NEW MOON in ARIES – APRIL 18, 2015

00-foolIf you ask me what was  this new moon in Aries like for me, I will tell you that it was the reason why I could not write about it before. I caught a virus that left me without energy and without being able to eat for the past three days, which in a way was good for a bit detox. I must also add that this lunation coincided exactly, by square with my Sun-Moon angular opposition. But,  of coursewatching the news from the confort of my sofa, I see that a boat with more than 700 people sank in the Mediterranean sea and only 20 odd people, have been rescued, which automatically cancelled my pathetic attempt to feel the victim of the forces of the Universe.
Even so, although late, I couldn’t let this one pass and not write about this important event of the year, because the lunations in Aries are definitely the major force and the initiation of the modality of the astrological yearAries reminds me of the first card of the Tarot, the FoolThe beginning of the journey, the innocence of the first attempt, and my mind disobediently goes back to the story  about those immigrants, who after paying more than 5 or 6 thousand euros to cross the ocean, in the worst possible conditions, end up at the bottom of the it. The most unbearable and puzzling feeling in this story, apart from the ruthless lucrative action of those who benefit financially from such a journey, is that rush to go in search of their dreams, on the other side of the Mediterranean sea, knowing that these shipwrecks occur almost weeklyand that it is possible that they will never reach the other sideAnd this is what speaks of Aries and the card of the Fool. I don’t speak here of unconsciousness, or irresponsibility of those who travel with their families, knowing that they may all  perish in the attempt, because that would be to analyse the situation from a European point of view, but that impulse to action, to start something better, something that will remove them from lethargic despair, which are trying to escape from. And this is Aries, too. That energy that leads to action, to survival at all costs. No matter the mistakes that you might make, just “go for it”, says Aries. If you make a mistake is good, because it means that you have tried, which is infinitely better than not trying at allLethargy is not an Aries trait.
Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the archetype of the Warrior, he who goes to warknowing that he may die, and  at the moment is in Taurus forming a square to Jupiter in Leo, which also explains the thinking with excessive optimism, without measuring the consequences correctly. For this lunation it also coincided with Pluto and Pallas, by trine. Mars in Taurus, acts in an unusual way in this sign, since Taurus is quite slow. But this contact,however, leads us to the reflection of what happens when we do not have our normal energy level, either by illness, fatigue, excess  of partying, etc. Venus in Gemini also is in a square to Neptune in PISCES, exact yesterday, at the same time that Mercury in Taurus, contacted it by sextile, which leads us to pay more attention to pleasure, creativity, romance and to partyAbsolutely brilliant, if the weekend was just to relax and have fun, but copiously less gratifying, if you should be alert and activeSaturn from Sagittarius opposed this lunation, therefore the frustration in one form or another, will have been felt in our daily routine, during this past weekend. Something we had planned to do, may not have happened as expectedor forces beyond our control, thwarted our efforts to arrive to good end.
Neptune and Vesta are in exact conjunction today, therefore, the desire for recovery, regeneration and  reaching for purification are evident on this day. We yield to the force of the feminine, the healer. Order and everyday responsibility calls, while the Moon moves into Gemini tonightopposing Saturn and Mercury will reach the square with JupiterAs we have seen on many occasions, this huge planet, the largestof our little solar system, can be very beneficial and also “greatly” negative, if we give in to its sense of grandiosity and excess, discounting Saturn to help us  keep our feet on the ground.
Today my soul weeps for all those souls at the bottom of the Mediterranean, some of them, little babies that common sense tells us that they could not have chosen such endThe question for this first Monday after the New Moon in Aries is: what is your resolution for this month or this year? whatever you do, don’t put it off.


Eclipse05After the New Moon, which was also a Total Eclipse of Sun, in the last degrees of PISCES, on March 20th, comes  the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, in the sign of Libra.
This eclipse will be the third of four eclipses in a Tetrad of lunar eclipses. The first occurred in April 2014. the second in September 2014, the current one on April 4 is the third and the last will be on 28 September of this yearThe last Tetrad of lunar eclipses occurred in 2003-4, and the next will be 2032-33.
Lunar eclipses occur when a full moon forms  in line or in conjunction with the Lunar Nodes,  when the Moon gets into the shadow of the Earth, which in turn is between the Sun and the MoonDuring the eclipsewe see this almost reddish Moon and the shadow you see in it, is the the shadow of the Earth on it. The reddish color is due to the Sun‘s rays passing through the Earth’s atmosphere filtering the typical blue light. It’s normally called “blood moon”.
Unlike the Solar Eclipse that can only be seen in certain areas of the Earth, the eclipse of the moon can be seen by all of us who have a vision of the Moon at the moment that occursThis eclipse will occur exactly between 9 am( GMT), 11 am Spanish time, and will end at 3pm GMT, 5 pm in Spain. It will pass exactly through the shadow of the Earth between 10:1513:45 GMT, or 12:15-15:45 in Barcelona. I hope we can see some of it!!.
This eclipse occurs at 14 ° 24′ of Aries (Sun)  Libra (the Moon) angle, thus coinciding with Uranus at 16 ° 20′ of Aries and forming a T-square to Pluto at 15 ° 30′ of CapricornThe next day the Sun will link exactly with this  small, far away and yet so powerful planet. Everyone who has gone through a Pluto transit knows what I’m talking about. And so?… you may be asking yourself. Well, the issues that we’ve had on the table for several years and especially this last month, will have another opportunity to be seen, this time with more consciousnessIf they are not, then it is possible that we may react without control, and we may find ourselves asking once more, how is it  possible that we cannot control some part of our psyche, never mind how hard we try
The angle Aries-Libra, talks about Mand You. What do I need to express in this lifetime and why do i keep living it through another?These are the oppositions (180 °) in the birth chart. They show us which part of our psyche is projected on the other, to be able in this way, to experience these two sides it in real time . It is when we fall in love and we are still under the influence of the “magic potion”, which is what falling in love really feels like, as Tristan and Isolde did, when we see in the other, that part of us that we have difficulty in finding balance with The fights with the other, is the struggle within our own psyche. Although we argue with the other, in fact, we are only arguing with ourselves. Most of our experience of life is not at a physical level,  but rather within our psyche. Contrary to what we normally think, the greater part of our psyche is unconscious.
When we fall in love, the  divine image of our psyche, flies out of us and  is placed (projected) on the other  to experience a sense of unity, totalitywhich seems to elude us in our daily lives.
Romantic love always consists of the projection of the image of the personal soul, on the otherIn this Aries-Libra full moon and in contact with the  Urano-Pluto square, one of the parties does Uranus and “needs space” “something new” and the other, does Pluto and wants desperately to hold on to it. Which side are you on, in your relationship? You should know that whichever side you put yourself in, you will encounter the other. That’s what happens with squares in the birth chart. Although it seems that it is the ‘other’ that causes the conflict, the reality is that the conflict is in our psyche and the struggle simply shows us these two so different parts of ourselves.
Saturn and Neptune are also in square from now until the end of 2016, which speaks of the need to give form and expression  to our desires, to our need to live our dreams and everything that we can imagineA part of us wants to return to the union with the Whole, that place where we came from and where we will return to. Some call it ‘Heaven’,  and the other part wants to live here, in this incarnation, in this land, and be everything that we can be. The Saturnian longing implies hard work and dedication, the Ethereal does not. The ineffable lives within us irremediably, making us hate our humanity, so full of limitations.
But these two, Saturn and Neptune, remind us that the road is long and that our actions (Aries) seem to emanate from a great plan,  a plan we do not know is there, consciously, but it seems to want to take us to a certain balance, (Libra)
Our vision will not be fully clear until this square starts fading, therefore, this is a time to ask questions and go in search of the truth (Saturn in Sagittarius), and learn to live with what Is, rather than with what we want it to be. Saturn forms a trine to Jupiter, so the need for adventure is powerful. But the “Lord of the Rings” (Saturn) dips back into Scorpio between June 15 and September 17 when it will return to Sagittarius, where it will be until December 20, 2017.

April 8 Jupiter finally ends its retrograde motionwhich began on 8 December and again on its way to the last degrees of Leo,  to enter Virgo on August 11. Jupiter and Saturn will be in square from July and in those moments, our adventure plans might have to wait, when more urgent issues will remind us of what responsibility feels like.
Enjoy the eclipseand don’t forget to ask the appropriate questionsIf the questions are good, the answers will be, too.



Here comes the second new moon in Aquarius of the year, since the one on January 20Th was at 0º of this sign of the Water Bearer and  the one today forms at 29 ° of Aquarius. Also the second Super Moon of1 the six this year, when the Moon is at its perigee or closest point to the Earth and in line with it and the Sun. Formed in the period of post-shadow of the first retrograde cycle of Mercury this year, which stationed direct a week ago, after three weeks in its apparent backward motion, so it is particularly symbolic of a new cycle that begins… Moreover, two days after this lunation which, by the way, occurs exactly 29 °59′ Aquarius, which means that 2 minutes later, both the Sun and the Moon are in PISCES; Venus and Mars both change sign and move into Aries,  on the 20 and 19, respectively, sign where Uranus, Aquarius ruler, finds itself, since 2011. Well,  the modern ruler of Aquarius, because up to its discovery, on March 1781, Saturn had this honor. But really, anyone can relate to this most Aquarian duality, if we observer them closely. But for me, personally, Aquarians , are Uranians. The symbolism of all these planets at 29º (Mars is located at 29º of Pisces and Venus at 28 °) speaks of a beginning  that comes after another cycle concludes.

A lunation that takes us from Aquarius to Pisces. Uranus to Neptune. the film “I Origins” comes to mind, written and directed by Mike Cahill, who also gave us “Another Earth“ and other gems which confronts us with the question of the boundary between Science and the World of Intuition and the Mystery. Aquarius is the penultimate sign and Pisces the last. Aquarius speaks of technology, advances in Science and PISCES,  dwells in the Intuition and the Ineffable. Aquarius needs clarity, and Pisces lives in fog, where nothing  is seen with complete clarity, but it is connected to other dimensions than our rational brain, has difficulties with decoding. Aquarius wants to explain the Mystery and Pisces lives in it.

Mercury and Vesta, are also in the Aquarius, but Chiron, Neptune, Venus and Mars are in PISCES,  strengthening this struggle between the rational and the irrational. In the film, the main character, who is a scientist, is surrounded by two women, a scientist and an esoteric and mysterious beauty with magical eyes, at one point he says: “I am a scientist, I need data,” but the reality is that in the Piscean world, data is irrelevant, because what it is, it is, says Pisces, even if Science denies it or has not yet find the equation to explain it.

Astrology, seems to be the “bridge” that these two signs need, to contact one another. While many of the astrological principles are a mystery, since astrologers can check daily the validity of this science, as the more efficient and important system of symbols we have, for self-knowledge and the re-connection of the individual with the Cosmic purpose, we do not have very clear  “how” it works and to find that answer, we need Science, and Quantum Physics seems to be bringing us closer and closer to that answer. This lunation also occurs at the midpoint between the  Urano-Pluto which will have its last meeting on March 15. We all know what has happened on Earth since this square started in 2010, although in the current signs in 2012. We know that in the year 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn,  the Lehman Brothers firm “fell”, triggering the global financial Crisis we all have been trying to endure for the past 6 years now. We also know that the day that Uranus entered Aries, the Tsunami in Japan occurred, with the subsequent explosion of the atomic plant in Fukushima. This square has forced us all to change, but especially the Cardinals signs: Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricornio. We had to say goodbye to many situations and people who meant a lot in our lives. It  has transformed us in a convincing manner and it is not finished yet. If you want to read about the effect of this square between Uranus and Pluto for all signs, go to:

This new moon in Aquarius, find us with the challenge of Isis, an eloquent theme of the need to find a bridge between scientific knowledge and our beliefs. The more we move away from Science, the easier it becomes to be convinced of anything by a character more or less eloquent and charismatic, without having the need to check if what he says is true or not. We simply believe it and repeat it to others. Our need to relegate, and connect through our beliefs continues to lead us to war. There has to be a more constructive way of connecting with the Divine, which is the  most basic of human needs, after survival and perpetuate the species. Our need to find Gods that will relieve us from this feeling of insignificance, that invade us when we become conscious of the fragility, and the irrelevance of a human life, no matter what they have done in life.

It is when we connect with the Divine that our sense of continuity begins to give shape to a life with more meaning and purpose. But from there to want to own God and think that the “God” of my religion is “it” and the others are wrong, there is an abyss. Therefore, to respect the Mystery which PISCES encourages to do, as it is, will get us closer to that Mystery we call God.
Jupiter from Leo forms a Yod to Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, as if to tell us that the way to find any solution to these conflicts of beliefs lies in the leaders and the establishment (Pluto in Cap) of the religions at war at this time, and as it also expressed by Pluto, in the financial negotiations which throw more fuel to the fire. Something needs to be done at those levels. Too many interests at play.
In any of its forms, God is Love. The energy of the Cosmos is Love. If you are really connected you can’t feel anything but Love. We must not forget that we are all in this same boat called Earth and as well as being the only ship we have, is of infinite beauty. Perhaps the secret to find the bridge between the Aquarius and the Pisces, is that the bridge is not needed, because Everyone is Everything and if we learn to listen to our inner gods, we will realize  that we don’t even need the Divine, because the connection is already made since we are born.



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Que pasa con EL AMOR cuando nos DESENAMORAMOS?

ES esto el final de la relación o el comienzo de algo más importante y estimulante?



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FIRST FULL MOON OF THE YEAR in Cancer – 4 and 5 of January 2015!

full-moon-lil-580x434We are already at the first full moon of the year and what a relevant lunation!!.We begin the new year with a full moon that connects with the Urano-Pluto square as if it wanted to remind us of its meaning in our lives and the fact that it is this year when this aspect, that has been affecting our lives at a collective and personal level for almost 4 years, comes as its end, to put it in some way,  since March 15th will mark the seventh and last exact square  of these two planets,aspect that will not be repeated in our lives, in the next 245 years, since Pluto will not visit  Capricorn again, till then. This transit of Pluto has brought to our consciousness the darker side of Governments, banks and institutions in general, at the collective level and on a personal level,  our own shadow (though never entirely personal, since our shadow is often defined by our family and cultural conditioning) and the effect on our psyche, when we ignore it. It is impossible to control something that is unconscious, because it simply overwhelms us in different ways and we don’t have any power over it. We can only transform what we are conscious of.

For this lunation the Sun is in conjunction to Pluto next to Vesta,  goddess guardian of the sacred fire, symbol in astrology of that within us that aligns us with our passion and our individual process. Speaks to us about what we have to do to keep that flame alive within us. Beside the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, seems to show us the path to the expression of that which is most sacred in our lives, often related to our profession and the manifestation of our talents.

The Moon 14º of Cancer, opposes this trio in Capricorn and form Grand Cross with Uranus in Aries and the Lunar node in Libra. These are aspects that I often call “astrological poetry”, since it takes our attention to the fact that to evolve as a specie, we still have serious issues to solve, when it comes to the way we relate with one another (node in Libra). We need to find  a new way, find some sort of harmony in the way we relate to others or the Other, and of course, not only on a personal level, but also in the collectivePart of this message has to do with finding some kind of dialogue (Mercury, recently entered in Aquarius, in conjunction to Venus), less loaded with emotions, to resolve old issues that we carry within us from the past, especially those related to our parents and grandparents resentments which still resonate within our cells, instead of analyzing the needs of  the present. Although we must have respect and recognition for our ancestors’ struggles, we don’t need to repeat the suffering, on the contrary, by appreciating what they went through, we’ll  understand that we don’t have to live the same.

Mars in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in Leo, therefore the subject of  struggle of the community, versus our personal ego,  is another aspect to reflect upon.

This first full moon in Cancer, which remind us of family life, home and those issues that have to do with our unresolved situations with family members , will be the trend of these coming days. The day after the lunation becomes exact,  the pre-shadow  period of the next and first  Mercury retrograde of the year, which stations retrograde on January 22nd at 17º of Aquarius to start its apparent reverse motion, until February 12when  it will station direct once again in the first degrees of the same sign, but this is the subject of the next article.

This Full Moon  brings back the story of the suffering of Demeter in her search for Persephone, her daughter abducted by Hades, as if symbolically connected us with the need for re-encounter with our inner child, whatever your gender,and rescue the innocence and the candor of childhood and pubertyThe sign of Cancer connects us with the mother-daughter relationship, with the wonder and the difficulty of it. The mother who does not recognize the natural evolution of the daughter who grows  into womanhood and the daughter who has trouble letting go of that role, to become an adult. We don’t all have daughters in real life, but we all an inner daughter that we must help grow and evolve.

This full moon will shake the cardinal signs: Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn, reminding us of the issues still to be resolvedFor Sagittarius and Leo, with Saturn already in the sign of the Centaur will mean glimpse to the topics  to dwell with, in the next two years and a halfFor the mutable signs: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will brings images of financial issues to manage. For the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius it will be a good idea to listen to the Other more closely, in a new and open way.

This 2015 is a compelling and exiting year, full of challenges and  renovated energies, when we must look to the future with a more positive and compassionate vision.

Happy first Full Moon to all.!

Saturn in Sagittarius – 2015-2017

titanomachyThree days ago, on 23 December, Saturn has left the sign of Scorpio, which has been going since 6 October 2012. Saturn, the Great Malefic, as  traditional astrologer used to call him, Chronos, the God of Time in Roman mythology, resonates with the Archetypes of  structure,  matter, restriction, limitations, the time limit of the human experience in every incarnation,  discipline, the reality of time and space, institutions, obligations. Transiting the eighth sign of the Zodiac that leads us to the experience of the power that lies in the depths of our psyche, our most secret desires, sexuality, our  most forgotten and ignored themes, our unconscious pattern and pathologies arising from them, other people’s money and possessions. During these past three years, we have discovered even more scams from our leaders, the sexual attitudes of many who, from their position of power, imposed in many children and women, some 30 and 40 years ago. Many ended up in prison and even those who are already dead as Jimmy Savile, English TV presenter, saw his reputation shattered before the evidence of his actions of the past. Even the beloved Bill Cosby who delighted us with his humor and  a comedy of a middle-class African-American family now is under prosecution for repeated violations, with many women who finally had the courage to put him and  themselves in evidence in order to find justice and perhaps some compensation. This process, however uncomfortable, leads us to revise those corners of our psyche where we keep feelings that we find difficult to deal with, but where the source of our power and creativity lie.

 Now, since 5 days ago and until June 17, 2015Saturn has entered Sagittarius, something that hasn’t done since nearly 30 years ago, in 1985-87If you were alive in those years, what was going on in your life then? On 17 JuneSaturn will dep back into the last degrees of Scorpio, as if to complete this stage of affairs we have experiencing for the past 3 years, until 17 September 2015, when it returns to Sagittarius, this time to stay until December 19, 2017. It will station retrograde on March 14, the same day  the Urano-Pluto square finally make their last exact contact at about 15 ° of Aries-Capricornio respectively. Thus begins a period that in some way we are already experiencing in a way, as we are seeing in what happens in Argentina, with the judges ( Saturn in Sagittarius), who are investigating the President and his children, for illegal enrichment, and in the United States, with what happened in Ferguson and New York, where judges have acquitted  white police officers of  murder for abuse of power or fear, when they killed unarmed African American youth, something  it has happened many times in the past, but that now inspire a popular reaction, as if something inside thecollective says: “ok enough is enough!”.

 Sagittarius introduces us to philosophy, higher education, young people, the judicial system, long distance trips, distant cultures, the search for the truth above all, Nature, our ideals, the pursuit of what we call God, not to join it or be part of, as it happens in PISCES, through Neptune, but to know it and understand it and expand our minds to something bigger than our everyday experience. Ruled by Jupiter, as well as PISCES, the largest planet in our solar system, is the experience of everything mentioned above and with the subsequent discovery of Saturn who comes to put some limits to that expansionJupiter takes us out of the neighborhood, to look in other realms, in other cultures, a different human  experience, to enrich us with its diversity.

 Saturn entering this sign, will confront us with all the irregularities in these fieldsand we will be encouraged to deal with situations that aren’t working propperly within the sectors mentioned. Aviation will be affected, and investigations intothe recent air disasters, will  produce some kind of results, at least,with the airlines having to takeresponsibility for their mistakes and wrong decisions, as is the case with theMA17 flight, that was shot down across Ukraine from the Malaysia Airlines and theprevious disappearance of another flight of the same company, the now famous MA370. As i am translating this piece, an Airasia jet has gone missing in Indonesia, yet again.  Saturn brings results so it is possible that the mystery of these disappearances will bring some kind of results.

During this journey through the sign of the Centaur, Saturn, as it nears a May-June  will be approaching the square to Neptune. These two great Gods  of Greek Mythology who look like enemies in many respects, since Neptune reign in the realm of the ineffable and no form contrasts with the Saturnian world of  matter and form, and Saturn is not comfortable in the realm of Neptune, and  insists on putting order and give shape to something that must remain Ethereal and formless. Liz Greene says of this pair: “in the meeting betweenSaturn and Neptune lies one of the most fundamental conflicts of life, form and formlessness collide to create the magnificent gift of the vision of incarnation or the rejection of being psychologically born.”

But we also confronted with the reality that despite the fact that Neptune tells us that all we are ONE, is also true we all have different path and truths  to find and live, indispensable to complete the human experience and we must respect the fact that others have different philosophies of life and values to develop.  ISIS and our fight against Muslim fundamentalism is another theme that Saturn in Sagittarius is putting on our plate. Both Isis and the rest of us,  must learn to accept and respect  other people’s ideals. Fundamentalists cannot continue thinking that Western ideals are malignant, or Westerners must do  the same about Muslims. We will have to find a middle pointwhere we can learn to live with true commitment and respect for the other.

Finding your inner truth and the respect of others is one of the lessons of this passage of Saturn in the sign Sagittarius.

For those born with the conjunction of these two planets in Libra in the years1951-53they will have a great opportunity to understand the dilemma Neptuno-Saturno and the tension caused by this square in their lives, perhaps find a way as individual or give birth to a creative project, or a part of their being, dwelling  in the waters of the unconscious, without the possibility of emerging to consciousness until Now.

On the subject of relationships, the ability to differentiate between the “falling in love” and the true relationship, between the illusion of  the union with the goddess or God through another human being and the daily, patient work with each other, to build an authentic relationships based on the acceptance of each other in all their human dimensions.

In the second part of this article, I will expand more on the different aspects that Saturn will make in its journey through Sagittarius and how it will affect the different signs. For now, the fire signs, Leo and Aries, begin an extraordinary period of construction of a new way of organizing their lives, their finances and their profession, and for the mutable signs on the other hand: Gemminis, Virgo and Pisces, and of course, Sagittarius, will begin a period of 3 years  of much personal growth, with opportunities to correct  past decisions that were probably taking without thinking of the full consequence of it and also restructure an aspect of their lives that will take them to grow both personally and professionally. Time to build, restructure and perhaps take care of others, sometimes against our own willEven so, the learning will be deep and enriching for everyone.

The Jupiter-Saturn square, from now till 2016

0-0-0A dance between the two largest planets of our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, is just beginning. Two powerful archetypes that somehow are felt as opposites, yet they are not exactly so.
A full cycle between these two planets begins every 20 years. This cycle in which we now find ourselves began on May 28, 2000 with the conjunction in Taurus. The first square occurred with Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo (the other way around to the one today), on December 17, 2005. The opposition was on the 23 May 2010 with Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo and the square that begins now, will be exact on August 3, 2015 withJupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio, at about 28 ° of each sign. In March and May 2016 will form but this time with Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. Therefore in each cycle, the first square takes place on the fifth year after the conjunction, the opposition on the tenth year and on the 15 years the last waning square, such as the one we are experiencing now.
Before considering what this aspect might bring in our lives, it is important to note that this is often an internal process, due to the quality of Jupiter to be a practically personal planet, not as the current square between Uranus and Pluto which also has been in action since 2010, when everything seems to occur as a result of events external to us, as the world financial crisis.
Jupiter invites us to expand, to risk, to leave the neighborhood, cross the pond in search of other mentalities, other philosophies of life, other ideals. It opens doors to new plans and perspectives for the future. It encourages us to expand to other areas of experience, different from those we were born in. Gives us more confidence (sometimes too much) and optimism to launch us to seek that which will give meaning to our lives and find that we have always wanted to do, conscious or unconsciously. Breaks our inhibitions and we suddenly think: “why not?”. Normally the inner urgency is to search beyond the known limits. In this way we dare to take a look at the possibilities of our life, beyond the cultural boundaries of the town, the people, the environment in which we have born and grown. Jupiter fills us with anticipation and excitement when thinking about the possibilities of the future.
Learning other languages, travel, connect with foreign people, working for an NGO which enable us to visit faraway lands, are all jupiterian impulses, it encourage us to jump and cross bridge, not knowing what we will find at the end of it.
Saturn, on the other hand, confronts with our responsibilities, our duties, our mortality, with what most of us call the absolute reality of our lives. Saturn speaks to us of our mortality, the time we have on this Earth and our possibilities according to the social class from which we come. Saturn is our ambition to amass a respectable social position or profession and this normally means to conform to the cultural rules from where we live. Saturn says: “Better bird in hand than 100 flying”, “it’s nice to dream, but reality is woven by working hard” “the harder you work the further you’ll get“.
In the Saturnian speech, expansion for its own sake does not exist. “If you want to jump to a bridge must make sure that its foundations are strong and stable” says Saturn.
This is the dilemma, we find ourselves in right now, as of this moment, in some aspect of our life.Something is telling us: “Well, finally this is the time to leave, move, expand”. Something gives us this opportunity. But on the other hand, something equally powerful, tells us. “Not yet, you must be careful. “what if it doesn’t work and you risked your security?”
Many aspects of our lives may play the Saturn role at this time in our lives: the Boss, Parents, the Bank, Government, Finances, Family, Husband, Wife, Children. All of them will be the recipients of our projected Saturn.
Although this square will not be exact until August 3, 2015, at the moment, these two planets are less than 4º of orb. We can therefore say that the apparently opposing voices of these two powerful gods can be heard loud and clear.
Wherever Saturn and Jupiter are transiting in your chart, is the area of your life where this dispute of “expansion” and “be careful and responsible” is taking place.
During these meetings, progress in our projects may be more difficult than normal,with unforeseen complications that call us to plan better. Difficulties with official entities, by issues that normally we have ignored for a while and now seem to appear at the same time.
Themes of renewal of documents, payments to government entities, projects that are stopped by the indecisiveness of other, trips that are delayed for different reasons, etc, etc.
The most stressful periods are now until the end of November, and then again from July and August 2015. Especially for those with fixed signs on their charts (Taurus-Leo – Scorpio and Aquarius). Also in 2016, from March until the end of May and then during June, but this time already in mutable signs,therefore it will affect those with Geminis-Virgo – Sagittarius and Pisces in his birth charts.
It is important to take things very calmly and understand that there are certain issues that need to be resolved and certain responsibilities that one should take. Separating the emotions of these proceses is vital and acting as an adult, indispensable. Tax issues may appear, debts with the government or with others, so we must try to solve these things without trying to escape from it , since in any equation which involves Saturn, to rid oneself of responsibility without consequences is virtually impossible. It is therefore important to plan with time and ensure that our desire for rapid expansion does not blind us to the corresponding steps.
This does not have be a negative impact if we do our homework and fulfill what he should do. Conversely, it can be a great opportunity to do the right thing and not have to pay the consequences later.
Another point to consider is that Jupiter represents our beliefs and also sometimes our fanaticism, do not forget that in 2001, when the Twin Towers fell down, this two planets were just separating from the conjunction that began in 2000, therefore wherever these planets are in our chart, also help us bring to consciousness the consequences of our actions guided by believes imposed by others. Seeing the restriction on the “other” is typical of these moments. Therefore a little self-analysis is important and required, to stop projecting our shadow and limitations on others and thus stop being victims of something or someone else. The reasons of our inability to progress, usually are within us and not in others. It is so much easier to say: ‘But is that they do not let me progress, to express myself, to be’. “That” or “that one” which does not allow me to be, is usually the recipient of our projections, where we deposit all our impossibilities and our limitations (Saturn). Think again and ask yourself, what is the reason why you do not progress.
During this square, the themes of independence, religion, philosophy, (ISIS), will be the carriers of our inner struggle. It is through these themes that we will express our inner struggle to expand and grow without fear. Let us remember that Saturn lives within our psyche and that of others, like Jupiter.
Depending on how, the culture you come from, the collective in which you have been born and grown, has managed these two archetypes, will be how you will live this time. If your culture has glorified expansion no matter what, that’s what you‘ll do, if on the other hand, you come from cultures where expansion has always been truncated by a Government, authoritarian or too ambitious parents, a dictatorial system, an empire, etc, then it is in this way that you will live this transit. As a victim of the circumstances.
Observe carefully this struggle in the depth of your psyche and decides which path to follow. The more aware we live this process, the more growth it will bring.

MALALA gets a well deserved Peace Nobel Prize!!!

astro_245ast_486_malala_yousafzai_20141010.32899.18233Malala Yousafzai was born only 17 years ago, on 12 July 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan, and according to Astrotheme at 8:15 hrs, and today she makes history for being the youngest person ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, and absolutely deserved.

This girl, now a young woman, was taking the bus to go to school like every day, exactly 2 years ago and a few Taliban hopped on the bus and after calling her name they discharged three shots in the head, of which one only reached destination.

The rest is already history, after recovering sufficiently to be able to be moved to Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where she miraculously recovered, decided to continue in her struggle for the right to education of girls at home and then in all those countries where women still do not enjoy this basic right.

The most impressive thing about this young woman or adolescent, who I have heard in several interviews is that nothing of what she says, seems to be a rehearsed speech, but you can immediately sense that her words come directly out of her heart and that extraordinary mind she has, both, mind and heart united in the belief that what she is doing is what she should be doing. Few things are more powerful than this. The certainty that one is on the right track, that one is living one’s own destiny.

According to Astrotheme, this time of birth was facilitated by Malala and her family, which leads us to see a Sun in Cancer in the eleventh House, which can not be more descriptive of her extraordinary struggle to improve humanity.

The conjunction of Moon with Mars in Libra is astrological poetry. A born Warrior, who will not give up her journey even after being shot in the head, a journey she transmits through words, diplomacy and peace – but, this combination is part of a T-square involving Saturn, opposing the Moon-Mars conjunction, two malefics (as astrologers used to call Mars and Saturn) in Cardinal signs and both forming a square to the Sun. This speaks of the dramatic event which almost sent her to the world of the dead, aggression at the hands of the masculine, a karmic violence I would say, that expresses the war between the masculine and the feminine. Vesta in conjunction to Saturn, talks about her relationship with her father and her focus on this extraordinary arduous task of defending the rights of women in a country like Pakistan. Chiron opposition Saturn, another example of astrological poetry, since she was born in a culture where women are dominated by the masculine, her deep wound, that drives her to fight against it. Her Sun in Cancer, would say: “you won’t win with me”, a true expression of the cardinal energy.

In this chart, there are two T-square, typical symbol of people who are Warriors and fighter, both containing a Sun-Saturn square, and without delving into Malala’s psyche in this article, something I will do later, her struggle is supported by her father, who doesn’t leave alone for one second. He is her mentor, inspiring agent and somehow the engine behind her fight, she is the carrier and writer/director of her father’s ideals.

Venus and Mercury in Leo describe her natural talent for public speaking and have everyone fascinated when she does. Her Sun opposite Neptune, speaks of their high ideals and longings to be the “lamb” even if that means that she should be sacrificed for the cause. She knows that it is not yet safe, and that at any time the taliban can return to attack her, as they have expressed it publicly via Twitter more than once.

It is also significant that coinciding with the moment in which her progressed Moon joins her progressed MC in the House 10, of her public image, she is granted this important award and since everything is in Gemini, obviously not by herself, but in the company of another, Kailash Satyarthi, also an activist, who has saved thousands of children from labor slavery.

With Jupiter in house 6, of work and health matters and which has to do with the expansion, traveling abroad and publishing, last year, when this great planet by transit passed over her natal Sun in Cancer, Malala published her book, with great success at the international level. Now in Leo, passing over Venus, ruler of the MC, she gets a Nobel Peace Prize.

To conclude this brief overview of Malala chart, I would add that she was born with Juno in conjunction to the Sun, a wonderful expression of female power that places her at the forefront of this struggle for the education of young women, with only 17 years old. What a girl!

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries – October 8, 2014

Luna EclipseThis full moon in the Aries-Libra angle, or in other words the angle, YOU and ME or put still another way, the balance between masculine and feminine within the self, a fundamental issue in personal relationships. This eclipse is the second of a series of four so-called Bloody Moon eclipses. You will see it in some parts of the USA and Hawaii in the early hours of the morning, before sunrise. To the South East of the planet, Australia, New Zealand, the East Asia can be seen after the sunset. For South America will be a partial Eclipse before the dawn on the 8th . It will be exact although not visible for Spain and Central Europe at 12:50.
This eclipse in particular defines the games of power between two people, whether they are husband and wife, business partners, boyfriend-girlfriend, etc.This is defined by the fact that the Moon at 15 ° Aries 05′ for this eclipse, is in conjunction to Uranus Aries 14 ° 29′, who as we know is in square to Pluto, itself at 11 ° 03′ Capricorn. The Sun at 15 ° Libra 05′ for this eclipse, which of course is opposing the Moon, is also squaring Pluto and opposed to Uranus. Venus is part of this equation also in Libra next to the Sun.
Human relations is the subject of this Eclipse and the situation in Syria and Iraq with Isis and the forces of the coalition and also with the Kurds on the border with Turkey, a very eloquent description of the power of the current Uranus-Pluto square and in combination with this lunar eclipse.
Many wars have started for eclipses, which since ancient times are considered to be a dark, negative influence, and also manifest themselves in cycles. The name itself: Eclipse comes from the Greek and means, “abandonment”, fall or obscuring of one celestial body. Something stops being seen for a few moments. Something moves into the dark section, or in the shadow of another body. As shown in this diagram, in a total lunar eclipse, like this one, the Moon (our emotions, our relationship to the feminine) pass through the shadow of the Earth, or umbra. Symbolically, something within us comes into the shadow of our consciousness, in the darkness of the psyche, so that we can bring light to these areas, see what is hidden in the depths of our emotions, which does not allows us to evolve. A moment to Reconsider (with the help of retrograde Mercury)about what needs to transform within ourselves, to make progress, evolve, conclude situations afflicting us, to be able to move to the next chapter of our lives. It will make clear what cycle is ending and what is starting. An eclipse in Cardinal signs like this, calls to action, to overcome, to the conclusion of something, to a new beginning.
Eclipses occur when the lunations form next to the Lunar nodes, these imaginary but relevant points where the plane of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, or line that marks the passage of the earth around the Sun (or the Sun around the Earth, from our vantage point). In the birthchart the North Node (or Rahu or Dragon’s head) marks the qualities that we are trying to develop in this lifetime and the South node (Ketu or tail of the Dragon), describes, those qualities that we are trying to move away from, patterns that we need to transform.
In this eclipse of Wednesday October 8 occurring in Libra with the Sun next to the North node and Venus (ruler of Libra) and Pallas in opposition to Eris, the subject of personal freedom within the relationship seems to emanate from it. The lesson that freedom is not something that you claim or demand from another, but rather something we are all entitled to, is eloquent. If you have to demand it from another, it means you have relinquished your own freedom to that other. We have all have come to this life to develop our own destiny and it is our absolute obligation to do so. If you cannot master your own talents, your own decisions, by relying on the approval of another, this is perhaps the issue in darkness of your psyche that needs light. Why do we relinquish our power of decision, our self-esteem, our self-acceptance, our freedom to be to another?
This cardinal eclipse involving Eris and Uranus and Pluto and Pallas will make us feel stronger , braver and more determined that ever before, to confront what life brings to our table and claim freedom of action, the need to free ourselves mentally and emotionally. If you are still dragging a relationship that no longer works, or a dependency on another, either emotionally or financially that it making you feel a prisoner, use the energies of this eclipse for RE-flect and RE-valuate “why” or rather “what” you’re in this situation “for”. In the majority of cases, the dependency is a part of our own psyche that we do not know, that it is kept in the dark and we project on our spouse or partner.
The Moon in Aries for this eclipse, is located next to Uranus and Eris, combination that shouts: freedom! Eris is he one left out, who lives in darkness, her name means “discord”, she represents Malificent in the Sleeping Beauty, and similar energy as that of Lilith who was expelled from Eden for refusing to blindly obey Adam.
The good news is that the Moon alongside Uranus form a Grand Trine to Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo, although this can be an explosive combination by an excess of Ego, it can at the same time make us feel, far more optimistic and bring opportunities to expand ourselves and travel or make progress on whatever it is that we do, which will help in the process of liberation. Remember that freedom does not necessarily mean divorce, true liberation occurs at the mental level, when one is finally decides to Be, who one really IS and not who others want or expect one to be. Although it is not an easy task, it is our absolute duty, as it is, to live our male and female aspects of our psyche in a balanced way and what better opportunity than the Sun and Venus in Libra to do so or at least understand this?
Man must make peace with his feminine side or “anima” to not expect his wife to be what he wants her to be and women must accept and express their masculine side or “animus” not to expect their man to be something he is not.
Enjoy these process and share your experiences if you wish.

MERCURY RETROGRADE from the 4th til the 26th of October, 2014

Mercury RetrogradeLike with all cosmic events, even if Mercury has 3 retrograde periods a year, this one in particular, the last of this year, is not equal to any other.
We already know that since this small planet takes 88 days to go around the Sun, 3 or 4 times a year, it aligns itself with the Earth, and from our vantage point it looks as if it turns back on itself, for a period of 3 weeks. Such motion is measured and is what we call the retrograde of Mercury.
This particular time, it stations retrograde and begins its apparent backward motion at 2º of Scorpio on October 4 and goes back to the 16º of Libra, where it was on September 14th, therefore from that day until October 4, is what we call its pre-shadow period, which in many cases marks the beginning of the whole cycle. On October 11th re-enters Libra, and on that day, Venus, Libra’s and Taurus ruler,opposes Uranus in Aries.
This retrograde cycle as all the others, incline us, to RE-structure, RE-think, Re-view, different situations of our lives, especially those that most concerns us at the time. The House of your birthchart where this retrograde occurs, will indicate to you the situation to meditate on. A good question in these cases is: “Is this what I really want?”, “How do I resolve this, to finish it in the best possible way?”
The Solar eclipse or new moon of October 23, three days before Mercury stations direct once again, is in 0 – 2 degrees of Scorpio, where Mercury first stationes retrograde. Where is this degree placed in your chart? If you have planets in those degrees, what aspects do they make? and with what other area of your chart it connects to? All these are issues to consider if you want to understand what this retrograde of Mercury may bring to your life.
This cycle starts with the Sun in conjunction to Venus, in opposition to Uranus, and therefore, in square to Pluto, issues of how to feel free within a relationship, without breaking it, it is a possibility, the desire to escape from a relationship, it is another way of living this influence.
Mars conjunct to Pholus, trines Jupiter and Lilith in Leo and Eris and Uranus in Aries, therefore this aspect also speaks of the possibility of freeing ourselves from a situation or a relationship which has fulfilled its purpose and it doesn’t not help us grow any longer. The lesson that nothing is forever, seems to be described by the Sun-Pluto square.
Moon in Aquarius also forms a Trine to the Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra, which also speaks of the possibility of sorting things out in a more diplomatic manner, without too much emotional upheaval.
The Moon Node in conjunction to Pallas in Libra, emphasizes the desire to solve the problems of personal relationships and regain the freedom within or outside of it. Chiron in square to Mars, is a particularly painful combination, as sometimes is necessary to express oneself firmly to achieve what one wants, and this aspect, confronts us with the inability to do so. In this case it is extremely important to find the reason why we are in the situation that we are, rather than feel we are victims of this. Someone said: “Things don’t happen TO us, they happen FOR us”.
See what planets you have around 2° degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo and have a look at what part of you, needs more observation and more contemplation. Mercury returns from a Water sign to an Air sign, simply looking from this vantage point, the message is clear. Perhaps what we need is to analyze the situation more mentally and rationally and less emotionally. If we removed emotions from the equation, would we see it in the same manner? Libra also teaches us to put ourselves in the place of the other, rather than judge them. Scorpio wants revenge and Libra wants to be fair be both parties. Ponder about this.