NEW MOON in ARIES – APRIL 18, 2015

If you ask me what was this new moon in Aries like for me, I will tell you that it was the reason why I could not write about it before. I caught a virus that left me without energy and without being able to eat for the past three days, which in a way was good for a bit detox. I must also add that this lunation coincided exactly, by square with my Sun-Moon angular opposition. But, of course, watching the news from the confort of my sofa, I see that a boat with more than 700 people sank in the Mediterranean sea and only 20 odd people, have been rescued, which automatically cancelled my pathetic attempt to feel the victim of the forces of the Universe.
Even so, although late, I couldn’t let this one pass and not write about this important event of the year, because the lunations in Aries are definitely the major force and the initiation of the modality of the astrological year. Aries reminds me of the first card of the Tarot, the Fool. The beginning of the journey, the innocence of the first attempt, and my mind disobediently goes back to the story about those immigrants, who after paying more than 5 or 6 thousand euros to cross the ocean, in the worst possible conditions, end up at the bottom of the it. The most unbearable and puzzling feeling in this story, apart from the ruthless lucrative action of those who benefit financially from such a journey, is that rush to go in search of their dreams, on the other side of the Mediterranean sea, knowing that these shipwrecks occur almost weekly, and that it is possible that they will never reach the other side. And this is what speaks of Aries and the card of the Fool. I don’t speak here of unconsciousness, or irresponsibility of those who travel with their families, knowing that they may all perish in the attempt, because that would be to analyse the situation from a European point of view, but that impulse to action, to start something better, something that will remove them from lethargic despair, which are trying to escape from. And this is Aries, too. That energy that leads to action, to survival at all costs. No matter the mistakes that you might make, just “go for it”, says Aries. If you make a mistake is good, because it means that you have tried, which is infinitely better than not trying at all. Lethargy is not an Aries trait.
Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the archetype of the Warrior, he who goes to war, knowing that he may die, and at the moment is in Taurus forming a square to Jupiter in Leo, which also explains the thinking with excessive optimism, without measuring the consequences correctly. For this lunation it also coincided with Pluto and Pallas, by trine. Mars in Taurus, acts in an unusual way in this sign, since Taurus is quite slow. But this contact,however, leads us to the reflection of what happens when we do not have our normal energy level, either by illness, fatigue, excess of partying, etc. Venus in Gemini also is in a square to Neptune in PISCES, exact yesterday, at the same time that Mercury in Taurus, contacted it by sextile, which leads us to pay more attention to pleasure, creativity, romance and to party. Absolutely brilliant, if the weekend was just to relax and have fun, but copiously less gratifying, if you should be alert and active. Saturn from Sagittarius opposed this lunation, therefore the frustration in one form or another, will have been felt in our daily routine, during this past weekend. Something we had planned to do, may not have happened as expected, or forces beyond our control, thwarted our efforts to arrive to good end.
Neptune and Vesta are in exact conjunction today, therefore, the desire for recovery, regeneration and reaching for purification are evident on this day. We yield to the force of the feminine, the healer. Order and everyday responsibility calls, while the Moon moves into Gemini tonight, opposing Saturn and Mercury will reach the square with Jupiter. As we have seen on many occasions, this huge planet, the largestof our little solar system, can be very beneficial and also “greatly” negative, if we give in to its sense of grandiosity and excess, discounting Saturn to help us keep our feet on the ground.
Today my soul weeps for all those souls at the bottom of the Mediterranean, some of them, little babies that common sense tells us that they could not have chosen such end. The question for this first Monday after the New Moon in Aries is: what is your resolution for this month or this year? whatever you do, don’t put it off.


Venus the great Olympic goddess of love, beauty, creativity and good living, which includes money (or the expending of it), entered Gemini on the 3rd of this month which ends today, but it is on May 16th, that will begin its retrograde motion, something that occurs every 18 months.

We describe a planet in retrograde motion when we see it station to then begin to move backward, on their journey around the Sun. Except the Sun and the Moon, all planets have their retrograde period. As I have already explained in the past, this apparent motion in reverse, is not more than an optical illusion, which is created by the rotation of the Earth in relation to the movement of the planet.

If you want to see an of example of such an event, go to

These cosmic events seem to coincide with situations in our lives, when we are called to RE-vise, RE-study, RE-think, RE-structure something in our lives. These are the moments when we need to take a step back, in order to move forward again.

When we talk about Venus, we obviously have to look at our personal relationships, work out exactly what we are trying to solve in our relations, or in any situation which involves exchange of money, in a creative project, in the way in which we live our own beauty.

This is not a time for aesthetic surgery, but rather, a time to RE-think if we really want to do it. It is not a good time to break a relationship, but to RE-consider how we feel about our partner. If we are not in a relationship, then it is a good opportunity to think, why not, if we really want one or not, and if we want it and do not have it, meditating on the reasons of why not.

Our attitude to personal relationships, is greatly coloured by our transgenerational history, and according to the aspects that the Moon and Venus make to the collective planets (Urano-Neptuno and Pluto) in our birthchart, we can understand what emotional situations we come from. What is that which seems to “manage us” from within, that we cannot control or fully understand and that never mind how hard we try we don’t seem to be able to “transcend”.

Venus starts stations retrograde on May 16th at 24º Gemini forming a semisextil to Jupiter at 24º Taurus and an exact trine with Saturn in Libra.

These aspects of the Venus evoke situations of the past that need to solve, especially those which began 7, 14, 21 or 28 years earlier. A cycle begs for completion and it needs a thorough review to finally put an end to it and move forward, physically and emotionally. Lovers, husbands, wives, relations of the past may turn up in our lives again, so that we can “close this chapter of our lives”. All those separations that have not really concluded, now have an opportunity to do so.

The semisextil of Jupiter will help us feel better about the outcome, whichever it is.

Mars makes the last exact trine to Pluto, auguring a positive debate, with good intentions on both sides, with real possibilities for resolution, but certain willingness is required by both parties to reflect on the matter and let go of vengeful feelings that will only make the conflict survive.

Patience and forgiveness are two of the feelings and attitudes learned in these moments.A deep insight is necessary to really understand what is that we should really let go of, in order to live happier lives.

This Venus retrograde motion coincides with the solar annular eclipse of May 20th, or New Moon in Gemini(I will write about it in the next article), and the partial lunar eclipse or Full Moon of June 4th, which also coincides with Venus forming a square to Mars in Virgo, which suggests that we should really look deep in our hearts so that we can act in the manner most beneficial for ourselves and those we love. This is an excellent opportunity to discover our inner ambiguity and our most diverse feelings, those we normally project onto others or on “the other”. This is the pivotal point of this cosmic event.

As Michael Jackson sang: “Begin with the man in the mirror……”

A reunion with old friends is possible and/or the restoration of old relations that marked a very vital social moment in our lives. The need to find a new way to relate to each other, less intense and demanding and yet equally satisfactory is one of the benefits of Venus in Gemini. Venus will station direct on 28th of June to 7º Gemini, when it makes a quincunx to Pluto and a sextile to Uranus. It enters Cancer on August 8th, ending its transit through the sign of the twins.


Here comes April, a month anxiously awaited by many, as it is when Mercury ends its retrograde and it stations direct on the 4th, at the same time Venus enters Gemini, few days before Mars stations direct on the 14th. (finally!)
When two planets like Mercury and Mars finish their retrograde period, all situations that have been delayed for some reason or another, begin to move towards their resolution. Postponed meetings now can be expected to occur, locked topics can flow again and finally a sense of resolution will be felt, in general. Mercury stationed retrograde on March 12th, a couple of days before the big trine of Venus-Jupiter-Marte-Pluto in Earth signs, which brought great financial and artistic projects to our lives, and yet, with delays, due to paper work , or simply difficulties that were not in our hands to activate. Mars, stationed retrograde on the 24th of January at about 23 ° of Virgo and has traveled back to the 3 ° of Virgo, from where it will “start” again on the 14th of April.
All those situations of our lives that have been put in “stand by” or which needed a review, a re-adaptation re-planning, now finally have the opportunity to begin to move forward to some kind of resolution, we get a chance to find the solution to these issues that have filled our life of anxiety. The retrograde motion of the planets are not negative, however, there are a periods when we are forced to re-view, re-study our demands and needs. From now on, we are better equipped to re-launch our projects and we will find that this “stand by” period was necessary for us to see the situation more calmly and clearly. Perhaps we should wait until April 17, when Mercury enters Aries, to finally see things, especially those that require paperwork, move to the desired speed.
Venus enters Gemini on the same day that Mercury stations direct. We shall return to our social life and our connection and communication with friends, co-workers, family members, less forcibly. Venus in Gemini makes us curious and interested in others. The period of Venus in Taurus, was a process much more creative, more intimate and personal and now, once again, we’ll find ourselves in search of communication with others. The search for a twin mind will become more apparent and intellectual activities will benefit. Playing tennis is another passion of Venus in Gemini and all activities that require another, like chess. Gemini eternally seeks the “lost twin” and Venus in Gemini inspires us even more in the process. Libra and Aquarius will benefit from this transit greatly, as all those planets that we have in these signs, will. Other mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PISCES) should direct these energies toward communication.
As soon as Venus enters Gemini, it will link with Neptune by square, therefore the search for twin mind or soul, can be colored fantasy and misinterpretation. If you meet anyone in those days, you’ll have to wait at least a week, to know if what you saw was real, or was just your imagination. On April 7th, Venus will square Mars in Virgo and we’ll realize that all adventures and projects requires tools that allow us to perform them positively. More technique, more knowledge, more experience are necessary in life to express our creativity to the fullest. This is one of the great lessons of Mars in Virgo: to recognize that technique and dedication are needed if we want to do a job properly, as required by the soul.
The 22-23 and 24 of April will be also important when Mercury forms a conjunction to Uranus in Aries, at the same time the Sun will be in conjunction to Jupiter in Taurus and the Moon having connected with Jupiter also is heading towards the conjunction with Venus in Gemini.If you are preparing more than one project this can be a pivotal moment in its resolution, but it will also stimulate us to a more philosophical view of the situation.
Venus will station retrograde on May 15th, for the first time since October 8, 2010, when it made its retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, this time it will station retrograde at 24 degrees Gemini until June 27th, when it will station direct at Gemini 7 ° 29′. It will not return to the 24 ° of Gemini, until July 31. See where Gemini falls in your chart and having acquired experience in these months with the retrogrades of Mercury and Mars, you can understand what this retrograde of Venus brings to your life. Do not forget that it will force us to re-view, re – think, re-envision a situation, especially that, which has to do with what we value in life, our self-image, our sensuality, our personal relations, our creativity.
Have a great month of April.

Venus in Gemini and the Scorpio Full Moon

So Venus finally leaves Taurus, after about 23 days in its own sign and moves to Gemini, the sign of the twins.

This is an air sign and the Goddess feels much lighter in it. Gemini is about making new contacts, about curiosity, about playing with duality, with the opposite inside of us, and connecting with as many people as possible. Gemini has a real fascination for people and becomes instantly interested in anybody they haven’t met before. Gemini’s lightness of being is welcome, especially after a period of deep emotional confrontations or disenchantment in a relationship.

Opening up to a variety of people is what Venus in Gemini can do for us.

Gemini’s interest in people stems from an inner need for self-knowledge, which this sign believes will achieve by connecting, observing and getting to know other people. Comparing, discarding, accepting, learning what they are not.

Venus in Gemini connects us with the world, and it teaches us not to judge, simply enjoy diversity. With Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, in its retrograde motion, since April 17th, it’ll be fun to see how we go about it. Mercury retrograde alters the way we connect. By slowing down our normal ways of communication we are forced to find other ways.

Since I moved to a new flat, just for April 15th, when Mercury was stationing retrograde, my TV have been disconnected, my cell phone does not have good coverage, in half of the new place, which means i cannot make a call from my bedroom, for example, and my internet connection is slower. So, I have been going out more, talking to people in the new neighborhood, connecting in a way I hadn’t done for a long time. I have made an effort to meet with friends i enjoy a good conversation with.

So, on the one hand Mercury has jeopardized my communication, but in other sense it has reconnected me in a different way.

So, with Venus in Gemini we may enjoy longer conversation over a glass of wine, reconnection with people we haven’t seen for a while, find ourselves making an effort in making those connections and feeling the urge to do so.

Bringing into our conscience the need to publicize what our business is all about, in order to make some more money. Creating our web page, engaging in more internet social net working, all of this is possible as the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Money, come into the sign of communication and mental curiosity. Joining new dating services in the Net is also a possibility, opening doors to connect.

If you are an actor, or a writer, or a radio host or a salesman, this passage of Venus through Gemini, will enhance your creativity greatly.

As the Full Moon in Scorpio is forming just as the same time that the Saturn-Uranus opposition becomes exact for the last time in the Pisces-Virgo angle, we may have long deep conversations with ourselves, about what we have been going through in the past 2 years, since the end of 2008, when this opposition first became exact.

Jupiter is moving through Pisces very rapidly and will come to contact with Uranus for the first time since February 1997, when they met in Aquarius. This time they will meet at 0º Aries on June 7th-8th, for the first time in this cycle of conjunctions, to then meet again at 29º of Pisces in September 2010, and then at 27º of Pisces in January 2011. Think what was happening back in 1997 in your life, and how you experienced this cosmic event then. Especially see in what area of your birth chart this two planets come together, this time.

Risk taking is one of the manifestations of this combination, with an intense need to embark in something new, out of the ordinary (Uranus), but we must not forget that Saturn will be opposing this Conjunction and Pluto squaring it. In July, Mars will come to Libra, reinforcing the opposition of Saturn, so whatever we feel like doing, we must look at all the possibilities and consequences before jumping. It’s one of those times, when you can’t be mindless.

Jump by all means, but check all your options carefully. Needless to say, this combination have never happened in our lives, so, we must all be conscious of the Present. Since this is an important Present, from the point of view of Astrology.

According to Stephen Arroyo, Jupiter-Uranus combination is connected with originality and creativity, and political and social change. Rebellion and a strong urge for personal freedom.

At the mundane level go to: to see what was going on in 1997, when this conjunction last took place.
Aquarius and Libra will get a great brake with Venus in Gemini, and the mutable signs (Gemini-Virgo-Sag and Pisces) will get a chance to connect with theirs most inner values and re-view their relationships and perhaps enjoy them in a different way.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th will contact the position of Mercury retrograde at 8º of Taurus, so the time have come to say what is in your heart, keeping your mouth shut, might not work anymore. Great opportunity to realize how your mind works.

By the way, Tennis is a Gemini sport, it should be fun to watch what the girls will be wearing, during this transit of Venus!!!!!