Full Moon in Virgo, February 28th, 2010

We woke up from the first night of the Full Moon in Virgo with the news of the Chilean Earthquake. As we all know by now, not all New or Full Moons are the same and this one certainly has it peculiarities.

For one thing this is the second SuperMoon of the year (we have around 5 a year) and it is named that way because is when the Moon is in its perigee (the point closest to Earth), so that in theory the magnetic forces are strongest, and also, in line with the Sun and the Earth.

This earthquake in Chile is stronger that the one in Haití and second to the strongest earthquake in history, which also occurred in Chile in May 1060, when 1600 people died. It was and 8.8 earthquake, and it has send tsunami warning up Hawaii and the waves have already hit the coast of Japan.

It isn’t new that the Moon affects the waters of this planet, so we have had incredible rains and floods and considering the fact that our body is more that 70% water, i have seen loads of people with allergic reactions to different things, which normally would not cause it, from my clients and also with strong colds and flus, that were affected within the 2 days before the Full Moon in Virgo, the sign that teaches us about Health.

There is the current T-Square between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto getting closer and closer to exact, although it will never be exact. But it will be very close to exact in July. Uranus makes an almost exact square (90º) to Ceres (0r Demetra), Mother Earth, and just before it became full, on Saturday, the day of the earthquake, the Moon was opposing Neptune, the God of the Sea. Saturn and Pluto are within a 2º orb square.

Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, before Neptune was discovered, exactly conjuncts the Sun in its own sign and opposes the Moon in Virgo, which also happens to be in trine (120º) to Pluto. So, quite few important contacts for this Full Moon which seemed to have affected this planet in such negative way, this time.

Neptune continues its journey through Aquarius, right next to Chiron, the archetype of the Wounded Healer, and there is a lot a healing that will come from such disaster, one way or another.

But since this Moon falls in Virgo, the sign of service and health, there would be a lot of that in Chile, hopefully, and people will help each other in ways that they probably never do in their normal life.

For us all, in general, this Moon has brought to our conscience, the fragility of our structures and our bodies, the need to look after our Health, one way or another, as well as the fact that when great disasters happen, we learn to help one another and put aside our differences simply to help. It seems we need to learn these lessons the hard way, and with NEptune soon moving to Pisces, its own sign, there’s going to be a lot of this type of learning experiences, when we are call to transcend our differences and are forced to become ONE, in order to survive.

Transcending our differences does not mean, losing one’s own identity, on the contrary, it is our cultural peculiarities that enrich the whole. Yet, we cannot be eternal cultural puppets, and we must learn to think for ourselves, rather than just follow what it has been instilled upon us from the beginning. Respecting and honoring one’s own culture, does not mean, eating the same diet all your life, or dressing in a particular fashion, since cultural values, go much deeper than that.

If we need these disaster of Nature to learn the lesson about helping each other, we must think again. There are very important Piscean times coming, and we will all learn to understand the concept of ONE. But first we must bear the pain of changing our existing structures which no longer serve their original purpose, and accept the fact that times have changed and new structures and ideals are necessary.


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