The Winter-Summer Solstice 2021 and the Retrograde of Venus in Capricorn

We have entered Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Northen Hemisphere. At this moment, according to where you find yourself geographically, you will be living the longest days of the year (SH) or the longest nights of the year (NH), this simple fact of Nature presents us with the fact that reality depends on the place where you are, the landscape that surrounds you, the Culture in which you live.

Terry Eagleton, suggests that Culture is the result of human will that meets the determinism of Nature. Like Bernadette Brady reminds us, Egleton sees the word “agriculture” as an example of such a fusion and points out how customs, ritual and family knowledge emerge from the human will confronted or in union with the landscape and Nature. In Astrology, the Goddess of Agriculture is Ceres, the mother of Persefone, that asteroid that in 2006 was elevated to “dwarf planet” to accompany Pluto, which had been demoted from “planet” to “dwarf planet” along with the newly discovered Eris.

This past week when Mars was opposing Ceres, both aligned with the Lunar Nodes, the Pachamama reminded us what happens when its fury is unleashed. Hurricanes in the United States were just one expression of it, and were followed by floods, collapsing buildings, explosions, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes that left many deaths. All within this week that coincided with the Mars-Ceres opposition in union with the Lunar Nodes. Astrological geometry. Nature as a symbol of the Divine, reminds us that although most things we can argue that are a matter of point of view, but She roars, we all learn equally.

“If we surrender to the intelligence of the Earth we could rise up rooted, like trees, instead we become entangled in knots of our own creation and fight, alone and confused.”- said Rainer Maria Rilke – The Book of Hours II

We continue to argue about climate warming, and in the meantime, it happens all around us, and although we see it in the present tense, many of us deny it. We can say the same about the Pandemia. That is the nature of our stubbornness in these matters and we prefer to deny or ignore, rather than take responsibility for it. Astrology presents us with the evidence that the only solution for our pains is to understand circularity and cycles. Even Death will seem less threatening if we understood that She walks right by us from the beginning.

“The deepest core of life is poetry and symbol,” said Dane Rudhyar and fortunately Astrology which can be seen as the Poetry of the Divine, the voice of the Gods, must be interpreted by us mere mortals. It is difficult to interpret poetry, it is only in our intuitive wisdom that we can connect with it or not, to benefit from its symbolic richness or not. To be transformed by it or not.

As far as this Venus Retrograde event in Capricorn that has begun before yesterday is concerned, it tells us that the areas of life that will probably be amplified more than usual during the retrograde period are those that are ruled by the Goddess of Beauty, including love or rather the mystery of what it is that attracts us to others, therefore personal relationships and values, as well as our personal financial affairs. We might experience powerful internal changes in terms of how we perceive or feel about something related to these archetypal themes. Changes may or may not correlate with external events at the time they occur, but whether internal or external, they often lead to significant changes that will have long-term implications if we allow ourselves to be transformed by it. So we embark on the deep mystery of identifying our most ingrained values, such as Integrity (Capricorn), values that emanate from our Culture, but also from the highest of the human spirit. At this time in our history where institutions have lost their authority especially in the West, and our young people do not believe in what they ask of them, we can say that it is a good time to try and understand what our higher nature asks of us. Not everything is corrupt, not everything has ceased to have value. If we do not sustain ourselves from the depths of the human spirit, of us mere mortals, creators of gods and goddesses, of stories and tales, everything we believe in or not, then yes, we would be lost. But fortunately this is not the case, since we have poetry, imagination, the Beauty of Nature and everything that makes us great and reminds us that Life is always worth living.

Falling into the pit that everything is corrupt is self-defeat, it is avoiding responsibility.

Astrological poetry tells us that the retrograde of Venus asks us to reflect on all this, to connect with our divine nature and start this new year, with Hope and Courage. Everyone, if we reconnect with our divine essence can produce the changes we need and desire, but for this it is necessary in addition to the process of individuation that Uranus asks of us, which helps us to disidentify with the family and cultural mandate, so that we can think for ourselves and not be handled by old stories (however fantastic they may be) and cultural grudges that do not allow us to Be in all our uniqueness. We must also listen to Neptune (the highest octave of Venus) who reminds us that we are all connected to the Whole and that only with our Divine compassion and creativity (which we all possess), can we produce the necessary changes.

It is up to us to do so, if we only cross the barrier of duality and remember that Neptune also speaks from within suggesting that we are ALL ONE.

The poetry of Astrology is based on an exact geometry of the Cosmos in which we find ourselves. It is our divine intuition that may or may not interpret poetry, but the bases are geometric. This Retrograde of Venus, goddess of Beauty, impels us to seek HER, in everything we see, smell, taste and hear. Venus rules Taurus and this sign connects us with our senses, our desires for connection with others, with our sexuality and sensuality, with our talents. This Retrograde continues until January 29, 2022, when Venus stations directly and “starts” moving forward once again, but the cycle does not end until the beginning of March, when the post-shadow period concludes, that is, the 26º of Capricorn where it began its retrograde. We cross the bridge from the Old to the New Year. It does so by the hand of Pluto, which as always suggests that we look beyond appearance, the superficial and recognize humanity in everything we see and live. Pluto asks us to survive and evolve above all else. There is no excuse for not doing so, the Plutonian mandate is also in each of us, therefore we can say that it is the gift of the God of the Underworld. Giving up is not an option, Pluto says.

I wish you all a journey full of Hope and Courage across the bridge and see you in the new year, with more Astrology, more Poetry and more Love.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Welcome to 2022.

More in the New Year.

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Chauvin-Floyd Case and the centaur Nessus

Tuesday, April 20th, a jury found a white cop “guilty of murder” for killing George Floyd, an African-American citizen, after a 17-year-old recorded a live video of the murder that occurred on May 25, 2020. Watching the video is a painful experience that fills us with rage, impotence and sadness. Among all the injustices that occur in the world every second, it seemed to confront us with an uncomfortable and very concrete reality: the abuse of some people representing the institutions that supposedly are there to protect us, and of course, the humanity of it all. The verdict affects many people around the world as it provokes a feeling of “at last.” When the Sun entered the sign of Taurus to join Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in the sign of the Bull, something provokes the feeling that perhaps this brings the possibility of a change (Uranus), a small step toward the obtaining justice for minorities (Eris). When we continue to live the effects of the square between Pluto on Capricorn (which has made clear to us the failures of the Institutions and what must be “amputated” and “transformed” in our society) and the Goddess of Discord (Eris Black Lives Matter, me-too). The Taurus side of our nature( our ability to enjoy pleasure and our finances) that has been frustrated due to the pandemic, seems to be exploding in the streets of many countries.

The murder on the streets of Minneapolis, US, was seen all over the world, thanks to the young woman’s video, so we can assume that this has a collective message, to awaken consciousness on some level, for all. These kinds of injustices happen every day in the world, but this time, someone recorded it as it happened and showed it to the world. Something in the cries of George Floyd, a very tall and physically powerful African-American, of “I can’t breathe” and “mom,” send a chill down our spine. We all think the police officer would escape justice, as it always happens. When we had information about Derek Chauvin, who shares a surname with a French character who gave his name to “chauvinism” :(adaptation of the surname of the French patriot Nicolas Chauvin, a historical character decorated in the Napoleonic wars), also colloquially known as “exaggerated patriotism”, is the belief that the very thing of the country or region to which one belongs is the best, the absolute truth, or superior in any aspect , reminds us in some way of the “resonance of the name”, as it seems to describe the idiosyncrasies of the police officer.

When I looked at Derek Chauvin’s birth chart, what immediately caught my attention was the Mars-Nessus conjunction on the cusp of Cancer, with Nessus in Gemini’s Grade 29, exactly at a 90o angle to the natal sun (a square) for those unfamiliar with this centaur asteroid, which is the one who “indirectly” kills the great hero Hercules o Heracles , with his own weapon, I tell you the myth briefly:

” After Hercules’ war with the Centaurs, which culminated with one of his poisoned arrows causing Chiron’s wound and Pholus’ death, Nessus, the wildest of the three, escaped. A few years later when Hercules strolled through the countryside with his wife Deianeira, they reached a river where there was a centaur crossing people. Hercules asks him to cross his wife as he led the way. The centaur was Nessus, but Hercules did not recognize him and marched to the other side of the river, as he turned to make sure his wife was ok, he able to see how the centaur proceeded to rape his wife. Heracles seeing his wife’s situation fired a Hydra-poisoned arrow into Nessus’ chest. As he lay dying, as a final act of malice, Nessus told Deianeira that his blood would ensure that Heracles was faithful to her forever, knowing that the blood was infected with the hydra venom.

Deianeira naively believed him. Later, when her confidence in the hero’s fidelity began to diminish, she spread the blood of the centaur in a robe and gave it to her husband before going to a meeting of heroes. Meanwhile, Deianeira accidentally spilled a portion of the centaur’s blood on the ground. To his horror, he began to emanate a powerful stench and instantly recognized him as poison and sent his messenger to warn Heracles, but it was too late. Heracles lay dying slowly and painfully as the robe burned its skin, by the heat of the poison.”

It is easy to deduce in this story that the hero dies from his own weapon (the poison), which he used to implant justice on the most animalistic side of our nature, since in all his labours, 12 of them, he always kills an animal. We all find it difficult to recognize the archetype of Nessus within ourselves. It is an invitation to address aspects of our nature that none of us are willing to accept, it is much easier to project it and see it in others; the most animalistic aspect of our nature, which only wants to survive, above all, that impels us to dominate others, that awakens hatred and desire for revenge, emanating from our own feelings of shame and powerlessness. In order to integrate this archetype into our consciousness, it takes a lot of humility, honesty and courage. The obvious symbolism that the animal part is from the waist down, while from the waist up, the centaur is man, speaks volumes of the eternal struggle of us humans with our sexuality and our inner Beast, as I like to call it.

Nessus, which is an asteroid-comet that revolves around the Sun between Saturn’s orbits and Pluto, is a controlling force that only drives us to survive no matter what. It embodies the dynamics of the stalker. The part of our psyche you want to dominate, for the terror of being dominated and therefore exterminated. It is an effort to disguise our own helplessness to another, and in doing so creates the illusion of power. Faced with the terror of being turned victims by other predators, we become the aggressor. Our inability to accept our vulnerability and helplessness results in seeing it in others. Every human being is a drop in the ocean of humanity and it is that apparent insignificance that leads us to want to be superhuman. I say Apparent, because if we become individuals and offer the world that individuality full of special talents and unique views, then we cease to be insignificant to become an integral part of Humanity.

In these moments of wild technology and Aquarian airs that propel us into the next two decades and also two centuries of extraordinary technological advances, integrating our whole being will be more indispensable than ever, or we will be dominated by algorithms and the accumulation of our data in the hands of large corporations than Yuval Harari says:” algorithms will know us more than we know ourselves.” A chilling perspective.

In Chauvin’s birth chart, the Mars conjunction (the inner hero)-Nessus, forms a square to his Sun in the last degrees of Pisces, speaks powerfully of an inner dilemma where the archetype of Nessus is a very powerful voice. With Venus-Mercury-Pholus also in this sign of fish, which describes a genuine quality of its nature, of wanting to help others, with a Moon in Scorpio (possibly) which also describes its contact with the Underworld, which all policemen travel daily. About Saturn’s square in Cancer to his Jupiter in Aries Liz Greene writes: “Jupiter’s contact with Saturn seems to suggest the psychological need to transform Jupiter’s faith into practical life so that the individual can live what he intuitively feels is the purpose of his life…. However, the demands of practical life are often considered contradictory, rather than the logical fulfillment of the intuitive vision and the needs of defense and self-interest often lead the individual to abandon his faith. An expression of Jupiter-Saturn is the individual who has sold everything to Saturn (or the devil) and who abandons his quest because the realities of food, refuge, position in society, and the protection of his most vulnerable feelings seem greater, or at least more imminently important to him”

On the day of the assassination, the Moon by transit aligned with the Nodal angle exactly over its Nessus-Mars conjunction on the 3rd house, which seems to describe the fact that “a girl” would record it and send it to the world, and the nodes formed squares to his natal Sun, exactly. The perfect symbol of being at the crossroads of this dilemma explained by Liz Greene, so eloquently. Saturn in transit through the first degrees of Aquarius, came from forming the conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, which in turn activated Chauvin’s Jupiter-Saturn quadrature. This is when astrology becomes an indispensable and unparalleled tool to understand what was going on inside the policeman’s psyche. Astrological poetry based on exact cosmic geometry. Yesterday, when Saturn now 11th from Aquarius, forming the exact square to his Natal Pluto, he is sent to prison, he is now crossing the river Styx on his way to the Underworld.

FULL MOON in Libra, with Nessus in Pisces

We are transiting through a Full Moon in Libra which tells us about the need to find, or rather, put the emphasis on finding: Balance in our relationships, a compromise between two apparent opposites, so that we can position ourselves at the center of this apparent duality and find a more complete and honest sense of being within ourselves.

If we start from the basis of this great active opposition right now, between this Moon positioned in the sign of the Balance, an inanimate object, meaning, without involving the emotions, which asks us to create bonds and seek a compromise, opposing the Sun in Aries, which tells us about being ME, at all costs, which in turn is accompanied by the centaur Kiron and Venus, (dispositor or ruler of this Full Moon), in an exact triple conjunction, we see that this astrological duality between ME and YOU is considerably emphasized this weekend. This triple conjunction between the Sun-Venus-Kiron offers us a magnificent opportunity to heal the wounds of our EGO, helping us understand that Aries’ impulse to manifest ourselves strongly, to express our inner hero, without qualms, has other possibilities and above all, that if we place ourselves at the center, rather than each side of this inner duality, we will find more integrity and peace in our soul. Eris, Goddess of Strife and Discord, also in Aries, seems to be teaching us the lesson that “dissent” does not necessarily mean enmity. There hasn’t have to be a single opinion, because otherwise we wouldn’t grow or evolve. He/She, that which causes us conflict, confronts us with a different vision, provokes us to re-think, re-evaluate, our own ideas and values, answer our inner questions. Without it, we wouldn’t grow psychologically. Eris is about creating dissonances in belief systems that shake the foundations of them and awaken us to the full extent of our being and our connection to the whole of existence. She embodies cognitive dissonance by inviting us to go beyond superficial understanding to a deeper, more fundamental level. Both Venus and Eris archetypes, although opposite in appearances, are not really, as Eris is Ares’ sister, and Venus is his eternal lover, both walk hand in hand with Ares/Mars, regent of Aries, our inner Soldier, within our psyche.

This FULL MOON, leads us to question the reason for our impatience in the face of the different, reminding us that the coin always has two sides. Kiron’s wisdom and patience is extremely important at this time, since he speaks through his momentary union with Venus, telling us very gently that what confronts me is absolutely necessary for the evolution of Consciousness. I grow up, when something confronts me. This is also an ideal time to collect our projections and realize that what seems so different to me is just the other side of my internal coin. If he/she’s in front of me, it’s about me.

The technological advancement that we have been living through, for a few years, with the advent of mobiles and social media, which allow us to communicate with many people quickly, does not assure us a real connection. Especially the emotional bond we all desire. This reminds me of a phrase by Anne Bronte, who says, “He who does not want to prick himself with the thorns should not desire the Rose.” The Sun with Kiron and Venus reminds us that there is no deep bond without thorns. Pain is part of what we call Love. More than anything, because we can’t cease for ever that moment when we’re feeling Love. Feelings are in continuous motion as the adventures of our inner hero are. We are continually reminded of the absolute need to live every moment entirely, as that same emotion may not return and even when it does it will not be identical, and it doesn’t have to be. Love, like the Self, is constantly evolving, renewing, growing, continuously transforming.

Saturn, the LORD of Karma, forms a great grand trine(120º) to this Moon in Libra and to Mars in Gemini, which gives us a more down to earth vision, so that we can see ourselves, in a more rational and less emotional way. Neptune forms a square (90º) to Juno (The Wife), therefore, the idea of what the couple “should” be, looks much less clear these days, so that we can analyse more rationally (Neptune and Mercury are also together), new ways of relating, new paradigms as far as our concept of the “couple” is concerned. Something is inviting us to take off, to depart from the traditional and from all those learned ideas instilled in us by a society that is undergoing an extraordinary transformation, to open ourselves to this Aquarius world that we begin to transit. The traditional precepts of what marriage and the personal relationship should or should not be, seem to be dissolving and we entering a new world of emotions, where we can’t separate them from technology. Seems scary?. It doesn’t have to be.

On the other hand we have Nessus, the other centaur, the one (who kills) the Hero, since he caused the death of Hercules/Heracles with his own weapon, meaning, the same weapon that Heracles used to kill the centaur. For those who do not know the story, here it goes: “After the war with the Centaurs, in which Hercules was involved and who caused the knee wound of Kiron involuntarily and the also involuntary the death of Pholus, (another centaur), Nessus manages to escape. Many years later, Hercules was walking through the countryside with his wife Deianeira, when they reached a river, where there was a centaur crossing people. Hercules asked to carry his wife as he led the way. But the centaur (Nessus) without being able to control himself or in revenge for Hercules who had not recognized him, proceeded to rape his wife. Hercules turns around and when he sees him threw one of his poisoned arrows with the blood of the Hydra, right on his chest and killed him. As Nessus lay dying, as a final act of malice, Nessus told Deianeira that his blood would make sure Heracles was faithful to her forever, knowing that blood was infected with the Hydra poison. Deianeira foolishly believed him. Later, when her confidence began to diminish regarding the Hero’s fidelity, she spread the blood of the centaur that she had kept in a little glass jar, in a robe and gave it to her husband. When he left, she inadvertently spilled the contents of the bottle and the aroma invaded her and she recognized it as poison and sent her messenger to warn Heracles, but it was too late. Heracles lay dying slowly and painfully as the robe burned his skin, either in real flames or by the heat of the poison. He died in a burial pyre of oak branches. Heracles was taken to Mount Olympus by Zeus and received among the gods for his heroic exploits.”

These last 8 days we have seen a violent week in various parts of the world as Mars approached the aligning with the lunar nodes. At the same time Nessus, was in an exact square at the nodal angle, activated by Mars. In the United States, there have been several shootings, as in Burma and Mozambique. The symbol of Nessus who kills the Hero using the same weapon the latter uses to kill the monsters, it evokes these instances where in case of Burma, it is the army itself, supposedly formed to defend its people who are killing civilians and in the United States,the freedom to possess weapons that has been part of the growth of that great country, has now become the reason behind all of these shootings as many people with serious mental health problems, are armed so indiscriminately and the incidents keep uncomfortably repeating in this country that trumpets freedom. The confinement and confrontation with death in the wake of the Pandemic only aggravates this situation.

The energies emanating from this magnificent and evocative Full Moon in Libra, when the Sun walks hand in hand with the Goddess of Beauty and the centaur Kiron, offers us the possibility to look at ourselves with Love and think about our bonds and our ability to love. Kiron lives his whole life with a knee wound but this does not prevent him from caring for and healing others. Let us awaken those Venusian and Kironian energies in our lives and enjoy the Rose, despite the thorns. Let’s rescue Beauty, let’s rescue Aphrodite in our lives.

NEW MOON (first of the year) in Capricorn – 13 of January 2021

First New Moon of the Year in Capricorn and the last in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, since by 2024 when Pluto finally enters Aquarius (where it will stay until January 2044), there will be no other New Moon in conjunction with the “dwarf planet” that bears the name and intentions of the Lord of the Underworld, who always confronts us with our worst nature, with our shadow and as I like to call it, with our “Inner Beast”. This does not mean that the Capricornio story, which we have been living, for the last 12 years since Pluto first entered (in our lives), in this sign of the sacred goat, which, among other things, represents our institutions and our ability to establish law and order in the kingdom, will end. What happened last Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol is a clear example of the crisis of our institutions and our ability to implement law and order. But the most important thing about Capricorn and its regent, the Lord of the Rings, Saturn, is the importance of developing our own internal institutions and regulating system, without having to be ordered around or be “victimized” by exterior authority. Finding Saturn and its most positive expression within us is Capricorn’s legacy. What is the most positive aspect of this great archetype is that as we grow up, we no longer need our parents to set limits on us, but that we must learn to respond to “our own internal barometer” of what Integrity, Ethics, Honesty means for each of us. This New Moon is also formed in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, so the journey to the underworld of our psyche will be inevitable. Our inner struggle to feel empowered or not is the issue. Wanting power is also a struggle for survival. The New Moon also activates the square between Pluto and Eris, which raises the tone of those oppressed, forgotten voices relegated to irrelevance, both within us and in the outside world.

The fact that we have been discussing and turned a simple mask into a political, conspiratorial matter shows us that we are in crisis of values and ideals. We should be the ones who decided to wear the mask, which obviously prevents us from transmitting our viruses to others, rather than waiting for the government to force us do it and then feel oppressed and dominated.

This is a New Moon which talks about this, as Mars, our “fighting” nature, is in a square (90º) to Saturn. According to Traditional Astrology, the two “malefic”, at war, therefore, something seems to “putting limits” (Saturn) on our ability to fight, defend, advance, survive. Frustrating is the word that explains it, but it can be much more than that, if you’ve committed a crime, for example. It can also be something as simple as the regulations to go to the gym in a period of a pandemic or just not be able to train in the streets. Someone or something (an institution for example) prevents us from doing what we want to do, how and when we want to do it. On Thursday the 14th, just for this New Moon, Mercury begins its pre-shadow period of this next Retrograde that begins on January 30 and culminates on February 21, although its post-shadow period, which really ends this cycle, is March 12. The pre-shadow period begins when Mercury reaches the degree to which it will retreat in its retrograde period, in this case the 11th Aquarius; the post-shadow period is the degree where retrograde station happens, in this case, 26th Aquarius. I mention this because with the square between Mars and Saturn, it is possible that the emphasis of arrears is on paperwork and the licensing permits, pensions procedures , etc. The delay of all this is its most negative aspect, but of course there is also a very positive side to it, which is the one that we will find by reviewing our labor, financial, our creative and / or business projects past, since Mars which travels through Taurus, at this time, can provide us with more positive or negative surprises in these aspects of life, depending on our actions in the past. Mercury forms a square to Uranus, just before the New Moon, which can bring us some ideas worth investigating.

This New Moon also begins with Venus in a fantastic aspect of Mars and Uranus, which reminds us that in order to create and express our creativity, we must let go of outdated values and believes based on old-fashioned “traditions”. Renovation, the innovation, even taking risks is what counts now. “Tradition” has led us to where we are and it shows us where we need to evolve, to start a new stage in our personal lives as well as in the world. Venus in Capricorn reminds us that we must all take responsibility and control our worst nature, for the good of the community. You also need control and awareness to create. We need perseverance and dedication, and that’s the best gift of the Capricorn archetype. Without work and dedication there is no quality. With Venus, Sun and Moon and of course Pluto in Capricorn this is a good impulse to understand that instead of complaining so much about being manipulated and the inefficiency of governments, we, all of us must act with responsibility and conviction. With Jupiter and Saturn already in Aquarius, the message is that we are all part of this Humanity and we must bring about the changes we would like to see, with a plan, not irresponsibly , with an internal certainty that it is our children and grandchildren that are inheriting what we do today.

With Neptune still transiting its own sign, Pisces, which has confirmed to us that everyone, no matter your race, social or financial status, sexual or religious orientation, can become infected by a microscopic virus, because it affects the human race, of which we are all a part. It also confronts us with the state of media confusion we are seeing, and helps us to understand what it means to have freedom , (initiated when Neptune transited Aquarius between 1998-2011) and the power to give our opinion and publish all that comes to mind, to share with the world. This also requires the internal responsibility of Saturn, which as it transits Aquarius for the next three years, will will begin to put some limits on that newly gained media freedom. Some of this we started to see, when Twitter and Facebook canceled the U.S. President’s accounts.

Right for this New Moon in Capricorn, Uranus, finally stations direct, thus ending its retrograde period of the year that began on August 15, 2020, and it will begin to move forward from the 6º to 15º of Taurus from now until August , when it will retrograde again until the 11º of Taurus during the second half of the year, until January 2022, when it’ll stops again to re-start its movement forward. If you have planets around 6º and 15º degrees from Leo-Aquarius-Scorpio and Taurus, something is screaming inside you to free yourself from self-imposed chains in the aspect of your life denoted by the houses affected in your natal chart. If you have planets in those degrees in Virgo or Capricorn, liberation will occur more naturally. From February, Uranus will be in square to Saturn, almost all year round, therefore, the cry of self-affirmation and liberation will be confronted with that fact that to do so, we must follow certain rules, imposed by ourselves and our society. Still, squares are often, internal struggles, conflicts of our different internal voices that lead us to duality but also to the development of our deepest sense of values, both social and personal. In the myth between Saturn (son) and Uranus (father), it is Saturn who castrates his father, and it is from those amputated testicles, casted to the the sea, that Aphrodite is born.

As we have already seen with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, we begin this year, with the certainty that we must take individual and social responsibility in many respects and that does not mean that life will be more boring, but quite the opposite. From the castration of Uranus, the Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Creativity, was born. Translated: Internal Beauty and Creativity have the opportunity to manifest themselves, when there is an act of castration and limitation. When our wings are cut off, we invent new, more creative ways to fly.

NEW MOON and TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius on the 14th of December 2020

Once again we are facing a very important New Moon, for several reasons. It is the last New Moon of the year, it is a Total Solar Eclipse, which occurs, at about the same time as the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction, on December 21, just for the Summer-Winter Solstice. It is also important to note that at very few degrees (3º) of the Galactic Center which is at about 27º of Sagittarius, that vortex of very dense electromagnetic energy, which is the center of our Galaxy.

Everything seems to indicate, from an astrological point of view, a moment of friction, where historically we are faced with a Kairos, or an appropriate moment of change, of new beginnings, a new episode in our evolution and in the development of our consciousness. The annular eclipse of December 26, 2019, practically at the same time of the conjunction of three planets in Capricorn Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto, with the last two forming an exact conjunction in January 2020, brought us the beginning and awareness of a global pandemic, which has provoked an extraordinary change in the way we see life and relationships in general.

Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, which began in 2008 and coincided with the fall of the Lehman Brothers and the great economic crisis that hit the whole world, that concludes at the end of 2023, has led us to look more closely and deeply at our financial and government institutions and the deep corruption and institutional inequalities of the systems and therefore of Humanity in general. The three planets in Capricorn, which have not come together from that point since 1517, conclude a serie of planetary cycles which resonate in our psique. As I have already written on the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction that occur on the 21st of this month, in the sign of Aquarius, initiating a new cycle of conjunctions in Air signs, for the first time in 200 years. Although Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction every 20 years, for two centuries or so these conjunctions happen in the same element, with the exception of 1981, when there was a conjunction of these two powerful planets in Libra,  but since 1842, all encounters have been in Earth signs. Now, from 2020 to 2199, this will happen in Air signs. The last time this happened was between 1186 and 1405, with the exception of a conjunction in 1206 in the Earth element. We must prepare for one of those very important mutations. A new adventure of Being is revealed to us, as the winds of change can transport us to unexpected places, which will bring us closer to ourselves and realisation of the responsibility we have in this whole process.. The last two centuries that began in the second half of 1800 with the beginning of industrialization, and the technological advancement of the moment that allowed us to acquire more quickly and efficiently the natural resources of the earth led us to progress with the advent, already in the 19th and 20th century of the locomotive, the cars, the planes, the exaggerated construction that devours the natural resources of our planet. Now, at the end of all these cycles, we become aware of the consequences of this and confront the impending warming of the climate and its consequences. Greed and rampant growth, from which we all benefited, now begins to show its darkest face.

Science, and its natural enthusiasm for new possibilities also leads us, on many occasions, to irreversible situations that require a lot of Saturn: regulations, brakes, obstacles in order to avoid disastrous results which we do not know how to control afterwards. All of this continues to happen around the world, with rampant carbon dioxide emissions. Since 1970, CO2 emissions have increased by approximately 90%, and emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes have contributed to around 78% of the total increase in greenhouse gas emissions between 1970 until the present. Agriculture, deforestation and other changes in land use have been the second most important contributors. At the moment many countries have signed agreements to reduce emissions from now until 2050, but many refuse to do so, as it would mean a re-structuring of the economic system that they are un prepared or do not know how to implement.

Now we begin just for the eclipse and new moon of December and the great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, a new cycle of conjunctions in the Air element. This tells us about a new world vision, paying attention to the opportunity to create a promising future that is worthy living. It is in our hands to collaborate, globally, away from populism and nationalism, since no nation alone can solve the dilemma we find ourselves in. It is the responsibility (Saturn) of all of us, to collaborate globally (Aquarius) with the possibility of improving (Jupiter) our way of life. These last 200 years of conjunctions on Earth, which concludes now, reflect in some way the dark side of it and Capricorn, the idea of Tradition and Progress at all costs, with the desire to place ourselves in socially privileged positions, the search for Social success and the glorification of Self-Reliance, which has only led us to the great sense of Solitude and Loneliness and the loss of what we call Integrity , ethics and above all Responsibility. We have a lot of work to do with the new element of Air that represents our future, the regulation of the Internet and Social Networks, the indispensable awareness of the power of algorithms and the most advanced communication technologies (Air). Fortunately, we have a much more conscious young people than previous generations and generally more informed and committed. But it is the eldest who must support them and help them solve the dilemmas inherited from us.

This New Moon in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, which enters the sign of Aquarius with Saturn thus initiating a cycle of 20 years and another of 200 years, particularly triggers the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The mutable signs : Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, will also receive a pinch to open the windows and let in new air. The cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are concluding this uncompromising impulse to change, which has left us exhausted, but renewed.

The Sun and Moon in a Total Solar Eclipse, which Argentines and Chileans will be able to enjoy in their entirety, forms an extraordinary trine to the Mars-Eris conjunction that have somehow expressed itself and continue to manifest in the terrible separations of ideas and political sympathies from what we seem not to be able to abandon. Neptune in Pisces in almost exact square to the Lunar Nodes, tells us about the worldwide confusion regarding the news, the Fake News, theories of great conspiracies, etc., etc. This is the right time to do introspection and not to believe everything we read, because a lot of it is false information. The more fanatical the proposal, the more false. At the same time the MARTE-ERIS square to Pluto in Capricorn tells us about the need to stop viewing the world from this Good-Bad ancient way of looking at life. “Traditional” astrology with its language of Benefic (Jupiter) and Malefic (Saturn) has engraved in our psyche that misconception. Neither Jupiter is ever completely beneficial, nor Saturn is Malefic. Jupiter often leads us to excess which is one of the reasons for many of our problems, not to mention the problems of obesity, and without Saturn, we would live in Chaos and lies. Saturn puts things where they should be.Without Saturn we could not drive the car through the cities because there would be no traffic lights.

We, the Astrologers must lead the way to this change in vocabulary, of idiosyncrasies, of wanting to be in a position of “know-it-all”, and become true scholars of this magnificent science that inspires us to look at life more poetically, helping us to take responsibility for our lives and our dilemmas.

Enjoy this magnificent Kairos, which reminds us that we all have a very important rol to play, no matter your age.

2021 comes loaded with challenges, but the important thing is to understand that although free will is fragile, unconsciousness increases its fragility. Sagittarius augurs extraordinary adventures of BEING and Aquarius reminds us that although it is important to get out of the herd, we must not forget that we will always need it.

Enjoy the Eclipse and share your predicaments and joys either on this blog or on my Facebook page: Astrología Arquetipica

NEW MOON in Scorpio – 14-15 November

As the days seem shorter or sunlight disappears earlier here in the Northern Hemisphere, last night, in particular, as I went for a walk with Musa, my dog, I was aware of the incredible darkness of the days of New Moon. Actually, if there was no electricity, we’d be in the darkest void, with no chance of seeing around us at all. And how evocative that dark void, of the Universe but also of the New Moon in Scorpio, since this sign is really about that, the void, or rather, the “apparent” emptiness. Since we all know that even if we don’t see, our mind tells us that there are houses and trees and people in those houses that we can’t see. Exactly the same goes for our psyche. Even if there are things we can’t see, we “feel” there’s still a lot to discover. Much of ourselves, our childhood and ancestral memories, lie in this hidden world that we call the “unconscious”.

If we hear ourselves saying, “I don’t know why this keeps happening to me,” over and over again, the answer is most certainly in that apparent void. We often have to make decisions even when we don’t “understand” why things are the way they are. Many times we get it wrong, but if we listen to our “intuition” which is the direct phone line to that void, we would make less wrongful decisions .

The New Moon is the ideal time to start things. This one in particular will have an extra boost, as Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is just about to station direct, to start his march forward once again, thus concluding his retrograde motion that began on September 10. This moment could be described as when we are waiting for the red light of the traffic lights to turn green and we can move forward again. We might be in a hurry, but The Red Light tells us, we have to wait. Waiting in the darkness of the New Moon in Scorpio can cause some unease, because we find it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic and just when we are asked to lock ourselves back in, with a curfew et al. But the mighty Jupiter forms a sextile to this New Moon, a 60º angle, from Capricorn, along with Pallas. This is an optimistic voice that tells us, “Have faith, everything will be fine.” We must never underestimate the tremendous optimism that Jupiter and Pallas, injects us with great wisdom and reminds us that Perseverance, Humility and Patience are essential to manage moments of doubt and darkness.

It is difficult to breathe calmly with the masks and also with only one planet in the element of Air, as we have in this moment, with Venus in Libra, which from the 22nd, will be in Scorpio so we will not have any planets in Air at all. It reminds me of the last thing George Floyd said before he died under the cop’s knee: “I can’t breathe.” This is what “kairos”, or also “zeitgeist”, really means, the “sign of the time” we are living: we cannot breathe freely. Astrological poetry tells us about the lack of Air of this moment. But, we have two “dwarf planets”, not really considered in astrology as planets: Haumea and MakeMake, both in Libra. Although we have a longways to go before we can understand these voices, we can “start” listening to these sounds emanating from the darkness of the Kuiper belt, which we have recently discovered, and we have also given a name to. Haumea is the goddess of creativity and birth of Hawaian Mythology and her children emanate from any part of her body, such as her mouth, breasts, etc. She is the representative of Humanity’s capacity for creativity and perhaps right now is really what we need to survive this menacing moment. MakeMake that in the rapa Nui mythology of Easter Island, is the creator of humanity, the god of fertility and the main god of the “Tangata manugata” or the bird man cult. Birds have many qualities that may have seemed supernatural or similar to gods to ancient cultures. Birds fly easily, taking them closer to the sky, crossing dangerous barriers such as rivers or mountain and even escaping disasters or predators without problems, despite their size. They can also create a wide range of impossible sounds for human vocal cords, as well as mimic the sounds of other creatures with surprising precision. Birds survive dramatic seasonal changes, even disappearing and reappearing through the mystery of migration.

The message from Libra of these two gods seems to remind us that sometimes it is good to take distance, to put a space between us and our loved ones so that we can evaluate our relationships and above all our role in them. Libra is ruled by Venus, and “evaluating” our lives and attitudes is perhaps more important than ever. As a symbol of Persephone, returning to the Goddess (as she does every 6 months), to Pachamama, Nature, respecting their wisdom and cycles, seems to emanate from the voices of these two dwarf planets, which remind us that as small and vulnerable as we seem, we always have tricks and qualities to survive.

The New Moon in Scorpio is also an ideal time to let things, situations and people go, which we no longer need or that prevent us from growing or evolving. Also this New Moon forms a quincunx (150º) to Eris, therefore the subject of feeling not included, either at work or sometimes in the family, is also a human feeling that we must learn to overcome. The Phoenix is a symbol of Scorpio, because it reminds us that if we let go, trust and allow ourselves to evolve, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Insisting on retaining what no longer serves us or is ours, is not only futile and useless but it only brings us pain.

This New Moon in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to RE-vise our most secret and dark feelings: our envy, resentment, jealousy, etc. It is also useless to deny them, for they are human feelings and EVERYONE at some point in our lives must confront them. If I envy, I admire. Knowing what we admire is of extreme importance to get to know each other and above all respect each other.

Venus in Libra forms a square to Saturn, Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto. The latter exactly. If find yourself in power wars with someone, recognize that you’re in it. In many situations in life, no one wins, all parties lose. Therefore, let us respect the wishes of the other, and ours as well.

Enjoy this New Moon and let the Darkness bring some light to your soul.

FULL MOON in Taurus for Halloween!!! Oct 2020

We are already riding towards this Full Moon in Taurus, which clearly reminds us that the Moon and Earth are aligned in this sign of the Sacred Bull, opposing the Sun in Scorpio, which appropriately describes the tone of these festivities that are celebrated for these dates, very particularly this year. Halloween, the 31st, the Day of the Dead, the next day; the latter in Mexico, and many Latin countries, when the visit to the tombs in the cemeteries is complemented by offerings, such as the flowers of cempasúchil, or the elaboration of the dishes that the dead most liked to attract their spirits. In Europe, the cradle of The Day of the Dead is in Ireland. The origin of this western Halloween is in the “Samhain” of Ireland, one of the most important Celtic celebrations that took place on 31 October and which means the end of the harvest. It was the moment when the people kept the supplies and sacrificed cattle to endure the winter. To ward off evil spirits, large bonfires were lit at night to protect the living from the dead. In Spain they simply take flowers to the cemetery, visiting those who are no longer in physical form.

This is a Blue Moon, which means the second Full Moon in the same month, a phenomenon that occurs every 2 and a half years and not always in the same month, since the last one occurred in March 2018 in the sign of Libra and the next will be on August 31, 2023 in the sign of Pisces.

So it occurred to me that it would be good idea to remember some of the stories related to this magnificent animal that humans still manage to kill in public squares by reliving the ritual of man’s superiority to his animal nature. By this, I mean the Bull, that Sacred Bull that Poseidon gives to King Minus, and that originates the story of the Cretan Minotaur.

The Minotaur, (“Bull of Minos”), in Greek mythology, is a fabulous Cretan monster that had the body of a man and the head of a bull. It was the offspring of Pasiphae, Minos’ wife, and the beautiful snow-white bull sent to Minos by the god Poseidon for sacrifice. Minos, instead of sacrificing him, fascinated by its beauty and at his wife’s insistence, kept him alive; Poseidon, who knew everything, for he was a God, as punishment made Pasiphae fall in love with it. This is one of the most interesting parts of story, since Pasiphae to be able to copulate with the magnificent white beast, made the craftsman Daedalus create a hollow wooden cow, in which she climbed into, to mate with the bull and thus the monstrous Minotaur was the result of such a union. As it grew, it became clear to its parents that they could not handle it and they decided to ask Daedalus again to build a huge labyrinth where the Minotaur could live without escaping.

Minos’ son, Androgeos, was later killed by the Athenians and to avenge his death, Minos demanded that seven young Athenians and seven maidens be sent every ninth year (or, according to another version, each year) to be devoured by the Minotaur to appease his hunger and anxiety. When the third time of the sacrifice arrived, the Athenian hero Theseus offered to go, and, with the help of Ariadna, also the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae, (and therefore sister of the wretched beast with Bull’s head and human body), killed the monster and ended the tribute. Theseus escaped with Ariadne and this is another interesting story but for not for now.

Metaphorically speaking, each of us must meet the Minotaur lurking, in the grim labyrinth of our psyche, one day. Fundamentally, the Minotaur represents the primordial fear of the unknown. This fear of the unknown is deeply rooted in the human psyche which appears to be a genetic heritage aimed at protecting and preserving our survival in a potentially dangerous and hostile universe. The Minotaur can be seen as a metaphor for death and the anxiety of death, in other words, of disappearing, which taking into account the situation in which the world is currently in with the pandemic, seems only appropriate that for this Halloween or Day of the Dead, we are all more anxious than normal, regarding these issues.

This is a very special Full Moon (like all of them), because astrologically speaking, if we raise the chart for the time when the Moon is exactly full we find that there are no trines, nor sextiles, that is, no calming aspect, to counteract or relieve tension and so it coincides with the fact that many countries are returning to the “lockdown”, with curfew in many of them , which increases the idea of a “dead end labyrinth”. But in the history of the Minotaur, his sister Ariadne, helps Theseus by giving him a Thread, so that he could find his way out the labyrinth without getting lost. We can interpret this “thread” to “not to get lost”, as a suggestion to look at the reality of our history, and our situation, so that we can understand that in History we have come out of worse situations in our existence, and that as Noah Harari says, even if this is the worst pandemic and indeed very devastating one of the last 100 years, we are in a very different situation from the previous ones. This time it only took us 2 weeks to understand what caused it and we have a technology and science that we didn’t have a century ago. When the last one, “the Spanish flu” came about, the world was coming out of World War I, so the immune system of people, particularly in Europe, was very weak and we had no idea what it was, nor what caused it. The same thing happened with the “Bubonic Plague” of the 14th century, which took more than 50 million souls around the world, when they had even less idea what it was and how it was spreading.

This Full Moon in Taurus exactly coincides or aligns exactly with Uranus in Taurus, which in a way, also tells us about Ariadne’s Thread, because it shows us that we must pay attention to how we transit the labyrinth of life, how we take care of the Pachamama, our only home, if we want to survive, but also paying attention to our health and our immune system, which is strengthened when we take care of ourselves and are happier. Nutrition, what we eat, is a very important point right now and what we do with our time as well. It invites us to a very deep introspection or “internal perception that is based on the thoughtful capacity that the mind possesses to refer to or be immediately aware of its own states.” (according to the dictionary). It invites us to look, I repeat, pay attention to what we eat, how we take care of our environment and with so many planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Pallas, Saturn and Pluto) which remind us to take responsibility for our actions and decisions, which are square to a retrograde Mars in Aries, when our actions are in question suggesting we must think before we act. This Mars retrograde makes us stop, and reflect, reminding us to”count to 3 before reacting”. In November both Mercury and Mars resume their “forward” motion and we have time to RE-consider our possibilities and especially our actions, analyzing how our internal Minotaur overwhelm us when we act from panic and unconsciousness.

Venus opposes Kiron for this Moon, which also turns our attention to the opportunity to heal our relationships, especially paying attention not only to what we say, when the Minotaur is hungry and anxious, but particularly to what we really feel when the Minotaur sleeps.

Happy FULL MOON in Taurus to everyone and don’t forget that in December we have the powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. For readings on how this aspect will affect you personally though out the next 20 years, go to:

MERCURY RETROGRADE – October 14th till November 4th

We are already immersed in this year’s last Mercury Retrograde Motion. Next up will be February 2021. This year the three retrogrades occurred in Water signs , the first between February 18 to March 9 in the sign of Pisces, going back to Aquarius, a really good example how emotions should be analysed with a clear mind before acting out. The second was between June 17 and July 12 and was in the sign of Cancer, when most of the world was locked up at home, which clearly confronted us with what we normally pospone when it comes to home and family relationships. Now comes the last one that starts on October 14th to November 4th, the period prior to the U.S. election and it happens from 11º Scorpio 39′ going back to 25tº Libra 57′. On September 23, Mercury already passed through this degree of Libra, beginning what we call the pre-shadow period, that is, the degree to which it will retrograde before returning to its direct motion.

This cosmic event which occurs three and sometimes four times a year, is one of the most popular even if you don’t know anything about astrology, as it affects everyone the same and its effect is easy to check. Just pay attention to the events within the retrograde period and you will see that everything that has to do with communication seems to go bananas. We lose or get our mobile stolen, the Internet does not seem to work properly, certain social networks fall for a day or more, our words are misunderstood, and above all, we are forced to RE-consider many situations and relationships. Anything that is official procedures are annoyingly delayed, complicated, etc., etc.

This year we have the complication that Mars is also in retrograde therefore, our nerves will play us more than one trick. But let’s first look at the aspects Mercury will make to other planets in this its last retrograde.. On October 7, Mercury in Scorpio, before starting his retrograde, opposed Uranus in Taurus, a contact that may have brought sudden and hasty decisions about certain topics, which it will repeat on October 19 and November 17. These two planets can be like a mental electric shock, when we come up with great ideas and visions that we must then bring ashore. The angularity activated by this aspect is between Scorpio and Taurus, which tell us about possible investments or payments that we must make to carry out a new idea. A possibility to expand our knowledge and above all grow intellectually. Scorpio tends to hide, keep secrets and this can positively or negatively affect others. Depending on where we have these two signs in our astral chart, we will see where we are offered new alternatives and their difficulties. Taurus also speaks about our real possibilities, our talents, the ability to learn, creativity and also our self-esteem. The retrograde of Mars from Aries also connects us with how we act when we encounter obstacles and inconveniences. This will be a period to reflect, observe ourselves carefully, especially when the emotional response sometimes leads us to over-react, or to act disproportionately. Politically, this can lead to large “leaks” to journalists from government employees about secret actions by politicians.

Mercury in retrograde inspires us to observe “how” we communicate, “how” we express ourselves, and the words we use trying to establish a bond. Therefore these are very positive and interesting moments where from self-observation we can get to know each other better and become aware of how we handle our emotions when it comes to expressing how we feel. This happens at every level and not just within a personal relationship. Before stationing direct on November 4, Mercury already re-entered into Libra will re-form the square to Saturn that formed on September 23. Mercury in Libra is very conciliatory and prefers to avoid great confrontations but this can be difficult this time, since in this type of angularity to Saturn in Capricorn, we are confronted with what it. has been decided or organised by an entity or community of individuals who may seem more intransigent than ever.

We will have to carefully RE-vise our position and the veracity of our argument before jumping into confrontation with others, which is never a bad idea. In these moments of so much political and other confrontation in the world, now more than ever we must learn to live with the contradiction that others think and see life completely different from us. This is our big challenge today.

The sooner we understand the possibilities that retrograde planets offer us, the more we will grow and benefit from it. The magic word these days: PATIENCE

ARIES Full Moon – October 1

We’re already on our way to the Full Moon in Aries, which should actually have been in Pisces. It is the first of two full moons in the same month, a phenomenon that occurs about every 2 and a half years. This moon or lunar cycle began with the New Moon in Virgo on September 17-18. Almost always the full moons of each month, occur in the opposite sign of the new moon. This one in particular, called by native Americans the Harvest Moon, usually occurs in September near the Spring equinox (in the South)-Autumn (in the North). So we will start October with a full moon in Aries. and we’ll ended it with another one in Taurus on the 31st. The latter is called Blue Moon and it happens just for Halloween. For this to happen again we must wait until 2039. Although next year of 13 full moons instead of 12 will be 2023, and will occur in March of that year.

We can say that this 2020 is being an unforgettable year for many reasons. But it doesn’t end there. This Full Moon in Aries marks half the lunar cycle that ends with the next new moon in Libra on October 16. Well, in these next 15 days we will have Mercury in its per-shadow phase of its Retrograde that begins on the 14th, accompanying Mars also in retrograde from September 10th to November 14th.

This Full Moon in Aries occurs when Mars in Retrograde meets exactly with Eris (in conjunction), RE-activating the square to Saturn and of course to Pluto. I must say that like all aspects between planets they have very positive and more challenging effects. This one is very challenging, our sanity and patience will be put to the test. I’ve seen a lot of broken bones, a lot of car accidents and other types already. Many, many official documents delayed. Our actions seem to be challenged, attacked, held back by institutions large and small. The energy of Mars that tends to be quite abundant, especially in its own sign of Aries, and usually acts before thinking, meets saturnine rules and regulations. Many official procedures will be particularly overdue, complicated, and this will be exaggerated from October 14th. The positive part? We are obliged to RE-solve, to correct, to act patiently and with poise. If we fight head-to-head, it will be more challenging. With Saturn, reality wins. The truth, too. This leads us to look for different avenues and find new ideas and routes to action. We all grow in the process. Mars, which is a dispositor of this Full Moon in Aries, is also 3º away from Lilith, which prompts us to fight against outdated and unfair regulations and rules, so this process will not be easy for anyone. Particularly for those with planets in the last 10ºs of cardinal signs: Aries-Cancer-Libra and Capricorn. The greatest danger is not being able to accept those who think differently from us, and not find a way to engage in dialogue without a fight.

The fact that we are all isolated and must follow the rules in order to interact also speaks of the effects of this square between Mars and Saturn, which comes when we encounter evidence of a second wave of Covid, and many countries are returning to mass confinement. But this square gets a magnificent trine (120º) from Venus and this time we feel more comfortable staying at home, as we are gradually learning to enjoy our own company and make the most of it. Gradually, new ways of connecting arise and with the coming of very Aquarian times, is not a bad thing. This predicament we find ourselves in won’t end so soon and we need to use all our creativity to get the most out of it.

Zoom is one of the platforms that allows us to study, talk, share, teach, learn and even dine with our loved ones, each in their home. We are getting used to taking care of everything we’ve been putting off or pospone every day. We discover that we have more time than we thought and our consciousness expands, and somehow we are comforted to know that we are not really alone because we are living all this madness accompanied by the whole world. All of this does not solve the current situation, but it provides us with a more constructive and positive outlook.

Finally Neptune in Pisces is located at the midpoint of the Lunar Nodes, which means that it forms square to both. This aspect will be formed exact at the end of the year and the beginning of 2021, therefore it seems to warn us that we must abandon the empty criticism, that it does not offer real solutions and the division and concentrate on accepting that this moment, this situation, this Kairos, this Now, will be resolved when we all accept that we are going on the same boat and that we cannot all get on the same side because otherwise the ship can sink , we must find the solution All together with our different opinions and ideals, our differences and singularities, accepting the richness of all this variety of thought, the advantages of our different idiosyncrasies, because they help us to gain awareness and expand our horizons.

May you all have a very happy Full Moon!!!!


A few months ago I wrote about this Mars Retrograde, which begins with power today, (officially) although we began feeling its influence a few weeks ago. Even so in their exact geometric beginning, certain world events remind us of the might of this Mars-Eris conjunction (in greek mythology they are brother and sister) in the sign ruled by this God of war, which is ARES.

Mars, which retrogrades every two years, does not always do so in its own sign, the time before this retrograde that begins today, in Aries, occurred in 1988, when we had the opportunity to see the beginning of the fall of the Soviet Union that culminated the following year with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and also huge fire in the USA shattered 35% of the fabulous Yellowstone National Park. In 1941 he also retrograded in his own sign, and that was the year of Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese attacked the American base in Hawaii, causing the Americans to go to war with Japan that culminated in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb in 1945. This retrograde is even more powerful than on those two occasions, as it will form all those squares (90º)to the planets in Capricorn: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, while traveling aligned with Eris.

We started the Mars Retrograde in Aries in conjunction with Eris, which was formed exactly for the first time on Monday, August 17, 2020 at 24º Aries 29′ at 10.39am MST. Mars, the God of war, representing our will, action, our inner warrior, life energy and passion, together with his sister Eris, who represents discord, the uninvited, the kept out, chaos, the revelation of artifice of people in power, anger towards the elites, knocking them down and doing so by asking questions and exposing lies. The two are also found on October 4, 2020 to 24º Aries 7′ when they are both in their Retrogrades and again on December 22, 2020 to 23rd 29th when Eris is Retrograde and Mars is Direct. In this instance, together they will also be activating the square with Pluto that occurs about 5 times between January 2020 and October 2021. Everything that is coming out of our lives, which is expiring and falling by its own weight, which demands that we “take action” and transform it, will be affected and we will have no choice but to act. None of this needs to be negative if we do it consciously. In these days of the beginning of this retrograde of Mars in its own sign of Aries in conjunction with Eris (the uninvited one) we have seen the fire in the largest refugee camp in Europe, on the Greek island of Lesbos, which has long been a home for thousands of refugees and migrants who have risked everything to flee war and economic hardship for a better life. In California and Oregon, fires continue to destroy homes and the ecosystem with incredible speed and fury. As for uncovering the lies, journalist Bob Woodward in his book “Rage” also released these days reveals Donald Trump’s lies regarding his knowledge of the seriousness of the Covid, voiced by the president, recorded by Woodward himself, in February 2020.

If you have planets in these degrees and signs, that is: between 23 and 26 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, then you can assume that Cosmos is pushing you to a change and transformation necessary for your evolution. Many relationships will suffer the impact of these aspects and it depends on our level of consciousness and our inner wisdom to be able to understand that we are being asked and let ourselves be guided by this process. The more we postpone or deny what we are asked to do, the more difficulty and suffering will arise. When cycles are completed it is useless to insist on prolonging them.

This Retrograde of Mars in Aries will continue pushing our buttons until the end of the year, as it continues to form aspects to Jupiter-Saturn-Pallas and Pluto in Capricorn, which are really the perfect expression of the need for change in our society, and the paradigms of advancement dictated from the time of the industrial revolution, cycles that are coming to and end and forcing us to RE-think new strategies (Pallas), new forms of Education, of Progress, so that the social and economic imbalanced caused through years of unchecked consumerism and out of bounds ambition, finds a new way where balance is restored. The good news is that we have the money and know how, the technology to do it, we just need the disposition and the brains to formulate this new strategies.

This pandemic has forced us to come into contact with ourselves and our true affections. It gives us time to confront what we daily put off, with the part of our lives that we postpone. We must reconnect with these cycles that make us aware of the will of the Gods, through Nature. It is necessary to harmonise with the Pachamama master plan, rather than insisting on imposing our times on it. Astrology with its poetry lets us know the desire of the Gods and above all of the Goddess- Listen with your soul and let your spirit guide you. You are also part of the solution, we all are.