THE CORONAVIRUS and the Astrological view.

Although I was resisting writing about it, the stridency of the astrological symbolism is so powerful at the moment that the need to share it has thrown me to the keyboard.

Therefore, following the suggestion of astrologer Arielle Guttman, I decided to raise the chart for December 31, 2019, in Wuhan, when and where the first case of the coronavirus was published and we all became aware of what was beginning to unfold.

But before, a few words about these new “dwarf planets” and asteroids that are part of this astral process and the evidence of how they complete the story.

It is obvious that we are facing an event that completely resonates with the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, in the Virgo decan which speaks of the need of a powerful change and readjustment in our institutions, such as our health systems or the lack of them, as in our concept of Health and in our health  habits (Virgo)

Like and eloquent astrologer said in “When Saturn and Pluto meet, their proximity heralds a period of demonstrable, intensified tension, restriction, and division in the collective events that have been taking place. As social structures break down, there is room to start building new forms and fundamental elements instead. However, if we are to endure the tests of Saturn and Pluto, we must descend within to explore our inner shadow and unconscious complexes rather than focusing too much on outer achievement. In combination, Saturn and Pluto bring the imminence of death and the necessary clashes with cultural and personal issues that we can no longer deny or resist. Pluto amplifies Saturn’s contraction, separating the essential from the non-essential versus obstruction to the challenges we must confront within our community and around the world”.

Saturn and Pluto have spent 2019 ending their cycle that began in 1982/83, when, by the way, AIDS appeared in our lives, that other virus, which frightened us and took many, many people, friends and family. And as they have moved directly and retrograde within the scope of conjunction, they have dredged up old personal patterns and cultural material that we need to address, integrate, contemplate, or clear, such as our eating habits, as in this particular case. When they formed their first exact conjunction at 23 degrees Capricorn on January 12, 2020, they began a new cycle, shifting the emphasis to forging new shapes and structures that support the purpose we have cultivated. There is nothing easy in dealing with experiences related to Saturn and Pluto, but the cathartic intensity forces us to carefully analyze our behavior and ideologies. Sometimes we must persist resiliently in the face of opposition; At other times we must learn to surrender to elements of life beyond our control and nurture the feelings of pain caused by loss. If we keep up the effort through the challenges, by the end of 2020, we will have made significant progress toward important life goals, and put in new support structures that will last for a long time.

But this conjunction also comes hand in hand with the square that forms with Eris in Aries. The latter, the “uninvited” is reflected in the millions of refugees all over the world as a result of poverty and wars, trying to enter areas where order and the possibility of generating a more stable way of life are more evident, such as in Europe and the United States or China. This is something that already happened right after each of the two world wars, but which is now aggravated, because of the fact that refugees are no longer as welcome as they were in the past. Curiously, this occurs when we have already discovered and named Eris.

When Eris was first discovered in 2005, astronomers thought it was significantly larger than Pluto and even considered whether or not Eris could be the tenth planet in our solar system. Ultimately, however, the discovery and learning that Eris was such a small planet was the reason astronomers ended up degrading Pluto to dwarf planet status in 2006. That decision remains controversial to this day. Today, by making Eris’ name appropriate for the new planet, her discovery created “discord.”

Astronomer Mike Brown, a member of the Eris discovery team, in a statement from the California Institute of Technology, said: “She arouses jealousy and envy to cause fighting and anger among men. At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, all the gods were invited with the exception of Eris, and, enraged at their exclusion, she spitefully caused a fight between the goddesses, a fact that led to the Trojan War.

Like almost all known dwarf planets (with the exception of Ceres), Eris is found in the Kuiper Belt, which is found after Neptune and of which Pluto and Charon are also members. But Eris is even farther than Pluto, circling our star about three times as far. It takes 561 years for the distant dwarf planet to make a single trip around the Sun, though it rotates once every 25 hours, making the length of its day very similar to a day on Earth. It will spend almost 120 years in Aries, but back in the

But the other aspect that we also have at the moment and that has been dragging since the end of last year, is the square between Kirón (discovered in 1977) and Pholus (discovered in 1992), when they were in conjunction in Leo and Virgo, two centaurs that have a lot to do with Health and how we hurt and learn to heal ourselves. Kirón from Aries who tells us about a wounded Hero and Pholus who from Capricorn, is also in exact conjunction with Mercury, which soon after went retrograde, is the one that  “opens the jar” (or opens the can of worms, if you prefer) of the failures of the Institutions and the need to transform them. They join Lilith, the lady of the Night, the rebel, who is aligned with Kirón in Aries, just for the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The United States is confronted with the fact that they do not have a health service or universal health insurance like almost all countries of Europe and therefore they have many millions of people without any health insurance, in the face of a pandemic like this.

And also….

HYGEIA the asteroid about 400 km in diameter, which was discovered in 1849 by the Italian astrologer Anníbale de Gasparis, and is named after the goddess of good health. She was daughter and assistant of the medicine god Asklepios (Asclepius), and companion of the goddess Aphrodite. Her sisters included Panakeia (Panacea) (cures everything) and Iaso (Remedy). In a classical sculpture, she was depicted as a woman holding a large snake in her arms, (virus?). In this birth-chart of the coronavirus emergence, Hygeia was in opposition to Mars in Scorpio. Need to say more?

The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Nessus, the centaur that is a traitor, and a rapist, and that speaks for all these conspiracy theories, which are many with this virus. In my experience, people with Nessus near the Sun, the Moon or the ASC or MC, tend to promptly believe in theories of conspiracy.

So, one thing that is obvious to me is the importance of the voices of these new archetypes that emerge from our unconscious, as if they wanted to complete the image of what the most traditional archetypes propose to us. They complete, complement and enrich.

We can continue to argue that traditional planets already provide us with enough material to analyze history and our life, but these new archetypes, some of which have been around for a long time for us to listen to, are telling us a story that we should pay attention to.

This crisis is definitely making us pay attention to our habits, not only in our personal life, with our body and our health, but with the health of the planet and the environment.

The voices of Haumea and Ceres are being heard more and more clearly and the call of Nature, of the Pachamama, begins to sound loud enough so that we are left with nothing to do but to listen, very carefully, if we want to survive.


Venus will align itself exactly with Eris, in a few days, in Aries, and what a fitting time to remind us that it is Eris who throws the Golden Apple at that wedding which marked the prelude to the Troyan War: “Eris is the Goddess of Discord, the female demon, she is the symbol of the “Uninvited”. In Greek mythology, she was the only goddess not invited to the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, she was the uninvited fairy at the baptism of “Aurora”, in the Sleeping Beauty tale. It represents the anger emanating from that part of our psyche when we feel that we are “left out,” without being included, or being “ignored”, or simply not being appreciated, or when our talents and/or our relevance are not being valued.  Eris has been in the sign of Aries since 1925. She is the daughter of Hera and Zeus in some stories, sister of Ares or Mars, God of War, but the most eloquent story is that she is Nyx’s daughter, (the Night).

Eris was discovered in 2005, in the realm of the Kuiper Belt, further away from the Earth than Pluto. The political events of recent months, with Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Hungarians watching in horror, the possibility of Muslims entering their country, the situation in Catalonia, in Burma, in Argentina, the wall with Mejico, etc., are expressions of the conjunction, with Uranus which has been active in 2016, as Donald Trump became the President of the USA, and with all the saga of the interference of Russia in it. The situation with refugees (the uninvited ones) all over the world seems to be an echo of the interaction of these two planets.

Since last year there has been a square of Eris to Pluto, which will be exact 3 times this year, and at the Oscars we have seen 2 of the most relevant films: JOKER and PARASITE,  that somehow evoke this topic, showing us what happens when someone is ignored or rejected by society. But I would like to dwell on the symbolism of the Paris’ trial when Zeus gives him the golden apple that Eris has so cunningly thrown with the inscription: “For the fairest.” and asked him to give the apple to one goddess. The three goddesses among which the apple is disputed are: Hera, the wife of Zeus who represents POWER, Pallas Athena, the goddess of WISDOM and the SHE-WARRIOR, and Aphrodite or Venus the goddess of BEAUTY. Paris chooses the latter. He chooses BEAUTY, over POWER and WISDOM. This choice at first glance seems superficial, “the young boy who chooses Venus’ proposal to give him the most beautiful woman in the world.” But that’s the most superficial interpretation of this Myth. Life with Power and Wisdom, but without Beauty would be unbearable. Perhaps this aspect of Venus, aligning or joining Eris on the 29th of February,  is reminding us of the possibility of RE-encountering Beauty, so that we can re-enchant our lives. The encounter with Beauty can be a sunset, a rose, a glance, a poem, a smile, the sea, the mountain, the forest, everything emanating from Nature, as a reminder, that we already live surrounded by BEAUTY, if we only knew how to look in stillness and purity of spirit.

2020, The Cancer Full Mooon and Eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction! of January.

We begin an extraordinarily important year in our history, with a month full of astrological events that haven’t happened to those of us who are alive today, ever. This is not your regular full moon, nor just an eclipse, this is a turning point for most of us and our lives will change without the possibility of turning back.


This year many cycles are completed and as the word “cycle” expresses, at the end of one, another begins. At this time the cycle between Saturn and Pluto that began on November 8, 1982, in the sign of Libra, is now ending. That year we had the Falkland’s War war for the British, la Guerra de las Malvinas for Argentinians. It was also the year when we began becoming aware that a virus we called HIV had appeared, and a disease that we named AIDS; as well as the first computer virus, called Elk Cloner. There was the war in Lebanon and Michael Jackson was releasing his album Thriller. For all those born in that year, 2019 and 2020 are being particularly relevant. The cycles of Jupiter and Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn are also concluding. Something new begins.


Two days after the January 10 lunar eclipse, Saturn and Pluto line up exactly at  22º Capricorn 46. This conjunction in Capricorn, hasn’t occurred since 1517 (500 years ago) and ir forms exact only on the 12th of January, beginning a new cycle between these two planets that affect the whole world but particularly those born in the last decanate of the signs of Aries , Cancer,Libra and Capricorn, also Taurus and Virgo. Of course the other signs too, but maybe they won’t feel it as dramatically important as those mentioned. However, the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn does not take place since 1284. Imagine. While not aligning exact, they will walk together most of the year, until December 21when Jupiter and Saturn will line up exactly to 0º Aquarius, something that hasn’t happened since 1405 (600 years ago). Thus we begin 200 years of conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn in signs of Air, which predicts an evolutionary change from matter, body, money, the need for political structuring, to a more mental adventure, where technology will govern accelerating changes, when we will become more interested in encounters with like-minded people, ideologies, concepts that unite us rather than divide us. Originality, innovation, intellectuality, communication with equal and diverse minds in a less emotionally oriented way, from a profound need for mental and creative stimulation. Equality, the defence of democracy as a common ideal, are the proposals of the Air element, which personally fills me with hope.

The effects around the world have been seeing for a few months now, as the people and particularly young people have finally taken to the streets in many countries, demanding more transparency and less corruption from their rulers. Climate change is an evident fact that some still deny. Saturn being the dispositor of this conjunction since it is in its own sign of Capricorn, what puts him in a position of power, reminds us that the structures of our society and our institutions are the subject of this conjunction and together with Pluto, who is responsible for bringing out the dirty rags to light so that we can see, the darker side of our rulers and governments, and of ourselves,  it is clear that we are faced with a historical period, which has made us aware of the abuse of power,  the secrets of the powerful,  as never before, and we seem to begin another, where politicians and other people in power can’t avoid being confronted with their actions, as everything gets leaked to the press and social media. Today, we see more assiduously how their behaviour and their shady deals are discovered and find themselves in a position of having to respond, as it just happened to Trump with his call to the president of Ukraine. Argentina begins the year with a new government, which in some respects, is like a “deja vu”, but hopefully this time is different and the evidence of the government’s actions will be more easily available to the people. Spain and Israel go for the third elections and still cannot form a government.


This January 10 eclipse is opposite to the one in July 2019 when the Sun in Cancer opposed the Moon in Capricorn, this time it is the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Capricron. It is possible that the issues that we confronted then, are now made more evident, for the total closure. It could also mean the culmination of what began then. Both the sign of Capricorn and Saturn in particular , remind us of what we commonly call “karma”. The moment when we finally see the result of our decisions and actions of the past. Suddenly we become aware of the mistakes or blessings of our past decisions and must collect the reward or pay the debts. Sometimes literally. This is what we are seeing globally with climate warming that is the result of great industrialization and population growth, as well as abuse and greed for the use of Earth’ s resources. On a personal level, we can see it more clearly depending on where this Cancer-Capricorn angularity falls on our birth chart. Of course, this constellation of planets in Capricorn: Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Ceres-Saturn-Pluto+ the South Node of the Moon and Pluto tell us about collective themes that occur in our society and environment in which we live. It will affect us on a personal level if we have planets around 20º-25ºof Aries-Cancer-Libra or Capricorn. But always as a consequence of the society and /or country in which we find ourselves. Example: the British will all be affected by Brexit, which literally means the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Bolivians underwent a change of government, just like Argentina, both countries begin 2020 with a new government. Thousands of Australians are affected by fires, etc. If you were born in 1980-82 you are going through important situations that come with what we call the midlife crises.

On a personal level, as we approach the eclipse the10th this month, we become aware of how many habits are changing, consciously or unconsciously. Suddenly the need for these changes becomes more apparent to us. We understand that we must transform the way we eat, dress, act, relate, behave and take care of everything that affects us, no longer blaming others, parents, government, bosses, couples, what happens to us. Those born in 1989-1990, are experiencing Saturn’s first return to its own sign and at a time when it is aligned with Jupiter and Pluto. The “leap” of consciousness is being extraordinary for this generation and with it, the clarity that the time has come to take the reins of their lives and build some structures that allow them to feel safer and on the path that will take them to where they want to go. Those born in 1960-61, are living their second return of Saturn, and are also faced with the disjunctive of retiring or continue working and above all in the face of the imminent transformation and re-structuring of working life which is no longer not so much about finding a”job”, which are scarce but increasingly, to find ways to generate money by doing something in which one can express one’s talents and work fewer hours. New companies and businesses are generated daily with the help of technology. Something remind us we must climb to the 21st century if we are to prosper and provide for a dignified and safe life. Start-ups have arrived and are generating a lot of money around the world.


In addition to the cardinal signs: Aries-Cancer-Libra and Capricorn that are particularly affected by this constellation of planets in Capricorn, who are being called to restructure their lives in a big way. Fixed Signs: Taurus-Leo-Scorpio and Aquarius are also driven to change by the passage of Uranus through Taurus that will be triggered and increased in power with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius at the end of the year, although I’m sure they already feel the need to free themselves from self-imposed chains by their own behaviour and need for security in the past. This is more a cry for freedom which, depending on the age and circumstances in which we find ourselves can be more or less difficult to carry out. The reward will come if we obey the command of the Cosmos. Finally, the mutable signs: Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius and Pisces are being affected by the passage of Neptune in Pisces which leads them to the recognition that there is an urgency of collective action, freed from nationalisms and ideological and political divisions, to to be able to save the Earth from our past abuse. Neptune whispers to us: “We are all ONE.” The recognition that our greed and irresponsibility has led us to the point where we are and with the help of the constellation of planets in Capricorn and of the North Node (of the Moon and Saturn and Pluto) also in Capricorn we can listen to what the Moon in Cancer suggests, which has to do with “correcting” and “taking care” of ourselves and this magnificent “home”, this beautiful blue planet on which we live. Time for “Tikkun”, the Hebrew word describing the esoteric active spiritual work of “rectification”


If you have been feeling what can sometimes be described as “terror” or “anxiety” of this historical moment, and wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night, remember that this is a call to Humanity and not to a single individual. Therefore no one will be alone in this struggle towards consciousness and liberation. The changes are happening around us, all over the world, so our job is to adapt to it and learn to live with new paradigms and ideologies and as Saturn and Capricorn demands it, taking responsibility for our situation and our life.


Happy beginnigs and Happy New Moon!!!!


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2020 and the triple Saturn-Pluto conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn

2020 and the triple Saturn-Pluto conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn

All those interested or slightly interested in Astrology, listen or read very often about the great conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that will be formed on January 12, 2020.

Because this event occurs every 32-35 years, although not in the same signs, or at a continuous rate, we can consider it something very special. To get an idea of ​​how special it is, the last time it happened on the sign of Capricorn (as now) was in 1518-1519. The triple conjunction in Capricorn that will occur in 2020 between Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto, was last formed in 1284. 736 years ago. Coincidentally in 1517-19, Uranus was also in Taurus, (as now) and Eris in Aries, (as now). That is, the only time (before now) that the same planetary position of these 5 planets was like today, was 500 years ago. In the last 2000 years only 4 times this conjunction occurred in Capricorn, however in the sign of Pisces, in this same period of time there were 7 Saturn-Pluto conjunctions and in Taurus, 8.

Already in the 20th century, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred in 1914 at the sign of Cancer, which marked the beginning of the First World War. In 1947, at the end of World War II, it was re-formed in the sign of Leo, coinciding with the formation of Israel and the beginning of the Cold War that would end in 1991. In Argentina, women acquired the right to vote. In 1965 there was a Saturn-Pluto opposition that coincided with the fact that Uranus was next to Pluto in Virgo. These were the years of the Vietnam War, as well as a time of great rebellions typical of transitions between two very different times. In 1963 they killed Kennedy. 1968 was one of the years that changed history, with demonstrations in France, in Chekoslovakia, USA (against the Vietnam War and against racism), Martin Luther King was killed, a year later the man went to the Moon for the first time. In 1981-1982 the conjunction Saturn Pluto coincided with the Falklands War, and the advent of AIDS that killed more people than many wars. In 2001 for the opposition of these two planets, two planes crashed into the Twin Towers of New York starting the war against Muslim fundamentalism, which led us to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The current conjunction in Capricorn is the first of this century and we can all feel or intuit the changes that are brought, not only in our institutions (Capricorn) with the evidence of corruption in governments, the resurgence of politicians who support supremacy of the white race, the evidence of the warming of the Earth, the changes in the way we see education, Nature, the monetary system, etc.

We are at a very interesting moment in our history, when we really have to become aware of the depletion of our natural resources, such as water, for example, as the need to stop using fossil fuels and to avoid getting flooded in plastic.

Jupiter will join the Saturn-Pluto conjunction from March 2020, until almost the end of the year, so we can expect even more changes and revelations. At the end of the year, Jupiter and Saturn will gather in the sign of Aquarius, initiating a new cycle of conjunctions in Air signs, for the first time in 200 years. Although Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction every 20 years, for two centuries or so these conjunctions form in the same element, that is, with the exception of 1981, when there was a conjunction of these two powerful planets in Libra,  but since 1842, all encounters have been in Earth signs. Now, from 2020 to 2199, this will happen in Air signs. The last time this happened was between 1186 and 1405, with the exception of a conjunction in 1206 in the Earth element. We must prepare for the new beginnings. A new adventure of Being is revealed to us, as the winds of change can transport us to unexpected places, which will bring us closer to ourselves and realisation of the responsibility we have in this whole process. If you are holding on to something or someone, you will suffer more, because these are times to “let go” and by this I mean “let go” of the old and open to the unimaginable. Life will show us once again that it is more interesting than we think it is. Faith is indispensable at this time to not be discouraged or become paranoid about it. This is the true path of the Hero and Heroine that lives within each one of us and we must learn to travel this path with resolution and Faith, trusting in the Gods or if you prefer, in God.


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2020 is one of the most important years in a long time and we must be able to understand what the Cosmos asks us in these very relevant times.

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Demonstrations all over the world.

The New Moon in Libra on September 28 which culminated with the Full Moon in Aries 2 weeks later marked the beginning of the demonstrations in Barcelona, also, the new “deal” of Brexit, demonstrations of young people in Lebanon and Hong Kong, the departure of the United States from northern Syria, leaving the Kurds at the mercy of the Turks, we can say that it is being decisive and descriptive of this historic moment that we are living in, where the new generations take to the streets making protesting about corrupt and deficient institutions. The Full Moon in Aries, ruled by Mars, brought as expected, resistance to an established order, out of touch with the needs and demands of the people. With the Sun and Moon squared to Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, a conjunction that evokes the historical moment we are living, bringing the fight against the Institutions which don’t seem to evolve at the same pace of the rest of us.

But it is actually the square of Jupiter in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces, that it is also felt in these massive movements, where political ideals (Jupiter) are mixed, with feelings of oppression, the need to join others (Neptune in Pisces) in a process , which emerges from the projection from the personal and collective sense of deprivation, rather than from the true knowledge of the situation. The effect of Neptune is felt in the confusion of the masses, which are pushed to manifest themselves even if the motive is not really the same for everyone. Young people demonstrate for reasons different from their elders. It will be interesting to see what happens when this square begins to lose power, which will be towards the end of the year and we can see if the ideals begin to become clearer and we can really question our real motives to manifest on the streets. Is it the political situation?, climate change?, the liberation of women? police oppression?, corruption of ineffective and dishonest politicians? Or is all this together? The question would be what is my personal struggle? What changes do I hope to make when I manifest my outrage on the streets?

What is clear is that the global rebellion is against institutions that need to change and rise to the 21st century, Constitutions that were written hundreds of years in the past, serving the needs of the moment, which must now adapt to the present moment.

The Pluto-Eris square continues to mark this troubling division of the people that is grouped into two opposing sides without them being able to dialogue with each other. This will last much longer, therefore we will have a few more years of division, until we understand that the struggle should be one, that of  the 99% who struggle to survive, when the 1% continues to get richer and richer, and above all, to understand that we have to change our cultural and family habits if we want to rescue the planet, the extinction of necessary species, the rubbish in our seas, etc. This is responsibility of us all. Rich and poor.

While it is comforting to see young people become aware and self-aware, it is us, the elders who should support them but not from the pain caused by our former grudges and wounds of lost battles, but with the honest interest in the future of our children and grandchildren and our magnificent planet.

Let all of us participate in this global movement against Corruption and irresponsible abuse of our resources. Wherever we are, we can’t afford to ignore it.

Dr. Christine B. Ford vs Brett Kavanaugh. What do the asteroids say?

Although I know this story is not fascinating for everybody, it is for many, (more than 20 million people followed it “live ” on TV on Thursday) and it is for me. Not only for the historical moment we are now living when for the first time in our history, women can denounce sexual abuse of men in a position of power, but because in this case, the accused is someone who aspires to the position of Judge in the Supreme Justice of the United States. Of course this does not affect only American women but women in general, as this will create precedents for us all. It is clear that there must be very few women in the world who have not experienced any kind of sexual abuse in their life, if not them, someone in their family. Our ancestral memories are plagued with events like these and women who were silent and endured it, was because if they had said anything, they would have been blamed themselves. In many countries, still, when a woman is raped, becomes a social outcast.

This continues to occur, only in Spain in the last month 9 women and two girls have died in the hands of men, the latter murdered by their own father. Therefore it is not an issue that we have overcome, not even confronted in many places on Earth, yet. But, we are living a special moment, when it seems that something begins to move, following cases like that of the American film producer Harvey Weinstein and of Bill Cosby, who went into prison a few days ago, after a jury found him guilty of sexual abuse at 81 years old.

The Church is also being exposed by the silence kept for centuries about sexual abuse of children by priests and bishops.

But returning to the subject of Judge Brett Kavanaugh ( nominated by Trump and the Republicans to the position of Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States, which is a lifelong position) and Dr. Christine B. Ford who accuses him of sexual abuse when they were in high school. Both had the possibility of testifying to what seemed to be a trial, but in reality, they only exposed their version of events in front of Republican and Democratic senators. The most fascinating thing was to see how these two people were telling their own version of the truth, and of course being diametrically opposed, she did it in a firm way with an extraordinary poise and delicacy and he was defending himself angry and arrogantly. But it is funny and frightening at the same time, to see how depending on the political party you support, you see or seem to see who is lying.

From the astrological point of view, the two are born in the middle of the 60’s, therefore they are of the generation born with the conjunction Uranus-Pluto in Virgo and with Saturn in Pisces in opposition to it. Those were really important and revolutionary moments. Sexual liberation was taking place, after years of Puritanism and hypocrisy. This generation was born at the time, when the Vietnam War, was the topic of discussion around the world. The first war when America was not seen as heroes, but quite the opposite. Very different from World War II. In the whole world, people were protesting against that war. Students went out to the streets to protest, even in countries that had nothing to do with the war.

Curiously Brett Kavanaugh was born with Mars in conjunction with Uranus-Pluto in Virgo, and so is she, in spite of having been born 20 months later, Mars had gone around the zodiac and had returned to Virgo, so she also has Mars in Virgo, along with Uranus and Pluto. They share Mars-Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. The asteroid Christine in  Brett Kavanaugh’s natal chart activates the opposition Jupiter in Taurus-Neptune in Scorpio (which can be read as a person with great airs about oneself, with expectations beyond reality, with big ideas about oneself), which is part of a T-square with Ceres and Mercury in Aquarius. The asteroid Christine puts the missing leg to a grand cross, activating the archetypes of that T-square.

When Ceres goes to the underworld to rescue Persephone, it is Mercury (Hermes) who helps her bring her daughter back to the light, after Hades abducted her and led to the Underworld.

Mars, in Kavanaugh’s chart forms a T-square to the lunar nodes, which could indicate his task of this existence of having to learn to manage his anger and his sexuality. In Dr. Ford’s chart, Venus is in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Sun which is in square to the great Mars-Uranus-Pluto conjunction, which also evokes the story of Persephone, and her abduction and rape by her uncle Hades. Curiously the Nemesis asteroid, which is Justice, is next to the asteroid Eros, in Sagittarius. Justice and her erotic nature and in the sign of the law, plus her Moon in Gemini is next to Nessus, the rapist Centaur, who dies after Hercules shot one of his poisoned arrows, after the beast half man had raped the wife of the hero while trying to cross a river. What I mean by this is that in Dr. Ford’s chart, sexual aggression seems to be present archetypically, as if that had been her Fate, her allotment. Unfortunately, we have no birth time for either of them, so the information is limited. But of course, everyone has these archetypes in their chart, is how they relate to each other that tell the story. The asteroid Brett, in Leo, makes a square to her own Neptune in Scorpio (victimized sexually) and a trine to Eros in Sagittarius (at school?).





The funny thing about Kavanaugh’ chart,  is that with 3 planets and two asteroids in Aquarius and a Moon in Cancer but in trine to Saturn, which speaks of someone quite emotionally controlled and not particularly given to outbursts of this type, the emotional display of his testimony,  seems strange and not in resonance with that combination, which tells us that perhaps his tears emanated more from the wrath of having been exposed, than from the emotion of injustice which he was trying to portray. The Ford asteroid forms a square to the position of Lilith in his chart, which also suggests that it was Ford who confronts him with Lilith in his psyche, with the rebellious woman, who does not obey his orders, the female who rebels and confronts Adam and therefore is expelled from the Eden. When they were giving their testimonies,  Mars which speaks of our sexuality, among other things, it was aligned with Lilith and the lunar nodes in the current sky, by transit. The dark side of sexuality being brought to light by this woman, whose name (the Ford asteroid) confronts Kavanaugh with his own Lilith. And the Nemesis Asteroid (Justice) opposes his Sun, and he is a judge. Also, the asteroid Brett conjuncts Saturn in his natal chart and his father was a judge too, as I understand.

Another point to note is that the facts occurred in the year 1982, when there was a conjunction Saturn-Pluto in Libra, cycle that is about to end, with Saturn and Pluto coming to the next conjunction (the first after that) in Capricorn on January 2020, when it will make an angle of 90 º, a square, to that conjunction when the facts occurred. We can say that this is a moment when Karma manifests itself. Whoever tells the truth, the lesson is certainly not only for the two members of this story, but also for many women who are suddenly compelled to tell their story and seek justice. It is no longer a shame to admit to it, for not only other women will support and believe us, but there are institutions that do. Still, when you listen to the women who support Kavanaugh, it seems eery. But they believe him, even though he insisted that they drunk quite a lot of beer in high school, meaning that they were often drunk.

The investigation that will be conducted by the FBI takes place just on the eve of this year’s Venus’ retrograde, which confirms that during the retrograde motion you look back, you RE-vise issues that have to do with the planet in retrograde. Seduction, sexuality, all Venus themes in retrograde. Funny.

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS – November 8, 2018,​ till the ​ 2nd of December 2019.

It seems incredible that this transit of Jupiter through Scorpio, during the last 12 months is coming to an end, for the next 12 years. It began on October 11th, 2017 and reaches its end on November 7th this year. He has left us with quite a few men in position of power, seated in courtrooms or in jail for sexual abuse: Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, to name some of the best-known cases, but there have been many, and of course the unbearable and disgusting awareness that in “The Church” have occurred acts of sexual abuse for years, to children! without the perpetrators of such crimes ever been tried or worse, not even named, the vast majority of them. Jupiter, the planet that speaks of our beliefs, our laws, our education, our faith, transiting through the sign of Scorpio, a Water sign and the ride has been through the corridors of the Underworld of our emotions and our desires. Synchronized with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio for many, I included, transiting Capricorn, which has to do with our institutions and the real astrological poetry has been expressed in a bombastic and extravagant tone as if we needed to be remembered that our connection with the Cosmos is much deeper than we think.

Cosmic coincidences leave us no doubt, that they have always happened and will always continue to happen and it is our responsibility to learn to read them and understand the message and the teachings emanating from them.

On November 8, Jupiter will enter Sagittarius, one of the signs that rules, a Fire sign, for the first time in 12 years. Both Jupiter, the largest planet (by far) of our solar system, to whom it has been granted the name of the God of the Gods, in Greek Mythology: Zeus, (understandably), in the sign of the Centaur, the Archer half beast, half human, but with that arrow always pointing to the hereafter. This is the sign that invites us to visit other lands, other cultures, other idiosyncrasies, other horizons, that takes us out of the neighborhood and pushes us to adventure, looking to grow, to expand and to improve, based on an inner faith that continually tempts us with new promises. It is optimistic, philosopher, adventurous and has an innate appreciation of the importance of the religious dimensions of life. This is a walk by its own sign, where it is dignified and can express itself in its most powerful and pure form.

The excess and the great pretensions are also part of this giant, their optimism is so contagious, that one does not measure the consequences when it is under its influence and it often takes us to excess and forgets that from the waist down, we remain beasts and that part goes with us everywhere, often uncontrolled. Great idealism, but also fundamentalism, gluttony, are aspects of this Fire sign, as it is, the open-mindedness, tolerance and the need for expansion.

Jupiter in its continuous dance with Saturn, the two planets that describe our society and our attitude towards it, need each other. Since Saturn has been transiting for almost 3 years Sagittarius (24 Dec 2014 to 21 Dec 2017) the passage of Jupiter through this sign will now feel even more powerful. An excessive optimism will invade us and push us to take more risks than ever before. Travel, airline companies, metaphysics, sports, our beliefs, education, our laws, are themes that Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring to our consciousness more vehemently.

Sagittarius is not a Water sign and Jupiter is not a god of the seas, therefore emotions are not the specialty of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which are seen by it as the problems of simple mortals. To believe one is more than one is, to think that one knows more than we actually know is typical of this combination.

Nicholas Copernicus, Hermann Hesse, Robert Redford, Antoine de St Exupery (The Little Prince), Woody Allen, Cameron Diaz, Steven Tyler, Amy Winehouse, Antonio Banderas (he went to live abroad and married foreigners), Ewan McGregor (toured the world on a motorcycle), Chris Hemsworth (Thor, in fiction, which is equivalent of Jupiter in the Germanic mythology, God of Thunder), Tony Robbins (invented “coaching”), Simon Cowell (creator of X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent), Eckhart Tolle, are some characters with Jupiter in Sagittarius. All of these people clearly show the greatness of ideas and their ability to get out of their comfort zone, that eventually helped them achieve great things. Without Jupiter we would never leave the neighborhood, we will never be interested in other cultures, or the rest of the world, for that matter.

The area of your astral chart where you find Sagittarius is where you need to take risks and leave your comfort zone. Something, from the depths of your psyche, will tell you:-“Now!, this is the time to expand your horizons!-Travel to other lands, jump to that project that you have in mind, you will do well! – and maybe this is really the time.

Jupiter takes about a year, 13 months, to move through each sign of the zodiac, so the last time it transited Sagittarius was 12 years ago, or to be more exact, between November 25, 2006 and December 18, 2007. Can you remember what was happening in your life during that year? Those who now turn 23-24 years, the generation of 94-95 are living their second return of this planet, so remember what happened when you were 11 or 12 years?. How did your horizon expand then? Those who turn 36, 48, 60, 72 are also living the return of Jupiter can you see a pattern emerging from those moments of your life? Jupiteriana expansion means, changing country, changing cities, moving to a larger house, starting new studies, changing paradigms, making a journey to other lands that will change your consciousness and your mind forever. All of these are the possibilities of Jupiter’s returns that occur in our lives every 12 years. Think, investigate, reflect, ponder.

This next transit of Jupiter through its own sign will inspire us to travel in search of a better life, even more, so we will see an increase in migrants from all over the world, we will have to regulate and open doors, instead of building walls. Optimism will throw us into new adventures and the world beyond our borders will seem even more interesting to us. The search for truth in the midst of this “fake news” media war will be a matter of attention. In Spain, few cases of “fake masters”, of some politicians, have become public lately, which has implanted a deep doubt, on how some people get their masters, with favoritism and without following the corresponding process: attending classes and presenting the work at the end.

We will have much more of that and this is where we must strive not to become cynical and negative, justifying our negligence with phrases  that we often hear, like: “The powerful do not even need to go to class to obtain their diplomas.” On the contrary, the pressure of the people should be focused on demanding from the entities that offer the masters, more transparency, better prices, so that these do not continue creating a disproportionate rift between an elite of people who can pay the masters and those who can’t. Education is one of the themes of this combination of Jupiter in Sagittarius and we will have much more to investigate about it. The institutions that impart them will be questioned.

Something much deeper is happening with regard to education. Maybe we should consider delaying the entrance to University of teenagers, for a couple of years, the famous “Gap years”, that the English practice much more than the Spanish, to avoid school failure and have time to decide which career they want to pursue, instead of having to opt for “something” when they do not have much idea of what they are or love to do,  or as it is common in Spain, depending on the grade in the “selectivity exams”.

We should give our young people the possibility of a vocation, to follow what the soul asks of them, instead of wasting time studying subjects, academic information, quickly forgettable, because all they wanted was to have a diploma, which then many of them will never really use. Much needs to change in education if we want young people to feel accomplished professionally. These are deep social issues and Jupiter in Sagittarius will shed a light on it. How many pharmacists and nurses ( and I say that, based on actual cases among my clients and not with the spirit of lessening these important professions)  are there that actually wanted  to be doctors, but because of  cultural conditioning or family judgment or because the grade in the “selectivity” did not grant them a place in medical school? How many young people study Career Bussiness Administration, when they actually wanted to be engineers or musicians? Until when will we produce professionally frustrated people? , just because we have to hurry and decide what to do with our professional life? At 18 years old!

Changes to, or the obedience of the Constitution, is another of the dilemmas that this year beginning in November (for Jupiter in Sagittarius), will put on the social working table. With Saturn passing through Capricorn on its way to the encounter with Pluto and Jupiter, in 2020 in this sign of the goat, that concerns large institutions, the pressure continues on many of these institutions, to come clean, to more transparency, being the Catholic Church, one of the most obvious one.

On a personal level, the big winners will be Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, but also Aquarius and Libra since they will feel that luck is on their side, that the time has come to give that extra step to success. Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces will face the dilemma of learning to put some limits to their aspirations and desire for expansion, but the desire will be there, whispering in a loud voice: “Look beyond the Neighborhood”! Learn from other cultures. Travel! if you can’t do it physically, do it mentally, studying, reading about other idiosyncrasies.  Get out of your comfort zone and look beyond your physical and/or mental boundaries.

Pluto in Capricorn at 19º and its effect on the generation born in 1993-94

The cycle Uranus-Neptune has a duration of 171 years, that is to say, that they form a conjunction, they align themselves in the sky, every 171 years. In the years of this millennium, we have experienced these conjunctions, in1136 in the sign of Libra,  in 1307 and 1478 in Scorpio, 1649 in Sagittarius and the last two, 1821 and 1993 in Capricorn. Therefore all those born between 1993 and 1994, have in their birth chart this conjunction of Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn, which describes not only that generation but of course the moment in which they were born. It describes perfectly this division that we see all over the world where it seems that we have positioned ourselves politically on one side or the other, opposite the previous.

In the United States, Democrats and Republicans are more divided than ever, in Latin America, you also see this phenomenon. In Argentina it has occurred with the “Kirshnerismo” or those who are against it; In Venezuela, those who support Maduro and those who do not. In Europe in general, the division has emerged between those who defend their nationalism and those who believe in the EU, like in England with Brexit. In Spain, the division is more powerful between Catalonia and the rest of the country, but within Catalonia is between independentists and those who are not. This seems to speak of Uranus in Capricorn that seeks to break free of large institutions and reveal itself against those same  institutions that seem to oppress a sector of the population. Uranus cries out for “revolution”, breaking chains, separating, individuating. On the contrary Neptune, and especially since he has entered Pisces, his own sign, calls for a union, asks to blur the borders, “we are all one,” says Neptune. In Capricorn, is asking to a dissolution of many  institutions. It was the beginning of the awareness of mass globalization, the opening of trade between countries with much less regulation, was an imminent fact. This made big companies grow like Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.

As in the conjunction of 1821, we can say that it was the beginning of the Industralización, with the advent of inventions and technical innovations that really gave birth to the Industrial Revolution from where today’s society was actually born, as André Barbault explains in his book Planetary Cycles. For the conjunction of 1993 was the emergence of mobile phones, personal computers, etc, etc, which forever changed the way we live, learn and communicate. Society has been transformed thereafter. The aristocracy was replaced by the large companies and masses of people began to look for ways to move even more to the big cities in search of being part of these great elites.

Those born in 1993-94 have this conjunction in their natal birth charts and it really represents the generation that transformed the educational system, or at least gave us the clear vision that something had to change, so computers entered the schools and the homework stopped being done with paper and pencil.

Power passed from governments to large corporations with the potential to employ many people throughout the world. They started the “Masters”, a form of fast and expensive education, which produces even more elitism because only the higher classes can pay those courses, which do not offer the content equivalent to its price. Being this conjunction in Capricorn, all the young people without an apparent vocation sought courses (Marketing, ADE, Engineering, among others) with the dream of entering a multinational, as “goal” supreme. Those more connected to Uranus than with Neptune resisted to be part of that fashion and sought to invent something and the “start-ups” were born, many of them with great success. But these young people who today are 24-25 years old, with the passage of Pluto by that birth conjunction at 19º of Capricorn, are now in need of transforming that energy and truly wonder if the decisions they took, either pushed by their parents or by their own will, was really what they wanted. The world continues to change at an extraordinary speed and what they thought would be their “golden goose” has not worked for everyone and are faced with the dilemma of re-directing their profession but confronted with the fact that many should leave their country of origin to be able to find work and live in dignity. The university titles are not enough if they are not enhanced with “masters”.

Disillusioned with the current political moment added to the fact that no one really knows what will be the best-paid jobs in the next 10 years, they are encouraged to live in a more authentic and real way, fighting against consumerism and institutions that are collapsing by their own weight and in search of something more authentic and in contact with nature, feeling the social commitment to provoke some positive change in their respective communities. Many youngsters have taken off to fight with ISIS, others have joined political movements that do not understand in depth and a minority have decided to provoke change from the Arts. In the United States they are clamoring for the gun’s laws reform which allow young people to buy war like weapons, without background control. The “#metoo” movement continues to expose many “big, powerful men” like we could have never imagined before. Even the corruption within FIFA was exposed and his boss had to quit.

The future of all of us is in the hands of these young people who were born with the social commitment to change things and who still feel too young to take that responsibility completely.

Pluto is asking the institutions (the church included) to clean up their act, to denounce the corrupt, the perpetrators of sins such as the rape of children, the use of young people for war, the theft of taxpayers ‘ money, etc etc. The responsibility on the shoulders of these young people is tremendous and they need our (the Elder ones) help, in order to carry out the task that is demanded of them, for having been born at the moment they were born, whether they wanted it or not.

Saturn also is on its way to pass, by transit, by that 19º of Capricorn, before meeting with Pluto with 25 º of CAP, in January 2020. It is as if the Cosmos is also prepared for these changes with many of us wondering if  we can survive these crises. Let us help these young people and ourselves and let’s get involved in the “cleansings” not only of our institutions but of our seas, our streets, our planet. That is what concerns us all who are alive today,  since we all live on this magnificent planet, we call Earth. Home.

NEW MOON in VIRGO – September 9 –


After two months of eclipses and of Mars in retrograde which was quite intense for many people, not only for its natural impulse of forcing to look in, but for the fact that it was in square to Uranus, just entered Taurus, (therefore in fixed signs), which has brought us many unexpected situations, some positive and  some negative, showing us the need to change, even when we are not prepared for it. Some of us have survived it, others didn’t.


Leaving the summer ( in the North) and winter (in the South), behind, we begin the month of September with its Virgo new moon. The sign of the Maiden, of the young woman, the unmarried, the Virgin, the innocent. The image of the constellation of Virgo, many say that it is Persephone, the daughter of Ceres/Demetra, the one who was kidnapped by his uncle Hades and seduced in the depths of the underworld. She carries a spike in her hand, hence she is related to these two deities, as her mother is the Goddess of Agriculture. Mother Earth. The Pachamama. However, the story of Persephone, resonates much more with Scorpio, than with Virgo and Ceres much more with Cancer, than with Virgo.


Others say that the maiden of the constellation is Astrea or Dike, daughter of Zeus and Themis (the righteous), sister of Pudor and who infused among men, justice and virtue all over the world. Doesn’t this sound much more Virgo? This occurred in the Golden Age when the gods, mortals and animals lived in harmony on the Earth. But when the humans began to seize the evil of the world and did not stop committing atrocities, Astrea was disgusted by all this and withdrew to the Skies, from where he informed Zeus of the atrocities committed by humans thus becoming the constellation of Virgo. The spica in her hand, apparently it was the gift of some farmers she visited before her ascension. Ascension also tells us of Virgo’s struggle to escape to the mind, when the struggle with the body seems lost and when the imperfections of it seem a mountain too high to climb.


Now, this famous critique of Virgo, which seems to be looking for the shortcomings of others to correct them, to force us to be better, to do things as best we can, resonates much more with the story of Astrea than Persephone. In her tireless search for order, Astrea teaches us to respect the natural cycles, the vulnerability of our body, the importance of maintaining our innocence, and, above all, the importance of celibacy from time to time.


Many dancers have Virgo in their natal charts, which describes that constant search for perfection of form, which of course we will never obtain. But it is in the search of it, that we improve, that we polish our inner diamond, until getting its maximum brightness. I always imagine the ballet teachers, with a lot of Virgo in their chart, constantly correcting the way their students produce movement and form.


Two other images that also relate to Virgo are the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene at the foot of that cross, with that 1Pisceansymbol par excellence, Jesus. The one who sacrificed himself for the world. Virgo can be extremely puritanical, but also live his most feminine part, enjoying the pleasures and promise of sacred encounter with the other. This duality also sees her in her dedication to her work and marriage. Between his spiritual quest and his materialism, and his extremely practical mindset. Virgo, as Pisces, also sacrifices a lot in otrder to serve. It is perfected to serve better. The most visible star of the Virgo constellation is Spica, the others are almost unnoticeable, but Spica can be seen and that star is actually two stars, is a binary system like Pluto, which reminds us the rulership of Mercury of this sign, from which possibly emanates that duality that marks the life of Virgoes. As for Mary Magdalene, the virgins of yesteryear were not virgins in the sense that we give today of not having experienced  sex, because the virgins often presided in great rituals where they rejoiced in the pleasure of the sexuality, especially in rituals that today we will call a Hen Party”, when the bride was incited to lose her virginity before entering the marriage. The word “virgin” meant “unmarried”.

This lunation is formed in opposition to Neptune, which means that the Sun and the Moon are exact at 17º of  Virgo, together they oppose Neptune at 15 Pisces as if this reiterated the importance of this angularity Virgo-Pisces. The need to integrate the spirit into the body and vice versa,  expressing the spirit with our body. It is impossible to become aware of the spirit if we are not incarnated. It is when entering the body that we become aware of it. The constant duality of giving concrete expression to what emanates from our interior, from our mind, in the endless dance of the creative process.  Since giving shape to something, means it ceases to belong to the perfection of the spirit and of God. The Sun and Neptune are enemies, because when we express our Ego, we move away from Neptune, from Eden. But Neptune always looks for the Sun to be able to express itself. Another endless dance that is overwhelming and sometimes depressing, but we can not stop trying, because if we do withdraw from life. We often try using alcohol or drugs, but we must always return to the reality of the body.


At the body level, this moon can bring digestive problems, because Virgo rules the intestines and digestion if we give in to the invitation of Neptune to get drunk and escape reality. Fortunately, this moon is formed when a Grand Trine between Saturn, Uranus and PALLAS-Mercury is formed in the sky. Something from the Cosmos seeks harmony and can give us the wisdom to manage our earthly stories in a calmer and wiser way.


Look for activities that resonate with your soul. Surrender to the music if it helps you to transport or elevate you to be able to listen more attentively to the demands of your spirit and mind. Artistic activities will be favoured, especially those that allow us to digest reality with more poetry and humour. Cinema, photography, music, are all activities favoured by Neptune, but first of all, pay attention to what you are trying to escape from.


Jupiter from Scorpio forms a sextile to the Moon and Pluto a trine. These are energies of an important optimism and positivism, and that is when we realize what needs to change in our lives to be more content and more in harmony with the demands of the soul. Sun and Moon in Virgo will help us to shape, the project we have in mind, providing patience and strategies (Pallas), as well as understanding the qualities we need to make it happen. But of course, being Pluto who he is, the gaze must be directed inward and lower, ie looking in the darkness of our psyche, unable to escape the mandates of the God of the Underworld, believing that the bad and evil are always in the outside.


If you are blaming someone else for what happening to you, you must sit down to meditate in order to understand that the whole world and the Cosmos, like all the Gods and Goddesses, live within each one of us.


Virgo teaches us that not being perfect doesn’t mean that we can’t express greatness. The greatness of the spirit goes far beyond the imperfections of the body.


Let Virgo show you the way to integration and wisdom and that being happy also goes far beyond revelry and drunkenness. Virgo has fun working and improving. The real fun, says Virgo: is to find a way to express the wishes of the soul, as exactly as possible. True happiness is: being able to serve others.


PISCES planets in 2018


As I am sitting down to write these lines the Sun is entering the last sign of the zodiac: Pisces. Mercury has done it a few hours ago and Venus has been traveling through it since February 10th. So now we have: Sun-Mercury-Nessus-Venus-Neptune-Chiron all in the sign of the two fish that swim in the opposite direction. The Sun visits this sign every year as Venus does. Mercury does it 1 or 2 times a year because it has 3 retrograde periods per year and Neptune once every 165 years. Chiron every about 50 years and Nessus ends an orbit around the sun in 122.4 years. In its perihelion (closest point to the Sun), it is closer to the Sun than Uranus, while in Aphelion (furthest point to the sun) goes even further from Neptune. We can assume that a lot of energy from this sign is flowing right now. This sign, the last sign of water of the zodiac, is like most signs a complex archetype, but also very difficult to define.

Pisces connects us with the suffering of the world like no other sign. It reminds us that we are all victims of something or someone, and this begins only at birth. The circumstances of our birth and the fact that the human needs of his parents to grow and develop, already confront us with the fact of our inability to survive by ourselves, which puts us from the beginning in a powerless position. Situation we struggle to depart from in the early years of our lives, I would almost say to the second squaring of Saturn to its native position, which occurs at age 21. Saturn’s first opposition to himself at 13-14 years is one of the hardest times on our way to self-independence. When we still need our parents but we can’t wait to get out of that position.

In this 2018 with Chiron and Nessus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, the movement #metoo and #timesup is empowering women to emerge from their status as victims of the patriarchy and sexual predators (Nessus), as it had not happened before in our history. This is the time to start to recover our power, even if this happens simply by the awareness of where or how we feel victimised , whether it be our family, our culture, our husband, our employers or bosses at work, our partners, our teachers, etc. to this day, women have had to shut up and now for the first time, we are offered the opportunity to speak, to denounce, but above all to bring to our consciousness, the abuse we have received in our lives and that We were forced to shut up, indoctrinated by our family, our mothers and/or culture, so we could forgive and free ourselves from the guilt that caused us. Connecting with this female pain and the anger that it generates is a Pisces action, where we all become aware that there are certain situations in life, which are not a personal matter, but are much larger than us and are female collective sufferings , such as the death of a child, or abandonment. These are issues that have no nationality or flags. That is the suffering of being alive and especially of being born a female human.

Nessus, the Centaur who was responsible for the death of Hercules, who killed him with one of his poisonous arrows, for having raped his wife, is also traveling Pisces and gives us the opportunity to reconsider those situations in our life where we have been abused or raped in one way or another, because often, the mere awareness and acceptance of the fact that because we were born a woman were vulnerable to these situations, causes the wound to begin to heal. With Chiron and Nessus in Pisces the issue of victimization of sexual abuse is what we must bring to consciousness and empower ourselves to denounce, talk about it, forgive us for having kept quiet, especially not to pass on that burden to the next generations, to our daughters and sons. This is a moment when you have to talk about it, and above all make peace with that fact, because, again, the awareness begins the healing process.

The house where Nessus falls in our chart is where we feel that we are raped, either physically or mentally. Where we feel vulnerable and powerless about it. It is where the female beast becomes aware of its vulnerability with respecto to the male beast. The latter may be the patriarchal system in which we were born, the status quo, the culture, etc. Nessus has been coming in and out of the first few degrees of Pisces since the end of 2004, and will be in this sign about 30 + years. At this time is about 6th of this sign and Venus has aligned with him these days, facing us with the fear of giving ourselves to an in-depth relationship for fear of deception, and betrayal. The fear of being betrayed or experiencing deception in a relationship is a very Nessus, which leads us to the acceptance of the fact that in love, especially in “being in love”, there are no guarantees, we can be exposed to betrayal, is a risk we all take or we have no relationships.

Pisces is also about feeling ONE with the other Sapiens, and with the understanding that true human pain is universal and unites us all in the experience of being Human.

Pisces speaks to us of our creativity and our ability to connect with something greater than ourselves to be able to inspire our lives towards beauty, poetry, unity, compassion, to become real human beings.