their birth chart, almost always fall in love with foreigners and thereby, with other cultures. They love to travel to faraway places that are completely different from the one they were born into. The work in travel agencies, as a teacher, professors, yoga teachers, etc, are good professions for Venus in Sagittarius. For signs of fire, creativity is a Necessity. People with planets in house 9, mainly Venus in house 9, Jupiter in house 7, Venus in conjunction to Jupiter, or square or opposition, all share this archetype.

The influence of the month seems to suggest then, to open our mind to other cultures, to the globalization that is inevitably occurring, to tolerance, the acceptance of which despite being different in language, customs, food, color of skin, etc, all are part of the unique ethnic group inhabiting the Earth, which is the human race. It is the difference that we are enriched by and this passage from Venus helps us understand that we must respect this. Whether we like it or not.