Venus and Mars in Scorpio – 2010

Today at 3:44 pm, GMT, Venus has moved from Libra into Scorpio. Mars will follow making its entrance into the 8th sign of the Zodiac on the 14th at 10:38 pm, GMT. Venus moves in after 10 months of absence and Mars after 2 years, 23 months to be exact.
Venus will have its retrograde motion in this sign, so on October 8th, will station retrograde and begin its apparent motion backwards at 13º of Scorpio. On November 8th, will dip back into Libra until the end of the month, yet, by November 19th will station direct and go back to its forward motion, entering Scorpio once more on the 29th.
By October 4th, Venus and Mars will meet at 13º of Scorpio.
It was with the passage of these two planets through Libra and with the help of Saturn also in this sign, that Israel and Palestine have once more sat down to have some peace talks. Many of us have enjoyed very pleasant social times and the opportunity to mend some relationships, or at least to have some peaceful discussions.
But the passage through Scorpio will not be such a mellow ride. This is a water sign, ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Great Below and the Underworld. This sign operates from the emotions and not from the brain like Libra.
Scorpio brings us the opportunity to journey through the shadow side of our psyche, in order to have a complete picture of our motivations and intentions. Time to take our projections back and stop blaming others for what’s wrong with us.
In Libra, we had the opportunity to talk things over, now, having hopefully listened to what the other had to say, or even better, having seen the situation through the “other’s” eyes, we can now concentrate in how we feel, and why we feel this way.
Secret love affairs are the most affected by this Scorpian period. Old flames might reappear. Unfinished stories will re-emerge.
Afrodite (Venus) the Goddess herself, knows about secret affairs. Although married to Hephaistus, the ugly but very creative goldsmith of the Olympus, she always secretly kept her affair with Ares (Mars).
Having been warned by a friend, Hephaistus pretended to go away for a long week end once, knowing that his wife will be unfaithful. He carefully made an almost invisible but very strong net made of gold threads and hid in his own bedroom, waiting for the lovers to lay.
When they did, he came out of his hiding corner and dropped the net over the lovers and tied it in such a way that they could not move. He then called all the Gods to show them the real face of Afrodite. They were both punished.
Since once again Afrodite (Venus) and Ares (Mars) are together in the Heavens, we may have a good look at the face of our inner lover. Our longings and desires will be available for us, from the hidden parts of our psyche.
The lessons of Scorpio and especially of Mars and Venus in Scorpio, are about letting go. Learning to understand that the “other” is someone to share the journey with, but not to possess. Ending relationships is a dramatic experience for Scorpio, the idea of separation resembles death too much for Scorpio.
But the truth is, nobody dies. Learning to deal with transformation instead of death is the challenge for Scorpio. Nothing or nobody really dies, it transforms. Like the real meaning of the work, trans-forms, it changes, it transcends, form.
Our approach to sexuality is also the theme, while these two Gods travel through this sign. What do we want from the other?
In Spanish there is “te quiero” (I want you) and “te amo”, (I love you). Accordingly most people say “te quiero” to the loved one, that’s the Scorpio way. To say I love you is a much more compromising position, precisely because it involves compromise. We must work at a relationship, whereas we don’t have to work at being in love or in lust. It just happens.
Mars in Scorpio is a more intense transit and it might ruin the good intentions of Israel and Palestine. Power struggles are in order, so for all those of you, Leos, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, remember to use these energies to delve into yourselves and discover your true desires.
Mars will remain in Scorpio, sign that rules, by the way, until October 27th, when it will move into Sagittarius.
Let’s TRANS-FORM our lives, our relationships, remaining true to ourselves. Time to let go of situations, people, that do not allow us to grow anymore. Let’s be passionate and loyal, two wonderful qualities of Scorpio!