The Winter-Summer Solstice 2021 and the Retrograde of Venus in Capricorn

We have entered Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Northen Hemisphere. At this moment, according to where you find yourself geographically, you will be living the longest days of the year (SH) or the longest nights of the year (NH), this simple fact of Nature presents us with the fact that reality depends on the place where you are, the landscape that surrounds you, the Culture in which you live.

Terry Eagleton, suggests that Culture is the result of human will that meets the determinism of Nature. Like Bernadette Brady reminds us, Egleton sees the word “agriculture” as an example of such a fusion and points out how customs, ritual and family knowledge emerge from the human will confronted or in union with the landscape and Nature. In Astrology, the Goddess of Agriculture is Ceres, the mother of Persefone, that asteroid that in 2006 was elevated to “dwarf planet” to accompany Pluto, which had been demoted from “planet” to “dwarf planet” along with the newly discovered Eris.

This past week when Mars was opposing Ceres, both aligned with the Lunar Nodes, the Pachamama reminded us what happens when its fury is unleashed. Hurricanes in the United States were just one expression of it, and were followed by floods, collapsing buildings, explosions, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes that left many deaths. All within this week that coincided with the Mars-Ceres opposition in union with the Lunar Nodes. Astrological geometry. Nature as a symbol of the Divine, reminds us that although most things we can argue that are a matter of point of view, but She roars, we all learn equally.

“If we surrender to the intelligence of the Earth we could rise up rooted, like trees, instead we become entangled in knots of our own creation and fight, alone and confused.”- said Rainer Maria Rilke – The Book of Hours II

We continue to argue about climate warming, and in the meantime, it happens all around us, and although we see it in the present tense, many of us deny it. We can say the same about the Pandemia. That is the nature of our stubbornness in these matters and we prefer to deny or ignore, rather than take responsibility for it. Astrology presents us with the evidence that the only solution for our pains is to understand circularity and cycles. Even Death will seem less threatening if we understood that She walks right by us from the beginning.

“The deepest core of life is poetry and symbol,” said Dane Rudhyar and fortunately Astrology which can be seen as the Poetry of the Divine, the voice of the Gods, must be interpreted by us mere mortals. It is difficult to interpret poetry, it is only in our intuitive wisdom that we can connect with it or not, to benefit from its symbolic richness or not. To be transformed by it or not.

As far as this Venus Retrograde event in Capricorn that has begun before yesterday is concerned, it tells us that the areas of life that will probably be amplified more than usual during the retrograde period are those that are ruled by the Goddess of Beauty, including love or rather the mystery of what it is that attracts us to others, therefore personal relationships and values, as well as our personal financial affairs. We might experience powerful internal changes in terms of how we perceive or feel about something related to these archetypal themes. Changes may or may not correlate with external events at the time they occur, but whether internal or external, they often lead to significant changes that will have long-term implications if we allow ourselves to be transformed by it. So we embark on the deep mystery of identifying our most ingrained values, such as Integrity (Capricorn), values that emanate from our Culture, but also from the highest of the human spirit. At this time in our history where institutions have lost their authority especially in the West, and our young people do not believe in what they ask of them, we can say that it is a good time to try and understand what our higher nature asks of us. Not everything is corrupt, not everything has ceased to have value. If we do not sustain ourselves from the depths of the human spirit, of us mere mortals, creators of gods and goddesses, of stories and tales, everything we believe in or not, then yes, we would be lost. But fortunately this is not the case, since we have poetry, imagination, the Beauty of Nature and everything that makes us great and reminds us that Life is always worth living.

Falling into the pit that everything is corrupt is self-defeat, it is avoiding responsibility.

Astrological poetry tells us that the retrograde of Venus asks us to reflect on all this, to connect with our divine nature and start this new year, with Hope and Courage. Everyone, if we reconnect with our divine essence can produce the changes we need and desire, but for this it is necessary in addition to the process of individuation that Uranus asks of us, which helps us to disidentify with the family and cultural mandate, so that we can think for ourselves and not be handled by old stories (however fantastic they may be) and cultural grudges that do not allow us to Be in all our uniqueness. We must also listen to Neptune (the highest octave of Venus) who reminds us that we are all connected to the Whole and that only with our Divine compassion and creativity (which we all possess), can we produce the necessary changes.

It is up to us to do so, if we only cross the barrier of duality and remember that Neptune also speaks from within suggesting that we are ALL ONE.

The poetry of Astrology is based on an exact geometry of the Cosmos in which we find ourselves. It is our divine intuition that may or may not interpret poetry, but the bases are geometric. This Retrograde of Venus, goddess of Beauty, impels us to seek HER, in everything we see, smell, taste and hear. Venus rules Taurus and this sign connects us with our senses, our desires for connection with others, with our sexuality and sensuality, with our talents. This Retrograde continues until January 29, 2022, when Venus stations directly and “starts” moving forward once again, but the cycle does not end until the beginning of March, when the post-shadow period concludes, that is, the 26º of Capricorn where it began its retrograde. We cross the bridge from the Old to the New Year. It does so by the hand of Pluto, which as always suggests that we look beyond appearance, the superficial and recognize humanity in everything we see and live. Pluto asks us to survive and evolve above all else. There is no excuse for not doing so, the Plutonian mandate is also in each of us, therefore we can say that it is the gift of the God of the Underworld. Giving up is not an option, Pluto says.

I wish you all a journey full of Hope and Courage across the bridge and see you in the new year, with more Astrology, more Poetry and more Love.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Welcome to 2022.

More in the New Year.

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